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it’s been one of those weeks. the kind in which i’m grumpier than our resident toddler (which is impressive. i’m blaming it on the hormones). and yet. this week happened to bring a few excellent things too. like my discovery of space saver bags, nursery prep, and a stroller epiphany.

lets start with the genius behind space saver bags. i’ve been storing loads of old babe clothes in giant plastic storage buckets which has resulted in a hamster like maze in what little basement we have. now i’m on a mission to space save the whole house. from old bedding to non-maternity clothes, to baby gear nothing in the house is safe.

things are finally starting to arrive for kenz’s nursery. the room is clear and slowly slowly starting to resemble something suitable for a small child. lex has discovered that she can climb both into and out of the crib. so once the babe arrives we’ll be putting lex in charge of wake-ups and late night cuddle sessions.

i’m slightly embarrassed to admit how many strollers we own. i somehow convinced myself we needed each and every single one. and once we got looking to adding more to the fleet i got in way over my head. so being the problem solver that i am we’re selling the fleet and have invested in ONE (yes one!) stroller to rule the kingdom.

turns out the uppa vista 2015 comes out in a few weeks and happens to solve each and every single stroller need we have. single. double. converts back and forth easily. skateboard. fits with our OG car seat. easy to fold.

its the end all be all for our stroller life. and i cant wait for its arrival to our doorstep next month.

we’re also starting a brand new morning routine. one that hopefully wont result in tears because lex makes getting dressed into an olympic sport. although there might still be tears because it involves me waking up at 6am before lex makes her debut for the morning. My alarm tone is “blurred lines” though- and if that isn’t the best way to start the morning I don’t know what is.

This weekend we’re laying low. Like really low. Rumor has it that “in sickness and in health” vow we made when we got married is being cashed in on by a husband of mine who is painfully hopping his way through the house because he injured his knee while “stretching”. I knew triathlons were dangerous and now I have solid hobbling proof.

ill leave you with lex’s zoolander face. because she’s been working hard on it in the mirror.




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  • Chrissy - We have the Uppa Baby Vista for Elin and have LOVED it! It really is the king of all strollers and is awesome!

  • Sara - Let me just point out that you used the word FLEET for your strollers… which implies vehicles… which reminds me of the stroller at your shower that was smarter than me and Sir… The shame… I hope this one is less smart. You are free to storage bag my house next. Mwah!!

  • karra - I JUST got off the phone with the dr for stefan’s knee too… these guys. and we move every four years so storage bags are our life!

  • ashley - Her face!!! Love it! And we have the uppa (single) & LOVE it!

  • Sara McCarty - You seriously have the most gorgeous toddler alive. She is something. Love the Blue Steel look. Mac also can climb into and out of Mim’s crib and I’ve found him in there on numerous occasions. Also, the cat likes to hide under there and he goes in after her, only to get hopelessly stuck and must scream for help. Which makes me think he’s dying and I’ve nearly had a few heart attacks over the situation. Kids.

  • Elizabeth - If you can figure out how not to have tears in the morning, sign. me. up. Seriously, I can see Mason waking on the monitor as I am finishing getting ready for work, happy as can be, talking to himself. I go in to get him and he’s still as happy as can be and then BAM I mention changing the diaper and all hell breaks lose. Seriously kid, it’s not that big a deal! I have to bribe by saying “we have to change your diaper and then we can go see Mickey. Mickey doesn’t like dirty diapers” and that buys me maybe a minute if I’m lucky. Maybe.

Let’s talk pumpkin patches.

I know. I know. Everyone does it. But it’s the holiday season and everyone with kids has the same bucket list. Pumpkin patching. Turkey hunting. Christmas tree chopping. Santa sitting.

