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ever feel like your toddler is out to ruin your life? because i’m fairly certain mine has been this week.

she came down with a sweet ass cold (preschool germs rock!) and while theyre usually no biggie this one has decided to mess with our sleep. in a “lets wake up every two hours!” kinda way.

i certainly dont appreciate her attempt to prepare me for newborn nights.

During the day at least lex remains her sweet, fun, loving self so we’ve managed to make Christmas come early for everyone.

For lex. We put up her hot pink Christmas tree with hot pink Christmas lights in her room. And she insists on going to bed with it lit. Which means her room glows pink and is uber creepy. Which matches the fact that lately she’s been the devil at night.

For mike. I surprised him and bought a bottle sanitizer for babe number dos. Because really, his biggest complaint was all the constant bottle washing. Since I handled the bottle cleaning situation I fully expect him to handle my top newborn complaints- ie sleepless nights and blowouts.

For me. A trip to our local maternity store for jeans to last me those last few months also introduced me to the softest, sweetest, most comfortable workout wear ever. I’m not sure my new pants will ever be ripped off my body. They embody all that is comfy and I’m sure will be worn to the bitter end of this pregnancy and beyond.

For Mackenzie. After months (and months and months) of waiting her dresser finally arrived. Which means I can finally start finishing her wall-bare room. I’ve quickly fallen in love with her room and can’t wait until she’s here to fill it.

so we’re officially jumping for joy that its almost the weekend. fingers crossed we can kick this cold’s ass and get a tad more sleep. until then andy cohen and i shall remain late night besties.


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  • Sara - Maybe you need to replace that pink tree with a gold one and she’ll get the Angel thing going!! The dresser was totally worth the wait!! I love it!!

  • Courtney B - Oh no!! Mia had a cold like that a few months ago…. not only did she feel the need to wake up multiple times a night, but she also thought she should sleep with us. Oh gosh. That was a miserable week! I hope Lex can kick hers asap!
    One day, just one day, I keep thinking you’ll show us a bump photo before your sweet babe arrives ;)

  • colleen - Ugh I am so sorry! Operating on no sleep is no bueno. I lol’d when you said her room glows an creepy shade of pink!

  • Jenny Collier - Poor Lex! Ella came down with strep this week so I am totally feeling your pain.

  • julie - Send me those pants! And boo to middle of the night wake ups…totally the WORST. But I love her pink tree…Hudson might need his own tree too this year!

  • Sara McCarty - Wait, does the sterilizer mean you don’t have to wash the bottles? Does it do that for you? I’m SO horribly sick of washing bottles!! I would pay a million dollars for that, if that’s the case. Sorry to hear Lex’s been sick. Toddler colds are no fun. Neither is lack of sleep during pregnancy. Totally not fair. Love the dresser though!

  • Jenny - Toddler colds are the worst. And then they pass them to us! And we’re not even in pre-school yet – I dread how much worse it’ll be! I hope you all get some sleep soon and yay for getting the new baby’s room ready! Oh and the pink xmas tree? Love it!

  • Jess - I feel ya, Momma. Cam came down with a lovely cold, as well, and has been coughing through the night since Sunday. And, I was lucky enough to catch it, so last night was an all-night battle of sleeping sitting up while not letting Cam fall off the couch. It’s awesome. Where’s the tequila (and Nanny) when you need it?? I hope you get some rest! At least you can fill that sweet dresser with adorable girl clothes!! (PS I just added that bottle sanitizer to my “wish list” for Baby #2. It looks like a sanity-saver.)

  • karra - EH. were all coughing up our lungs over here, hopefully we all get better asap! and that tiny Christmas tree.. Rae would be up all night messing with that thing! So cute!!

looks like i’m not the only one taking care of a baby around here .

lex finally realized her love for her baby and that love runs real deep.

