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this week i. . .

hit the aquarium with a certain someone who was over the moon excited. “lexi see divers. lexi wave at divers. lexi take picture with divers? divers clean tank. see sea otters. lexi blow kiss to divers.” . . . it might be because i mentioned to lexi that the divers are mermaids. my bad.  when game time came lex was terrified of the divers (mermaids) and refused to unlatch from me, never mind take a solo picture with them. but she waved with gusto, and blew em like 4,000 kisses. . . from the comfort of being latched onto my neck.

i welcomed a kindle paperwhite into my life. I’ve sporting an old school kindle (the kind with a keyboard. which is so 2012) and finally decided it was time to upgrade. i can safely say my reading experience has improved ten-fold. i can officially read myself to sleep without having to worry about really hard things like turning the light off.

read panic and attachments. and liked them a lot. . . not quite LOVE, but definitely liked a lot.

got a clean bill of health from the newest doc on the block. she got an early easter surprise from grandma & grandpa and has been wandering around checking everyones hearts, ears, and blood pressure. We’re going to have the healthiest household ever at this rate.

i named a puppy. not just any puppy but the sweet faced puppy my parents are bringing home in three short weeks. a fluffy ball of german shepherd fur.

meet dakota.

boom. you’ve been five’d.

Brought to you by the lovely ladies behind: The Good Life. A. Liz Adventures. Carolina Charm. & Hello! Happiness.

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  • julie - PUPPY!!!!! Why was I not informed of this! I’m dying. She’s the cutest. And does lex sing “time for your check up” when she’s checking you out…because I totally would…

  • Sara - Dakota is the cutest… aside from that doctor you have there!! And yes, reading yourself to sleep is the BEST!!

  • Jodi - What a cute dog Dakota is! I bet you can’t wait!

  • Sara - Yep, I still rock an old school kindle, keyboard and all. Though recently I’ve been reading via the kindle app on my iPhone, which can’t be good for the eyeballs but I got in the habit with all the late night nursing sessions I used to have. I want to squish Dakota!

  • chrissy - What an adorable puppy! So cute! I can’t wait to hear all about Lex’s Easter fun!

  • Jess Beer - Ah that Dakota is the CUTEST! I so wish we could have a puppy, but I think our cats would FLIP.

  • Courtney - He looks like a kota bear! I want a puppy to name!

  • Tiffany Kuehl - Awww. I still think it’s cute that she blew the divers kisses! And Dakota is adorable!

the easter bunny poops jelly beans?

i have really fond memories of basket hunting easter morning growing up. that sneaky bunny always hid our baskets in the darndest places like the washing machine, dirty clothes hamper, and amidst pots & pans in cupboards. My brother’s basket was always the most creatively hidden- probably because even back then the easter bunny knew he was the smart one (going off to med school, marrying a hot dentist, shaving his awful beard- all proved that funny bunny right).

flash forward to 3 years ago. our first easter in our current house where i awoke to a trail of jelly beans going down the stairs and straight to an easter basket full of candy, because even in your 20′s the easter bunny knows homegirl needs her candy fix. it helped that we had just watched HOP and i had gotten 50 shades of excited over the fact that the easter bunny just happens to poop jelly beans. i’m still trying to catch myself a jelly bean pooping bunny.

i want lex to have awesome easter memories too. super awesome ones that involve egg hunts, hidden baskets full of goodies, and the little known fact that the easter bunny poops jelly beans (where did you think they came from anyways?).

so here’s a peek at her basket.

we kept things fairly simple. with some princess sticker earrings, lip gloss, another member of the bubble guppy clan to add to her ever-growing collection, a mini version of her fav princess, and a bunny wristlet for her to stash her money in.  like every other little person on the planet there’s a little bit of frozen tucked into her basket. i was apparently one of the lucky moms who scored an anna doll like 2 months ago and tucked it away. rumor has it they’re impossible to find these days. lex has a lot of stuffed animals. a lot. but she doesn’t yet have a unicorn (problem solved).

totally excited to see her hunt, and hunt, and hunt for her basket of fun sunday morning (because i know she’s as smart as my brother).