So let me tell you about our pumpkin patch experience. . . which probably looks identical to everyone else’s.

let me start by saying mike hates nay despises lex’s headband. she walked out of her room and he promptly declared “she looks like a cabbage.” and me thinks it wasn’t meant as a compliment. shame on him.

my dear mother has been filling lex’s head with dreams of getting “a big pumpkin and a little pumpkin” for weeks now. So we had an exact shopping list when we hit the patch. Too bad what mike and I deem a “big pumpkin” isn’t what lex deems a “big pumpkin”.

meet lex’s “big” pumpkin.


And her even smaller one. Which she seemed to think was an apple. As soon as we backed up to take a picture we had to start yelling.

“Ummmmmm NO. That dirty pumpkin is NOT an apple. No lex no. Not in your mouth!”.


once we got the apple vs pumpkin thing settled we got to enjoy a pony ride, a romp around the bounce house, and a little petting zoo action. we rounded out the night with a fancy meal at chick-fila and a spin around a real life brick and mortar book store. . . the book store blew lex’s mind right up. chances are we need more bookstores in her life and fewer trips to the gap.

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  • Jess - Adorable, as always!! I love that she tried to eat it…it makes me feel like my child is a little more sane than I give him credit for being. :)

  • Sara - ….a. Cabbage?! My heart is breaking Sir!! Love girlfriend’s ridiculously dramatic smiles and apple skills! She’s the cutest!!!

  • Courtney B - Mike’s reaction to her headband is so spot on with what Eric’s would be (his would probably even be worse, HA!) but I’d still have her wear it! It looks awesome on Lex!
    Now I understand why every parent has the same bucket list… this stuff is so fun with kids!

  • EHayes - hysterical… and wait Turkey Hunting?? that’s a thing?! Ashlynn was the same with the pumpkins, told her to pick a big one and she got a little one.

  • Chrissy - She looks adorable sitting there ready to take a bite of her pumpkin! So cute!

  • colleen - Yeah, it’s pretty funny how they are about pumpkins! O only wanted white ones, which there are few of, so we settled on a little white one. He wanted to rub it all over his face — not sure what that’s about #toddlersbesilly And I adore Lex in that headband! Girl can really pull it off!

  • B - OH EMMM GEEE, those boots. I have been ON THE HUNT for a pair for my daughter. She saw them and wants them and I want her to have them. Problem only Sonoma (LAST SEASON) sells a pair in her size – The Minnetonka’s smallest are a size 7, which would totally be okay if it wasn’t two or three sizes too big and her falling around on her face since she will demand to wear them ALL THE TIME. I have been on EBAY scouring the pages for a size 5 triple fringe brown boot – they are a hot commodity (last pair went for $65, brand new they are $50.. I was gonna pay the $65 but someone out bid my last minute darn it!) Anywho – super cute pictures and my daughter kept wanting to KISS the pumpkins – YUCKO!

  • karra - We have a HUGE bookstore next to the grocery store so we go at least once a week and Rae is obsessed…mainly running down each aisle until we get to her section. and I’m so jealous of your chicfila dinner. SO JEALOUS.

  • Emily - Haha! Love this so much! Lex’s bow is awesome! But I have a feeling my hubby may be saying the same thing when it’s Claire’s turn to rock the huge bow! She’s already got some pretty big ones. And sounds like a perfect little day. Isn’t it funny how we forget about things that may fascinate them like the actual bookstore?! haha

  • Tawnya - Haha! Laughing out loud at your husband’s comment on her headband. I love her headband, it looks sweet :) My husband would say the same thing though probably!

    I love her big pumpkin and trying to eat the little one like an apple… you know what? I just call that immunity boosting ;)

    Looks like a fun trip to the pumpkin patch!

  • Vivian - Ahh! Lex – gorgeous and cute as always! How do those boots run? Big or TTS? I can’t find one even close to K’s size to try on in store. Love them!

