I really wanted to jump on the confessions bandwagon this week. . . But considering I only post on Fridays (accidentally on purpose), i’m trying to sneak this post in before thursday is officially over.


i must confess that. . .

I snapped a picture at Costco and didn’t even realize the contents of my cart… But all my snapchat friends didn’t miss a beat. Six bottles of wine and a giant box of coffee. I heart motherhood.


I love a good crop. It drives me crazy when pictures aren’t straight. There are like 100 editing apps to help straighten pictures so in my eyes there are no excuses for crookedness, or visible drains, or 100 miles of road. I love my husband something fierce, but he’s really been helping me perfect my skills.

Also that hat is hiding dirty gym hair.

Also i don’t always go for walks in booties.

Also i feel like ALL MY PICTURES ARE IN FRONT OF A WHITE WALL. i see the problem, and i’m trying hard to fix it because all my pictures look all the same. but i can’t resist a good white wall. Just know i’m working on fixing it before my instagram followers stage an intervention. Theres a difference between have a defined “style” and having every picture look the same.

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Drew keeps sneaking me sneak peeks of k’s session. . . and i’m hoping if i spread out posting her pictures it won’t be as annoying as posting 100,000 all at once.



We kinda had the best day ever celebrating k’s first birthday! It started with pancakes, and ended with rice. Two of her very favorite things. I can’t wait to celebrate with 70 (!) of her closest friends at her pizza party this weekend. I really LOVE throwing parties– but this year I feel very unprepared. I’m really hoping it all comes together- so far all i have is a pizza truck, a cute babe, a killer view (thanks to my in-laws house!), and 25 wolves (with custom bows! love you zozu baby!).

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some of the people that I’ve met through blogging have become some of my very favorite people. we text, we laugh, we cry, and i’m sure we all drink wine together at the same time every night. We’ve formed a very exclusive, very cool club and i’m loving our group text chain.

I signed up for a boot camp at my gym. turns out its going to be a very intense six weeks. I vowed to give up sugar, and do 6 bootcamp workouts a week on top of my normal classes. so be warned party people, there will be no party around here. because me off sugar = scary blood shot eyed monster that probably twitches. it starts monday so at k’s party i vow to consume at least 10 cupcakes and 4 slices of cake.


  • SEVENTY PEOPLE. And we’re not going to be there. TEAR. This is BS. I want to protest. I hereby stage a protest. Can you protest to my husband? I confess that I noticed the wine… but missed the coffee. #fail I confess that bootcamp plus spin sounds like a REALLY BAD IDEA.

  • So much to comment on but instead—- your Costco has Peet’s k-cups?! Jealous.

  • Can I just say that I really want in on the blogger group texting business? Cuz that sounds awesome. I’m drinking wine right now- is that the magic password?

    Also, Happy Birthday a day late KK! I’m so glad it was filled with pancakes and rice. She’s my girl.

  • Pretty sure I’d like K’s party for MY next party..
    70 people..?! Girl, you brave. Can’t wait to see all about it.

  • If I wasn’t already going to a birthday party on Saturday, I would come crash K’s because umm pizza truck? That sounds AH-MAZING. We need to figure out when the bachelor finale is and BOOK THAT TRUCK.
    I also kind of love your cart at Costco. Only the necessities!
    I LOVE Drew’s pictures!!! Also did you know she won the Chatbooks giveaway thing? They delivered her a GIANT check for being the 1 millionth Chatbooks buyer!

  • Girl you know I would never miss the wine and coffee… I basically live on that… which is why the giving up sugar would be so hard for me (because let’s be honest I like creamer more than I like the coffee).

    Adam and I are talking about giving up sugar for a month… I have yet to bite the bullet on it so you’ll have to let me know how it goes!

    Also I want in on this group text too! 😉

    Hope you guys have the best weekend! XO

  • I love your white wall. Don’t stop.
    In other news, editing apps are pretty amazing. I’m all for straight lines and cropped out crazy.
    K’s party is going to be epic. You’ve got wine and coffee and a pizza truck. You’re all set. However, not so sure you have enough wine.
    Also. The group text… Yessssss. :)

  • Umm I know a lot of new walls you can take pictures at in Northern California! Come on change of scenery! I even have a new pretty lens to shoot you with and I promise to ditch any streets or drain holes. Duh – why don’t guys get that?

