So many people across the interwebs have been sharing  “day in the life” posts. And per usual I’m fashionably late to the party. But in my defense we’re just starting to come up for air around here. We finally have some semblance of a routine, and I’ve finally started to walk the tightrope balancing everyone’s wants/needs.

When I hit rock bottom a few months back and showed up to story time in tears my best mama friend so brilliantly said “give it four months. At four months something magic happens and things start to click”. Thankfully as we approach four months things are fully clicking and everyone is getting used to the new “normal”. 

Anyways. Back to our days. 

Sometime before 6am a certain big babe sneaks her way into our bed for an hour of cuddles alone before her bitty sister is up for the day. I’d love to say I’m up before the ladies every day- but I’m just so totally not able to wake up before our earliest riser.


Around 7 Mackenzie awakens from her slumber and lex watches the iPad while I feed the babe and mike get dressed for work. In Lex’s world if mike is wearing a belt it’s a work day- “Prince charming Youre wearing a belt! It’s a workday?”.

We all file downstairs for a little breakfast. Mike cooks breakfast for the crew and then he’s out the door. We play for a few and then it’s time for kenz’s nap número uno for the day. While she’s down lex and I get ready for the day and play in her room. Or our room.

may-4 may-3

As soon as kenz wakes up and eats we’re usually out the door- it feels like we have something every day from story time, to ballet, an aquarium visit, Disneyland, or a visit to grandmas.



While we’re out kenz takes nap número dos and we’re always home just in time for her to eat and for lex to hit the hay for her nap.

While lex is down for the count I get kenz all to myself. We watch the bachelorette together (she’s #teamkaitlyn and threatened to stop watching if Britt won), do a little tummy time, and just laugh, and make funny noises with our mouths.


By the time I get kenz down for nap número tres lex is up and itching for something to do. We tear apart the playroom, do a few crafts, and oh so patiently wait for her Prince Charming to get home, and kenz to wake up to eat. 


Once mike walks through the door I’m off duty for a bit and hit the gym while he takes care of the ladies and cooks dinner (he loves it. I promise). I get home just in time to eat as a fam-bam.

Once the clock strikes 6:30 kenz is ready for her bath and ready NOW. I swear that child can tell time. Mike handles her bath/bedtime while I entertain lex by feeding her dessert and bathing her. After kenz is in bed and lex is bathed we all sit on her bed and read books, tell stories, and finally turn out the light at 8.


Then it’s a mad dash to clean the house. Which is the part I struggle with the most, i hate the house being in disarray all the live-long-day but gone are the days of tidying and cleaning and getting sh*t done during the day. I’m never solo and feel like I always have a child vying for my attention! By the time the clock strikes 9 I’m usually showered and tucked away in bed perusing Netflix (parenthood anyone?!) and by 10 it’s lights OUT.

Which is why the entirety of this post was written at the super fun hour of 4am when kenz gets up for a snack-a-roo.

But I love these two. And I love them even more now that things are a little more figured out 😉 

  • Beautiful pictures – amazing how much you get done in a day!! No wonder you need a routine!! You are doing an awesome job though! :)

  • Ha! It definately continues getting easier but messier (in my humble opinion). While I can vacuum, do the dishes, fold laundry while the two littles play – BOTH of them now can empty a laundry basket, tear the bookshelf apart and scatter every block and ball in a four mile radius in a matter of minutes. So there is that. I have come to terms that my house will be scattered with baby/toddler toys or (boxes, tubberware, and utensils) until they learn to put everything back away without lots of reminding (wait does that ever happen, as I seem to remember my mother reminding me through high school – ugh):) But really the playing together thing. Totally totally worth the disarray! Love this and those sweet pictures of your adorable girls!

  • I don’t know how you do it, Momma! You don’t get a break! BUT, these girls are obviously loved beyond belief, and you are a super mom. Although Louise hasn’t arrive yet, it’s good to know that it will go down before it goes back up around month four. :) I’m already stressing about adjusting, but you got through it, so hopefully I will, too!! :) xo

  • I remember getting to month 3-4 with M and finally feeling a little more together so I can imagine it is even more the case with 2! You and Mike have it down working as a team- he really is Prince Charming! 😉 Oh and Kenz has it right with #teamkaitlyn! So happy it’s back on!

  • Please remind me of the 4 month rule when I’m sinking and can’t get my head above water after my babe arrives! I love how scheduled your day is (even though it took a few months to get to this point) I feel like that’s how my family thrives best so I will be chomping at the bit to get a routine down asap!
    P.S. How do you work out towards the end of the day?! Super woman! I have hardly any energy left to give to a workout if I don’t get it in in the morning!
    P.P.S. I wish we could workout together!