  • Vanessa - I fully support the headband choice! darling!!! And I can totally see the mini pumpkin/apple confusion! ;)

  • Tiffany K - these pictures are seriously so cute! We went to a pumpkin patch with Sydney’s school today. Lol :-)


check us out. in pants and boots! we got weather that dipped into the low 70’s this week and decided to take full advantage. so we hit the library and lunch wearing actual sleeves. it was fabulous. we met some friends there and someone discovered the skateboard stroller attachment so now i’m on the hunt for yet another stroller to add to our growing collection. instead of having a garage that fits 2 cars we have a garage that fits one mini van and 6 strollers.


Along with pants we discovered hats. In my defense we were on a walk and it felt like it might kinda sorta be cold-ish outside. And the babe looks adorable… So we rolled with it.

And for the record. The most productive part of my week was finally convincing lex to part with her beloved hair wrap.


Tucker like most dogs is our OG child. And while he’s never openly complained about getting siblings or asked us to “please put it back!” like I’m sure lex will, this look clearly states “and you expect me to deal with TWO OF THESE?!”. . . it also probably screams “I NEED A BANG TRIM”.


After seeing Jenny and her post about looking put together in zero time flat I learned that I coveted her suede Booties like crazy. And needed them in my wardrobe like yesterday. So these beauties came home and I feel stylish just seeing them in my closet.



This weekend I’m ditching the husband and babe and heading to Napa to celebrate my soon-to-be-sister-in-laws bachelorette. I plan on getting real giggy with it and being DD for thirteen girls in a 15 passenger van. but in all reality we’re uber excited to celebrate michelle this weekend. . . and for her to join our crazy family (although by now she totally knows what shes getting herself into).



Brought to you by the lovely ladies behind: The Good Life. A. Liz Adventures. Carolina Charm. & Hello! Happiness.

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  • jess - Have so much fun this weekend!! Bachelorette parties without alcohol are kind of like sporting events without alcohol – they’re so much better hammered, but are still super fun sober! :) Tucker…I want him!!!! He’s adorable! And Lex in her hat…seriously. She’s model material! Happy Weekend!

  • Sara - Sleeves!! Pants!! Boots!!! Hates!! And oh my goodness, Tuck has to be the best an sweetest pup ever!!! Have fun this weekend and be careful!!

  • Chrissy - Love Lex’s shoes!

  • Jenny - Yay for a girls weekend! Love that cute little hat on Lex too – I don’t blame her for not wanting to take it off haha! Happy Friday!

  • Tawnya - Love those booties, and Lex looks darling in the hat! I am praying S will wear a hat this winter, she usually hates having them on and it takes a lot of distraction, but it get’s COLD around here, I’m talking -40!

  • colleen - Lex looks suuuuper cute in that hat! I wish I could pull one off :) Have a fun weekend in Napa and drive safe!! xoxo

  • karra - Sounds like you need a vaca to somewhere with SNOW this winter :) and yay for a girls weekend even if it is sans fun beverages ;)

  • ashley - Have so much fun this weekend!!! Love Lex’s hat!

  • EHayes - Have a great weekend!! And I think some of those boards are universal depending on what strollers you already own!

  • Kelley - Um, I love those boots! CUTE! Hooray for fall clothes- I’ve been sending sweater and boot vibes your way! And Tucker and Lex are too adorable together!

  • Sara - Sleeves, pants, boots and a hat?! At 70 degrees?! You Californians crack me up. :) Lex looks ADORBS in everything though. Have so much fun this weekend!

  • Courtney P - Your dog is seriously so freaking cute!!! Have an amazing time this weekend and just remember this: they owe you once you pop the bun out of the oven. ;-) XO

  • Elizabeth - Girl, it was below 70 there??? YOU ARE SO LUCKY! Sorry for the all caps, but seriously, YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I pretended that it was fall when it was in the 70’s (even 79 screams fall right now) and even ventured to say it was cool at night after the sun set (even though I still didn’t need a jacket). I am insanely jealous of the sleeves and pants that Lex is wearing! (And that insanely cute hat!)

