This week totally and completely flee by. But not without some good old fashioned F U N.

kenz is definitely the second child. And gets woken from her peaceful slumber at least 2-3x a day getting into a car seat or getting food shoved in her face to prepare for big sisters activities. this same second child has forced me into giving up dairy. . . the doctor suggested it a few times to help with her dry crackled skin but being the good parent i am i ignored her. until it hit an all-time dry. its been almost a week and it’s helped tremendously. and i’m pining and pining hard for ice-cream and pizza.



my mom came out on a “school day” for lex. So I left the little one at home for school pick up. It may have taken lex a few minutes to realize her sister was missing but once she did it was tears and drama because she was convinced I left the babe at school. “MOMMY! GO BACK FOR KENZIE RIGHT NOW!”. I secretly felt good because look! Lex loves her sister! … Even if lex looks at kenz, looks at me and says things like “mommy. Please tell Kenzie that I’m brushing my teeth with an Ariel toothbrush”. Obviously we’re still working on sisterly communication.


bed time has been a crap shoot lately for lex. Sometimes she goes down without a peep other times it’s drama and prolonging. I hope to never forget the night she was standing at the top of the stairs crying because “daddy left his beer in my room!” If she’s crying over someone leaving beer around she’s clearly not ready for high school.

our Thursday. Where kenz had a blowout at ballet. And I decided to wear her at the doctor when she decided to test the limits of her diaper yet again. Once wrapped back up again she proceeded to spit up allllllll over me. Thus ending my love affair with baby wearing (for now). turns out lex’s toe got a good old fashioned infection. so antibiotics, toe soaks, and more doctors visits are in our very near future.


and kitties. nuf said.



happy friday!


  • That last picture is just pure happiness! And oh no about the blowouts, ugh. Have you considered using cloth? We love cloth diapers for many reasons but the best being no blowouts!

  • What a week. Drinking prosecco, eating gelato, and enjoying pizza for you tonight. But no leaving alcohol in lex’s room.

  • Oh goodness this post makes me smile. How sweet your girls are! Sorry about the dairy. :( Cheers to a happy weekend!

  • Gotta say…giving up dairy is literally like the ultimate sacrifice. Kudis to you!

  • Cam would have downed the beer then passed out on his carpet…not that this has happened before, but we’ve had a similar situation. I was kind of proud. I hope you have a great weekend!!

  • That last picture is EVERYTHING. So funny and cute. Your princesses are amazing (and so funny!) Have a fantabulous weekend!

  • Giving up cheese sounds like the worst ever. You are mama of the year for that one.

    Abbie probably would have tried to blow into the beer bottle to make music… she may have seen my dad do that a few too many times…

  • Ahhh, that last bed photo. Too sweet!

  • Ashley

    That last pic – the best! :) Happy weekend mama – you are supermom for giving up cheese! ;)

  • OMG! Your posts are my favorite lately! It’s like we’re living parallel lives! Ha! I’m just a few months ahead…and just wait til Kenz stops sleeping…10 times the F U N! ha! I thought of you earlier today when I all but yelled, “I quit!” Cheers, mama! There ain’t no dairy in vodka! haha!

  • That damn toe. Seriously!! Poor Lex and mama. And no dairy. I love Mabel, but I’m not sure I love her that much ;)

  • oh no, her poor toe! That sucks to add an infection on top of her injury! She looks cute even when she’s in pain!

  • Man, what a week! I hope lex’s toe heals fast! And that last picture is seriously killing me! SO cute!

  • Oh no! Giving up dairy! It’s pretty awful. BUT I did it for 30 days on the whole 30. And I didn’t die. So there is hope for you :) However, I will say, dairy is glorious and I don’t plan on giving it up again. I know that wasn’t very encouraging at the end, but I know you can do it!!! Just look at that sweet face. She is worth it.
    Haha! I would think Mike would be crying for joy knowing where he left his beer and that it was in safe hands because obviously Lex was in no danger of drinking it. Mason on the other hand… I probably shouldn’t admit anything on the internet for fear of CPS coming after me. Let’s just say… we’re going to have to watch him in high school! LOL

  • Jenny

    oh por lex and that toe!!! At least she didn’t get swaddled again! Kenz needs to give mama a break with the messes! But then there’s that super cute photo of her and the kitty sun bathing to make up for it!!! Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!