  • I shall need a reminder about the 4 month thing in a few weeks, pretty please. And right now I live for naptime, so thanks for mentally preparing me to never have both kids napping at the same time! I feel for you my friend. So awesome that you are hitting a good grove now and that you can sneak away for a little gym time!

  • I’m so happy that you guys have fallen into a routine and things are getting better! And it sounds like you’ve got a nice little thing going over there like I do over here (high five to husbands doing the cooking!). I’m so happy for you that you get a little time away at night and get to have some mama only time, especially since it sounds like those alone minutes are few and far between during the day.
    PS I just saw major previews for the AMAZING 60th anniversary at Disneyland and I think I may need to convince Seth that we NEED Disneyland passes ASAP so we can meet you there for some anniversary celebrating! There’s even an ELECTRICAL PARADE! (or they called it a ‘paint the night’ parade but it looks electrical to me!)

  • This is so sweet! I’m glad you were able to find your groove. That is my biggest fear when this baby #2 arrives; that our perfect little routine that we have worked on for 2 years will crumble.

    It sounds like you’ve got a nice little thing happening there, and props to hubby for cooking dinner everyday!

  • Your girls are simply ADORABLE. I know life must be a hundred times easier with a more solid schedule so I hope that sticks for you. Enjoy those lovies!!!

  • I love that you shared this! This is what scares me most about adding another baby to the mix! We have such a great (but busy!) schedule, and I can’t really picture adding another baby to that almost chaos! HAHAHA But I’ll remember the 4 month mark – can’t wait for that! HAHA

  • I adore this post! You have such a beautiful little family!

  • karra

    Man. If Bre isn’t hitting the tub by 7:30 she is PISSED. tiny cute babes and their opinions.. and early rising toddlers are never fun.

  • Ashley

    Thank you soooo much for sharing this!!! Something tells me I will be checking back in with it in about four months!

    So glad you are figuring it out … And that kenz is team Kaitlin. :)

  • 4 months. I’ll have to backlog that just in case. I’m sure it will be a long four months though. I remember Aria’s first 6 months being rather trying. She decided she was happy with life around 6 months. I’m glad to hear things are running better though! And any day that has Disney sounds like a good day.

  • Wow, so interesting to see the complexities of having two. They are so cute though! :)

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last week a certain little person was peeking over my shoulder while i was perusing swim-suits online. and she fell in LOVE with a suit i would have probably never in a million years picked out for her. she was so overly excited i was powerless and into my shopping cart it went. and when it arrived in the mail you would have thought ariel herself had delivered it.



lion suit

meanwhile kenz is rocking the babe mullet and rocking it hard. i tell you, its a major party in the way way back. and the front? well its balding business. i’m kinda totally obsessed with how different she is versus lex at this age. lex didnt end up with a mullet and had no rolls to speak of. . . so i’m really loving this mulleted, cheeky, leggy thang.


i’m really loving the start of these long summer days. lately mikes been in charge of putting the little one to bed while i’m in charge of bathing lex. mike claims its because he loves the one on one time with kenz, but i’m pretty sure he just doesnt want the massive job of washing lex’s hair. and while he remains the prince eric to her ariel, i’m still ursula. and get to “steal my voice!” on a nightly basis.  80% of the time i really wish i had that power along with a sea-shell necklace to store it in.

ion-4 lion3-

since we’ve been home a lot more we’ve been working on crib naps. i have yet to bit the bullet and sleep train, but my excuse is that kenz usually ends up putting herself to sleep. i lay her down and have to race from the room because she just starts smiling and her eyes shoot rainbows out of them– making it really hard to leave. i’m really digging this second child thing. while i think she has a pretty awesome personality, i also think that as parents we’re just different this time around and kenz just has to roll with life.


i never know how to tie up blog posts.


peace out yo. word to yo mother.

  • Love the bath time photos!!!! Lex is so beautiful!!!! Kenz is so chill and so cute!! I’m pretty sure Sir could do a fantastic Ursula… Bonus points if you send me a video!

  • It is really unfair how beautiful Lex looks in the bath tub. Mason just splashes ridiculously and covers the bathroom in water so I am taking a bath as well. I try to take a cute photo and just end up getting soaked. I have bath time envy of you!