  • Meghan

    Seriously, 70 people and I didn’t get an invite?! Your cropping skills are on point! My husband has the same problem! Worse than that, he will take photos at some weird angle cause he’s too lazy to crunch down and cropping can’t fix that!

  • ashley

    Love this post! Have the best time celebrating K this weekend and eat every damn piece of cake and drink every last bottle of wine! XO

  • HAHAHA. I love that we ALL noticed the wine. I heart you.

  • Alright. Where in CA. do you live? Surely it’s not too far from Oregon because I’m packing us up and heading your way to party this weekend. Bre just might be a little jelly since her party is just us.

    and wine– hello. I need in on the group drinking/texting.

    and no sugar. My husband said we should do this +Paleo to get back on track? why? Eat allllll the pizza and cupcakes this weekend!

  • Oh friend, how I have missed you! Gimme in this blog text group 😉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY K I know this party will be AH MA ZING!!!! Can’t wait to see ALL the pics, even if white walls are involved! You can’t help it, your artistic.

  • Well apparently I am not cool enough for the group text chain! I guess I’ll just keep drinking my wine solo (though probably at the same time). I’m sure you outdid yourself with the party; it looked adorable on the snapper!

  • I LOVE your parties! I am just about to get started on planning M’s 4th birthday {wha? already?!}. What’s in for the party treats this year? I totally copied you last year and did those cute bracelets you did for Lex’s 3rd. I need to have something American brought over so we can wow the 4 year olds with something AH-MAZING. 😉

  • I don’t normally walk in booties…..totally what I thought when I saw that pic. But then I remembered that stroller….

    Also, I guess I’m not cool enough for the group text either? Sad face.

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the baby lady has hit the big O N E.


Dare i say that the last year has completely flown by? Like every other parent out there on their babes first birthday i’m chalk full of emotions. mostly disbelief that the baby is no longer a baby. this post might get a little mushy. . . but again. what first birthday post isn’t?

K has brought more than just cheeks and bright blue eyes to our family. Girlfriend just fits in. She’s so sweet, and stubborn, and happy, and emotional, and learned how to shake her head “no”. . . and i’m 90% sure she knows how to say “mine” (thanks big sister!). She refuses to even entertain the idea of walking or standing (no matter how much better it will make her wardrobe look).

K LOVES to eat. We have yet to find something she doesn’t love. except coconut milk- she will cry and spit out coconut milk. She can (probably) eat a whole avocado in one sitting (we haven’t tried. but i have complete faith in her). She has officially found a lovey (her pink blanket) and it comes with us everywhere. its trouble, and a path we went down (are currently still on?) with her sister. my favorite milestone this month is that k now has enough hair for clips! the hair accessory world is our oyster!

K and Lex are getting along SO WELL. they play together, lex complains when k goes down for her nap. K complains when lex scoops her up into a giant bear hug or tries to carry her around. Their relationship isn’t perfect- but its pretty damn adorable.

The past week k’s language skills have taken off in a rocket ship to the moon. Its crazy! She can bark like a dog (ish), say “mine” (ish), and “more” (kinda). along with mama, dada, and baba. I can’t wait to hear her sweet voice– and see if she can possibly keep up with big sister in the talking department (because i sure can’t).

In closing. we LOVE YOU K. i can’t believe its been a year. the best year ever!


YOU GUYS. LOOK WHAT KARRA MADE ME. karra has the cutest brunette sisters EVER. but really, her girls are my girls with brown hair (and no stubborn walking drama since bre has been walking for months). Bre and k are birthday twins! and karra is like the sweetest EVER.

IMG_2147 IMG_6919 IMG_6921



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  • Oh I am so happy the sister relationship is blossoming! I knew it would. Really sisters are the best! Nothing better in life than having a sister:) I cannot believe that K is ONE. Where did that year go? HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mackenzie! Your girls are adorable as always. I wish we lived near a beach (its our favorite place too) and near you guys. Perhaps the girls could be BFF’s (mine are very close in age to yours)!

    Yay for surviving that first year with two, it just gets better and better with age!!!!!