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we’re rapidly approaching month tres of life with dos and i feel like i’m finally starting to figure life out. we have an actual real life routine-which has been a major sanity-saver. i live and breathe by routine. after figuring that out (for now. talk to me in a week when everything’s changed again) the big missing puzzle piece was lex’s love affair with the ipad.

it’s been so very easy to thrust the ipad in front of lex while i nurse kenz. its the only guarantee’d activity to keep her out of trouble for 20-45 minutes (yes. 45minutes. kenz can get la-to the-zy). i finally started stocking up on books and stashing them in kenz’s room. and now we (mostly) turn to books instead of the screen time that tends to turn lex a little cray-cray after too long.


here are a few of our absolute favs.

Lulu & Pip | Olivia and the Fairy Princesses | Miss Lina’s Ballerinas | Sparky! | I Had a Favorite Dress | Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet | Madeline| Flora and the Penguin| Julia, Child| Kiki and Coco in Paris|This book just ate my dog!| Gaston| Birdie’s Big-Girl Dress

lex has a very specific taste in books. gorgeous pictures, princesses, and words that rhyme are at the tippy top of the “what makes a good book” list. bonus points for the donkey features in lulu & pip- because we all know lex doesnt love the book due to the doll.

next up on my list is The Paper Bag Princess (hello childhood!) and lots more madeline. but i’m always looking for more, more, and even more. so bring on the recommendations.

because otherwise our sessions look a lot like this. . . the “whhhhhy” face.


  • I love that Lex loves books as much as her mama… but when do we get to introduce her to Angelina Ballerina? Because lets be honest, I’m dying to send her a life-size Angelina.

  • And I just added every single one of those to Abbie’s wishlist. You can never have too many books, especially girly ones!

  • I don’t know if she would like these or not, but we LOVE the “my first little house” books. They’re big with beautiful pictures and tell individual stories from the Little House On The Prairie books.

  • Rhymes and pictures are totally up our alley, although I’m not sure Lex would appreciate Little Blue Truck as much as Cam! :) PS You take the best pictures!!

  • Oh we love the Angelina Ballerina books. My mom just bought my daughter a great animal book that has great photographs, words that rhyme, and lots of interesting facts. Now I’ll have to find the title for you! My daughter also loves the “If you give a cat a cupcake” book (we also have the mouse and dog versions) and she adores her My Pink Purse books (they rhyme and are pink and sparkly).

  • M

    What book is she holding? My DD loves books with real photos :)

  • karra

    why does the tv/ipad make the littles go CRAY? I swear if I let Rae watch something while I’m cooking dinner she’s irate by the time I try and get her to sit and eat dinner.. so glad the suns been out so I can have her play outside now!

  • great list, we share a lot of the same favorites. And going to add some to the book wishlist – you know, since I have a separate wishlist for those!

  • Jenny

    Great list! Have you guys read any of the “My first Little House” books? They are stories from Little House on the Prarie but for younger kids. Callie seriously has us reading one of them every single night (and we only own two right now). They are just right for this age!

  • The llama llama books are huge in my house of little ladies!

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My fancy relaxing weekend came and went and hardly a relaxing activity took place.

Life man. Life.

Saturday I got to visit the Apple Store because my phone camera stopped focusing. Which is basically rendering my phone useless. And this is the second  phone in a year I’ve managed to break the camera on. But I’m still not convinced it’s user error.

Sunday started awesomely. The girls slept in (until 7!). But things took a turn for the worse around 9 when lex was crying uncontrollably about a stubbed toe. I literally thought it was a cry for attention until a toe inspection (via FaceTime with my dad “doctor grandpa”) when we realized her toe was swollen, red, and her entire nail was bruised.

Into urgent care lex and i went.


After an X-ray and a quick exam it was determined that not only is there a fracture but they needed to poke a hole in her nail to relieve the pressure. Lex erupted into tears upon hearing that a hole was going to to be poked in her toe.

She was also less then thrilled when they swaddled her to a board to keep her still during the painless procedure. “I don’t wanna be a baby! Don’t swaddle me like Kenzie!!!”

and thank goodness i got my camera fixed just in time to capture this.


Lex is feeling way better (even if she’s hobbling around like an adorable penguin).

“My toes broken. So ice cream for dinner?”

“My toes broken. So I have to walk like a penguin.”

