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k has decided she’s officially BIG- and here’s why. 

  • she ditched her “Mimis” (pacifiers) 
  • she can jump off the diving board (into mikes waiting arms) 
  • she can take a shirt off herself (huge milestone if you ask me)
  • she got her ears pierced! 

The last few months have been ROUGH around here. K has been clingy AF to the point where she screamed so loudly at kids club one day I got called downstairs before I could even start a workout (I was horrified and embarrassed when a friend was walking up the stairs and said “that’s not your kid is it?!”. . .sure is. SURE IS). 

But last weekend she decided (herself) to throw her pacifiers in the trash in exchange for a pair of blue sparkly high heels. We were totally and completely unsure how it was going to go that night once she realized just what she’d done. But there was NO turning back. K whimpered and whined a little- then proceeded to kick mike and I out of the room- and lex put her to bed by reading her books (Lex is the fan favorite around here. by all of us I think).  Since then she hasn’t even mentioned the damn things, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to ditch a baby product. 

In the same weekend she discovered (mid wardrobe battle with me) that she could in fact take her own shirt off- which sounds totally and completely silly- but its a HUGE milestone! Especially for someone who likes total and complete control (I have NO CLUE where she gets that from). She also braved the diving board at the beach club for the first time! It was into mikes arms- but off the diving board she went over and over and over again (maybe just maybe swim lessons will be in her near future again). 

And the latest and greatest. The ear piercing. She decided it was time for her to get it done earlier this week. Turns out going to Claires where they use a gun to pierce your ears is totally OUT and now we do fancy things like go to piercing places. So we hit the same piercing place Lex got her earrings done (they remembered us. hopefully we make a good impression and not a bad one), and it was such a smooth and exciting process. K claims “it felt like nothing!” and mike and I are hugely proud of how well she’s handled herself this week (after a month plus of not seeing her cute, sweet, humorous side). 

shes big you guys. officially SO SO BIG. 

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We moved the girls into a shared room over a year and a half ago- pretty much right when we transitioned k to her toddler bed- she got moved into a room with lex. The girls have LOVED sharing a room- when we ask if they want to be in their own rooms they moan and howl that they looooove it.

So when k was looking a little too big for her toddler bed we made the switch to bunk beds. I was terrified at first- there are a lot of safety concerns (mostly with my three year old climbing her butt to the top and falling off). These bunks are awesome! They’re low AND the ladder rungs are so awkwardly placed that k can’t climb up  it.  Other challenges of bunk beds is that no one has a bedside table for their waters and other treasures- so we installed shelves for each of the girls- cloud shelves and they have book ledges at the foot of their bed for easy access to books.

Bed time usually goes a little something like this- we go in and say goodnight around 7pm- and then we give the girls twenty minutes of reading time – and then they have to turn their lanterns off and get their butts to sleep.

I’ll be the first to admit their room is a little boring– we didn’t go heavy on the decor (mostly because I’m clueless) and we pieced everything together from k’s nursery and from when lex had her own room. so we’ll just chalk this up to a “work in progress”. I have a habit of stuff their room with “stuff” furniture etc- but I LOVE the wide open space in the center of the room that inspires them to play their little hearts out.

my biggest issue with bunk beds is bedding. My solution to the messy bedding was to get them quilts- and we fold them each morning and they live at the end of their beds- so things still look clean. K had a long, deep love affair with her doc-a-tot and our compromise to taking it away was to use this bumper that fits under the fitted sheet so she still feels safe & secure.




and now for sources:

bunk beds/ sheets/ k’s bumper / lanterns/ cloud shelf/ dolls/ book cart/ painting/

rainbow books/ nightlight/ stools/ washer dryer/


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  • May 4, 2018 - 7:03 pm

    Sara - I mean… I’m basically obsessed with all your decorating, but if you have “no style” then… what the hell do I have?!! Love how this room has come together for both girls.. such a fun evolution!

Lex turns SIX next weekend- but due to schedules etc, we celebrated her sweet soul this weekend instead. When we were in the early planning stages- we just stalked the minted website until we stumbled across the perfect invitation and theme. rainbow art party for my child who keeps telling me she’s going to be an artist when she grows up. boom. perfect. I will admit I was expecting to be able to do the whole party outside- because we live in so cal- and the weather is usually highly predictable. but alas- rain was scheduled so we bought a giant tarp, and set it all up inside- and not one single surface got paint on it (which is good, because I wasn’t looking to add a statement wall to our living room).

okay lets talk decor.

