People are always saying things like “oh lex! Are you a big sister?!”

To which she responds.


Crickets. But ask her about her outfit and she’ll talk to you for half an hour.

Lex loves her sister- when she’s not completely and totally indifferent towards her. What she doesn’t love is the attention her sister has taken away.


I started to feel alone in lex having a hard time adjusting to life with kenz.

Until I started telling the truth.

And then I realized a lot of older siblings have it rough. And although everyone makes it though (I survived TWO siblings!) it’s not always happy and easy and full of fun.

For the first few weeks I thought we had ruined Lex’s life. She wasn’t herself. She wouldn’t interact with me if I was holding or nursing kenz. She was acting out in random ways (like using her pacifier places she knows she not allowed- ie any room besides her bedroom), and although she’s never been a tantrumer we started getting daily meltdowns.


Things are getting better. In small doses we’re all figuring it out. Lex will now sit and talk to me if I’m nursing- but if you’re holding the babe- you still turn invisible (maybe kenz came with an invisibility cloak?).   We still get nightly meltdowns — but only if I’m not available for bath time (nursing! Always due to nursing!). We send lex to her room to calm down. Her bed is her safe space. And at least in there she can tantrum behind a closed door where the sound is muffled. But I’d be lying if i said the neighborhood doesn’t know the sound of Lex’s toddler shouts. It’s taking her less time to calm down and decide to “join the family again”. Because trust me honey-if you’re screaming like a banshee you certainly can’t be part of “family fun”.

Our activities are slowly becoming a source of fun again. For awhile (like 6 weeks!) lex would cry her little heart out at school drop off, through all of ballet class, and certainly through all of swim. But the fog is lifting and drop offs are getting less tearful. And not a moment too soon. Because I can’t handle the drama.


We’ve started getting sweeter moments. If someone outside the immediate family is holding kenz lex exclaims

“That’s OUR baby!”.

When kenz and I pick her up from school kenz is always greeted with a giant hug, germy kiss, and an “I missed you Kenzie! I love you Kenzie!”.

and she and i are spending more one on one time. with matching top knots (obvi).


So. There you have it. The dirty truth behind sisterly love around here. It exists- just in small doses.


  • Oh girl I feel you! I thought we had ruined our oldest life too. Especially since she was SO attached to me and still nursing. It was a hard LONG adjustment but I am happy to report at a year in, they are now the best of playmates and also the best of fighters! (just being real) Little sister has a mean hair pull and big sister gets the head bopping in just as well;) You never hear the behind the scenes stories of the first few weeks. Glad you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I promise it gets better and better with the occassional what did we DO? thrown in! Babies grow and toddlers adjust. Now I get reprimanded by the toddler for saying NO to the baby. And heaven forbid I let the baby cry “It’s okay sissy, I am right here, mommy isnt being very nice!” Your girls are precious and one day having siblings will be the greatest thing ever!

  • Ly

    That top picture melts my heart. It is sooo gorgeous of your sweet girls. And that second picture, Lex is sooo sassy. Love it.

  • AWWW, I’m so sorry you have been going through this, but way to be honest!! Lex definitely will come around a little more everyday… and in the mean time, you are doing a great job.

  • I feel like Aria would have a hard time doing that whole big sister adjusting thing. Sharing mom, she isn’t a fan. Good thing these things are just a phase. This too shall pass mama!

  • I can’t imagine how it must feel for first and only children to suddenly get a sibling. I’m the younger of a 2 kid household. Glad to hear things are getting much better! It must feel like the last thing you need with a new baby around!

  • Awww poor lex. Her world has been turned upside down. But actually, poor mommy. Because the drama? No thank you? We get meltdowns quite frequently in our house thanks to a boy who can’t quite communicate very well, so I’m not looking forward to MORE of that! Thanks for the heads up! It sounds like lex is starting to embrace her big sister roll a little more…hope that continues!

  • First off- LOVE your matching top knots!
    Second- I’m not surprised by this but it does make me sad! Oh the change these first born babes go through when they get a sibling! I’m really nervous to see how Mia will react but it’s just an obstacle we will all have to overcome because… there’s no way that new baby is goin’ back where she came from just to make things go back to normal ;) It sounds like you’re doing an amazing job with helping Lex to cope and figure out this new normal as a family of 4! Keep your chin up, momma! (and tell me the same thing when it’s my turn because I fear I will cry as much as Mia- yikes!)