  • AHHHH ADORABLE little ONE year old!! Happy Birthday, Kenz!!!! I CANNOT believe she’s one!!! How did this happen?? Love that collage…it’s perfect with all of the little details that make her so special. xoxoxo

  • Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

  • Happy birthday, Kenz! I hope you thoroughly enjoy cake the second time around and have the VERY BEST birthday EVER!

  • all your sister photos are the best. and Karra is crazy talented! Love that poster. Happy birthday sweet Kenz.

  • Stephanie

    Sweetest post ever! Happy Happy 1st!! xo

  • What a sweetheart!!! Such a little cutie. I hope she had a wonderful first birthday!

  • Meghan

    I love that “poster” and her crown! First birthdays are a big deal and a great excuse to be mushy and sentimental :)

  • Happy Birthday K! She is just the sweetest and I love her crown!!

  • I love everything about this! Happy Birthday, K! I have loved watching you grow!!

  • Happy, happy birthday sweet girl! Hope you had the best day celebrating and have an even better birthday party! xo

  • Gah. The cutest little one year old I ever did see!
    Hope K had THE BEST birthday today!!

  • I’m going to come to California and steal her. She is so darn ADORABLE! And that poster is perfection! You’re so right about your girls and Karra’s girls…I love it! Happy birthday sweet K!

  • Adorable, precious, perfect. Happy #1!!
    I swear they hit that year mark and they lose that baby-look right away.

  • So stinkin precious! I love every picture! And your infographic thing is adorable, blew mine out of the water! Lol

  • I love all of the pictures of the two of Lex and Kenz. They are going to have quite the collection to document growing up together. Hope her birthday was the best ONE yet!

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oh look! another friday and another post!!


you lucky readers you.


i’m officially one year older. when you get older birthdays aren’t nearly as much fun as when your little and your parents plan a rager for you (k’s party is coming at you next weekend!). . . instead your sweet four year old has grand plans of hosting a “kitty party!” in your honor. i had such a great weekend celebrating. Saturday we got to celebrate with sunshine and ocean air. and Sunday i met up with a handful of bloggers and we had the best day in SD sipping on $18 (!) sugar rimmed cocktails huddled around a fire pit. I will say the highlight was when lex came home from grandmas house on monday with a cake in hand. She was so upset that we couldn’t bake at home that she enlisted help from grandma. . . and boy did they deliver!

I can’t even get a grip on why this week was so busy. Tuesdays might actually kill me. . . and on my tombstone it’ll say “the first person to be die because she over scheduled activities”. Lex has ballet, pony, camp & swim. and then i hit the gym for spin class. Its a complete and total whirlwind and i wake up on Wednesday with a schedule hangover. But lex woke up with a shiny swim school ribbon because she passed her safety test and “i dont have to swim with my clothes on ever again!”. They toss them into the pool with their clothes on. . . and its up to the kids to make it to a back float and stay there.

Thursday we had k’s one year pictures with the always amazing drew. I was so nervous because k hasn’t been herself this week. i cried (numerous times this week!) because the littlest lady has just been hard. She won’t smile, she forgot how to have a good time. She’s been a monster at night. She just kinda sorta all around sucks. But somehow Drew managed to get that little stinker to smile! and have fun! and she only cried during her cake smash! And if our sneak peek is any indication on how the shoot went i’ll say that this might be one of my favorites yet.

And now? its friday. mike and i have a real life date night planned. Dinner AND a movie!

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

yup. k loves herself the camera.



Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

i promise she’s just cold. . and not scarred for life.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset




  • That last picture is so perfect! I think I said the same thing on IG too! So many great pictures! Happy belated to you and happy date night too! Hope K cheers up for her bday! It’s funny how they switch roles, right? Reid became our high maintenance one too! But walking has been a game changer and sanity-saver too!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And how fun to meet up with other bloggers! You do know you must stop with these incredible pictures of your adorable family. The last one is unbelievable! Oh and as the kids turn 4, it makes me miss living near you all over again. xo

  • All the sneak peaks are amazing!!! Get after that date night girl… Maybe heals? Maybe baby #3? Okay, I took that too far….