“mom. im taking really good care of my baby.”

and its true. she’s taking really good care of that child. Especially after discovering our mamaroo and how easy it is to operate. that baby is constantly getting a bottle, or cuddles, or going for morning stroller walks, or being nestled into her crib.

and the top of her christmas list is officially a changing table. and the top of mine is a baby stroller than handles like a dream- because our current one doesnt seem to turn.


ive been taking care of my baby too. by getting a support tank. its basically a miracle rolled into a soft tank top. and its helped with my back pain in a big big way. one of the reviews said “its like giving your bump a big hug all day” and its so true. and so needed when you own a toddler who insists on being carried.

lex got herself her first big girl haircut this week. my stylist broke the news to me that she doesnt “do toddlers” which is completely understandable, but after much pleading and promising i managed to finagle lex an appointment. and lex (along with her stellar behavior and girly girlyness) is officially her newest and shortest client. and while i want to bob her hair in the worst way, i practiced a little self restraint and we trimmed 3 inches off instead.

but beware. the toddler bob is SO coming.

we have some fun in store for us this weekend. celebrating my moms birthday, hosting a shower for my fabulous sister-in-law-to-be and lets not forget fetching mike glasses of water and helping him hobble around the house after his scheduled knee surgery.



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  • Courtney B - Oh stop! That changing table is the cutest thing! Lex kills me, SO CUTE!
    Please remind me of the support tank with my next pregnancy. I’m sure I’ll forget about it by then (hello pregnancy brain!) but it sounds like a life saver!
    Oh no! I didn’t know Mike was getting surgery! Definitely praying everything goes smoothly! Enjoy your weekend!!

  • Jenny - love her with her baby! Lex hair always looks awesome can’t wait to see this toddler bob you speak of!!! I hope the knee surgery goes smoothly too!

  • Sara - Lex is the cutest with those boots, that stroller, and her baby!! Get the changing table so she will be a pro by February? Have an awesome weekend!! Give everyone hugs from us, but I’m pretty sure Sir will just want painkillers. :-P

  • colleen - I’m a huge fan of bobs on little girls, always so cute and simple and neat looking. I can’t believe how long her hair is now! Glad to see she’s taking good care of her baby — maybe she’ll be ready to babysit in a few months? ;)

  • Taylor Wintle - What a good little mommy ;) I can’t wait to see her haircut. I want harps to have a bob too but she’s still stuck in the mullet phase haha. P.s.- I’m about to read every post because I’m so behind so apologies for all the comments!

  • Jess - Her boots…I want them! She is going to be the BEST big sister!! Have a great weekend, super mom!! You do it all (and look good doin’ it)!

  • karra - I’ve heard GREAT reviews on the Blanqi! and Lex with a bob would be the cutest!

  • Jenny Collier - Sweetest photos of Lex and her baby. Ella is baby obsessed too and is asking Santa for her first American Girl Doll this Christmas. I may be even more excited than her about all of the fun trips to the AG store when we travel to Dallas!

  • Chrissy - A toddler bob on Lex would be so cute! I’ve been eyeing those boots for Elin! Does Lex love them?

  • Sara - I love that you think you need ANOTHER stroller…albeit a baby doll one. Haven’t you said you’re a stroller junkie? Couldn’t she just use one of the other 8 you have? :) Kidding!

    PLEASE do a toddler bob! She could SO rock it!

  • Elizabeth - Oh my goodness, that photo of Lex and Mike? I die. That man was born to be a girl dad! He is the best!

  • Sarita - Love me a toddler bob– we’ve done it many times in our house. I’m a BOB stroller myself!

  • Ashley - Her first big haircut – I can’t even believe it!!! And lex is going to be such a good big sis – not much longer now!! Glad you are feeling better!!

  • Tiffany K - awwww! I love that she is so into baby now! So cute!
    I am taking Sydney to my new salon on Saturday and she is so excited! Chris wants as little hair cut as possible. Sydney wants it cut short. But I think I am just having a few inches cut off so that we are somewhere in the middle. Lol

  • Vivian - If you ever find the perfect stroller, doll stroller that is ;) – please DO share! I can’t stand Kaitlyn’s fancy doll pram. It also does not turn in any way and makes walks a nightmare. Ah… I love love Lex’s long golden locks! But I am sure she will look gorgeous as always in a bob!

