which have been hotter than usual around here.

no. not in THAT way. get your head out of the gutter.

instead our beloved AC broke. The AC we’ve had for a month and got fully used to and decided we couldn’t possibly bear to live without. But fear not my fine friends this tale has a happy ending and after four hotter than hell days we are in a state of bearable inside temperatures.

it being incredibly warm has been the perfect excuse to dress k in tropical patterned leo’s.

this weekend we hit the beach and managed to eat only breakfast’s at home. you see-¬†supper club is still going strong and while i have not one single picture documenting it happened my belly still remembers the delicious peach sangria and tacos. and then my inlaws hosted a family dinner because uncle joe was in town (hey uncle joe! rumor has it he’s an avid reader!). my 5 year old niece brought along her face-paints and turned lex into a pink & purple panda. and it was terrifying and epic all at the same time.

and now its practically tuesday. which means the weekend is officially over and we’re back to summer school, schedules, swim lessons, and other snazzy things that start with the letter “s”. . . .

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FullSizeRender 5

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FullSizeRender 2

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  • Good thing you live near a beach because it’s too hot for that nonsense!!! Love that leo on K… but it reminds me that we should be in Hawaii… not summer school? Lex’s face in the group picture… I just died laughing. Best ever.

  • These pictures are the CUTEST!

  • OMG, the face paint!! How in the world did you ever get that off of her? Love love love the beach pictures. I’m so jealous of your beach…and K’s wardrobe.

  • Desiree

    First. Your alliteration was on point in this post. Well played.
    Second. How did I not know your AC was on the fritz? I would have been happy to whip up some fun cocktails and take the kids to splash about in the pool.
    Third. Your girls have the best swimsuits in all the land.

  • You had me at peach sangria and tacos! I’m seriously impressed with your lack of bitching while the AC was down; I would have had a lot to say!

  • Your AC broke?!?! You POOR THING. Seriously. I would have scooped those girls up and headed to the mall for endless popsicles! It’s been hotter than hell and this was a terrible time for the AC to break. So glad it’s back to working again!

  • Meghan

    One month and the AC broke!?! That’s crazy and I feel for you! I would be unbearable to live with if I didn’t have AC! You are clearly a better person than I am ūüėČ

  • oh how fun. I am so jealous of how close you are to the beach. We need to move stat! My girls love language is the beach (or pool). Face paint or make-up is my life right now! As always your girls are adorbs.

  • I don’t know how anybody lives with AC. Maybe if I lived in Alaska. I enjoy my regulated indoor temps a whole lot. And, that last picture is amazing!

  • Oh man! Glad you’re back up and running with AC. It’s too hot for all that jazz! I’m dying over the face paint.

  • Those beach pics are great! They are having a blast!

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raise your hand if you love the show UNREAL on lifetime and are sad when the credits roll every week. I’m almost caught up on my “make my DVR werk for it Monday” and it’s only Wednesday so I’m going to have to read or something because Netflix binging has more than ruined having to wait for real tv for me.

we’ve been pretty boring on the life lately front. Seriously the biggest thing going on in my life is being forced into a new trainer at the gym because my beloved lee got a promotion. I can literally feel you falling asleep from boredom.

So this week. Tuesday k woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Like cranky with a capital C R A N K Y. So we dropped big sister off at school and had our first “k calls all the shots” date at the aquarium. Girlfriend is obsessed with fish. Like nemo is her homeboy and don’t even get me started on the level of excitement when she sees a picture of dory.

so the tropical fish exibit was probably the most exciting part of her life.

Meanwhile the most exciting part of mine was the giant new painted wall outside the aquarium.

oh. And lex is a firm believer that k should be potty training. I however am not- especially after getting pee’d on earlier this week thanks to a babe sans diaper thanks to a certain big sisters antics. Slow your roll lex… K has another few months on her.

Past that we’ve been hitting farmers markets on the reg (ok fine. Just on Sunday’s), having dinner dates, and being cute in general (the ladies not as much me).

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dress/ romper

IMG_3818 IMG_3819

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k shirt / lex shirt / k bloomers

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lex romper/ k shirt


  • Ashley

    I need to see unreal!!! I get depressed when I’ve seen all the shows on my dvr!

    And such cute pics!

  • That penguin picture is adorable! Also, OBSESSED with UnReal.