  • Meghan

    my son is obsessed with lions and got excited when I showed him this! She really is quite the model! Love the bath photos too! Ooh second children sound amazing! Maybe I should give it a try. I mean I am the second child and of course I’m just the best 😉

  • Stop it! Dying over that lion suit! Lately Mia has been super opinionated about clothing etc, and for some reason, it’s still blowing my mind that she has an opinion about this stuff…. and remembers it. She saw an Ariel swim suit online and hasn’t stopped talking about. Guess I should probably buy it for her now, ha!
    Sweet Kenz! I sure hope you’re right about the parents being different the second time around. I’m praying for a laid back babe, but I’m praying even harder that *I’ll* be a million times more laid back than when Mia was brand new!

  • Obsessed with her leg rolls and mullet. She is a doll!

  • Ah, I am obsessed with them both! Lex in the tub (and her bathing suit – amazing) and Kenz, in general. I love that you love having two! I can’t wait to see what Louise brings into our family!!! :)

  • haha love the lion suit, whatever makes em happy. Cute that she is so into it.

  • Oh my gosh I’m dying over that lion suit! HAHA! Toddlers are so funny… and Kenz’s baby mullet looks exactly like Scarlett’s did LOL don’t worry it even’s out eventually 😉 Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  • Ashley

    That suit is the best – and lex rocks it, of course!!!!! :)

  • Oh mmm gee! How stinking adorable is that baby mullet. You totally lucked out on the second kid is an angel thing. my second – TERROR! That being said I still want to do it again so it couldn’t have been that bad right?!?! And at 14 months – she is the funniest little tornado ever. My husband never wants to bath the toddler either due solely on the basis that he hates washing her hair. (The eyes, too hard, more soap please – she is a demanding little thing).

  • Too be the awkward commenter – totally wished we lived near you -Our girls are almost identical in age – fun to have a little playgroup with SISTERS! :) okay leaving now and going back to actually working at work.

  • Love the mullet. Elin rocked one as well. In fact, we just got her first cut and when they cut her ends off I just kept thinking about how it was her little baby mullet. :(

  • karra

    We’re rockin the mullet over here too and with the way girlfriend likes to sleep on her side I’m sure that hair will be gone before too long also. and please tell me your secret to washing Lex’s hair.. Rae HATES it. but I’m not a fan of cheese and dirt in her hair so washings a must 😉

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holiday weekends are the best.

holiday weekends where we also get to celebrate a birthday are better.

why? because there’s cake. obviously.

so this weekend we not only got to celebrate mom’s day- we also got our cake on and celebrated my little brother’s birth. which i’m sure rocked my world 29 years ago, but he’s grown on me and i kinda sorta love him now. it helps that he found his sense of humor and constantly has the family in stitches. and he makes the meanest cup of coffee around– even if its a 15 step process that takes 3 hours.

for mothers day i was spoiled with this life changer (Mike REALLY outdid himself. I think he feels bad for my sanity these days). and the poor poor babes had to suffer all weekend long because of it.

my first victim was obviously the one who cant run away.


and my second was a mermaid.


we had so much fun at my parents house lounging around poolside. lex has made tremendous strides being more comfortable in the pool (shout out to her swim teacher nick!), so she rocked her swim suit all weekend long. we even managed to dip mackenzie into the pool. and she didn’t hate it. but we have yet to find an activity she doesn’t like (except skipping meals. have you seen her cheeks?!).


and then there was the obligatory mothers day picture. the one thing that probably ends up being the most frustrating part of every mom’s mothers day. it’s the one thing every mother wants and it’s the hardest to get. The picture struggle is real. 

believe it or not this is the first picture of me alone with the babes. and it was the only part of the weekend i wasn’t sporting my yoga pants.


i didn’t end up getting a picture with my mom. even though we were with her the whole weekend. she was a smidge busy- ya know, busy cleaning spit up off of me and putting band-aids on toes, and just being her usual helpful self. both mike and i are lucky- our moms totally and completely rock. so here’s a big fat cheers to them. because you’re never too old to stop needing your mom.

  • First, Happy first Mother’s Day to TWO sweet babes!!!
    Second, holy spoiled mama! You are one lucky lady to get that awesome gift!!!
    Third, when (who am I kidding, if…) I ever get a nice camera that can do fancy things, can we have a photo 101 class for you to teach me? I can come to you, bring gummy bears and frappuchinos and you can teach me, deal? :)
    Fourth, your girls are GORGEOUS. Dying over that pic of them together on the pool chair and also DYING over that picture of you and them! Beauties!!

  • Happy Mother’s Day to the best mama I know! Give my love to Shaun and his non-living-in-sin behind as he approaches the dirty thirty!! He’s such an old man with the 3 hour cup of coffee.

  • Karra

    Crushing hard on that lens! And I literally lol’d at how frustrating it can be accomplishing the Mother’s Day picture. At least you got both girls to smile, Rae pretty much is anti camera these days.