Maybe just maybe one of these week’s i’ll post on a day that isnt monday or friday. and maybe just maybe it’ll be a riveting post about something sensational. until then i’ll just stick with being consistently consistent on this monday/friday business.

now back to business.

this week has proven that i’m one awesome hostess. no really. i’m currently hosting not only a growing child BUT a cold in this here body. which has resulted in an embarrassingly early bedtime. I’m talking about getting lex down around 8 and marching straight into the bedroom to lay in bed along with my besties lorelai and rory on the flix.  meanwhile mike has been thoroughly enjoying his time watching football and whatever else boys watch in peace.

i’m sure i’ll be over this cold soon and out of things to complain about (besides the trials and tribulations of third trimester pregnancy).

this week i buckled down and entered the fabulously fun world of sugar cookies. a few of my friends were doing it, and i love me a good bandwagon jump. after waiting an excruciating long two days to get all my supplies via amazon prime we got down to business. and the result was delicious and adorable. while i could use a tad more practice, my first attempt looked perfect (especially when covered by toddler sprinkles).

loads more cookie parties are in our future. especially ones with sprinkles and sparkley headbands.

i’m overly excited that i have the fastest fingers in the west AND a gap card because when the kate spade collection for gap hit the web i jumped on the chance to order a few necessities. like this purse. which gets filled on a daily basis with princesses, marshmellows, and lets not forget her camera and credit card.

which oddly sounds exactly like the contents of my purse.

tuesdays are the only day we’re free birds and have exactly zero pesky activities like school or ballet. so its always fun to do something fun. like hitting the mall buying new kicks, getting some new lex-approved candles, and insisting i carry her purse. it quickly became my favorite day of the week, and not just because lex’s new footwear put her in a stellar mood. girls love their shoes.

this weekend we’ll be laying low and hanging out with some new friends from lex’s school. because when a cool new family hits the scene and the mom and i happen to share a love of mom blogs and babe footwear you capitalize and force them into friendship.

cheers to the freakin’ weekend.

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  • Sara - Looks like the most fun week ever! I mean who can argue with cookies, shoping, and gilmore girls?!

  • Courtney B - We want to come play on Tuesdays ;) Sounds like so much fun! Of course Lex’s bag and shoes are too die for!
    I’m sorry you’re still sick! Crossing my fingers that you get better, like, today :)

  • Tiffany K - i love this! She is seriously always so cute!
    Friday’s are our days of nothing, and I always love them! And seriously, what little girl doesn’t love new shoes! Sydney and I both got new boots on Wednesday while hubs and I had our day date during Sydney’s school day and I love them!!

  • EHayes - Um, wasn’t cookie party the best?! I seriously am so obsessed with her, like fangirl status. And I’m about to have my 3rd cookie party tonight, obsessed…

  • Kelley - Haha! I wrote about the KS purse in my post this week. Great minds…Oh and that cookie party looks amazing!M and I need that in our life NOW especially with all of the rainy days in my future! Hope you are feeling 100% soon!

  • Jenny Collier - If a fellow woman likes a good mom blog she is an instant friend in my opinion. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  • Jes - She’s seriously too cute. I hope you feel better; pregnancy and colds are NO FUN. PS Can I come hang out with you on Tuesdays?

  • karra - gilmore girls has been on nonstop since the husband’s been out of town! and I hope you’re feeling better.. I don’t know about you but I am READY for Feburary (hopefully January) to be here ;)

  • Tawnya - Ok I have so much to say haha! We really are soul sisters. I’ve been getting my Loralai and Rory fix on during recovery big time, I just love classic shows like Gilmore girls, so good for the soul.

    Lex’s shoes, I NEED to jump on that trend for S but I think my husband will probably kill me (my child has more footwear than I) and that purse!! I die! Scarlett carry’s around this god awful mini purse, so a stylish one like Lex’s may have to happen!

    Hope you kick that cold soon! Pregnancy and colds never mix well! xo

  • Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints - OMG! I love me some sugar cookies!! :) YUMMY!!

  • Elizabeth - Minus the sickness (feel better soon!!!), your week sounds pretty fantastic! Can I play hookie from work one day and come play? I like mom blogs and cookies and shoes and I have a cute kid that would like to come hang out too! :)

  • Ashlee Brown - So… I have been a longtime (silent) follower of your blog. Your voice is so smart and funny and Lex’s style in seriously on point! Could you please tell me where Lex’s heart print top is from? Also, wear do you buy the majority of her clothes and what brands do you like best? I have a two year old girl named Finnley and Lex serves as fashion inspiration!