  • That new wall at the aquarium is unreal. Holy gorgeous. I need to head to the aquarium to see it for myself! Or maybe, even better, we can have a date! Is it busy during the summer? I imagine it being RIDIC. If so, let’s go in September! ūüėČ

  • Desiree

    I still need to get on the UNREAL train.
    Let’s talk about the aquarium (how we haven’t been in ages) and the new wall painting. WOAH!
    Also. K is looking more and more like Lex this days. Or is that just me?

  • The penguin pictures are my favorite.
    I need you frame them and put them in your house.
    Or send them to me for mine?

  • I love that K loves fish so much! And I’ve never seen UNREAL, but my newest guilty pleasure is Married at First Sight. Can’t get enough.

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after being publicly called out on instagram (coughbymayumicough) for not blogging  in over a month i figured it was probably about time to get back to all my lovely & extravagantly loyal readers.

i’m going to assume you all follow me on the gram mostly because i dont want to upload and dump the 400 photos I’ve taken. so lets just pretend we’re all mostly caught up and i’ll attempt the impossible and post pictures that aren’t recycled from the gram (i make no promises).

first up let me get basic here and post about the nordstrom sale. the sale bloggers look forward to for months. it dropped today and guess what i bought.


for the girls.

anyways. i’m sitting here watching christmas in july on hallmark (which is almost better than christmas in december on hallmark) and wondering what we’ve been doing the past month. mostly house stuff. but ITS DONE (ish!). We’re waiting on a coffee table and a few plants for outside. but the space is finally ours again, and I’ve been soaking up every second of it by doing dishes in a real sink (in air conditioning!), and playing outside on real (fake) grass. Its magical, and everything I’ve been dreaming of since thanksgiving.

i think we’ve been spending most of our time outside in swimsuits. usually with some sort of frozen treat, and usually matching.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

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meanwhile inside. sink baths. and ALL of our fixtures are hung. i promise you all a full blog post with details, and links & juicy before and after pictures. but our designers are coming to do a full shoot in a few weeks. and i’m 100% sure they are going to get waaaaaay better pictures than i could ever get.


IMG_0820 FullSizeRender

and a few other gems because summer time is our favorite season ever. well, i thought so until lex started begging daily for me to order her a christmas tree online so it could be christmas. thankfully she only has 10 more days until christmas in july (which is apparently a real thing. even hallmark channel thinks so!). other highlights from the past month include the fourth of july! a family vacation to san diego! k twinning with her bff and refusing to take a picture! target trips! and a lot of lollipop bribes for good behavior.

also. august fifth. if you need the family we’ll be settled around the tv watching the kitten summer games.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

IMG_2844 IMG_2557


IMG_2069 IMG_1982 IMG_1949 IMG_1823 IMG_1688

  • Mayumi Shimose Poe


    Sorry about publicly shaming you. But it totally worked!


  • Wow- your kitchen!!! And all your pics- those girls are adorable!!!

  • stunning pictures, as always! and your kitchen… i die! can’t wait to see all the pics!

  • Welcome back! I’ve missed your posts! YOUR HOUSE! Absolutely beautiful! I hope to one day be back in the states and own again and be able to have an amazing kitchen like yours. Sounds like your month has been busy and fun as usual. And oh the pics of Lex and Kenz just keep getting better! xoxo

  • You totally lied about the house picture taking skills. I shall console myself with pictures of my two favorite girls!! Love, love, love their coordinating outfits… but seriously regretting that my summer doesn’t involve pools and frozen treats!

  • Meghan

    Yay for blogging!!! Your kitchen is to die for and I can’t wait to see every single detail! Where did you find that light fixture… Maybe I try to find cheap ones because I definitely don’t find things as beautiful as that! I’m also curious do you use your phone to take most of the photos of your girls or do you lug the DSLR around everywhere you go?

  • Desiree

    Are we seriously watching Bach Finale at your place? Because I’m DYING to see everything in real life. It all looks so dang awesome.

  • Can you pack a suitcase of kids clothes and come hang out with us for a week… style and photograph the girls and I’ll pay you in wine, cookies, and noise canceling headphones??

  • I didn’t buy much for myself at the sale, womp womp. And seriously, all this sister love this summer is adorable. And all the icecream & popsicles has me thinking that I need a little more of that in my life. Also, your backyard is amazing!

  • Ahh, the gorgeous and fabulous life of L&K!! But wait, there are kitten games..?! Ha, wtf?!?!

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I sure hope I got the spelling of “derri√®res” right. There’s a good possibility I’m swearing at you all in French (is that French?)! But probably not because autocorrect sure as hell doesn’t even let me swear in English. 

