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tuesdays we have nada. no school, no grandmas, no ballet class. zip zilch zero.

which means we usually end up at the aquarium.

fun fact. last week at the aquarium lex got herself lost.

she was having a day. one of those days that comes around every once in a while where lex’s ears plug and she loses the ability to listen.

she ran away, around a corner, and proceeded to cry “i don’t know where my mommy is!” for the minute it took for me to find her. it happened to be the longest minute of both of our lives. i found her in front of the jellyfish crying to a grandma who informed me that i should’ve stayed hidden a little longer to really teach her a lesson.

turns out a minute was long enough. because lex was all about hand holding and less about running this time ’round. and proclaimed “i didn’t get lost!” to anyone who would listen on our way out.

flash forward to post-nap when lex watched the garbage truck from our window wearing a bra.

“hey lex. where’s uncle shaun?”

“he’s in india! can we take the elevator and visit him?”

thankfully no elevators had to get involved and after a 5 week stint in india my brother got home safe, sound, and appreciating the little things. lex was over the moon to see him, and he was over the moon to see toilet-paper, showers, and a lack of dangerous elephants running wild. he left our house with a belly full of pizza and cookies (lex’s request) and his arms full of sparkle painted artwork compliments of lex.

and now its hump day.


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  • Courtney P - That bra picture – I’m dying!!! And what’s up with that grandma?? Who does that to a child? “Hide longer so she learns” Um, OK crazy. People never cease to amaze or beffudle me.

  • Courtney - oh man, I think a minute was sufficient! I’m having a panic attack if I lose mine for 7 seconds or more. Love the bra pic, Aria prefers panties around her neck instead – like a scarf.

  • Chrissy - Love that last picture of her and her uncle. So sweet!!!

  • karra - At least Lex was scared! Rae will run off and when I get to her she’s full on giggles… lol

  • Sara - I’m dying of laughter over here… from the Mean Grandma to the crocodile tears of being lost… to not being lost at all… I love you too much, Lex. That picture of Shaun and Lex is priceless. No elevators necessary.

  • EHayes - I’d have a heart attack! Ashlynn is a stage 5 clinger so I don’t worry too much about her, Kenley though I lost today in our own living room! (true story, she crawled behind the chair in the corner, I couldn’t find her and heart stopped)

  • Vanessa - Good job on not getting lost, Lex!!! ;) I love that picture of her and your brother…but I might love the bra one even more!

  • Elizabeth - That picture of her wearing the bra and watching the garbage truck… classic! And good job not getting lost, Lex! Hopefully she learns all lessons as quickly as this one…will make your life a lot easier during the teenage years! ;)

  • julie - That grandma is crazy town….who would do that? Glad you found the little stinker!

this weekend consisted of exactly two things.


And the circus.

No really. That’s literally all we did. And it was fabulous.

Friday we headed to my parents house for a little vacay weekend. No really. Between my mom and my sister we get a teeny break from toddler-town because they jump up and down to watch lex.

Lex has watched far too much little mermaid lately because Homegirl refused to leave the pool all weekend. She also constantly (and I mean constantly) does the whole Ursula stealing Ariel’s voice scene and ahhaaahahahaaaa’s all the live long day.

In between swim sets we hit the circus. I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I was at the circus (literally. Because I was like five). It turned out to be highly entertaining. My favorite part was watching lex eat a lollipop bigger than her head, and lex’s favorite part is a toss up between the “fireworks!” And “woolly” (aka- an elephant she thought was a woolly mammoth).

And now that we’re home lex is begging to go swimming again. Looks like we’ll be investing in anti-green shampoo for little blonde heads.


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  • Sara - Lex has the most beautiful golden glow going on!!! Gorgeous!!! Looks like a fun weekend!!!

  • EHayes - Love it, Ashlynn still hasn’t quite figured out that Ursula becomes Vanessa. I guess some more viewings are in order!

  • Colleen Sullivan - I love that she is loving the water now!! And she likes the circus? Good to know! We’re thinking about going in August when Barnum & Bailey makes its way here.

  • Chrissy - Looks like she was all smiles in the pool! :)

  • julie - Love that she loves the pool again! Sounds like you guys had an amazing weekend!

  • Courtney B - What a PERFECT weekend!!
    I’m not sure Mia will ever get to see the circus unless I take her by myself… Eric is totally creeped out by clowns, ha! I don’t get it?

  • Courtney P - First picture – not sure who’s foot that is, but I love the polish color. Creepy, I know but these are the things I notice haha! I just love Lex’s smile, it’s so contagious!!! Cu to the tie.

  • karra - what a little mermaid she is! Rae is still warming up to the pool.. this weekend she actually enjoyed herself rather than clinging to me the whole time.

  • Vanessa - Ursula stealing Ariels voice…I die!!!! Can you get that on tape for me?!? Btw, Lex is looking so grown up lately with that long hair. Such a beauty!!!

  • Mayumi Shimose Poe - … And I thought for sure Lex’s favorite would be the unicorn or pegasus! Then again, this is Lexi Loves-Chickens-Hates-Butterflies V., so I guess you can never be too sure. <3

  • Ashley - Yay for lex swimming again!!!! Such a cutie!!