  • colleen - Totally jumpin’ on the cookie bandwagon too! #imafollower

  • jenny - icing in squeeze bottles – you are a GENIUS!! why have I never thought of that!

  • Lauren - Wait til you have two, then you’ll really be consistently INconsistent:).

  • Courtney - Sadly I just finished off all 7 seasons on netflix of GG, and I’m tempted to just to do the whole dang thing again. Because, what else am I suppose to watch?!

This weekend started and finished with a bang.

Friday we took to the streets for a little trick or treat action. We warmed up in the little local downtown area with some friends and got candy from the local businesses. And followed that up by going door to door with lex’s cousins.

The warm up period worked like a charm because lex killed it trick or treating.

She would march up to every door. Knock. Say “trick or treat!”. And after getting candy and saying “thanks!” She would attempt to push herself into every single house.

Because really. When someone opens their door they’re inviting you in.

Sadly we got exactly zero house tours. But not for lex’s lack of trying.

Saturday it rained.  Actually it poured. And it was fantastic! But I #momfailed and don’t have rain boots in lex’s current size. It’s impossible to keep up with her. Next storm I refuse to be caught un prepared for and our newest pair of pink boots are en route. our favorite ski mountain got snow, so we celebrated by bundling up and pretending this cool weather will stick around.

And Sunday. Sweet time change Sunday. Lex slept and slept and dreamed her sweet little dreams while I was up at the usual time sniffling and battling a cold. Life can be so unfair. but a quick donut run with our resident twonager boosted my spirits big time. and check her out. she put on her headband all by herself, maybe just maybe one day i can pass the hair-do torch onto her. Where mike still cant figure out how to get the rubber band off his fingers and into her hair for a ponytail

i rounded out the weekend with a baby shower for one of my sweetest friends and her soon-to-be baby boy. the shower was the absolute cutest, and i swear i was surrounded by tall gorgeous pregnant girls. and today i’m off to participate in the most annoying part of pregnancy. my glucose test.

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  • Courtney B - Sounds like the best weekend, minus the cold! Moms shouldn’t be allowed to get sick, but especially pregnant moms! That’s just plain torture!
    I am a little envious each time I see Lex’s gorgeous locks… Mia won’t have hair like that til she’s 5 (if we are lucky, HA!) Her sides are slooooowly coming in…

  • Kristin - could lex be any more perfect?! glad you had a good weekend! good luck on your test.

  • Sara - Lex’s candy bucket is my favorite EVER!!!! She is the cutest with her cold weather gear… but no boots?! Oopsy!!

  • Jess - Ah, good luck today! No fun, but I actually don’t mind the taste!! :)

    Cam tried to walk into everyone’s house, too! He’s usually a little afraid, but I think he thought they must be nice because they had candy.

    Total mom fail here, too, except we got SNOW! I die that you buy Hunters for Lex!! If I have a girl, I am totally copying you. Cute rain boots are worth the price!!


  • Lauren - I felt like the test was easier the second time around? #wishfulthinking.

  • Cat @ MaryMarthaMama - Your daughter is too cute! I had a few little ones try to come on in when we were passing out candy on Halloween. :)

  • Jenny - sounds like an awesome weekend! I don’t see why they didn’t give Lex any house tours – I mean such a beautiful Cinderella why not?! Ha! Yay for new rain boots and cooler temps! Happy Monday!

  • Tawnya - Sounds like such a fun weekend! Lex sounds like she had the whole trick or treating thing down… Scarlett was totally confused but got it at about the third house and was loving it… which resulted in WAY too much candy.

    It’s crazy how fast these little “twonagers” grow out of their clothing… I sweat S just hit a huge growth spurt because nothing seems to fit her… and girlfriend has a wardrobe I’m envious of…

  • karra - eh. my glucose is next week.. but can we talk about how perfect lex is?! Love her long blonde locks. and I giggled over Mike getting the rubber band off his fingers, Stefan has the same issue!

  • ashley - Oh gosh, the dreaded glucose test! Good luck, mama! And Lex looks adorable, as always!!!!!!

  • colleen - Lex is like a model, I swear it. I think it’s too cute that she tried going inside people’s homes. It makes total sense!!

  • Jamie - She’s so cute!