  • Dinner AND a movie!!! Things are getting WILD! Actually I’m more impressed and jealous that you can stay awake that late. If it’s past 9pm, I’m a goner. It’s a miracle that I make it through the Bachelor on Mondays and stay awake. I think it must be Olivia. She and I have a special connection. I can feel it.
    Also, Drew’s sneak peeks… I DIE. GONE. DEAD. I love them SO MUCH!

  • Dies from over scheduling could be a serious thing! Take it easy mama! Happy Friday!

  • Meghan

    Haha death by over scheduling… Too funny, yet so true! I often have to remind myself to plan down time at home! And these photos are amazing :). Have a wonderful weekend and date night!

  • Oh my goodness, the sneak peeks are the best!! I Can’t wait to see the rest! We had a rough week too and now I’m coming down with a cold. Yay winter!

  • Yay Lex!! So proud of your swimming progress!! Poor K! She must have been channeling my week… minus those amazing DrewB photos!! Can’t wait to see more!!

  • The sneak peaks are AMAZING! I mean….dying. But lex’s swim photo made me laugh out loud. I can’t even.

  • I just burst into laughter about Lex’s cold face.

    I give you all the mama props because I don’t even like doing an activity for Rae+ gym and God forbid I need something at the store later that day… GO YOU!

    and the pictures… those are SO CUTE. and I really love seeing you in pictures!!!

  • LOVE these pictures!!!! Louise has been the exact same….I just wrote a post that included the phrase, “Louise sucks at teething.” It’s miserable. I want smiley babies back! I cannot believe she will be ONE. And I can’t believe Lex passed swimming….way to go!! I hear ya on activities…I had to cut back because I was exhausted and Cam got super entitled, like “why can’t we do MORE?” whatever, kid…if I could drink at these events, I’m sure I would sign up for way more!!

  • ashley

    That last pic is my fave!!! TOO cute! Happy bday week to K!

  • Desiree

    Lex’s birthday plans for you (kitty!) is the sweetest, and even better she insisted on cake (smart girl).
    SD was fun. Let’s do it again! How about September?
    Also. I love that swim lessons teach real water safety. Serious kudos.

  • This last photo is ridiculous. I am dying to see the rest!!!

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After nearly four years we finally kissed lex’s pacifiers goodbye. They had a long run (too long!), and i cant say i was sorry to see them go. We had her down to just nighttime and car-rides. but she’d try to sneak them when we weren’t looking, and it drove me crazy. our friends (hey lindsay!) had really good luck with having the “paci-fairy” come. and you all know i’m a joiner. . . so the “mimi fairy” came to our house late one night. Lex was SO excited and rounded up her mimi’s, wrote the fairy a note, and we had a little sleepover in her bed to wait for the fairy.

lex woke up at 2AM and leapt out of bed because “the mimi fairy came!” she left her the pony she wanted! and lex proceeded to talk my ear off for the next hour about horses.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

she’s mentioned her pacifiers ONCE since then. because she’s sick, and in a fever-induced-muttering session cried out about her beloved mimi’s. . . but that’s been it. i know its not over. it was too easy. . . and she loved those pacifiers more than almost anything in the world.

I think Lex’s marathon Tuesday’s of dance, pony camp, and swim lessons pushed her over the edge into crazy fever town (complete with muttering, moaning, and staying up all night). And she’s been vacationing there picking up a nice sounding cough and sore throat. Given her 70/30 chance of covering her mouth when she coughs vs coughing in your face.. the odds are ever in our favor that the whole house comes down with it. 

Wednesday I woke up at the super fun time of 530AM to work out. . . but something was missing from my morning “get dressed as quickly as possible and run out the door i’m lucky if my teeth are brushed” routine- the kitty. Not only didn’t i see her that morning, but we couldn’t find her the rest of the day. My mom and i tore the house apart, mike came home on his lunch break, we spent the whole day walking around the house (inside & out) calling her name. She can 100% escape the house whenever she pleases because we don’t exactly have walls on half the house- so of course i was certain by the end of the day when we still hadn’t see her she’d been eaten (by our neighborhood fox? raccoons? feral cats possibly turned cannibal? the possibilities were endless in my mind). And then she sauntered downstairs around 6 and acting like nothing had happened. I almost killed her through tears of joy and anger because in my mind i was trying to figure out how to explain to lex that her beloved kitty was gone. 

thankfully we can save that conversation for another year.