    And you look gorg!

  • happy Mother’s Day!

    Ok I called my 50mm life changing (from the kit lens). Do I need a 35 too?! What is the major difference (besides the obvious specs–what do you notice?) I need one that’ll make me not have to scoot 100 feet back to get everything in the frame, which has been annoying with the 50mm because i have to leave the kids and walk backwards. Anyway…I’m always looking for photo advice. The pic of you three is adorable:)

  • Meghan

    Happy Mother’s Day! Ooh I’m jealous of your new lens! You are so right about wanting those pictures with our babies! I always remember to get pictures of me with Noah and my mom but the picture of me and Noah (while it’s actually pretty good) is just from breakfast. Maybe I’ll remember next year!

  • Sounds like a PERFECT weekend!!
    Mike is the best… that’s the perfect gift for you! Yay! And I never would have guessed how difficult it was to get that picture of you beauties! It’s perfect!

  • Well you nailed the photo! Sometimes I feel ridiculous for all the photos I want to take, but if I didn’t ask, I would never be in them!

  • Basically totally and completely swooning over your mother’s day gift. And your girls. Of course.

  • You girls are seriously so beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! Cheers to moms!! XO

  • Ashley

    That lens, mike seriously treated you right!!!! You deserve it, mama! Love the picture of all three of you!

  • Gah! Those pics with your new present are absolutely gorgeous! As is your first picture of 3! Looking great mama! Oh, that swimsuit is so cute! Going to order a set for K! Happy Mother’s Day!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

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Mackenzie and lex are so different its virtually impossible to compare them. So this time we have a whole new round-up of must have babe products we’re using and abusing.

ballerina doll. The Easter bunny  got this for mackenzie and she LOVES this thing. lex has one and it sits on a shelf, but this time and time again gets the biggest smiles from the little one. i cant blame her, i swoon over these ballerinas.

play gym. mackenzie loves herself a good dangly toy. she’s entertained forever underneath this thing allowing me to focus on big sister a little bit more.

humidifier. we live a block from the ocean. so imagine my surprise when we needed a humidifier. i bought it solely based on looks but as far as humidifiers go this one seems really easy and straight forward. we use it for naps and nighttime and has really helped mackenzie’s dry skin and nose.

bandies. ok. i LOVE THESE THINGS. i kid you not. i hate spit up but i hate spit up ruined clothes even more. and these have saved more than a few outfits. they’re insanely cute, functional, and will last us through when drooling becomes the name of the game thanks to teeth.

bloomers. its been unseasonably warm around here. so bloomers and a tank have been the outfit of choice. they make diaper changes so easy, and are beyond adorable to boot.

kitty. the girls fight over this thing. FIGHT. i have no clue why, but both gals love this little pink kitty (i think its because kenz loves it so much lex might get a tad jealous).

swaddles. mackenzie is getting a little too close to rolling over so we decided to take the plunge into no swaddling land. we tried a sleepsak but homegirl wasnt pleased. but for some reason she loves these things with her instead. These are the softer thicker ones and we love em. 

I can’t believe in a few short weeks we’ll be onto bigger and better things… Like solids! And I hate to sound cliche but time is really flying this time around. I swear I blinked and it’s been three months since we wrangled another Bebe. 


  • Love the ballerina doll… and I’m thinking that humidifier may need to make an appearance in my life. 😉

  • The humidifier is amazing, I have never seen a design like that before. It totally matches my daughter’s room.

  • I love when other moms share their favorites! Pretty sure that kitty needs to be ours as do some bandies!!

  • karra

    is your babe drooling? like ALL THE TIME? I don’t remember the first babe starting to teethe this early? Oy. and Rae has that humidifier! love love.

  • Meghan

    a onesie and some bloomers… What could possibly be cuter!?!

  • Your recs are always the best! Keep them coming so I can just copy everything you do 😉

  • It’s so fun seeing these posts… it’s getting me all sorts of excited (and terrified) to have a little baby in the house again!
    I can’t believe you only live a block away from the ocean. So dreamy, I tell ya! But the humidity would kill me! Can’t believe you need a humidifier on top of it!

  • Love this so much!!! Awesome picks!!!


  • Great list. I will have to keep these in mind for this time around!

    I was just thinking the other day, how fast those 3 months seem to have gone by!!!

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Did you miss me?

Surely someone out there noticed it’s been a WHOLE WEEK since I last updated all you lovely readers on a little thing I call life.