  • Courtney B - Lex’s outfit!! I die! SO CUTE! Come visit anytime… we are in full fledged Fall mode (soon to be winter mode, UGH!) and you all can wear as many boots and hats as you please ;)
    That picture of you in the van cracked me up! I hope you had the BEST weekend ever!!

pregnancy is a bear for me.

i know i get a nice shiny new human at the end of this road, but its still something i struggle with daily. . . maybe its the fact that at 24 weeks i still have morning sickness each and every morning, or that i have heartburn and backaches already. but i think a large part is that i feel large. we’re talking larger than life and not in a good backstreet boys kinda way.

something that helps tremendously with larger than life-ness is being comfortable and feeling fancy and fly. which can prove challenging when all you want to do is reach for you PJ’s.

i managed to snag a few favorites. and just urge my friends not to notice the fact that i wear the same things day in and day out. because hello, what are friends for?

1. 2. Ingrid & Isabel are the jam. no lie. id like to hug both ingrid & isabel and tell them both how deeply i care for them. because between this shirt (which i own in every color) and these seamless leggings that arent see through at all i might manage to officially survive this pregnancy.

3. hatch longlseeved tee. hatch is one of those fancy brands with things i can see myself wearing into postpartum. this shirt is stylish and soft, and just perfectly flowy.

4. the pixie pant is a staple in my normal regular everyday non maternity life. so the fact that jcrew has it in maternity just sends me over the moon in happiness. theyre thick, have a comfy waistband, and are a total and complete necessity.

5. lets talk jeans. the dreaded jeans. i managed to find the most comfortable jeans like ever. AG jeans are amazing for non pregnancy so when i discovered their pregnancy jeans i was beyond hooked. they’re just so stretchy. and stretchy is my bff.

and as bonus:

when working it out (which i promise i still occasionally do) i love me some lulu roll down crops (hello high wasitband!)and while i still love their tops these gap ones are softer, stretchier, and far cheaper.

I’m only partly ashamed to admit I also rock the crop top. My poor sweatshirts were getting a little bit of a workout- enter the crop top. Obviously with something underneath (because ew). But don’t mock the crop!




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  • Courtney B - I was wondering if you were feeling better… darn! I’m sorry about the morning sickness!!
    I remember thinking I would be such a cute, peppy pregnant girl and I would LOVE hearing how cute my bump was… and then I got knocked up. I wanted to smack anyone who looked my way. I was ornery and felt gross and huge the whole time. Thank heavens that babe is worth it in the end… because there were times that I truly feared it wouldn’t be worth it (gasp!!)

  • Jess - Ahhh, I am so sorry you feel so icky!! I went 22 weeks with all day sickness with Cam – it sucked. I also had to go on a prescription for heartburn. At least we DO get a cute little person at the end of this!! I love your picks…they are totally what I sport during pregnancy. (And, to be honest, when I’m not pregnant.) I hope you start feeling human very soon!!!!!

  • julie - If you don’t feel good, at least you can look cute while doing it!

  • Sara - Pretty sure I would rock any of this not pregnant because it looks SO COMFY!!

  • EHayes - this looks like my daily wardrobe almost a year postpartum… hmm.

  • B - Ugh, sickness when the belly is there is NO fun. My first I was still throwing up the day my water broke – happy to report the second time I stopped getting sick in the third trimester. I am so sorry you feel ucky. That teeny weeny little sack of love will be here before you know it (and then you get to savor the world of siblings and “I wanna hold the baby” requests) which melts you like nothing else ever will. Your wardrobe looks super comfortable and CUTE.