  • This is one of my biggest fears when it is time for baby #2!! Palmer is our whole world right now, and I fear it will all come crashing down around her if we introduce a new baby in the mix. I’m glad it it getting easier for you! And, LOVE the mama and mini top knots!!! XO

  • Karra

    ive been meaning to email you and see how both babes were doing. Rae’s been on a tantrum kick lately… but girlfriend loves her sister so I don’t know if it’s terrible twos or if it’s because I’m holding Bre. So glad things are getting better though because the drama sure stinks. It’s a good thing you have cute babes!! And MAJOR props for even getting outta the house for lex to make it to ballet and swim. I was supposed to sign up Rae for ballet two weeks ago and chickened out because the thought of her getting dressed and dropping her off with a teeny babe seemed too horrifying for me. Lol.

  • Bringing the new baby home is tough. Hudson was younger than Lex (19 mos) but it was still a struggle to juggle both of their needs at the same time. I think we really hit a groove at 8 weeks. Harper just turned one and it is SO much easier now. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you! :)

  • It’s really amazing how time is such a different aspect in the eyes of children. Lex being just about 3 when Kenz arrived vs Ashlynn being 19m for K. We experienced some set back behaviors, like she wanted to be carried all the time, etc. but she was really interested in the baby and never shunned me, but that whole extra year of time that Lex got with you is like huge to them, ya know. Like thinking if K was born now, I can completely see Ashlynn acting the same way, getting more territorial, being less interested in the baby, and more jealous. I’ll tell you what though, now that they are (almost) playing together, it’s the best. The giggles I hear from the kitchen when they are in the playroom, melts my heart, even if they are getting into trouble climbing furniture and coloring directly on their play table. It will definitely get better, hang in there!

  • Jenny

    I almost didnt comment on this post bc I thought what can I add? I’ve got one kid and always will. So no advise just sending you happy thoughts that things keep getting better for Lex, and Kenz and you! Change is hard (I mean really we don’t like it as adults we just can’t throw tantrums)! I hope the sweet moments continue!

  • ashley

    Oh girl, my biggest fear! I know it has to be normal, and I am so glad Lex is coming around. I know she will continue to! You look amazing and are the best mama!

  • I love that she’s warming up to her little sis. I’m sure it’s a huge adjustment for her, it sounds like you’re doing everything right though… and one day she’s going to look back and she won’t even remember life without Kenz. They’ll love each other more than ever one day, she’ll realize how LUCKY she is to have a little sister.

    They’re both so sweet :) Loving your top knot’s too! XO

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O N E |

This week I finally got the go old go ahead from my doctor to start working out again. Im officially BACK. And not a moment too soon because número dos hasn’t been so kind to my body. I’m back to my ever fabulous High intensity Pilates studio but also decided to tack on something a little different.

Enter class pass.

One membership.  access to dozens of local studios and facilities. It’s amazing because I can bento box a bunch of different workouts. And pretty much always find a class that fits into whatever random time slot I can workout in. So happy it finally started getting hip n cool in the South Bay.

And now maybe my Fitbit will serve a purpose other than reminding me how little sleep we’re actually getting.

T W O |

I find myself using my solly wrap a lot. A whole lot more than I imagined and kenz loves herself a good cuddle sesh so it’s the best of both worlds. I felt totally justified getting a second wrap in the gorgeous orchid color. And threw in a dolly wrap for lex.


While lex looks uber adorable sporting it don’t be fooled. She could care less about carting around her babies like that. She was bribed into this picture using chips (we have 7 full size bags left over from her party. Because send mike to the store for chips and he comes back with a lifetime supply).

T H R E E |

After enduring much social pressure I read girl on a train. And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have me hooked until the very end. I needed something like that before I delve into our next book club book about ponies.


When lex entered our lives she turned our world upside down. But kenz has seriously entered our lives seemlesly. She just kinda fits in. In feel like she’s been around and kicking it forever. And as much as she isn’t a fan of anything but cat naps during the day she makes up for it at night. and she rocks leg warmers like a pro. So she’s cool in my books.  IMG_2519


Lex and i had a toy-store date yesterday. just her and i running a few errands. the princess aisle is always her fav and the most dangerous. it had been a hot second since we’ve had some alone time- so she attempted to con me into a princess sofia vanity. thank goodness my willpower is strong- and that she was easily distracted by a dancing ariel pool toy.



  • that kid version wrap is so cute… Even if you did have to bribe her! And yes going to target with noah can be dangerous when we go by the toy aisle! And could Kenzie be any cuter in those leg warmers?! That’s great she’s a good nighttime sleeper! Happy weekend!

  • Kenz’s sweet smiles KILL ME. She’s straight up the sweetest!!! She just looks so darn happy to be here!!! :). Lex of course is rocking it as always…. and let’s be honest – Tom and Mike are two peas in a pod when it comes to lifetime supplies.