Oh weekending. Is there anything better than a strong weekend filled with lazy beach days, walktails, and your four year old parading around in makeup? 

Nope. Not a thing. 

I’m currently penning a letter to the president to see if he’ll make “national donut day” a celebration that includes donuts AND a 3-day weekend. Because that’s the only way to make the holiday better than Halloween. The past few years I’ve made donuts because I was too lazy to hit the donut store. But this year we hit the donut store because I was too lazy to make donuts. The ladies ate the chocolate tops and left the bottoms to be smushed beyond recognition in my diaper bag. 

k romper | k shoes | lex shoes | lex bow

the girls twinning game has been strong to very strong lately. I’m not the hugest fan of head to toe twins… But lex is. And I’d be a cold hearted snake to deny her goodness that results in things like this: 

suits | shoes | sunnies

Lex hit the beach in her suit- meanwhile k hit nap time. that girl has been giving me TROUBLE with a capital T R O U B L E lately and I jumped at the chance to have big kid time.  Plus k’s not tall enough to have made these pictures nearly as cute. 


the best part of the weekend was dance recital dress rehearsal. It’s where I learned that I’m going to need way trashier colored makeup in order to be a dance mom. Neutral blush tones just don’t cut it in the dance world. And don’t even get me started on the lips. I have the best memories growing up in costumes, ballet shoes, and sponge rollers. And I can’t believe it’s lex’s turn to enter that world. I’m also incredibly excited for next weekends recital! If they remember their dance it’ll be adorable, if they forget and stand on stage and shake their butts it’ll be adorable! It’s a win-win! I learned so much at the rehearsal- mostly that lipstick and ballet tights don’t mix- and chances are your child won’t listen when you tell them that if they cry their entire face will be black due to mascara. 

And with that. I say bring it on Monday (through Friday). I shall survive you with a hearty dose of a caffeine and maybe I can change that letter to the president to beg him to make every day national donut day. 

  • Meghan

    First off, love how you dress your girls… But you already know that! And you are cracking me up with K not being tall enough to make those photos cute!!! And lastly, a red carpet for the dress rehearsal!?! You officially go to the coolest dance studio!

  • I think that Doughnut, Wine and Margarita days should be weekly. Just saying…the world would be a happier place!

    LOVE the dance mom mention….I’ve already decided that Louise can’t do dance because I am not loud enough (both verbally and cosmetically) to be a Dance Mom! However, seeing Lex in that outfit makes me want to change my mind…we shall see!

  • Is it bad that I want to triplet with them?! Because I totally do… I also want a donut badly now. Dying over the dance recital pics!! Shake it shake it Lex!!

  • 1. I am apparently super committed to commenting on your blog. 2. Lex’s pose is amazing! 3. You need more pictures of you with both girls! 4. You must also start wearing far more colorful makeup to officially be a dance mom!

  • Those swimsuits! I swoon. Precious!!

  • Desiree

    There are so many things about this post, I don’t even know where to begin.
    So. The donuts. Which shop did you hit up? Because holy geez those looks fab.
    The girls outfits have been on point. Come dress me. And my kids.
    And that last photo of you three? THE FREAKING BEST.

  • Whitney

    So as this is my first time commenting I can now cross off “stalker” from my resume ūüėČ Love that citrus romper so hard! I believe if anyone can make National Doughnut Day a 3-day holiday, its you.

  • What the duck could you possibly be talking about? But really autocorrect. Get your shizz together.

    I love the picture of you girls at the end with you holding your camera. So good.

  • Little ladies with a face full of dance makeup is just the cutest!

  • lex eats donuts like Palmer does. Devours the icing and gives me the crummy plain part!

    and yes, your twinning has been strong, and I love it! Keep it coming!

  • Haha! Love the title of this post. The picture of them in matching suits, shoes and sunnies is my favorite. Pure perfection!! And that last photos is amazeballs.

  • I just adore everything about this post. Particularly that little dancer of yours and all the twinning! I think I need another girl in my life. ūüėČ

  • How adorable! I have a 19 month old and am excited for the day when she does dance!
    Have you heard of lipsense? It’s a lip color that lasts all day and won’t smear or smudge off! It would be perfect for your dance babe! We have lots of colors to choose from! Let me know!

  • Your babes are so precious! Lex has so much personality that I can totally see her doing dance. Cheers to a great week!

