it’s fitting that I’m writing this from the comfort of the rocker in k’s room while she’s passed out on top of me. 

Fitting indeed. 

So eight months! Which is practically adulthood if you ask me. The time seems to be going far too fast for my liking. I feel like so much and nothing much has changed this month. 

K’s just older now. Obviously four weeks older. But it’s more than that. Her facial expressions, her observations, her whole being is just older. Gone are the days of smiling at every  single stranger (now she just smiles at most of them). And she’s way more with the program when it comes to life and the ways of the world.

Overall she’s still our happy go lucky babe. Happy just rolling with the homies to whatever big sister is up to. This happy, go, lucky attitude has made her complacent in the mobility category. But she’s a pro at rocking on all fours and moving backwards and getting herself to sitting.  So it’s really just a matter of time before lex can be heard bellowing “MACKENZIES EATING MY TOYS!” One thousand times a day.throw that in with some kitty chasing and I don’t think any member of this family knows what they’re in for.

Plus two words (for mike. Hi babe!). BABY. GATES. 

Ooh. And three more (while we’re at it!). LOWERING THE CRIB (again). 

Someone better bust out their power tools. 

Still BLW and the kid loves herself whatever we toss her way. She discovered pizza crust this weekend and literally cried when it dropped on the ground. I’ve been known to cry over dropped pizza too-so it’s a trait she gets from me. 

Zero teeth. Not a single one. I can’t even say “any day now” because her teething symptoms ebb and flow– I’m chalking up all these nap cuddles up to teeth. But I’m positive when she wakes up from her nap she’ll still be without pearly whites. Maybe if I let her know pizza is way easier to eat with teeth a whole set will pop up? 

So that pretty much sums up what four more weeks in life will get cha in this house. 

And now. May I present you with the photo dump. 



  • Oh sweet KK. Totally happy staying as much of a baby as possible to remind you don’t need another one perhaps? Love how happy she is and how her whole face smiles. Those eyes too. She’s a total heart stealer!

  • She is the cutest! And fear not, Liam never really rolled over or crawled but was practically running at 10.5 months. So beat to their own drum and all that! And. Cannot wait to start BLW with Finn next month, just in time for Thanksgiving. I see many a baby getting excited about a turkey leg!

  • Meghan

    I know Lex had a slow start to loving her Kenz, but you’d never know it from some of these pictures! Especially the one of them on the bed! Sisterly love… Isn’t it grand! Kenzie is cute as ever… She’ll probably get her first tooth on the same day she crawls 😉

  • Ok, first of all, Kenz’s hair is amazing. Not only the color but the way it poofs in the back. CANNOT wait to cuddle that sweet baby on NOVEMBER 5! Which hey, is exactly one month from today whoop whoop!
    Seriously love the photo dump, I swear she gets cuter by the minute. But a couple words girlfriend, pizza eating is WAY easier with teeth. Hopefully they will come in soon!

  • What a sweet girl! Ben loved pizza crust too and for the record, finally got two teeth at 13 months and still only has 4!! So funny!

  • ugh. zero sign of teeth over here too… Lex looks like she is loving on miss Kenz all the time now :) HOORAY!

  • I can’t even handle the fuzzy head of hair…LOVE IT. I cry every time I drop pizza, too. Or spill wine. Or don’t get to eat/drink anything in front of me. LOVE HER. She’s just adorable.

  • Ashley

    She is so sweet! Her fuzzy hair is just the BEST!

  • Gosh she’s a model baby! Get that girl in front of the Baby Gap people asap! And no teeth but still likes pizza? She’s champ!

  • Cathy

    One more week and I’ll finally get to meet these two cuties. Can hardly wait.

  • Obsessed inadequately describes how I feel about your children. I cannot get enough. That hair!! I die. I’m dead. Thanks.

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i rarely ever say this. but this week. . . man its dragged i swear it was friday about three whole days ago.

turns out that was merely tuesday.

so here we are FRI-YAY. and we have the whole weekend stretching out in front of us. and i can only hope it drags on just as long as this week.