  • That class pass sounds AMAZING! Totally what any mom with a newborn needs! Yay for being able to work out again! I remember how good that felt (but at the same time, how good it DIDN’T feel. Ugh! It felt like my body was still trying to fit back together “normally” and it hurt so bad when I started working out!)
    That gives me such hope for a second baby. Our world was rocked when Mia was born and I’m kind of terrified to go through that shock a second time. Praying it’s as smooth of a transition for us as it has been for you!

  • ashley

    So glad you guys are adjusting so well, fingers crossed we do the same around here!!! And that workout place sounds amazing, you will be rocking a bikini in no time! ;)

  • Kenz looks so cute in that photo! Love he little smile. The girl on a train book is on my list to read next. I was wondering it was up to the hype! I remember you read the Little Big Lies before me and recommended it and I LOVED it! Did you know they are making a movie of it?

  • Oh we have class pass here and as soon as I pop this babe out I’m getting on it! And how amazing are the Solly Wraps?? I met Elle at a conference last year, and she is truly the sweetest, most genuine person. Love that orchid! Happy weekend pretty lady!

  • I have the exact same problem when I go get chips…..I love how Kenz just seamlessly integrated. I hope we’re that lucky come May/June :) and lol about the Sofia vanity. Good try, Lex!

  • Such sweet photos! Love the toy store one.

    As the hubby and I discuss baby number three, I wonder what another baby would be like sleep-wise. First one was an amazing sleeper…second, not so much. I definitely would be okay with a cat-napper who sleeps through the night. Of course, it’s easy for me to say, huh? ;-) I’m sure it’s not always fun, but dangit, she’s cute! :-)

  • That pic of Kenz. I could just eat her up! Happy Friday!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  • Pretty sure with that class pass you will be more bikini ready this summer than I will! I hate to admit (and I am admitting) that I still haven’t lost all of the weight that I put on with Mason. Ugh. There’s something so motivating about sitting on the couch after work and eating cookies and not so motivating about going to a class or going on a walk. I need help! Maybe a walk tail would entice me?

  • I kind of wish my husband had that problem too! He comes back with precisely and only what was requested. He is pretty good about coming back with surprise ice cream though, so I’ll take it.

  • Lex totally needs that Sofia table in her life! We have it and it is one of her favorite toys! You know how fickle these littles can be and a year later she still sits at it daily and calls the top part her “special jewelry box” and hides things in there!

  • Oh my, look at that hand on the hip! Sassy! I loved Girl on the Train…until the end. Then I hated it. Let me know how the pony book is. PS I sent Chad to get some body wash yesterday, and he came back with FIVE bottles. Apparently, he wasn’t too happy that we ran out, so he’s making sure it never happens again. Men.

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this post comes with a warning.

a big old red flag of picture overload. but i tried. i tried to narrow down our pictures with drew . but alas, this was the best i could come up with. drew is seriously magic. we used her for all of lex’s first year pictures, and i booked her right when i hit 12 weeks pregnant for mackenzie’s first year pictures too. i swear she’s the baby whisperer. and apparently also a little person whisperer. it probably helps that she has a few cute little people of her own.

newborn shoots are long. really long. four hours long. with a one week old and a three year old. but everyone handled the day with minimal complaints. probably thanks to the goodie bag drew had waiting for lex. . . complete with a pink sparkley camera all her own so she could “help”. those pictures will never see the light of day after someone decided her photo-shoot would be of me feeding her little sister. although i’m sure the 16yr old that works at the local film developing place would love to develop em for us.

here are just a handful that made my fav list.

05 09

bow |  zozu baby


headbands | willow crowns

lex dress | dream catcher baby

20 22 26 34

bow |  sadie sky boutique


bow |  zozu baby


lex dress | lacy lane


bow | sadie sky


see you in 6 months drew!

  • Um. TOTALLY THE LITTLE PEOPLE WHISPERER!!! 4 hours?! These are AMAZING!!! I’m so obsessed I can’t choose a favorite… But Kenz has the sweetest little smile EVER!

  • These are perfection. And I wouldn’t blame you one bit for posting even more! LOVE them all!

  • ohmygoodness. Seriously! They’re all perfect!!!!!

  • These are gorgeous! I want to see more but seriously please stop giving me baby fever…

  • Oh these are INCREDIBLE! I wish you’d post more! Your girls are seriously gorgeous and these photos are so dreamy!