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turns out Friday’s after long weekends come quick. And I for one can’t complain that it’s already practically the weekend. K is celebrating by sitting on the couch feeding me animal crackers. I love it when I can teach my children the important things in life- like sharing and/or being my servants. 

This week FLEW by. After a weekend of celebrating and spamming social media with pictures of the girls in matching dresses I kicked off Tuesday by doing the same thing. In the same dresses. Because I am nothing if not original. 

I’m also trying to decide if I can keep the sink bath pictures to once a week. Jury’s out on that one. 

We got cabinet doors and my life was MADE. It’s been a long ass seven months and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Once the dust settles and our storage unit has been emptied I might be able to block the whole process from my memory. And like childbirth only remember the good parts. But mark my words- we are never ever, ever, EVER, moving. And I’ll never participate in a remodel ever again… Until the girls need that double sink in their bathroom. 

I’m also hosting anything and everything I can. So if anyone needs a watch party for the bachelorette finale here is your formal written invitation. There will be cocktails! And deli meat! (Just in case Chad decides to make an appearance… If he’s not too busy in the final two). 

Lex has had the week off school so I got to double my sidekicks when running errands. I went to target for groceries “and a few other things”- and ended up filling the cart with candles and drawer organizers and the groceries just couldn’t possibly fit. Thank God for supper club for feeding my children. 

What’s supper club you ask? 

Only the best thing ever invented. Me and my squad of bestest mom-friends switch off hosting bi-monthly. And on the in between weeks we do a little thing called DATE NIGHT MINUS THE CHILDREN. It’s a win-win on all accounts. And I would be nowhere in life without these ladies (and their husbands! Who are equally as wonderful!). 

And with that. I’m off to drink some wine and try to forget that I signed up for a 6am gym class. 

  • Desiree

    If you limit the sink photos to once a week I’m not sure I can be friends with you anymore. Once a week is not enough. Give the people what they want!
    Also. Your supper club is pretty much the best idea in the history of ever. Well played.

  • Ok, too much to comment on!! 7 months of remodeling?! Our’s lasted 5 months and it was unbearable! I laughed at only remembering the good parts, like childbirth! Ha! Also I wish I could come for some wine and cold cuts and maybe you could teach me how to take a picture too?!

  • I’ll keep coming back for more sink pics! PS I need sources on all clothes, because I totally want Louise to be their triplet…is that weird? You make polka dots, stripes and solid colors look #onpoint. PS I want a supper club!! I am totally doing this…one week with kids, one week without…best idea ever.

  • Amanda Knox

    Gorgeous photos, as always!! Ok, several bloggers that I follow rave about supper club – and I think it sounds like a fabulous idea! Here is my question: on weeks that you host, what do you do with your children?!?!?! I mean, my husband can certainly care for them, but do they just stay upstairs and go to bed as usual and ignore the ladies having a fabulous time downstairs? I want to know how to make this work! ūüôā

  • BRING ON ALL THE SINK BATH PICTURES. Particularly if they include those amazing reflections of one sweet babe!! LOVE. I’m obsessed with your remodel… and I’m a little (lot) excited to come to the next shindig in your house. I accept all invitations. In the mean time… can we please find a way to involve me in this supper club? Or date night? That would work too.

  • Yes to all of the matchy matchy photos and sink photos too! Keep them coming! Love the reflection shots in the sink photos.

  • I just want to jump in every single one of your photos. I also want to jump in that sink! You’ve officially made me want to move so I can have a kitchen that gorgeous. Maybe someday…

  • K is like a fine wine and just keeps getting better and better with time. Every picture with her just walkin all around I CAN’T. TOO CUTE. AND KILLING ME.

    And because I can’t let an opportunity to make a comment about your kitchen pass by….them seven months were WORTH IT

  • I vote snapchat tour of the new digs! Can’t wait to see that gorgeous kitchen!

  • Meghan

    Supper club sounds like the best idea ever! Sign me up ASAP!

  • Give me all the twinning! All the sink bath photos! And more & more of that kitchen. Also, please please come help me design & decorate my house!

  • Playing blog catch up— holy amazingness with that kitchen of yours. It’s so so stunning and I will personally not object to all the sink bath pictures!

    Kenz is looking so much like a little lady its not cool and Lex… um, she looks ten.

  • alycia

    supper club sounds amazing. and, your kitchen looks GORGEOUS! i’m a little bit jealous. OK, I’m a lot jealous!!!

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