Wednesday turned into Thursday and Thursday is rapidly turning into Friday. And I’m all sorts of ready for the weekend because it allows me more time to binge on Parks & Rec- my most recent distraction from reading my book clubs monthly book.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset



blue skies and our mound of dirt.



Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

moments later k was in absolute tears because the camera pointed her way. she’s such a buzz kill.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

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Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

k’s longer hair results in ultimate bed head.

  • Go Lex! Fingers crossed the house doesn’t come down with the sickness.. because PARTAY PREPPIN is surely underway and it’s creeping up fast!!

  • Ashley

    Hope you guys don’t get sick, were passing it around at the moment!!! And love the paci idea … We neeeeeed that! Waverly might love her pacis more than me. Actually that’s a definite. :) Avalon hates them. And I’m ok with it!

  • I forbid you to get sick. It’s almost birthday time!!! (For you! Not K!)

  • Meghan

    The amount of times Noah coughs right in my face, I’m shocked I’m not permanently sick. I guess I have a mom immunity to him at this point. Glad to hear your kitty wasn’t actually eaten by foxes!

  • Ha, buzz kill….that’s Cam! So exciting about the Mimi fairy! Cam has been great except when he finds one of Louise’s, puts it in his mouth, then covers his mouth and mumbles “Don’t look at me, Mommy!” Smart, kid, I tell ya! We just got done passing a cold around…here’s to hoping you don’t get it! Sick moms don’t get days off!

  • YAY Lex!!! She’s doing awesome! Minus the whole wake up at 2am thing and talk your ear off for an hour. But that first picture of her? AMAZING! She looks SO happy with her new pony!
    Also, I like how she’s made your construction zone into her new playground lol. Very resourceful!

  • I fear the day I have to eliminate the beloved paci’s. More for me though because there is nothing quite as sweet as the sound of silence once it’s popped into their mouth.

  • I’m obsessed with K’s longer hair. It’s so great. And parks and rec, right???? SO GOOD!

  • obsessed with all of these pics! So glad that Lex gave up her mimi’s for you and how much does it suck that Kenz hates the camera… that’s just unacceptable!!

  • Omigosh girl. You make the chaos of motherhood so damn funny. It’s not a joke. But you make it funny. Hope Lex is feeling better and the rest of you are spared from the yuck.

  • Yay Lex for getting rid of the pacis! Oh and thank goodness you found kitty. I heart sank and I thought OHNO OHNO! Hope the construction is going well and I cannot wait to see pictures since I sadly won’t be seeing your house in person for quite some time. Oh how I I miss you all. But seriously my phone has decided to not let me comment on blogs. WTF? So I’ve been reading and not commenting. I finally remembered when on my computer and so here I am. xx

  • I totally missed this post last week! How’s Lex handling the paci situation? Mim is a pack-addict and I dread the day that the fairy visits us. It’s not going to be pretty. Also, I passed that mermaid outfit at the hotel today and almost just bought it and sent it to Lex. Although I’m not sure if that would make me “Cool Aunt Sara” or just some weird stalker.

  • We got rid of our pacifier over the summer! Ours was a “bobo” and the Bobo Fairy came! Love it! (PS – found you through Sara!)

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so much has happened in the past week and I’ve just left you all hanging.

k had her big test at Childrens Hospital She hated every single second of it (but being held down AND getting a catheter?! i can’t blame her). And i’m happy to repot everything looks good, really good! no reflux back to the kidney. so we celebrated with a nap, antibiotics, and a bottle.

lex got a hair cut. and i honestly don’t know why we waited to long. Short hair suits her AND life is so much easier with brushable hair. Next time we don’t wait 6+ months in between “trims”.

k is driving us all a little crazy. she’s been a teeny tiny little bit of a terror this last week because she wants to GO! GO! GO! which i fully support, but crawling around places like Target isn’t exactly high on my list of acceptable behavior. So instead she uses her outside voice (i.e.- screams!) and squirms, and dumps my coffee all over, and its just not my favorite stage of her life. But alas, walking seems to be far off (even if it would really help with her wardrobe. and i don’t even want to know what’s going to happen if i take her to disneyland before she can walk).

