Having a newborn makes me la-to the-zy. It’s like the ultimate reason to turn into a Gilmore Girl watching hermit. It’s been three whole blissful weeks of yoga pants, cuddles, and late night nursing sessions turned shopping sessions (sorry mike!). But now it’s time to break through the haze and actually step foot inside a grocery store, and maybe, just maybe, get back to le neglected blog.


This week marked the start of what I hope is a nice long relationship with crib naps. Putting kenz down for the count in her crib guarantee’s lex some one on one time with me not being attached to a sleeping babe. Lex definitely isn’t complaining about getting back a smidge of “only child time”.  And kenz isnt complaining about “mermaid time”.



My love for summer rompers runs deep. Real deep. Kenz recently scored this, this, and this.  And now I’m just waiting for her to be big enough to wear them. Whoever said being a second child wasn’t fun in the fashion department was cray- cray because I learned a whole lot of “oh heck no’s”  thanks to Lex’s first year of un- fashionable life.


Lex is rounding the corner into three quite quickly. So party prep is in full force round here. We’re going small (really small) because of kenz being so bitty-  but I want lex to feel special and celebrated- so her dream ARIEL party she shall get. Complete with this dress for party day (and every other day until the end of time). We don’t have food figured out, but the goodie bags are packed damnit.




Our newest family member looks exactly like her older sister. I find myself calling poor kenz “lex” on a daily basis and I swear it’s not just “new mombrain”. They have the same face shape, nose, mouth, and even hair. They scream “sister! Sister!” Louder than Tia & Tamera.



While at target yesterday BY MYSELF (a little slice of heaven) I spotted this dress. Which is a replica of Lex’s favorite dresses ON THE PLANET. She begs and pleads to wear her red or purple dreamcatcher dresses daily but gets shut down on school days due to the amount of paint and mud she comes home sporting. Thank you target for answering my toddlers wardrobe prayers and coming up with a school-solution I won’t cry when she ruins. I also scored “purple glitter heels”. Because lex refuses to wear anything on her feet she doesn’t deem princess heels. I’m raising a monster.

a monster who wants to lay down for every photo now (like her sister) and demands we take “one more picture! and then you get a treat!” when she’s in charge with her camera.


  • MERMAID NAPS?! You ARE genius…. although I think Ariel had something do with that!! Pretty sure I stomp for glitter hells too… or maybe just glitter shoes. Can target make that dress in my size?!

  • Yay for more blogging!! You are hilarious and I always LOVE your posts!
    Holy cow! Kenz really does look like a mini Lex! You are the luckiest momma with the CUTEST girls! (Does it blow your mind that you have girlS?! S- as in plural? AH!)

  • oh my gosh! They look nearly identical! I love the theme that you are going with for Lex’s birthday! I can’t wait to see it!

  • TWINS! Holy cow….they are identical! And those rompers are too cute….do you think I could pull one off? I love that Lex’s party favors are packed – too funny! Who needs food when you have a hand kite?

  • Love the Ariel Party theme. I am just starting to plan for Elin’s party. Still unsure of a theme but it shall be some sort of princess.

  • oh my gosh the girls look SO much alike! Crazy!

    Also LOVE blumonet rompers! I have my eye on a few but the shipping to Canada is a little crazy! I agree about the second child thing, I look back on Scarlett’s first year of life and cringe LOL

  • Please, when was lex ever unfashionable? Maybe that one time she had a blow out at the doctor and wore a leopard onezie. That’s like the only time ever. And you totally have twins on your hands and I love it!!!!

  • I swear you must look into grocery delivery- it might just be my very favorite thing about living over here! I’m dreading those days where M comes home from nursery covered in paint so we’ve stocked up on clothes I don’t give a darn about! The girls look SO similar and those rompers are ADORABLE! Love love love the party favors. I might just need to copy you and check and see if they do Peppa bracelets! Can’t wait to see all of the party pics!

  • With Julie, not sure when Lex wasn’t the most fashionable baby ever?! Cute party details and they are ridic twins. I feel like A and K looked a decent amount alike, then didn’t, and now seeing them together they look like sister. Friends saying, K is making an A face, etc, type stuff. Will be fun to see as her hair actually grows in. Cute dress, though I always feel a bit bad when small shops get ripped off by the big guys, like one thing to be ripped off by another handmade less creative, but a giant corp just seems wrong :(

  • I have a massive summer romper problem as well. You should probably just sell me all of Kenz’s as she outgrows them because…yeah. Obsessed.