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  • Jenny - lip gloss and earrings — I might have to grab a few more things! :) Super cute basket – love the bunny purse! :)

  • Ehayes - That Easter bunny must have been getting bored by the time he got out west, he just left ours on the doorstep and rang the bell. We were never able catch him no matter how hard we stayed glued to the window! :)

  • Courtney - Hey, nice job snatching the Anna doll. Love the bunny wristlet! I have fond memories of hunting for the dyed eggs on Easter and my basket, and leaving carrots for the bunny in the backyard and going to see if they were gone the next morning. Love holidays! So fun to share them with Aria now.

  • Sara - Does that doll have a unicorn horn?!

  • sara - I laughed for real at the way you threw your brother shaving his beard in there :) That unicorn is awesome. Great basket!

  • julie - Amazing basket! And I totally need to catch a jelly bean pooping bunny…how awesome would that be?

  • Jenny Collier - Love the sticker earrings. Such a great idea!

    I just finished up Hudson & Ella’s baskets myself. I bet Lex will flip over the Frozen doll!

  • karra - That pooping Easter bunny needs to make it’s way to Oregon because this momma still hasn’t finished her Easter backer goods.

  • chrissy - Love the basket! I’m sure she will love everything. Good job on scoring the Anna doll! All the stores near us are still out of the Frozen stuff!

  • Courtney B - LOVE her basket!! I remember getting sticker earrings when I was little and I always LOVED them! Oh the nostalgia ;)

  • Sara McCarty - Love it! We’re really looking forward to Easter this year too. Mac was too little to “get it” last year, so we really didn’t do much. We’re having a neighborhood wide egg hunt Sunday morning, so that should be fun. I can’t wait to see how he handles it.

  • Elizabeth - Her Easter basket is SO CUTE! Is that PBK? I think I might need to invest in a new Easter basket for Mason. I plan to post his soon and it is this sad little plastic basket I got at Target last year. Cute but sad and plastic. Maybe I will get lucky and they will have an after Easter sale?! :)

  • Jess T - Sadie has the same basket! I see they brought it back this year, but switched around how the colors/ruffles are layered….ours is way better ;-) I love all the goodies in there too! I came thisclose to ordering Sadie the unicorn but exercised surprising self restraint and passed it up! I already had a Mizy Me doll for her, so hopefully she’ll love that!
    I miss reading your posts faithfully….things have been nothing short of completely insane over here for the past few weeks. Good news is that tomorrow is my last day of full-time employment (can I get a holy sh!t and a woo-hoo, all at once?!) and I’ll have lots more time for fun stuff like reading blogs I love and actually sleeping!
    I hope you guys have the best Easter! I’ll be thinking of you when we watch Hop for the 8,000th time!

lets hear it for the boy.

oh yes. another song as a title. just to make your day a little more fun, footloose, and flash-backed to the 80′s. 

mom’s totally rock. there’s no denying it. i feel like now that i’m a mom and a lot of my friends are moms, my Facebook feed is inundated with witty articles, posts, and videos about just how awesome mom’s are. which in my humble opinion is the hands down truth. moms are totally and completely awesome.


i wouldn’t be the mom i am without my husband.

i mean obviously i wouldn’t be a mom at all without him thanks to those good ol’ birds and bees. but raising a babe goes beyond all of that. it takes a freakin’ army sometimes. and he and i. . .  well we’re the army generals.

i would be a total and complete hot mess without that man.

he listens to my rants when lex and i are having one of those days. seriously, he always tries to answer the phone, and just listens while i prattle on and on about whiny messy toddler life. some days just kinda suck the life out of you completely and totally and just when you feel like you can’t march on. . .

enter a dad who gets home, grabs the babe whisks her off to the park and allows me to relax via wine and frozen treats (of the ice cream variety).


he encourages me to have a life beyond lex. which i love. girls nights, movie nights, even date nights. he’s the first to suggest, accept, and love. we have a joke about referring to dads “babysitting” their own kids. i mean dads aren’t babysitters. . . they’re DADS. and who am i to get in the way of his daddy-ing when there are friends and a meal out waiting for me.