So here’s where we stand.

lex has decided its summa-time. which was fine last week in the heat, but this week it hasnt peeked over 70 and we’re still roaming around in swimsuits munching watermelon. im currently digging the cooler temps mostly because we’re hitting disney (again!) this week and it wont be a balmy 92 instead it will be a bearable 70. but lex? lex is dreaming of beach days and popsicles.


we hit disneyland last week. where a certain princess got to meet FIVE princesses. FIVE. that’s pretty much heaven to lex. cinderalla is always a fan fav- and i’m convinced its because they have the same hair. Kenz legit rocked the trip and rocked it hard. she was a cool calm happy child. who loved the rides, nursing in the unbearable heat, and loved lounging in her stroller.


things are slowly (but steadily) getting better between these two. lex is starting to acknowledge that she in fact has a sister- and even makes attempts to help out with bottles. don’t get me wrong they’re not besties yet– but i think theres actual hope for me to cling to.

we went to visit lex’s new school and her teacher asked where her sister was.  lex immediately replied “in the car”. mackenzie was in fact with grandma, but i’m pretty sure i turned bright red. . . and that my car will forever be checked by the teachers.


I LOVE Amazon prime. Love it beyond imagination. So is it any surprise I’m loving having upgraded to Amazon fresh.  I don’t enjoy grocery shopping- but I do enjoy online shooping. So the whole world wins. plus lex gets legitimately giddy when the groceries get delivered.

last week we took lex to the nursery so she could make her own little garden. so here it is in all its glory. we have strawberries, mint, basil, and a few flowers throw in for good measure. all picked out, planted, and watered by lex. fingers crossed she can keep plants alive longer than i can.


so that’s the skinny on the happs!

  • karra

    I legit forgot that my little blog existed this past week.. didn’t read any either (whoops!) We planted a little garden too and Rae likes to remind me several times a day to water them so they don’t ‘go night night’ LOL.

    and groceries to your door step is pure GENIUS.

  • haha I totally thought to myself the other day “I wonder if I forgot to follow that cute mom with 2 girls cause I haven’t seen any posts in my feed lately!” then I saw 2 posts pop up when I checked my feed today! K lex looks so cute with Cinderella! Please bless I make cute kids in the near future that I can take to Disney and dress all trendy!

    Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  • Is there anything Lex doesn’t look cute doing?! Oh YA. Telling teachers you left baby sister in the car. #oops. LOL… I love her flower box. I bet Grandma P can help her with that… and how to keep the neighbor’s cat out too! That picture with Cinderella is PERFECT!! It’s totally the hair!

  • Ashley

    Baby sister is in the car – love it! 😉 Almost as much as i love lex with Cinderella! Such cuties!

  • Amazon fresh, what! Sounds most excellent. I’m sure Lex will keep those plants alive for some crazy amount of time. I know I couldn’t, so it is best left up to the kiddos.

  • We just got back from our FIRST Disney Wold trip!! Elin was in heaven as well with all the princess meeting and greeting. Cinderella was her top fave as well! So magical!

  • I might have checked here earlier today- so yes, I noticed 😉

    Abigail saw the pics of Lex and said, “is that me eating watermelon and meeting Cinderella?!” lolno child. Not every photo is of you. Enjoy DL! I’m so jealous you get to go back so soon, and in such perfect weather!

  • Deborah

    I noticed the lack of posting and was very upset! :)

  • Remember how I’m a creeper? Yeah….
    So I noticed 😉

    We are enjoying some of that cool down and it’s HEAVEN being out of the triple digits. Speaking of heaven… our high on Friday is 77. I can’t WAIT! Ha ha!
    Amazon delivers groceries?! How have I never heard of this?!
    Love Lex’s little garden!!

  • Oh Lex. “Mom left my sister in the car”. LOL! The things toddlers say. She will look back on that one day and laughed. I wish I had a story half as good about my brother lol.
    So excited for you guys going to Disney again this week (and that it’s cooler!) and that Kenz did so good!
    And that little garden of Lex’s. I die. She looked like a regular, cute, little gardner! You should have her pick some of that mint and make yourself a mojito!

  • What is Amazon Fresh?? Groceries delivered? I’m sure it’s just a cool California thing, but I have to check it out. And, I am fairly sure Lex and Cam could keep plants alive longer than me! I look at them, and they die. Hahaha, I can’t believe Lex said her sister was in the car!!! Ahhh, I would have died! I feel like I am defending myself sometimes after some of the things that come out of Cam’s mouth….these kids!

  • That picture of Lex eating the watermelon is just too precious. I love it!!! And delivered groceries. WHAT? All these reasons to move to the States. We are so missing out here in Canada!!!

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