  • Oh my GOSH. Kenz is so cute! You have the best looking babies. I love all the rompers!

  • Serious twinsies! It’s crazy how much they look alike.

  • Twiiiiins!!!!! Omg!!! And love the rompers kenz has on the way!

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i’d like to believe that we learned a thing or two from lex and are wiser in the “gear” department this time around. although i’m pretty sure most of the credit goes to all the bloggers and grammers who’ve been singing the praises of all these things. . . so here it is. my list of cant-live-without items for surviving life with a new babe. Which probably looks a whole lot like everyone else’s list of items. But it’s because all these things totally rock my socks.

newborn ess The solly wrap has been a complete and total necessity. It comes in handy big time while running errands– not only does kenz pass out in it- but it dissuades people from getting too close and personal with the newborn. Plus attempting to maneuver the car seat/shopping cart situation is a joke.

Nursing this time around has been going so much better than last time. But this mom knows the time will come when I need a longer than 3 hour break. In swoops the Comotomo Baby Bottle. I swear it’s just like a boob. We introduced it giving kenz one bottle a day while I pump and haven’t delt with pesky nipple confusion.

Nothing bugs kenz more than a diaper or outfit change. It’s the only time we hear her cry. So we’re all really really really loving anything kimono style. theseL’ovedbaby Kimono‘s are soft, cute, and easy-peasy because no over the head action is involved. The weather here is mild (to say the least) so we’ve been using just a onezie underHALO SleepSack‘s at night. Complete with bitty babybooties. Its the daily standard outfit of choice for kenz.

The thing i get the most comments on is my covered goods nursing cover. Not because ive actually used it for nursing (i much prefer to nurse at home), but as a car seat cover. It screams “dont touch my baby!” to the preschool crowd upon drop off & pick up.

This traveling play pad gets used daily throughout the house. Its soft, comfortable, and has handles for easy carting throughout the house. Because a certain big sister doesnt stay in the same room for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Lastly the Levana Oma is a movement monitor. It clips onto the babes diaper and monitors their breathing. If it detects they’re not breathing it gently vibrates, if that doesnt work an alarm sounds. We haven’t gotten to use this much since kenz’s belly button JUST fell off. but it gives me peace of mind for naps/sleeps when shes by her lonesome in her crib.

So there you have it. The things we couldn’t have lived without the past 3 weeks of kenz’s existence.


  • I’m dying over the kimono… and it will look amazing with her twinzie headbands, provided I ever get this dang gift in the mail. The playpad looks so comfy, I want one to nap on under my desk… all this little girl stuff… it’s too much for my heart. So sweet.

  • So intrigued by that monitor….let me know how you feel after using it for a few weeks!

  • A traveling play mat?! That is AWESOME! It has only been a few years since O was a baby but they have all sorts of cool thing now that we didn’t have then!

  • karra

    we’re pretty much living in our solly around here and we whipped out our bottles the other day, too. Love that traveling pad! We need one for downstairs!

  • Kristi

    Love your blog! You have a beautiful family. I have a 2.5 year old little girl and I look forward to your posts!

  • Haha, yes, I have pinned and bought everything mentioned multiple times by bloggers – your list looks just like mine, so I am glad they are officially tried and true by someone I know. :) I love that travel mat…just added it to my registry! ;)

  • Saving this for a later date!! I never wore Mia as a babe, except for hiking, so I’m super excited to experience it with our next babe! And I’ll definitely be looking into those bottles as well!

  • Love these items. I never did one of those baby monitor – not because I wasn’t a paranoid freak, but because I was a paranoid freak and I think that thing would have freaked me out even more. I’ve heard horror stories about the Angel Care monitor going off all hours of the night and giving people major anxiety and stress. I’m already a disaster! Love the kimono onesie and the booties! This makes me want a newborn all over again!

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now that we’ve been home for a hot second we’re finally starting to settle into “real life” as a family of four. and real life is looking a little something like this:



Just kidding!

i would love to say life is constant smiles and unicorns and sunshine. but in all reality its been a big adjustment for all of us. now that i’m mended enough to handle both ladies i sent mike back to work so i could start figuring out how to juggle both girls schedules and needs. i’m an eager beaver for life to get back to our new normal. even if that normal has mike chanting things like “lets go girls!”. which has me penning a letter of angst to shania twain.

kenz has been pretty good so far. i dare say that because she’s a whopping two weeks old and i’m still not entirely sure what we have in store. but nursing has been magically & wonderfully better this time around (I credit my binge watching Gilmore girls). and at two weeks she’s up to 7lbs AND has grown an inch. and although we still arent back to birth weight– any weight gain has us cheering and cheersing (ive missed margaritas!).


lex. dear sweet lex. who’s life got flip turned upside down. she loves her “kenzie kenz” something fierce. . . what she doesnt love is that her reign of 100% attention for three years has come to a close. she’s adjusting mostly like a champ, and her “acting out for attention” has gone as far as attempts of using her pacifier outside of bedtime (she’s such a rebel!). But i do think she’s saddened by the fact that I didn’t pop out a two year old ready and willing to play princesses and dress up.