I got all my supplies from shop sweet lulu. they literally have a tab for different themes (like rainbows). I got the cake from a local delicious bakery (susie cakes) but added the sugar rainbows to give it a touch more pizazz (they’re also from shop sweet Lulu). And this gorgeous tassel banner is from my new favorite glam fete! It matched the colors PERFECTLY (and you can use the code HELLOERIN15 for 15% off!!). so yeah, find it HERE.

ok. so at the party I had the girls make aprons with fabric markers, and then they all got to paint canvases to take home. they had a BLAST. it was easy- and kept them entertained for an hour!

I got everything off amazon- because its the best ever.



^ heres k. painting with her favorite color. BLACK.

seriously. thats it. easiest party EVER. and I think every party we host from now on will be rainbow themed.

one of the dads at dance before lex’s party asked if everyone should wear overalls since it was a painting party. . . and that fully solved my dilemma of what lex should wear. but I also kinda want her to wear these overalls every single day of her life.

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  • March 5, 2018 - 2:44 pm

    Courtney N Spena - I was literally thinking this morning, “I miss Erin’s blog posts” and then BOOM right there in my feed is a blog post from you! Awesome.

  • March 5, 2018 - 6:41 pm

    Lauren - That girl with her poses!! She is awesome! Can I be friends with her?

  • March 7, 2018 - 5:41 am

    Sara - As always… amazing party. You did a fantastic job. I hope that garland stays foreverrrrrr because it’s basically the happiest thing ever. <3

  • March 8, 2018 - 3:44 pm

    Mayumi Shimose Poe - YAY, A NEW POST! —Love, one of your earliest but EVER readers

  • March 12, 2018 - 6:54 pm

    Jane - I love this so much i’m stealing some ideas. thank you sharing!!! Any tips on where to get the glitter or.gems on the table??

Each and every year my New Years resolution seems to be the same. . . “floss more”. and I swear one of these years I’ll wisen up and actually do it (really hoping its this year. my SIL is a dentist, so its just plain embarrassing to let her down).

Sure there are lots of little things I want to accomplish, but in all reality this time last year I was getting my port in, and then next week marks one year since I was admitted to the hospital for round one of chemo. So yeah, this year is already looking waaaaaaay up in that department.

So far the major drama of this year has been limited to us losing one of k’s class pets, my computer hard drive crashing (but I have a shiny fancy new one- so thats a happy ending), and my trainer challenging me to give up candy for a month (he’s possibly the worst human alive).

Lets start with New Years. We hosted NYE for a few of our friends. Eight kids & eight adults and we all celebrated with bubbles (even if my friend forgot her chambong and the kids were drinking martenilli’s), some of those confetti poppers, and we kept it classy and served lasagna (of the stouffers variety).

next we should probably talk about k’s class pet. she has (had?) two of them. Lizzie & Dash- two sweet, easy birds who’s favorite song was the ABC’s and guarded the kids shoes in the classroom (yeah, I don’t get that one either). let me start by saying that mike grew up with birds. . . he has a major soft spot for feathered & winged creatures. So when we learned that the birds were going to be alone for the entirety of winter break (with the teachers just stopping into see them a few times), I took major pity on them and volunteered to take them home. They were excellent house guests. They lived in the girls room, went to bed before they did, woke up after they did, and were just easy.

Their two week stint at our house came to a close, and it was time to take them back to school. I loaded them into the car and realized that their bird bath (attached to their cage) was still full of water and I didn’t want it splashing them on the car ride – so we decided to empty it out.

by opening the cage in the driveway.

mike had barely gotten his hand in there to loosen the bath so I could empty it when BOOM one (dash) flew the coop. Literally FLEW AWAY. when I say that panic ensued i mean TOTAL AND COMPLETE PANIC. I think we were hysterical. I couldn’t believe we let a CLASS PET fly away. not even OUR OWN PET . . . a bird that 10 three year olds are attached to. I started researching new preschools to send k to (because I didn’t want to show my face at hers ever again), and made mike go in with me to deliver the news.

K’s teacher just started and us and started laughing. hysterically laughing.

turns out the last family to take the birds home last year let BOTH of them fly away (these were their replacements). so she considered us a success story. and has big plans on training Lizzy now that she’s solo.

Guys I STILL feel horrible. days later and I’m still looking for a blue parakeet in our yard because I can’t believe it happened.

thursdays have started to become the best day of our week for adventuring. instead of forcing the girls into kids club we take them on “adventures”. like forcing them to walk around our local resort and getting avocado toast.

they don’t seem to mind.