    So random question. How did you know when to schedule your appointment?! Especially since you booked it so early out? With Mia’s photos we just knew that my friend would be in town from California for Christmas and she was pretty available to do them whenever Mia decided to show her face. This time around I need to plan ahead, especially since I’m in a whole new state and I’m kind of at a loss. Do you shoot for doing it in their first week of life? Or week 4? The things that I let stress me out…. HA!

  • Ah, I want more! These are PERFECT!!! The one with Lex closing her eyes…too much! She’s got this modeling thing down! Amazing pictures, Erin!

  • these are amazing! I’m not sure I could have pared it down to even this many! You really have a beautiful family!

  • Karra

    Stop it. I’m so in love with these. They make the sweetest sisters!! I say share them all :)

  • WHAT. That was NOT picture overload. Give me more I say!!! My favorites are the ones with Kenz on Lex’s legs on the bed. Totally swoonworthy!

  • That so was not picture overload! Can we have round 2 tomorrow?
    LOVE LOVE LOVE! These are perfection!

  • Oh my goodness these are AMAZING!!! What a beautiful family!

  • Ashoey

    Do you think drew could come to va beach for mine?!!!! They are precious, just love them!

  • These are all so amazing Erin! You have two beautiful little girls. I love lots of them but the B&W one of the girls “sleeping” is just my favorite. I also love the family shot of the four of you. It’s capturing the moment but also saying here we got and what have we gotten in to all at the same time. it’s just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  • no enough picture overload. I was seriously expecting more. Were these taken at her studio? Or your home? A’s newborn shoot lasted 4 hours too, insanity, but hey pictures!!!!

  • Michelle

    oh my ga ga. These are so gorgeous and precious! I would have such a hard time picking ones to frame!

  • Awe! There’s no such thing as picture overload with these cuties. Your photographer sounds like a dream — bringing a bag for Lex and all. You two sure made another cute one!

  • These pictures are amazing!!!! I cannot even imagine how happy you must! Love all the poses! Lex and Kenz are just too sweet together!

  • Dead with cuteness! No way there could be photo overload. Can’t Get Enough! <3

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

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This weekend we got to party down with a handful of Lex’s friends to celebrate THREE. The birthday girl requested an Ariel party- so that’s exactly what she got. With one big special surprise thrown in. 

Ariel swam by for a visit and I think it was the highlight of Lex’s life so far. 

Lex had the perfect party dress for ariel’s arrival. But being the three year old she is decided she needed to be dressed like tinker bell “right now!”. It took a lot of coaxing and a few tears to get her properly dressed for ariels arrival. But the look on her face when she spotted her special guest was sheer excitement. 

Ariel read the kids a book. Painted their hands (no faces? Kids are weird). And then the boys got swords and the girls got tiaras. And lex isn’t going to take her tiara off ever I’m sure of it. 

For a craft we made mini aquariums. Plastic mason jars, blue water, some aquarium garb, and plastic fish made for the perfect craft. 

Until these two trouble makers turned it into a “sensory table”. 

And cake. A party isn’t a party without cake. 

Meanwhile #partyanimal 

Sunday ended up being just as hot as Saturday so we cooled down poolside. 80’s in March?! Never mind basketball- THIS is true march madness. 

Lex got to show off her new ARIEL suit. 

And kenz got to wave her arms in the air like she just don’t care. 

And that?  Well that was our weekend. Not pictured was the insane amount of cake consumed and the 5 whole pizzas we have left. Anyone wanna after party? 

  • What a great party! I LOVE her Ariel dress… Where did you get it? And I’m so jealous you are having pool weather in March!

  • Oh my, best party ever!!! You rock it, Mom – can you throw me a party, please? I’ll take cake, pizza, tiaras, whatever you have left over. ;) I still can’t believe she’s THREE!! AND it’s 80 there – I’d give anything for a day at the pool!

  • So much fun! I’m glad lex decided to wear her ariel dress and not tinkerbell! And I love how she has different shoes on it each picture…such a little princess!

  • Pizza and cake?! Sign me up for the after party!! Kenz is a champ! Wonder what party she’s dreaming about… It’s obviously some kind of dance party!! So glad Lex loved all things Ariel – I love her dress!! It needs to be in my life. Or size. Either one.

  • ashley

    Such fun pics, love Lex in her Ariel suit!!! And different shoes in each pic, my kind of girl!!! Happy three, Lex!

  • Love the Ariel dress and craft idea! So unique!

  • Looks like Lex’s party and the weekend were a hit! Love her new Ariel dress — you totally inspired us to get something similar for someone’s Sofia party! And Ariel coming to the party?! A-MAZING! Happy birthday Lex!
    ps can you send some of that warm weather our way?!