  • Elizabeth - What a little fishy! So happy she loves the pool again!

  • Jenny - That sounds like a perfect weekend to me!! Yay for water fun again and i’m cracking up picturing the Ursela scene!

  • Courtney - haha a wooly! super duper cute!

i’d really love to bottle this 2 year old and keep her forever young. dare i say our days have been relatively easy lately? lex just seems happy, and happy go lucky. i think summertime is her love language. probably because popsicles are her major food group.


we added a new stroller to our little fleet. we love love love our stokke. . . but they had some minor flaws we didn’t exactly realize being the stupid first-time parents we were. the stokke scoot fixes all of those and has a super easy fold to boot (no more 3 pieces and 10 steps!). the icing on the cake is that disneyland stroller naps just got a lot more comfy (and can now be forward facing). its the little things people.

i know I’ve sung the praises of weelicious high and wide before, but lately we haven’t been able to get enough of these whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies. they’re quick, easy, and since they have whole wheat flour they’re technically healthy.

the face of cookie monster.

school has been saving our sanity lately. while i haven’t been registering much fun on the fun-o-meter lately i’m fairly certain her teacher at school has been making up for me. i became a genie and granted lex’s one wish of “more school mommy!” and come fall she’s enrolled a whopping three times a week.

i never believed a 2 year old could have a “best friend”. but alas, my child definitely has a bestie. it probably helps that they see each other an average of 4x a week. . . but they are continuously happy and hugging and trouble. especially during a certain ballet class.

now that the house has been caught up on laundry and cleaning and i was promptly awarded with ice cream i’m ready for the weekend.


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  • Sara - That’s the cutest and most determined Cookie Monster I’ve ever seen!!!

  • julie - That first picture!!! I’m dying! It’s now lex’s calendar birthday photo…I love it so much!

  • Chrisy - Does your zoo allow you to pet the penguins? That is so cool!

  • Sara McCarty - Oh, that face! I’d want to bottle her up forever too! She is so expressive and adorable. And I love that she loves school and has a bestie! Such a girl. Mac is at school today (for his 3rd day) and is not handling it quite so well. :( My poor little mama’s boy.

  • Colleen Sullivan - She’s the cutest cookie monster I have ever seen :) I’ll have to break out that cookbook again and try that recipe!

  • Vanessa - Can I frame the first pic? Would that be weird?! :) Arden’s starting mother’s day out 1 day/week next month and I just know she’s going to demand more school too when she finds out how fun it is!

  • Ashley - Her faces are the best!!!! :)

  • Breanna - She is absolutely precious! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Elizabeth - Oh. My. Goodness. I so agree! Mason just turned two today and I wish I could bottle this age up forever. He does the sweetest things and I just don’t want him to grow up.
    Oh and that first picture? I die. Baby fever and wanting a girl!

mondays are depressing.

i always feel a sense of sadness when monday rolls around and mike heads back to work. as adults we should get the summers off. . and a 3 week break at christmas. and minimum work days on wednesdays.

this weekend started for me on friday. i sent lex off to school to learn how to operate an otter pop by herself (a skill i hope she learns soon), learn about dinosaurs, and maybe just maybe not pick a bouquet of flowers on the playground. meanwhile i met a friend for breakfast burritos and had a date with my BFF netflix.

after nap time we made cookies. well, i made cookies and lex made a mess.

her chocolate chip aim needs some work.

saturday we got bored and decided that fried food, fair rides, and more food was a great alternative to the date night i had planned (i’m fairly certain i shall never see the fault in our stars).

lex happened to be the most impressed with the livestock part of the fair. no surprise there. we visited the chicken no fewer than five times. santa’s going to have to disappoint her this year because no way, no how are we getting ourselves a chicken.

between the very hungry caterpillar, butterfly story times, and daily checking of the caterpillar cocoons around our backyard we know a LOT about butterflies. and figured seeing the butterfly exhibit at the fair was a slam dunk.

and then lex proved she truly is a toddler.

a girl toddler who has a very loud shriek. and one who loves chickens but hate butterflies.

sunday we all relaxed at the local pool. why don’t we hit the local pool more? well thats a funny story involving a wait list thats ELEVEN YEARS LONG. exclusivity at its finest folks. instead we get to buy day passes and yearn for 2023 when we finally might become members.

but it looks as if our mermaid might be back. we’re starting private swim lessons at this pool in august. . . so maybe just maybe homegirl will get over whatever it is she has against the pool.

and now i shall go back to being sad that its monday and mike’s dressed and out the door. the only good part about today? it happens to be someone very near and dear to my hearts birthday. happy birthday smulie!!

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  • Sara - Those are some priceless faces on Lexasarus!! She is too much!! Good thing you have moved up 2 years on the waitlist… So so so crazy…. But SO GLAD Lex seems to be warming up to the pool. Too hot not to love It this year!!

  • julie - Oh lex…those crazy butterflies can be unpredictable I guess! And I bet her cookies are amazing. Thanks for the birthday love!