  • karra - props to you for even getting out of jammies. Pretty sure we rock those at least 3 days a week :)

  • Elizabeth - I literally clicked on all of them hoping that they wren’t maternity clothes because I want them all too! SO CUTE! Now post some cute pics of you and your bump wearing the clothes :)

  • ashley - Haha, you keep me laughing lady! That shiny new human baby girl is going to be more than worth it! Great picks. :)

  • Sara - Yes, yes, yes. I love these pieces. I want to wear them to cover up my postpartum baby bump. WHY?!! When does that ever go away?

well. its officially monday.

and while i have lots of fun stuff in store for this week (which ends in a bachelorette party in napa!), we’re still recovering from the weekend over here.

complete with a toddler who slept in until 7:30. let me repeat that. SEVEN THIRTY. i half expected a singing unicorn to walk out of her room because anything past 6:45 is unheard of.

someone called her a “twonager” the other day. and after i died laughing i realized that it is indeed 100% true. the proof is in the pudding people.


fun fact. i’m canadian. born and partly-ish raised. for a whole 7 years of life i had the pleasure of trick or treating with a snow suit UNDER my costume. and then we made the move to sunny CA where you trick or treat in tank tops.

so my mother (being the wise woman that she is) decided that since its getting harder to gather the troops on american thanksgiving she would gather them for canadian thanksgiving. because really, a random weekend in october is usually a slam dunk. this weekend was canadian thanksgiving complete with turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, oh and my family– they were there too.

but i only got pictures of the turkey.


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  • Kelley - I’d take a FULL turkey celebration any day of the year! Good job Lex for sleeping in! Love the pic of her in the pool- that sweet smile! “Twonager” no way! ;)

  • Anonymous - haha a singing unicorn. :) i know that feeling all too well!

  • Karra - hahaha she’s the cutest twonager though ;) and your thanksgiving is totally making me want pumpkin pie. And stuffing.

  • EHayes - this makes me excited for thanksgiving (american), god i love food.

  • Tawnya - I didn’t know you were Canadian! What part were you born in? :) I love the “Twonager” status, Scarlett is already showing signs of that phase a week out from her second birthday! ;)

  • Sara - Ask Sweet Teresa if we can be inducted into the Canadian family… because that sounds way less stressful than American Thanksgiving. Totally a fan. Twonager.. I just got it. Yep, it’s been that kind of Monday… but Lex is THE CUTEST!

  • Vanessa - Totally a twonager…I love it!!! I know I say it all the time, but I am so jealous of Lex’s hair!

  • Elizabeth - Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday (maybe because of all the delicious food, maybe not? I’ll let you decide that one lol). I half wish I was Canadian too so I could celebrate twice! YUM!
    PS that pic of Lex with the turkey… looking so grown up and her hair is looking gorg!

  • Jenny - A twoanger — haha I love that! She looks like she’s back to loving the pool and yay for extended summer…. I feel like that happened to you guys last year too. Your mom is a genius because thanksgiving is always so busy and so close to Christmas it’s a crazy time of year. And you guys are Candian so why not celebrate now! That turkey looks yummy and I’m not a big turkey fan!

  • Ashley - So much fun!!! And if waverly would have slept until then, I might have died too! We are 6am people over here … :0

  • B - Too funny. We are American/Canadien’s LOL, as in our family lives on BOTH sides of the border so we celebrate as many of the holidays as we can. Fun that you celebrated Thanksgiving Canadien style this past weekend. Any celebration with PIE, count me in! Lex is too cute. I think we need to move to CA, I am D.O.N.E with cold weather!

  • julie - A twonager is genius! That describes this phase perfectly. And oh my word, I need some turkey in my life stat!

  • Chrissy - Lex looks so old standing in the Turkey pictures!!!! She looks like she is in the third grade!!

  • Jess - We are close enough to Canada, can I have two Thanksgivings, too?? And, I have totally worn a snow suit under my costume in years past…this year, I bought a SUPER warm costume for Cam, and of course, it’s in the 70s today! Maine weather is so weird!!! I wish I could just bank on it being warm, like you!! :)

  • Courtney - Funny, that is the only picture I didn’t manage to snap during our Thanksgiving…the most important part and nope, I forgot.

  • Sara - What a great idea to celebrate early! We always have such a hard time getting everyone together too, we might need to implement this idea. And now I want turkey!