Monday lex spent in bed after I got a call from the school saying she wasnt feeling like herself and needed an early pick up. I swooped in praying to the flu-gods there wouldn’t be any vomit and praying to the cold-gods there wouldn’t be that much snot. turns out she spiked a fever, had a sinus headache for 24 hours and has made a full recovery. without any vomit OR snot. hallelujah.

tuesday we ditched ballet and had a picnic in the park. lex sat on her sisters lap and was thrilled when her hair got pulled. and was even more thrilled when i laughed. but really its a big blanket. she could’ve enjoyed her chick-fila nuggets somewhere other than her little sisters lap.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

after that our park picnic only got worse. i know i told the story on the gram. but allow me to refresh your memories. (because a golden shower will forever be burned into my memory). i was minding my own business. clutching kenz and one of lex’s beloved stuffed animals when i felt a sprinkling all over. we were standing under the play equipment, so i just assumed a toddler was dumping their sippy cup when i looked over and a nanny shrugged her shoulders and said “sorry? potty training?” i looked up and low and behold a toddler was peeing on me.

now i find a lot of things funny. mike getting poop smeared ALL OVER HIM monday night when kenz had an epic blow out. losing a mocc at target. lex’s constant choice of fancy footwear. but i draw the line at someone else’s child peeing on me from above.

ok. its a little funny now. but i’ll never stand under play equipment again.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

so kenz. she’s happy as a clam sitting on her butt like the couch potato she is and a very loud squawky creature when we attempt to work her muscles during crawling practice. lex has been such a champion cheerleader. she claps and tries to motivate kenz and mostly tries to cheer her up when she get frustrated.

or maybe she just kissing her fuzzy head for good luck before swim lessons?

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

and yes. kenz is wearing a headband but no pants. #priorities

i really feel like kenz is the last one to be mobile. don’t get me wrong, i’m really not begging for the trouble that comes with mobility- but i really don’t want her falling behind. crawling leads to so many good things (like good handwriting) and she just needs to be played with in a way that works her muscles because she too flexible to want to work them. #lazybaby . rumor has it the first step towards crawling is getting to sitting. and she’s done it FOUR WHOLE TIMES. usually when she’s done with her nap.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

cheerleader lex. little do you know she kept pushing her over and making her sit back up again. atta girl.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

lex found half a yard of hello kitty fabric scrap in my collection and has deemed it her “covers” at night. its been driving mike and i crazy because she yelps if its not fully covering her. . . and its a SCRAP of fabric. so i hauled her to joanne’s to find material for a REAL blanket. i cant wait to show everyone what she picked out. one word. KITTIES.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

we baked brownies and were all dressed and ready to go to a friends for dinner when their daughter suddenly started throwing up everywhere. after drying lex’s tears we rounded up the brownies and went out to dinner.

lex felt better.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

meanwhile kenx was all.

thats cool. you guys eat your brownies and ill sit here and find some leaves and dirt to eat.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

and that brings us to friday. glorious friday. may today go quickly and the weekend drag on for four days.

heres two more sister pictures. because why not?

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

  • Pretty sure no mom who reads this will ever think the same of standing under play equipment haha.

    1. YAY for brownies!!!
    2. i LOVE Kenz’ room, that tassel garland is so cute!
    3. Rae pushes Bre over too bc Bre will laugh #sisters
    4. the hair pulling struggles are REAL.

    happy friday :)

  • Meghan

    i can’t believe all you got was a shrug when the kid peed on you! Some embarrassment and empathy would have been nice! You really had quite the week… You deserve a long weekend to yourself!

  • Dying over the crawling leads to good handwriting. And the headband with no pants. Totally priorities.

  • OMG!!!! From the comment on IG I thought it was LEX who peed on you and not some random child! OMG!!! Wow. That takes it to a whole new level. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Mason doesn’t do that to you!
    Also, in that last picture, is Lex pushing Kenz away from eating her popsicle?? I’m dying!
    Seriously they are SO cute! Love all the love :)

  • omg!that golden shower story is insane! I can’t believe the Nanny was not more apologetic!

  • OMG! I, too, thought it was Lex that peed on you! Now that just makes it…….terrible. EEK. The good thing is I love pretty much every photo you take of those girls.