“i went to the doctor. and they took a picture of my bones. and then i was swaddled LIKE MY SISTER WHO IS A BABY. and they sprayed cold stuff on my foot. and i have a hole in it now. and my toe. ITS BROKEN. AND i got to have my mimi (pacifier) all morning.”.



and i’ll take that relaxing weekend annnnytime now.

  • wow what an ordeal! Glad to see she’s feeling better and knows to milk her injury for all it’s worth!

  • Okay, I’m DYING over that first photo with her mimi. She suddenly looks SO little again! I kind of miss that about the binky. It instantly turned Mia into my little baby again. Oh well, she’s still got a crib to ditch, swap diapers for underwear AND a huge vocabulary to grow until she catches up to Lex’s expertise!
    Sweet girl with her broken toe! I like her logic for dinner ideas!

  • oh no! Poor Lex! I’m glad she seems to be in good spirits now, but this weekend for you stresses me out, and I wasn’t even there! Lol.

  • OMG, poor Lex! My favorite is the “like my sister who is A BABY.” Now can I have ice cream for dinner too?

  • Oh poor Lex, that swaddled picture (so glad you were able to capture it though!). Please let her know Not to tell Waverly that if you break your toe, you get a paci all morning. Because I’m sure she would break it just for that reason. ;)

  • Jenny

    oh my goodness, poor lex! her comments are the cutest and she remained stylish through the whole thing ;) hope you’ll have a moment to relax today mama!!

  • karra

    that swaddled picture, so sad and so cute. she does indeed know how to work it with ice cream for dinner. Hope this week turns out better for the both of you!!

  • Aww, poor sweet girl!!! Sounds like she’s handling it like a champ though!!! :)

  • Well, that’s the cutest penguin I’ve ever seen… and I’m glad to hear that she’s not wanting to be a baby like Kenz… that has to be a step in the right direction, right?! FEEL BETTER SWEET LEX!!!

  • How much do I love that she’s got a nickname (that isn’t binky or paci) for her pacifier :) Oh and that we aren’t the only ones still letting their almost 3yr old use one. Poor Lex that swaddle is no joke! Do you think toddlers would sleep longer if we swaddled them to their beds? :) Bummer about that relaxing weekend but glad she’s not in a cast or anything! Penigum walks sure are cute :)

  • Oh man! What a weekend! So sorry to hear about poor Lex and her toe!

  • I can’t believe that HUGE ordeal for Lex had to go through!! Goodness sakes!! Poor baby. You for sure for sure need that relaxing weekend, STAT.

  • Those pictures of Lex so sad break my heart! Poor lil thing! But then I’m totally proud of her for using it to her advantage. Smart cookie! Hope your week is less eventful! Oh and how is her top knot the most perfect one I’ve ever seen? Tutorial please? I’ve tried on M and I just can’t.

  • Aww it’s so hard to see them going through pain, eh? Swaddling them seems to be the worst part though, kids hate it haha!! Glad she’s doing ok, even if she’s hobbling around like a penguin ;) Hope you get that relaxing weekend SOON! XO

  • Awww poor thing! I wonder how she broke it, so sad she had to be restrained down. I just want to give her a hug!

  • Oh lex. Even sad she’s precious. Glad she got the care she needed and I hope it heals fast!

  • Girlfriend sure makes going to urgent care look adorable! So glad she is ok! (but secretly loving the commentary that you shared – too funny!)
    Also, random question, did the doctors judge you for taking a picture? I always want to take a picture at what seems like the most inopportune time and I’m afraid of them going “oh, she’s THAT mom”. But at the same time, do I really care? I want to document everything!

  • k you are literally the kind of mom people aspire to be!! haha seriously, I was looking at other posts and this one and your daughters are the cutest things to walk this planet! Kids are so funny, ice cream for dinner because her toe hole. so cute! I wish that kind of stuff worked for me hahah

    Lovely Little Rants

  • Haha, I LOVE the way you write. And I love what comes out of Lex’s mouth!! Cam would have FREAKED if he was forced into that burrito…what a champ she is!! Come to Maine, and you can have a relaxing weekend (and all the snow is finally gone)! :)

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This weekend we have exactly zero plans. Not a single thing marking the calendar. its a rarity and i got all excited before i realized we still have two kids and its not all free n easy and chances are there wont be a plethora of relaxing going on.

but we will have popsicles.

my first batch was simple strawberry- but my next batch will be filled with as much alcohol as i can get away with before it refuses to freeze. i call it a new twist on walk-tailing.