2-3x a week i ditch these two for bath/bed time and hit my pilates studio for a little “me-time”. at least once a week this means that he and lex sneak out the door behind me and hit up the ice cream shop. they also have a standing weekend breakfast date. . . just them.

he gets up in the middle of the night right along with me. he always has, it doesn’t mean he stays awake, but he gets a solid B for effort. when i was nursing he’d change her diaper and then head straight back to bed..i didn’t feel (as) alone and resentful that he was nestled in bed while i was awake and stalking Facebook at 3am. from time to time (or lately at least once a night) lex wakes up calling for me– just because she wants to see my sparkling, shining, not so happy 2am face– and often times he tries to go in and comfort her. . . even if its always in vain because at 2am the only sleepy face she wants to see is mommy’s.

he’s my biggest cheerleader. no matter what he’s supportive. like when i call him in tears after an emotional preschool drop off. he’s there to listen, nod, and tell me i’m awesome. he also happens to be lex’s biggest cheerleader- and pops into ballet class every so often to surprise her and her tutu.

lex loves the crap outta him. he’s totally the ‘fun parent’. and i mean i love the guy, so i can’t blame lex for loving the socks off of him too.





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  • sara - This is such a sweet, loving, and spot on post. I have so much respect for single parents because parenting can be hard enough with two people. I honestly don’t know how I would survive without my husband here to help out when I’ve reached a point where I really need a “me” moment. Your husband sounds like a keeper :) Isn’t it amazing to watch them become fathers?? From the very beginning all the way through today, I love seeing my own with our daughter.

  • Jenny Collier - What a sweet post. It’s so very true…I don’t give my husband enough credit for what an amazing Dad and help he truly is. I might just let him know today. Thank you for the inspiration. ;)

  • chrissy - Love those photos of Lex and her dad! So sweet! Where did they go to do a woodworking project together! That looks adorable! Also, love the Footloose reference!

  • Mom - Wonderful blog post. We love him as a son in law too….we are very happy he choose you and our family……

  • colleen - This is so great Erin! You have such sweet things to say about him and Lex and how he’s there for you too. It easy to take husbands / dad for granted, but I can see you do not! :)

  • karra - Oh I just loved this. It’s amazing how much more we can love our husband once they become dad’s.

  • Jenny - such a sweet post! I love the two of them at Home Depot and how cool they have a regular breakfast date! Sounds like you guys make an amazing team!!

  • Sara - Love this post! It makes me so excited to see my husband with our future daughter! He’s so good with Mac, but there’s something about that father-daughter bond that is like no other. I’m such a daddy’s girl, I can’t wait for him to have this type of relationship with Mim. You got yourself a keeper!

  • Courtney - I looooove this. Super hard. I love hearing great things about dads.

  • Sara - I loveeeee this. I think I made that clear via text… but you have the best Hubs ever… and we totally adore him… and he’s such a great Daddy to Lexi!! I LOVE THAT YOU POSTED THIS!!

  • Courtney - Yes let’s hear it! Dad’s rock. They have their own unique and special role and it’s an awesome one.

  • Courtney B - Sweetest post ever! You two make the best team! You three are my fave and so lucky to have each other!

  • E - I love this! What a sweet post!! And seriously, what a sweet husband! My husband would also get up in the middle of the night with me. One of us would change Mason’s diaper and one would feed him (I couldn’t breastfeed, we fed him by bottle). Even when I was at home on maternity leave and he was working. He was amazing. I absolutely love the photo of him and Lex at Home Depot! I’ve been wanting to take Mason to one of those but the dates are always bad! You should do a post on that. I would love to hear how it went and if you recommend it for an (almost) 2 year old!

g l a m o r o u s. . . oh the flossy flossy.