  • OH MY GOD, I missed the pee story!!!! WHAT THE….ewwwwwww. I’m not sure what’s worse: that or being pooped on by a bird. (That’s happened to me THREE times in my life…seriously.) I love that Lex had to sit right on Kenz’s lap then got pissed that she got her hair pulled. Hahahaha gotta love siblings!! Happy Weekend! I hope it’s super long for you! :)

  • Whitney

    Im so glad Im not the only one who has two adorable girls who pull hair and know exactly which buttons to push to get the other to cry or scream, oh, the joys of motherhood 😉 Glad the recovery time was quick, I cant with vomit or snot either. Happy weekend!

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mikes currently running room to room. in and out of the house chasing the fancy moon (spoiler alert- it’s cloudy here). and i’m hiding from our toddler who insists that i check on her after my nightly shower. maybe she wants to make sure i properly cleaned behind my ears? maybe she wants to make sure i didn’t touch her beloved frosted animal cookie body wash? but let me say this- it never fails. she’s always asleep by the time i make my way back to her room. . . on purpose.

so. this weekend.

friday mackenzie and i were rolling through target without a care in the world when i looked down and noticed the horror of all horrors. kk had kicked off a beloved FP mocc. We immediately went through the store twice retracing each and every aisle, and when that didn’t work we circled back to lost n found. no luck. so i left target with crushed hopes and dreams certain this would be the last picture ever taken of kenz in her peach moccs.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset


fear not fine people. we rallied and rallied hard when a fresh shipment of alice & ames dresses arrived. we took one for a spin around the neighborhood and ended up having a picnic of sour patch kids and reading at the local school. so lets just consider friday S A V E D.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

saturday after we drove thirty minutes for four growlers of mango kombucha (worth every minute). my friend leslie came over to act as mackenzie’s person OT and help a sister out in the crawling department. i get a slight pang of worry/jealousy when everyone else’s babes are fully mobile and pulling up all over the place meanwhile kenz is quite peachy just sitting and scooting on her butt. she’s still a ways off from crawling (basically her back is too flexible meaning her chest muscles need a little buffing up)- but i feel better knowing that i can play with her in a way to assist her and make sure she doesn’t fall behind developmentally.

and to repay her leslie playing with my child through her dinosaur squaks i took her out to see the intern. which was adorable and as expected just a ol’ good chick flick.

sunday lex and i circled back to target and lo and behold found the missing glass slipper. so prince charming got to slip it on cinderella’s foot. and spoiler alert- it was a perfect fit.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

and just in case you wonder just what any photoshoot with mackenzie looks like. here you have it. leaves are a natural source of vitamins right?

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

and then we had frozen yogurt. well. . . these two got frozen yogurt. kenz and i just drooled (but literally. she drooled. #teething). and stalked birkenstocks at the store next door.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

now. raise your hand if you’re ready for monday.


ya. me neither.

  • ugh, the fp mocc loss is the worst!!! but, on the bright side, your girls are adorable. lex is too cute, and i love her dancing in that photo! glad your weekend was ok! hope you have a great week

  • YAY!!!!! Someone found the mocc and turned it in to lost and found!!! Must have been a fellow mom who knew how much you’d want to find it.
    I want to see the Intern! Do you think I could convince Seth to go with me? Is it husband appropriate? lol

  • Hooray for finding the missing glass slipper! We do the check on thing at bed time and M is always asleep too. Pretty sure she does it so I have to climb all of the stairs in our house for the thousandth time that day. As I was reading your post, M was eating breakfast next to me and she saw the red carts and said, “T A R G E T!” Yes, sweet girl I long for seeing those red carts again soon too!

  • Meghan

    yay for finding the mocc! I have a friend who’s daughter never crawled, but boy could she scoot fast! Never stopped her from getting around. She’s finally walking, though she did that kind of late too (16 months). She was a second child too ;).

  • B

    Oh yay for finding the shoe! We have yet to lose one but I hate to have to tell the husband that we lost one and how much they cost. Love the dress. It’s perfection. We are awaiting the beloved pom-pom dress. The daughter asks every few minutes when it will arrive. Lesson learned – do NOT tell the daughter what you order her. I love little Kenz’s spiky, fluffy hair.