  • Courtney - Are you so bummed about the Hunter color choices this year? I thought I’d replace A’s with another purple set but they’re nowhere to be found! So then I thought silver…nope they aren’t anywhere either. Sniffle. #fwp

  • Sara McCarty - That kid has serious style. I love her and her perfectly messy headband hair! Mim still doesn’t have ANY hair. I’m trying to be patient but…so many bows and so little hair!!

  • Tabitha Green - Ahhh her outfits are so adorbs! I’m especially obsessed with toddler sweats – loving her pink snowday suit.


  • Elizabeth - The rain was unexpected and amazing! I was so bummed though because I was home, alone, and Seth had taken Mason to swim lessons as I sat at home coughing and sneezing. I had these high hopes of being a fun mom and letting Mason play in the rain (because lets be honest, its not even cold when it rains in CA) but then they were crushed because he was gone. You win again CA!

  • Taylor Wintle - She is the perfect cinderella!! Way too cute! I’m loving the headband look too! ;)

I always got so excited as a kid when halloween fell on a Friday. I remember being horribly confused when we had to go to school the day after Halloween. Isn’t halloween a holiday?! It’s absurd.

So here we are. Friday & Halloween. And all is right in so many school aged kids worlds right now.

especially this ones. because hello cinderella.

We managed to have a very festive week. I haven’t been overly festive up to this point so we crammed as much orange and black hocus pocus-y goodness into the week as we possibly could.

Except for mike. Who got all grinch-y when he turned to me and muttered “your lotion smells like a public bathroom. If you find yourself in a position to buy new lotion I highly recommend it.” And now my lifelong question of what men’s rooms smell like has been answered. GRAPEFRUIT. Who knew?

Back to the fest of festivities from the week.

Monday lex came home from school and declared “mom. I need a break… And a margarita”. So a break (nap) she got followed by a very strong very virgin margarita.

Just what a Monday ordered.

We also painted pumpkins. Five pumpkins. On five different occasions. Homegirl loves herself a good craft opportunity. The playroom has officially been turned into a craft room.

Lex’s school did a fabulous Halloween parade for all the kids in her class. She’s been discussing with me for WEEKS about what everyone was going to be… She got about half of them right, the other half i’m sure was just what she thought they should be.  next year she’ll have her own little person to order around and dress up.

we then hosted a rockin’ halloween party. complete with (more) pumpkin painting, bounce housing, and a ton of spooky food. i usually do a far better job at taking pictures, but alas i got a grand total of like one. pumpkins pre painting. and they turned out gloriously. and sparkley. and lex’s was about 8 shades o pink.


happy halloween to all and to all a good night!




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  • Kelley - I love Lex’s costume! Seriously the PERFECT one for her! Painting pumpkins was how we did it this year too. Much less messy and slimy! I also love how you host some seriously fun parties at your seriously adorable house and that’s all we got! ;) Happy Halloween!

  • EHayes - Dying over the public bathroom comment. And sounds like a fun week, Ashlynn missed her school parade, it was last friday and she doesn’t go to school on Fridays. Turns out we could have brought her in, oh well, she’ll get her chance next year!

  • Courtney B - Best week ever! Your party sounds sooooo fun! Happy Halloween to you, Lex and Mike!

  • Jenny Collier - Ella would just die over a party like that! Right up her alley.

    And you had me laughing outloud with calling Mike out. Sounds totally like Court.

  • Chrissy - Love her costume! Looks great!

  • karra - I’ve almost swore off citrus scents because Stefan’s always asking “what is that smell”.. and not in a good way.

  • Emily - Halloween must be so fun with kids! Lex looks so cute in her Cinderella costume, and I love that she needed a nap and a margarita, I could use both of those right about now!

  • Elizabeth - Lex is like the most perfect Cinderella ever. I just love her costume!
    Oh and Mike’s comment. Classic. If it’s true, then men’s restrooms smell a hell of a lot better than women’s! LOL

  • Tiffany K - i love it! She is such a cute Cinderella! And that so sound like something Chris would say!

  • Sara - Can I pleaseeeeee be you when I grow up?! Lex is the PERFECT Cinderella!! Like, it was made for her!!!!!! Loveeee her!!! Still dying over Sir.

  • Jenny - pumpkin paiting is the best! Lex is like the cutest Cinderella ever! :)

  • Courtney - “mom. I need a break… And a margarita” that kid!