We’ve had THREE whole weeks off dance. and while I’m not ready to get back to the grind. . . lex certainly is. especially since I promised her she could add hip hop to her line up (current line up- jazz, acro, ballet, mini competition team & now hip hop). I truly feel like this is going to be a make-or-break year for lex & dance. she’s either going to burn out or figure out she’s passionate about it (so far its straight passion since she’s also now begging to add lyrical next year).

meanwhile I just want her abs.


so. cheers to the first week of the new year. maybe (just maybe) I’ll blog more.

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  • January 5, 2018 - 9:08 am

    Sara - I want her abs, too. Also, more time at the resort? I’m in for that but you totally ruined my merry everything surprise that was going to show up in a couple weeks… so I’m going to have to come up with another idea. HM. In the interim, I’m totally craving lasagna now, which is a bit of a problem. Thanks for nothing.

  • January 9, 2018 - 8:16 am

    Blair - Oh yay! I love when your blog pops up with a new post! I’d say even with losing a bird aka beloved class pet 2018 is off to a way better start. Lasagna (Stouffer style) is the way to go when hosting … no prep, less mess and good eats… plus always champs! Here’s to having a fantastic year (and I hope I get to read/see/stalk you more this year)

  • January 9, 2018 - 11:30 am

    Abbi Hearne - Omg the birds hahahaha. When I was in fourth grade I was responsible for my class’s two hamsters over spring break and get this – the mom hamster legit ate the daughter. Like one literally murdered and ate the other one. I was MORTIFIED. I’m pretty sure I begged my mom to let me drop out or transfer schools every day for the rest of the break. It was scarring.

  • January 9, 2018 - 12:05 pm

    Laura - Can I have Lex’s abs too?! Still dying over the bird escaping. And wishing you a super healthy 2018!!!

Going back to school has kicked out butts.

I kid you not we’ve had exactly two weeks of all activities and full school and I’m ready to wave the white flag. I’m pretty sure it was my mini van talking when i signed up to do things like be room parent, make soccer bows for the whole team, and enroll lex in like 100 activities. Pair that with the girls being sad on school drop-off and i’m ready for summer vacation.

Oh yes. The ladies are full of tears and/or sad faces at school drop off. Lex doesn’t understand why she has to go to school every day while her sister doesn’t (valid), and k doesn’t understand why i cant stay with her at school (this mom bod isn’t going to work itself out). I know we’ll all find our groove- i’m just really hoping that groove comes sooner rather than later.

But we’re all so damn tired at the end of every day that we all pass the f out and i swear everyone’s been getting the best sleep of their lives. K even took a nap IN HER OWN BED this week (which hasn’t happened in months)- she got a whopping 15 minutes in before it was time to go pick up lex from school.

Whew. This post took a turn for the whiny. Let’s see if we can turn that frown upside down.

Lex started soccer and its adorable. Her team is filled with the cutest non-aggressive girls who are all friends. And amazing parents. What her team is lacking is drive to actually score a goal. I think they just genuinely love hanging out with each other too much to even look at a soccer ball. But they have cute soccer ribbons, pink jerseys, and rainbow shoe laces. GOOOO RAINBOW UNICORNS!

Lex also started jazz and acro. And i’m pretty sure the outfits are the best past of class for her. Jazz tops, patterned pants, and sweatbands ensure that she might win best dressed at life.

K and i have deemed Thursday’s “adventure days”—it’s my one morning a week where we don’t have a damn thing to do. So we went to Disneyland for a hot second. Come to find out LA county had the day off (WHHHHHHY?!) so everyone and their mother was there on a random rainy Thursday. But k got a taste of her very first churro, so we’re chalking the trip up to a total W even if we only got to go on two rides.

Instead of letting lex stew in jealousy we also did disney as an entire family on Sunday. It was magical. We got there for park opening at 8 and did like 100 things before leaving. Including learning that the park sucks and like 0 food is open before 10:30. And on the ONE DAY i decide to leave the snacks at home. The four of us were sooo hangry. . . So so hangry. So word to the wise. Pack some damn snacks.

And check out lex’s school picture. They could have done me a solid and made her look a smidge younger instead of way way way older.

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  • September 24, 2017 - 8:54 pm

    Sara - Lex is 100% going to thank you for being such a great photographer when she gets older… because when you put your school picture next to hers… no one is going to be able to tell the difference. 😉 And yes… she definitely looks WAY OLDER HERE.

    Where is time going?! Crop tops and school pictures??? I don’t approve.

  • September 26, 2017 - 4:01 pm

    Laura - That pic of K in the yellow romper is my favorite ever. And making soccer bows…?! That is the stuff of boy moms dreams!