  • YAY for finding the lost moc!! I can’t decide which is cuter – Lex kissing sister’s head (aww!!!!!) or Lex and Sir on a froyo date (so sweet!!). Birkenstocks are a sorry replacement for froyo, but I’ll quote to you our mantra from a few years ago? Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? Maybe? Possibly? #moralsupport (Also, pretty sure Leslie HAS TO BE the best OT ever. So awesome of her to make the drive for Kenzasaurus!)

  • Haha, I am so glad you found the moc!!! I am with you on the everyone-else’s-baby-is-doing-whatever train…Louise is the tiniest of anyone her age and won’t hold onto a rattle for the life of her. But, she wants to sit up so badly, so maybe she’ll just be a master sitter who does nothing else? Ha! My friend’s baby is 10 months and not crawling yet…so no worries, my friend!

  • ashley

    I seriously love you so much. 😉 It’s like you are talking straight from my brain, seriously, if we lost a mocc my day(s) would seriously be ruined and my husband would laugh. SO GLAD you found it! XO

  • That’s will power, stepping into the froyo place and not getting any!! and HOORAY for the found mocc. That’s definitely one of Bre’s fav things to chew on these days.

    and really, you don’t want K crawling yet. Two mobile babes is a game changer some times.

  • GOODNESS!!!! The girls are cuter than ever! I can’t believe how big Kenz already is! PRECIOUS GIRLS! XOXO

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Allow me to apologize right here and now for oversharing photos. 

But this weekend brought the heat picture wise. And it’d be a dirty shame for them to be buried in my camera roll forever. 

First up. The 5.5 hour drive to Monterey. It was the baby ladies first long drive and she handles life in general pretty well but it was still a crap shoot. She rocked that car ride (FYI her rocking at life is a theme of the weekend) and was picture perfect for (most) of the ride. 

Friday we went to the aquarium. And ended up spending SIX HOURS THERE. Thanks in large part to my father wanting to read every single sign about every single creature in the whole place. He’s officially even more of an expert now on sea life. 

BUT. The girls? They hung in like rock stars. Let’s go ahead and credit Disneyland for that. The aquarium was absolutely gorgeous– hidden in every corner was a picture perfect spot. I NEVER get this kind of goodness from our trusty aquarium of the pacific. 

I love these ladies. Even if one was passed out hard in the ergo. 


Saturday we lunched, walked around, and spent some good old fashioned family time together. And for the first time in like 10 years my mom has a family picture for Christmas cards. Even if lex fully stole the show. 

Kenz ended up being a sleepyhead and missed out on this gorgeous wall. 


But she woke up just time time to be a happy screechy owl mixed with the loudest dinosaur that ever roamed the earth. Getting her a free ticket out of the restaurant and onto a dirty ground for pictures. Serves her right. 


And now we’re heading home (which lex is downright depressed about) and I’m already mourning the cooler weather, family time, and the abundance of pretty walls. 

  • You can never over-share photos when they are this amazing! So glad your mom got her card photo. Sounds like a pretty great weekend! Hope the drive home goes well!

  • 1. You can never over picture share. I LOVE them.
    2. INSANELY jealous of your weather there. I am melting in like 98 degree heat.
    3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that aquarium!!! Makes me want to go back!
    4. SO glad you guys had a great weekend! Love your mom’s Christmas card photo!
    5. Your dad sounds like mine. Makes going to museums reaaaaaaaal fun lol. Must be a dad thing.

  • Meghan

    this isn’t over sharing at all! And I love them all! I love that you find these walls everywhere you go that make for the best backdrops!

  • please add me to your mom’s Christmas card list… because that has all my favorite people in one frame!!

  • LOVE these pictures…. the family one is AWESOME!!! And the aquarium ones, man!!!

  • Ok so I want to go to that aquarium just for the photo-ops! haha looks like such a fun weekend! Love seeing your pretty face in photos more too :) XO

  • Nicole

    Love your poncho! Mind sharing where it’s from?? Beautiful pics. Love the blog!

  • There is no need to apologize for oversharing pics when your kids are that stinkin’ cute! And Lex’s yellow dress….I die!