  • adore. Aria is loving Ariel right now. How awesome the she made some time to come to Lex’s party – what a lovely princess.

  • Lex’s face with her cake. OMG. Cutest ever. I’ll after party. Pizza and cake are my JAM right now.

  • Pizza and cake? I’m coming over! Nevermind that the bachelor is not on anymore… oh WAIT! He’s on DWTS tonight. Now I’m definitely coming. Just give me… an hour or twelve with traffic.
    This might seem like something silly to notice but I love how Lex is wearing her Ariel dress in all the pictures but her shoes change. Girl must have a pretty sweet closet of shoes to choose from! Sounds like you guys had the best time! And Lex must be in HEAVEN after meeting the real Ariel!

  • Happy 3 Lex! Looks like another super fun party. I cannot get over how amazing Lex’s hair is. And I love the picture of those two trouble-makers! ;)

  • What a fun party! I love her Ariel dress and that she actually got to meet her too.

  • Oh my goodness, she is just too cute! LOVE how they made a “sensory table”. That made me crack up. Looks like the kiddos had a blast with the special guest. There are so many wonderful companies now that offer such amazingly talented and sweet characters. Wish I had princess visits when I was little!

    Thanks for supporting handmade… glad she was able to enjoy her Ariel dress. :0)

  • Happy Belated again Lex! I love how she changed her shoes at least three times lol. A isn’t getting a real party this year, but having a princess come sounds like something I need to remember for next year. Cute craft time idea too!

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i feel like all i have for this fine, fine friday is some random ramblings with no real sense of a post. so read on if you dare.

lex had one awesome birthday. and she hasn’t even had her par-tay yet. and has no clue the great big surprise we have planned for her (hint. someone is going to swim on by. and she’s going to D. I. E. ). she scored big time in the dress up department, and has lots and lots and lots of new dresses to abuse. note to all princess loving moms. these dresses EXPLODE GLITTER. i kid you not, glitter is covering every single surface in our home.

every. single. surface.

only “everyday princess dresses” from here on out.

except this. we always have room in the wardrobe for this.

Untitled-1 meanwhile kenz is all.

meh. mermaids. .


lex got this awesomely adorable faux makeup set for her birthday. and yet. somehow this still managed to happen.

“mommy! i’m painting with pink!”.


meanwhile kenz is all.

meh. blush.


i swear the kid smiles. she just refuses to allow us to capture it on camera.because she’s a stone. cold. model.

this weekend we plan to melt in the record setting so cal heat. 80’s at the beach?! its completely ludicrous (and yes. i had to look up the spelling for obvious ludacris reasons).



  • The mermaid dress is epic. And please record lex seeing her big birthday surprise and send it to me!

  • Kenz is SO fierce!! Love her. Can’t believe Leslie found that mermaid costume!!! Amazing!!! She’s SO good!!! The makeup pic cracks me up too… Pretty sure I did the same!

  • Ha, Kenz! She’s got the modeling face down already! 80’s…seriously? It’s like 18 outside right now.

  • ashley

    That mermaid costume. I can’t! And she is going to LOVE her surprise, you are such a rock star mama! :)

    Kenz’s little lips melt me! And she will be posing like big sis in NO time! :)

  • This post made me giggle so much. Just the laugh I needed for Friday! Your girls are precious. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Karra

    all day I’m going to be singing ludacris songs now… And Kenz. I die. She’s a fierce little lady. I can’t wait for pictures from Lex’s big party!!

  • Love the mermaid outfit. Excited to see photos from her party!!

  • DYING over her mermaid dress up! Did someone make that for her?! I kind of want one… for myself! Haha. Ha.

    We got Mia that little make up set for Valentine’s and it’s been SUCH A HIT! Luckily she hasn’t tried to sneak into my make up in the mean time. But then again, I wouldn’t mind getting a picture of her like this… Lex is too cute!

    Soak up the beach for me! Can’t wait to read about Lex’s party!

  • Kenz can come hang out and be “meh” with me. I’m not one to get excited easily, so I can tell we’d like each other ;)

  • When I was driving home today from work, my car said it was 96 degree. NINETY SIX. In March I might add. Now I hate to complain because the East Coast is frozen (ps did you know there is a Frozen 2 coming out??), but I believe that 96 in March is a bit ludacris.
    Also, can’t wait to hear all about Lex’s party! She’s going to die if her surprise is what I think it is!

  • LOVE IT!! Especially the baby hater faces!! My two year old still sometimes does those!

  • Oh my gosh, I just love Lex’s little mermaid outfit! I can’t wait for photos of the party! and kenz’s little face… the sweetest :)

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