this week was exponentially better than last week. last week by tuesday i was calling mike in tears saying things like ” I QUIT” . . . quit what i don’t know, but it felt good to get in touch with my inner crazy for a few minutes before getting back to a silly little thing called parenting.

how could anyone ever quit this face?


romper | headband

this is the face of someone who sleeps 12 hours a night. . . by “sleep” i mean she’s in her crib. no way does homegirl make it 12 hours without a few eats thrown in. she wakes up happy as a little clam.

if only we could get naps under control.

the easter bunny brought kenz a doll. mostly because it matches her room, and because they’re adorable. but she seems to actually like her. i mean as much as a two month old can show “like” ie- she smiles and coo’s when she sees her. probably because they’re the same size.


the highlights of our week include: kenz getting her first cold. me getting lex to wear pants (twice!). and lex’s ballet hair (those bows! those braids!).


 and with that. bring on the weekend!

  • No one can quit that face EVER. Feel free to send Lex to me for some ballet hair and lessons on pants (or lack thereof). Keep making those Popsicles. Now we just need a clever name for those…

  • Ashley

    I think you look like a rock star mom to me – that smile & those braids!!!!!! :) have yourself an (alcohol filled) Popsicle this weekend!

  • those braids… Adorable and those Popsicles…. Yum! And the award for best baby goes to Kenz… I would have killed for a sleeper like that! Have a great weekend!

  • Kenz is so happy! I love it! And I’m dying over lex’s hair! If I have a girl you will have to teach me, because I am SO lost. I’m sorry last week was rough but glad to hear it’s getting better. Plus alcoholic popsicles make everything better, right?

  • Kenz is melting my heart! Love her smile! And Lex’s braids!!! SO cute!
    Also, you’ve totally inspired me to make some popsicles. Yum!

  • Cocktail Popsicles! Genius! Seriously SO smart! Hope you get to do a little bit of relaxing this weekend :)

  • I’ve quit before, but I never go far…usually to the basement to do laundry! Haha. Alcoholic popsicles sound like something I need to invest some time into…or alcohol in general. :) Have a fun (free) weekend – they are always the best!!

  • I Quit! Love it! My husband gets bi-weekly calls filled with “I need a break!” Between a jealous, attention seeking toddler and baby who takes naps in 30 minute increments (and wakes multiple times per night) this momma needs a break. And an alocholic popsicle. Cheers to the weekend!

  • The cuteness! As if my baby fever wasn’t already in full swing…THANKS. :-)

  • Yeah, that seals it. I HAVE to order one(or two) of the Candy Kirby dolls. It’s happening. And alcoholic popsicles?! COME TO MAMA….in June.

  • Girl, you ROCK the girl mom thing! I think someone somewhere knew I cannot braid hair to save my life and landed me as a boy mom. And I’m a-ok with that. Lex braids are ON POINT! LOVE!
    PS I’m coming over for some alcohol infused popsicles! Hope you made lots :)

  • yourmdoing better than I am with toddlers wearing pants! Sydney hates to! The only way I got her to was by making them capris! Haha!
    Ps- kenz is adorable!!!!

  • Her hair, it’s seriously the most amazing toddler hair ever. And Kenz is seriously so cute (and happy!). We have a few pegdolls, I love that house, it’s like the perfect size for them… is it LON?

  • How cute are those braids though!!! And girl, there are days I’m ready to quit with one kid, let alone two! But, your girls are beautiful, so I’m sure that makes up for it all!!!!! :)

  • Those braids!!! Love them!!! Popsicle mock-tails… genius! Totally on that when it’s warmer than 70 here lol! I LOVE LOVE Lex’s doll house and those wooden princesses!

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Easter weekend feels like a blur. I made the executive decision that we needed yesterday off to recoupeate but as it turns out I have zero pull round here and it was back to business as usual… Except for mike. Who tore his way through a few dodger dogs at opening day.

My brother in law got baptized this weekend- so we got to celebrate extra hard with a few extra family members in town from Indiana. Friendly faces we haven’t gotten to see since our wedding FIVE years ago. Apparently you just have to throw “aunt” or “uncle” in front of someones name and lex treats them like family (ie doesn’t stop talking).

Easter morning was full on confusion for lex. When she woke up we asked her if she thought the easter bunny had visited us overnight. to which she promptly replied- “nope. we’ll just be seeing him at the golf course for bru-lunch”.