  • Um, please share more photos!! I wish I had your skills! The girls are just precious, and I am so glad Kenz rocks at life. That always makes things easier. :) xo

  • What an amazing trip! I’ve always want to go to Monterey! Love love love the pictures and yay for your mom getting her Christmas cards! It’s the little things!

  • You’re a rockstar for handling SIX hours at the aquarium. and all the pretty walls!! My husband thinks I’m insane because I notice all the pretty walls around town and make it a point to stop hah. Gorgeous photos!

  • Your photos make me straight up envious of your photography skills! What lens do you primarily use? You were in one of my favorite spots it’s about a 3 hour drive up north for us so we don’t get to go as often. Love Monterey!

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guess what today is?

hump day you say? Guess again.

It’s my fri-yay.

We’re hitting the road tomorrow for an extended weekend trip to celebrate my mom having a really big birthday making her practically ancient. And we’re proving how much we love her by driving 5.5 hours to celebrate in Monterey.

So. This (short) week kinda rocked. On Monday lex had the play date of a lifetime with her teacher ms alexis. I used to think all pre-schools were the same. Until we started this one. I can’t even begin saying enough good things about this place. They really focus on letting the kids be kids- but at the same time they learn epic social skills– and judging by how often lex comes home with her shoes on the wrong feet I can tell their “let the kids do it themselves” mantra actually happens. and don’t even get me started on the paint stained clothes or the mud-pit.

i give lex the choice of staying for lunch every day. . . and she always wants to stay. and checks her bag to make sure i tossed her lunch in there.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

But I digress. Home visit. Lex lead the show. She got to show her teacher our house, her room, her dress up dresses, the playroom. And they laughed and talked for an hour. she literally jumped for joy the entire day and was on pins and needles waiting outside until ms alexis showed her pretty face.

 kenz and i have time to ourselves again now that school’s back in session. so we headed to target and my phone camera roll officially makes me dizzy because of this:

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

we dont nurse anymore. . . and kenz doesn’t rock the car nap very often anymore. BUT we’re still using these covered goods covers a lot. which is awesome because i won one on instagram randomly for being pictured in their slideshow? it was an insanely pleasant surprise for someone who never ever wins anything!

i’m supposed to start the 30 Clean on monday with my friend leslie. because there’s strength in friends helping friends make better eating decisions. . . even if we live hours apart. i’m not so sure i can last an entire 30 days with no sugar, grain, legumes, or anything else besides protein and sweet potatoes. but i’m going to give it the ol’ college try.

so today i’ll be packing because when lex is left up to her own dressing devices she wear a LOT of spots.

and for the record that spotted top and bottoms arent from the same suit.


Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

and here’s just a little proof that no one can resist k’s fuzzy wuzzy head.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

happy weekend!

  • Cue the confusion over your Friyay… but HAVE FUN IN MONTEREY! Tell LDis that he can pick me up at DFW anytime? Because I totally want to come and celebrate!! Love how much Lex loves school and her teacher… and Kenz? No one can resist that adorable head of hers!

  • Haha! I hate to admit it too but I was a little confused on your Friday post as well. I thought we skipped ahead (which was a-ok by me!). I hope you have the best time in Monterey this weekend! The aquarium rocks my socks so I hope you guys go there. And apparently there’s this Dennis the Menace playground which looks awesome that we so conveniently missed when we were there last.
    And as for the whole 30, YOU CAN DO IT!!! I have faith. Text me if you need a pep talk :)
    Oh and ps, how AMAZING is Lex’s teacher for coming over to play?? Best teacher ever!

  • ashley

    SO glad Lex is loving her school!!!! How fun that they come to your house, Waverly would die of excitement if Ms. Heather came to us! Haha! Have so much fun on your trip!

  • Meghan

    i was starting to think I was going crazy, cause I often do mix up the days! Your school sounds pretty terrific! Is it a Montessori type preschool? Have a fantastic long weekend in Monterey! I’ve only been once but absolutely loved it there!

  • That is pretty fantastic that the teachers come over for a play date- how fun for Lex! Madeline stays for lunch twice weekly and she would rather stay every day. I guess its a good thing they love school! Good luck with the 30 clean. You can do it!

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