And she HATES getting her picture taken. like hates it with every fiber of her being. how dare i have a child who hates being photographed?! life is truly unfair. and i think lex is going to get a complex because sister pictures seem to be filled with waterworks. . . and they aren’t coming from lex.

Lex lately has been a complete joy. She listens! She stopped calling me “old lady”! She loves her sister! She plays nicely with others! She smiles for pictures! Three was a pretty hard age for us. . . but four? Four is looking pretty shiny and fun.

You know what else is shiny and fun? FRIDAY.



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Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

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Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

  • Old lady??? Haha I died. The haircut and all of Kenzie’s cauuuute outfits are the best!! She’s gonna strut it out at her one year 😉

  • Old lady! LOL I love it! I’m sure Palmer will come up with some sort of nick name like that for me soon enough! And glad to hear all is well with K!

    Lex and that pink dress…I die! She is the sweetest!

  • How dare Kenz not love the camera! I need a daily fix of that sweetness. Finn is a similar not so fun stage. He screams if I even think about turning away from him, and wants to be down all the time. He nearly had a cheeto from who knows where in his mouth today while we were out a jump house of sorts! And Liam is on his best behavior these days too. So cheers to the toddlers, and jeers for the babies.

  • Meghan

    That’s too funny she called you old lady! I’ve heard three is the worst but I have a feeling Noah turning 4 will be the hardest birthday so far for me. 3 still seems young but 4 just sounds so grown up! Good thing you have another baby and I still have close to a year to get over myself 😉

  • Lex is too funny. And her short bob hair suits her. My daughter has gorgeous long blonde locks and as much as I think it would shorten our morning routine to chop it – her love of all things hair prevents me from doing so. She loves her hair brushed and braided in all sorts of configurations. I am happy to hear 4 is a good age, we are quickly approaching four and I am hopeful the arguing and snippety responses GO AWAY FOREVER or at least until the littlest hits three when we’ll go through it all again but I am sure ALOT louder because the younger sister is all about making statements that everyone can hear!

  • Ashley

    SOOOOO glad things turned out well for K! She is adorable even with tears! And bring on four b/c three is HARD! Happy weekend!

  • Are you sure Kenz is your daughter?! 😉 Cam HAAAAAAATES having his picture taken. I have to bribe him every.single.time. I’m out of things to give him! I was totally out of the loop that Kenz had anything wrong!! I’m glad she’s ok…what was happening? Scary stuff!! But she’s adorable, so there’s that. And Lex will most definitely be a model one day. She’s gorgeous! (Love the short hair! I am taking notes in case Louise ever grows hair!)

  • Oh K! Life is so good, you can’t possibly even know! I think we need to get you in dance stat! Lex looks so cute with her grown up haircut! I’m almost convinced to schedule my 6+ month haircut…

  • Old lady! How cruel! Happy Friday indeed AND a three day weekend WOOT WOOT!

  • Old lady. hahahahaaha. And obviously- we totally copied the trendsetter that is Lex. That lob was the best choice ever ever.

  • Hey old lady! I love it! Ha. Good to know that 4 is better than 3….because man, 3 is ROUGH around these parts!

  • Mayumi Shimose Poe

    I hope the magic is four, not finally getting used to a new sibling around her one-year birthday . Because Waika’s 4th birthday is a lot closer than Welo’s one-year birthday…

  • Oh K… I’m so glad things checked out well at the doctor. But total honest moment – I’m not at all looking forward to that particular stage with Julia. It’s a rough one.
    Speaking of rough… Because of this post I’m holding onto hope that life after age 3 truly does get better. We are DEEP in the throws of the “threenager” status, and it’s exactly zero fun a lot of the time. Oy.

  • Old Lady? ha! Nate has tried to get Mason to call me that a million times (he likes to poke fun because I am 11 months older than him), but thankfully my tender-hearted mama loving little boy won’t do it! Such sweet pictures of your precious gals!!

  • Edith

    I hear ya about the threenager stage! I can’t wait for my little one to turn 4. I’m pretty sure nothing can be worse than 3 right? Your girls are adorable!

  • Thankful for healthy babes. So glad K got the all clear! That must have been really hard waiting to know for sure. Lex was calling you Old Lady! I DIE. These kids and the things they say. I am diggin’ this almost 4 age. Kinda the best.

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