I’m not sure if you knew this or not but I happen to lead a very glamorous life. My days are pretty much filled to the brim. Especially now that I’m acting as official wardrobe consultant, premier pasta chef, boo-boo kisser, and tantrum tamer to a very short and sometimes very demanding little person. I know everyone is deperate to know what exactly we do with our days round these parts… So I’ll fill you in on some of the dirty details. Please try not to be too jealous.

first up laundry. i feel like i do a lot of laundry considering a) we’re just a family of three and b) lex has enough clothes to last her 4 months without re-wearing anything. but when someone insists on wearing buzz lightyear pi’s 4x a week into the washing machine they must go.

lemonade taste tester. one day at school lex made lemonade with her class. i’m hoping it was a riveting lecture she’ll remember forever about life handing you lemons and making lemonade. regardless it’s a new favorite pastime around here.  picking lemons, squeezing lemons, and then trying to add enough sugar and water to make it sorta, kinda, a little bit edible. 

cruise director. sometimes things get boring around here. nothing like taking lex and mean kitty to the car wash for a little good old fashioned entertainment. other riveting entertainment options involve searching the streets for trash trucks and organizing the pantry.

ice cream connoisseur. sometimes (or when your two) decisions are impossible. how are you supposed to choose what ice cream you want when you haven’t even tried “mommy’s ice cream” flavor? enter ice cream taste testing. and for the record mommy’s ice cream won- because sea salt carmel talenti trumps all.

i also have the pleasure of being master hairstylist, shopping cart driver, temporary tattoo artist, mermaid chalk-drawing expert, and I’ve perfected the art of placing bandaids on imaginary boo-boos. it’s all in a days work my friends.

see. toddler life is seriously glamorous. and never, ever, boring.

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  • Jenny Collier - A mama’s life is never boring. You have the cutest companion all day long.

  • Jess - Oh my gosh, too cute!! You guys have the most fun. I love it!

  • colleen - Best. Jobs. Everrr.

    We search the streets for garbage trucks too. In fact, today is garbage day, so I’m super excited, because I know things are going to get real exciting around here in about 10 minutes.

    The car wash is a great idea!

  • Elizabeth - Sea. Salt. Caramel. Talenti. I finally gave in and bought some this weekend and tried it last night. My life is forever changed for the better. OMG. Best ice cream EVER. Why did I wait so long??

  • Sara - You forgot to mention that you are also my daily entertainer… but I’ll accept that Lex is way cuter than me!!

  • julie - Ha! I agree…life with a toddler is SO glamorous!

  • chrisy - Love it! You are a jack of all trades!

  • Jenny - This just made me smile and kinda made my day. That is all :)

  • Sara - I want you to know that I saw the title of this post in my bloglovin feed this morning (before I had a chance to read any blogs for the day, just a quick perusal before running errands) and I have had this song stuck in my head THE ENTIRE DAY.

    You are a terrific mama, and Lex certainly has some awesome activities going on in her life! Also, I gave up ice cream for Lent and that last photo is making me droooool.

  • Laura - Oh I cannot wait to start this job!! <3

  • Katie - Love all of this. I would also love to join her at being an ice cream taste tester…I think she and I would be VERY good at this.

  • Courtney - She is so full of personality! I am looking forward to Aria really blossoming into this little person all her own that can demand to wear buzz lightyear jammies 4x a week. Love it!

  • Kristin - You girls are totally and completely glam! Also Sea Salt Caramel Talenti is my favorite thing in life (besides wine).

  • Courtney - I LOVE this post! So sweet. You are such a wonderful, wonderful mama. Annnnnd yes, my name is Courtney Spena and Sea Salt Caramel Talenti changed my life.

weekend warriors.

we entered this weekend with zero plans. literally zero. there was dust gathering on our google calendar in all the blank space that was supposed to be this weekend. and yet we somehow managed to have one kick ass weekend.

it all started friday with a few new toys.

mike has a rule about running shoes. apparently he comes from the “one new pair of running shoes a year” camp, and i became aware of this rule at christmas when i got my new pair of runners that he fully expected would last the year. he clearly didn’t put a “puppy teeth clause” into the binding running shoe contract, so when sasha managed to get ahold of my shoes (and despite mike insisting he could “fix them with duct tape”) i wore him down and am receiving a shiny new pair of shoes in the mail sometime this week. serves me right for assuming the puppy wouldn’t chew shoes bigger than her.

we rented a bounce house for lex’s birthday party. it was awesome, there were tears when we had to deflate it, and lex hasn’t stopped chatting about it on an hourly basis since. One of her besties got a BH as a gift for her birthday- and after much debating we decided that lex might need one in her life too. We were becoming dangerously close to showing up unannounced at fiona’s house pre and post naps to get our jumps out- and i cherish our relationship far too much to do that.