  • Courtney B - I whole heartedly agree with that schedule adults *should* have! What a great weekend! I still die over that picture of Lex and the butterfly :)

  • Amanda - Even though she hated the butterflies, the pictures are priceless!!!

  • Jenny - a wait list 11 years long?! That’s insane! I love her happy face floating in the water – I hope swim lessons go well this time. Yup Callie runs around our yard wanting to “catch” butterfiles and telling them to “Come back!” all the time… but go to the butterfly house at the zoo?! She totally freaked whenever they got near her! Toddlers :)

  • Chrissy - Oh my goodness! That picture of Lex and the butterfly is priceless!!!

  • Sara McCarty - Bahahaha! That butterfly picture cracks me up!! That is hilarious. Love all the photos, as always. Mmmm…cookies.

  • Courtney P - I love Lex’s smile!! So contagious. And while I hate to see your sweet girl freaking out, the pics are hysterical. Hope you’re feeling well – thinking of you!!

  • Jenny Collier - Her scared face is just hilarious! Poor girl.

  • kelley - Mondays ARE depressing! I completely agree and pretty much hate them. You get the best pics of Lex and I love that she loves the pool again. GET A CHICKEN! ;)

  • karra - i say make more cookies.. that’s sure to make monday a little better.. were making rice krispies for lunch (and maybe dinner, too).

  • Laura - Gosh Lex is just the cutest little girl!! Love her aim on the chocolate chips – hope you had no dogs lying about!!

  • EHayes - Lex and A would be bests… A is such a flippin girl and would cry over the butterfly too. Hysterical. I want cookies now. And boo to your pool, though we pay a pretty penny for our Y because it’s basically a small waterpark.

  • Elizabeth - I have a case of the Mondays for sure! Unfortunately Monday means both Seth AND I have to go to work. Talk about awful, especially after we were on a party high all weekend!
    Did you brave the crowds and go to the OC Fair this weekend? I work right across the street and saw the HUGE line of cars all day Friday and decided to skip opening weekend :)

  • Ashley - Yay for lex back in the pool!!!!! :) Such a sweet mermaid!!

  • Courtney - the butterfly pics are pretty much the funniest ever though! it is always amazing what kids will hate. mm fried food

this week has been a bundle of good and bad days. . . there’s a mountain of laundry 4 miles high to be done, but it’ll have to wait until i’m out of my first trimester and get an ounce of energy back.

instead of doing the laundry lex and i have been. . .

matching on the 4th of july. yes o yes. i didn’t do a 4th recap even though we had an AMAZING day complete with mini-pony rides, a fun family BBQ, a spectacular fireworks show, and jean vests. next year i plan on convincing mike to wear a jean vest too. . .

having fun IN THE POOL. which has been unheard of since something random that we can’t quite figure out happened at swim lessons and convinced lex the pool was the evil. fear not. . . we’re enrolling her back into lessons at a different pool and hoping for the best. she loves the ocean too much to not have any type of swim training under her belt.

every. single. night. this kid requests her dad take her out to ice cream. she’s easily distracted by a popsicle and a walk, but we do manage to head out once a week for a sweet treat. although in all honesty if it was up to me we’d be getting fro’yo on a daily basis.


ballet started up for the summer. we’re still hanging in mommy & me class (which will change this fall!), and lex’s bff fiona joined the class. the girls first class together was this week and they were TROUBLE. they feed off each other and just have a little more fun then their teacher would prefer. its adorable. and annoying. but who says ballet can’t be fun?

happy weekending!!

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  • Sara - You guys were the cutest set of twins for the 4th of July… and besties in Ballet class?! Totally the only way to go.

    Lex must take after me. I made Al do that every night for one entire summer too.

  • Kelley - I adore your matching vests! Of course Lex and F were trouble together. Are those TAP shoes!? Enrolling M in ballet this fall and they require a strict uniform here. We shall see…

  • chelsea - Her little shoes are so precious!

  • Courtney P - Thinking of you, my dear. Love ya. That is all. :-) Oh – and M says, “Hugs Lex! Lots of huggies!” (The actual arm type, not the diaper. At least I don’t think the diaper…)

  • Tiffany K - Oh my gosh I have missed being on here and reading your posts!
    As far as the pool goes… Last year Sydney fell in the lake and was terrified of water all summer long. But it got better and this year she loves the water if her friends are in it. Good luck!

  • Elizabeth - LOVE your matching outfits on the 4th of July!!! So adorable. Also, so happy Lex is happy at the pool again! We went to Mason’s swim lesson this morning and it was just SO cute seeing him SO happy in the water! Happy weekend!

  • Jenny - You’re preggo – laundry can wait!! Besides pools, pony rides, ballet and ice cream are way more fun and important! Hoping you get some energy back soon mama!

  • Chrissy - I can’t wait to get Elin in ballet in the fall. We don’t have many great places by us so I am till trying to find a nice school. Yours looks so cute!

  • Courtney P - I love Lex’s smile!! So contagious. And while I hate to see your sweet girl freaking out, the pics are hysterical. Hope you’re feeling well – thinking of you!!