I wasn’t sure about nursing in front of my chatty three year old. And fear not- lex has not disappointed.

“Daddy. What is that?”
“It’s my nipple lex. Everyone has nipples”.
“No daddy. I have little boobs and mommy has big ones”.

Fair enough.

And while I wanted to avoid pumping in front of her at all costs- it just so happened she busted in on me and my pump but instead of being horrified she declared-

“Mommy! Your boobs are dancing!”.

i can only imagine what she’s been telling her teachers.

I’m sure life will change 100x between now and next week. But for now, well for now I’m soaking in the sleepy newborn stage and hoping the babe doesn’t wake up too quickly.


  • “Mommy, your boobs are dancing” Oh, Lex. I got a good laugh out of that one. Great to hear nursing is going better this time around. I hope you ladies continue to adjust well to all of the new life changes.

    Our Little Miracles

  • They dance? Pretty sure Lex is officially smarter than me. Oh sweet Sir. I can hear him already. But what about Tuck? Poor Tuck. Always lumped in with the girls.

  • Lex is such a cutie pie! What a funny girl :) She gets it from her momma, I think!

  • Awww, sweet Lex. She is such a sweetie and man, did I laugh at those comments! Thinking of you!

  • Mike and his shania “let’s go girls” seriously made me laugh out loud. Hilarious!!! You’re a rock star. Go mama go.

  • oh my gosh! I love the pictures. You seriously have some gorgeous little babes! I am glad that you guys are getting into the swing of things though. I have heard that the transition can be hard.

  • Oh my gosh I am dying laughing and Lexs’ antics!! Haha dancing boobs. Glad things are going well and you are all adjusting to being a family of four!

  • I’ve been wondering how you guys have been doing! I’m so happy to hear that it’s going well and that Lex is adjusting pretty well and has been…learning a lot LOL. I do kinda wish I was a fly on the wall at her school just to hear what she tells her teachers. They must be loving it! I can’t wait to see the way they interact as Kenz gets older. In a few short months (or like 9), Kenz will be able to sit and Lex can play alllllllll day with her and all the princesses and your mama heart will explode!

  • Cutie pies! And Lexi sounds hilarious!

  • Cracking. Up. Sounds like you’ve totally got this mommy of 2 thang. And hey if nursing was not so bad the first go around, we’d be strangers. Thinking of you 4 and hoping the sleeping K and hilarious Lex comments continue!

  • So cute! Mac LOVED helping me get my pump ready. I’d let him hook me up and turn the pump on. He thought that was the coolest thing ever. :)

  • Your girls are so sweet! I love their matching headbands! I’m glad you seem to be adjusting to your new life! So sweet!

  • Loved reading this, I feel like it’s my future!!! So glad you guys are adjusting, and nursing well! And omg, Waverly is already so interested in my boobs I can only imagine what’s going to go down!

  • it’s a rollercoaster!! Wait ’til she starts nursing her dolls. A used to do that, but I doubt she even remembers me nursing K and it’s only been 4 months. I would let A turn my pump on since she was so interested in the buttons, so it was my way from keeping her from touching them while I was actually using it

  • Haha! Wait until Lex starts nursing all her stuffed animals at play dates! My daughters both frequently pull up their shirts to feed their babies–so comfortable in front of male guests, ha!

  • Oh Lex! You’re synopsis has me cracking up. And Kenz’ little legs! I could eat them up so! K has the same sheets. :) Keep up the great work mama! I can’t believe you have the energy to post and snap pics, but so happy that you do!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  • Oh, Lex….sweet girl! I am glad that things seem normal, so far!! Keep those boobs dancing, and for goodness sakes, let Lex have her paci outside of bed. If that’s the worst thing she does in her life, you’ll be just fine!!! :) xoxo

  • Oh what a sweet photo of those two! So happy to hear you’re adjusting as well as you can just 2 weeks in. :) Yay for easier BF and if all Lex does is try to get extra pacifier time i’d say she’s a rock star! :) Keep the cute photos coming!