we probably spent the majority of the weekend in it. . . partially because of our totally empty calendar, and partially because lex kept wanting to “give the bounce house a hug”.

my love for weelicious continues with these whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies. I’m not entirely sure i can sing their praises high or loud enough. best cookie I’ve ever made. . . ever. my husband and mother in law actually had a lengthy conversion about the deliciousness and perfection of these cookies.  i’m fairly certain that since they contain whole wheat flour they’re totally nutritious. right?

my husband has affectionately re-named these “bomb ass cookies”. . . because he’s stuck in the early 2000′s.

last weekend mike got to choose the sunday-sports-family-funday  activity and introduce lex to his favorite team. this weekend was my turn. my family is canadian and when we moved from wintery cold canada we needed to find a hockey team out here. . . so I’ve pretty much been a rowdy ducks fan since the ripe age of 7 when my family became season ticket holders and back when i brought books to the games because they were so very boring. looking back i have zero clue how i found hockey of all things so boring. after doing a 180 I’ve realized hockey really is one of the most exciting sports (besides diving and the modern pentathlon).

pictured is me, my little sister, and my madre (who’s the ultimate fan. seriously, this woman knows her hockey)

don’t worry. mike was there too, but he was busy acting as photographer.

lex really enjoyed her first NHL game. they serve popcorn so we knew it would be a total success. what we didn’t expect was for her to fall head over heels in love with the creepiest mascot ever. i swear the ducks mascot gives me the good old fashioned creeps. .  he seriously resembles a serial killer. and yet lex insisted we get her the stuffed animal, and then insisted on snuggling with him to bed.

 (ignore the dazed look on her face, there were plenty of more exciting things to look at besides her dad with a camera phone. or perhaps the creepy duck already has her under his evil spell).

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  • julie - Booking our flight to come visit you to get our bounces out seems reasonable, right? And oh my word, that is the creepiest mascot ever. Couldn’t they take the mask off for the stuffed animal?

  • chrissy - Love the bounce house!! My sister’s kids have one and the plan is to get theirs someday in the future! :)

  • Sara - I can’t believe you can buy your own bounce house!!! That’s so fun!!! You can send me your bomb ass cookies if Sir hasn’t finished them off…. AND no one loves hockey like your mama!!!!

  • courtney p - OK, that duck. Evil!! Why don’t they just put a knife in its hand too and call it a day, LOL. Good thing you have that bomb-tabulous BH to make up for angry stuffed ducks. Have a great week!

  • Courtney B - Coolest parents EVER! I love that Lex got her own bounce house!
    And I’m dying to go to a hockey game. It’s been over a year and half since I’ve been to one :(

  • Jenny Collier - I say get her the bounce house!

    My mom got my kids one a couple of years ago — best idea ever. Especially since it’s small enough to fit inside of our house. Lets my kids burn energy on cold and snowy days.

  • Jess - Seriously? You put all of us other moms to shame! Best weekend ever!! I want a bounce house, now….

  • Jenny - a bounce house – genius!! Might have to add that idea to my bday party planning ideas! That duck is totally creepy… she slept with him? Oh toddlers! Sounds like a pretty amazing weekend for no plans :)

  • Laura - That duck IS super creepy!! Glad she had a good time. Sometimes weekends with no plans are the best!

  • colleen - I think a bounce house is an incredibly brilliant parenting move! I imagine she could bounce in that thing for hours (with mom watching nearby — cocktail in hand!) and then she obviously need a good nap after that, right? Most perfect toy everrrr.

    I love those shoes! I need them! The Nike’s I wanted sold out in my size :(

  • Elizabeth - Oh my gosh! I have been to a few Ducks game and I have NO idea how I never noticed that the mascot was so creepy! Especially in the stuffed animal version for kids. I mean, really? Someone should get fired over that decision!

  • Courtney - Wait, you can buy a bounce house? One you get to keep, all your own type deal? Wow! That is totally going on the things we need for the outdoors list.