Imagine her surprise when she went downstairs to find an Easter basket filled with goodies. She was so happy and excited she raced into the playroom and made the Easter bunny a thank-you card. Totally unprompted. Turns out those thank-yous ive been sending out for three years on her behalf have been teaching her a thing to two.


The Easter bunny was caught very off-guard when lex presented him with her homemade thank you card and gushed about the stuff he brought her. Which included this dress. . . which then inspired her ice cream cone face paint.


the egg hunt at the golf course involved half hard boiled eggs and half plastic prized eggs. none of the kids knew the difference and we went home with a half dozen eggs that will probably just end up stinking up the trash. but lex certainly seemed pleased with herself.


Later that day we headed to my brother in-laws for a delicious Easter feast and another egg hunt (in which no real eggs made an appearance). needless to say when monday rolled around and i was in charge of bringing dessert to family dinner a cake was totally and completely needed. and perhaps a cocktail (or three).


and now its back to the grind. Except my mom comes today. which is basically like another vacation day because i’m free to hit target by my little lonesome.

happy tuesday!

  • I love that Lex busted out a thank you card!!! So cute!!! That dress is adorable, too!!! But the cake? It needs to be in my belly NOW!

  • Ashley

    The thank you card!!! You are teaching her well, mama!!!! Xo

  • Um, Pink Chicken? Thanks for ruining my budget again….you seriously need to be my personal shopper! I went to a local consignment store yesterday to buy some NB pajamas since we have NOTHING for poor Louise! At lease she’ll be clothed for a few days whenever she decides to come. Anyways, Lex is precious, and your Easter sounded fairly perfect. I hope you enjoyed a few mimosas…I almost slapped Chad when he ordered a Bloody at lunch, but I didn’t…he probably needed it due to my constant complaining of being elbowed by a tiny baby! ;) Have a great week and enjoy your mom being here! Solo Target trips sound AMAZING!

  • Those bunny glasses are too cute!

  • Lex is so sweet with her thank you note for the EB! What a polite young lady! I can’t believe they gave our real eggs at your egg hunt – ekk!! Happy Easter!

  • Ok, I need that cake and a cocktail right now. Sounds amazing! :) Could your girls be any cuter?? I mean that pic with the glasses? Dying! Sounds like a fabulous weekend and now I’m officially really jealous that you’re going to Target alone. :)

  • karra

    I’m totally jealous of moms coming in to help and solo target trips. We just moved and have one less than ten minutes away.. dangerous.

  • Those glasses! That dress is adorable as is that cake. Too much cuteness here! Love that Lex likes to write a good old thank you- you’ve taught her well. Target. By yourself. That’s a spa vacation right there!

  • seriously, your life is “picture perfect”… like you have perfect pictures, I know better to think it’s actually perfect – esp with two little girlies :) Love that she made a thank you note and love even more that she brought it along. So funny.

  • Hooray for mom’s coming into town!! woohoo!!!

  • A thank you note for the Easter bunny?! How adorable! And that icecream dress is perfect on her!

  • I’m sorry, what?! Mike took the day off work and went to Opening Day?! Insanely jealous. We watched the Angels… lose their first game via the TV last night. But pretty sure we’re going to go to a game this weekend, but it’s… not the same.
    Bru-lunch! I’m dying. I mean, she is right. And how INSANELY (ps what is my obsession with that word?? lol) cute she gave the Easter bunny a thank you note! Seriously you are the best mom ever for teaching her to write thank you notes at such a young age!

  • How very cool about your brother in law, and what a perfect weekend to be baptized! Your girls are absolutely adorable, and I am in love with your blog layout  Looks like a great weekend!

  • Looks like a perfect weekend! Lex’s new dress is adorable! How sweet she made the easter bunny a thank you card. That’s just adorable :) Oh and the cake. Cake is always good!

  • Okay, I’m the worst mom ever as I’ve totally slacked in the thank you card department! But you’ve totally inspired me to get my butt in gear and be a good example to Mia! Lex is the cutest!!
    What a fun, busy and happy Easter!

  • oh, just so, so beautiful!

  • Erin

    I love her little shoes! Where did you get those?

  • Eek! That dress is amazing! Also–I felt the SAME way after Easter this year, only my blog died with my Hyperemesis so there is no proof of all the craziness ;)

  • How did I miss this post!?!?! That cake is seriously calling my name. And I love that lex rocked a thank you to the Easter bunny…she is such a sweetheart!

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