  • Oh, we are so much alike! I was SO ready to be used to our new normal the day we brought Mia home from the hospital… you can imagine how frustrated I was when it took longer than a day, HA!
    Kenz sounds like a dream baby! And Lex sounds like she’s handling all the changes like a dream! Soooooo awesome!

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its almost valentines day! a day filled with hearts and candy and all things pink. all of the above happen to be among lex’s favorite things. its almost as if this holiday was created just for her.

this year lex has a real life valentine. we tried explaining to her what a valentine was- someone you like and care about and who you love hanging out with. we asked her who she wanted to be her valentine and she blurted out “kai kai!” and hasnt changed her answer since.

so imagine our surprise when kai stopped by with a balloon and flowers for her.

young love. at its finest.


now. lex is also lucky enough to have virtual valentines from around the country (world! theres on in canada!). we participated in a little exchange with some adorable blog buds and received a few sweet valentines from around the country. and a very special little package from jess & sadie.

if you dont know jess and sadie. YOU SHOULD. not only is sadie the cutest and blondest tot around complete with a pet bunny, but jess has hands down one of our favorite headband shops like ever. i swear to you we own half of what she has in there. but its impossible to resist!

they sent us a package that looked a little something like this:


homemade goodies- HEADBANDS! a handmade necklace straight from sadie! lip gloss! bubbles! and a little something special for me. this candle. which smells like heaven and strawberries mixed together.

to say lex loved the goodies would be a gross understatement.



and i’m sure you’re all DYING to know what lex’s valentines looked like. we joined a few of lex’s favorite things- mermaids and crafts and bracelets and put together a little package for all of her friends at school. the valentines were from minted and everything else was found at target! so easy, and made so far in advance it wasnt even funny (thanks pregnancy nesting!).


a special thanks to karra who set the exchange up, and everyone who participated!

karra & rae & aubrey.

erinn & ashlynn & kenley

jess & sadie

courtney & mia

vanessa & arden & nash

tawnya & scarlett

ashley & waverly mae


  • Oh Kai-Kai – you are the best Valentine EVER. How sweet!!! I love the bubble and lip gloss pictures… but Lex, you need to stop growing up so quickly!! It’s just not right!! The mermaid valentine is the CUTEST and so perfectly Lex!!!

  • Cute Valentine’s!

  • A real life Valentine? Too freaking cute…I think I have to have Cam bring someone flowers! PS PLEASE just buy 2 of everything that you buy for Lex and ship 1 set to me…I die with her clothes. That army green dress and leggings? Seriously? I don’t even dress that well!

  • Is she standing in front of the mirror to put on her “lipstick?” Sadie does the same thing…cracks me up! And that sweet boy brought her flowers and a balloon? I die. SO SWEET!!

  • Lex and her valentine are just too much!! And do you think she’d mind if I moved into her room?! It looks like every little girl’s dream!

  • Meghan

    how cute she has a real life valentine!!! I love that heart tray… Where is it from???

  • Scoring a sadie sky valentine?! Biggest win ever. Lex is so awesome.

  • oh my word, we loved the little package we received from you girls! I’m a huge idiot and didn’t realize I was supposed to send valentines to everyone so I will be sending mine late, along with a little baby gift for the newest addition :) xoxo and maybe a little Canadian treat for Mama ;)

  • karra

    I die over the lip gloss picture. Rae does the same, it’s always so caked on and it never leaves her hands. So much cuteness over those flowers and balloon!

  • Okay, sweetest little Valentines EVER! Looooove that he brought her flowers and a balloon!
    Loved this sweet exchange! Between the move and the confusion of addresses (and slow forwarding mail) I didn’t catch the hint that we were supposed to send ALL the littles a Valentine. My bad! So Lex’s is late, so sorry!! But it’s always fun to get a surprise when you least expect it, right? HA!

  • Jess nailed your gift! I LOVE it! And your photos of Lex… you’re giving me GIRL baby fever! My gosh, it’s a good thing I have a boy or I would buy ALL the headbands from Jess! Lex’s valentine, Lex putting on lip gloss, and Lex blowing bubbles are perfection!

  • So awesome! Love the headbands you guys got! That Jess is just too amazing. And I love your mermaid package. So adorable!

  • Nice work Kai, way to step up the toddler Vday game! He’s a keeper! :)

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It’s no secret we’ve been busy.

Last week mackenzie entered our lives and michelle made herself an official part of our family.

You can read about Kenzie and her arrival here. So let’s cut to the wedding. Ah, the wedding. It was beautiful and then some. The Venue was stunning and you really can’t go wrong with sailboats and ocean as your backdrop. The ceremony was sweet, heartfelt, and successful (they said I do!). But dare I say lex and her ring barer partner in crime knocked it out of the park. They walked slowly, they held hands, they smiled, and were promptly rewarded with giant heart lollipops and gummy bears.

Michelle was one stunning bride. I can’t exactly say I’m surprised because hello, homegirl is gorgeous on the day to day. But her in those sky high shoes and dresses (yes! Plural!) took the cake.


My brother happened to clean up pretty nicely too.



I can’t say I was in the best of shape the day of the wedding. Recovery hasn’t been my BFF so far. But we are beyond lucky to have the best family and friends like ever to help out with the kids (because we now have TWO), my giant swollen feet and legs, and just making sure we were fed, gussied up, and physically there for the most important day of my brothers life. Because no way in hell was I missing his wedding.


Things have calmed down considerably since the wedding. I even managed to send mike back to work for a few half days and survived being home alone with the ladies.


And Kenzie rocked her newborn pictures. She happens to be an excellent sleep smiler and nurser so she didn’t give drew too hard a time. I can’t wait to see the rest… Especially sister pictures. Because matching headbands and sweet smiles are what my dreams are made of.


  • It’s no secret you are totally my hero. Love those two lovebirds. Tell Shaun I’m glad he’s no longer living in…. I kid, I kid. That was the best introduction to Shaun EVER. (Hi Shaun! We love you!). As for your babies, I’m pretty sure they are the MOST adorable. EVER. Xoxo

  • Love love love!! I am DYING to see your photos!!! She is just the most gorgeous baby! Glad to hear it’s going well. Keep us updated! And more photos please!

  • First of all, you are a rockstar! When I read your post last week referring to a wedding, I thought you meant in the next month. Not like FOUR days after having a baby! You amaze me! Although I don’t blame you for not wanting to miss the wedding. I’m guessing that’s why Kenz’s arrival happened in the timely fashion that it did? :) Pop a few pain killers and you are there for your brother and sis in law’s most important day! It looked beautiful!!!
    Second, the sneak peeks that you posted of Kenz are AMAZING! I die. You are giving me baby fever lady! I cannot wait to see the sister pictures! You better get your wallet ready because I think you are going to wait to purchase canvases of all of them!

  • Eeeeek! I cannot even handle how precious the girls are! Lex in that dress & Kenz in her headband! You need to give me all the dirty details of what recovering from c-section #2 is like because I’ll be going down that road if we ever get crazy and decide we want expand the Temple clan! Hope you’re all doing well! Xoxo

  • Matching headbands really are what dreams are made of. I’m sorry to hear your recovery hasn’t been great, I hope you’re improving! xo

  • Beautiful pics of the girls and looks like such a great wedding! Sounds like Lex was the perfect little flower girl – of course! And way to go mama and a day alone with two babes! :)

  • Love those newborn pics. And you may not be in the best shape of your life as you’re uber fit— given that your baby is just a couple weeks old but you look terrific! And as the mom of two girls, matching headbands are definitely what my dreams are made of– if only my two year old would let me.

  • You are pretty darn amazing for getting to that wedding so quickly after Kenz’s arrival! Rock Star Mom status over there. Can’t wait to see more of her newborn pics!

  • The wedding sounds amazing! And you are seriously super mom!! You look so pretty in that picture! I’m glad you were able to be there!
    Side note- in the hospital and a few days after, my legs, feet, freakin’ TOES were swollen and larger than life! I’ve never seen myself like that… what is up with that? All the IV’s? Ugh. It was not a pretty site so I know what you were going through. So sorry!
    I can’t WAIT to see more newborn and sister photos! I know they will be PERFECT!

  • You guys are so cute. And I’m glad the wedding went well and we knew lex would rock her flower girl duties! Love her dress…and Michelle’s too!

  • I am in awe that you both made it to the wedding and looked that good!!! Mom (and sister) of the year for sure!!! And Lex, omg, she looked so stinkin’ adorable….I have a feeling she stole the show.

  • Seriously, cabbage patch baby, I’m dying. She’s amazing, and so are you for looking so great for a WEDDING days after birth! The wedding looks stunning, love the flowers and color scheme. Hope you are feeling good, and that the girl’s are behaving for you!!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of Kenzie!!! So cute!

  • This post is everything. Love your family. Congratulations on all of the new and so so so exciting things!! :)

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