i cant believe july is (basically!) over. this week flew by- much like the rest of the month.

this week bath time has been our nightly savior. lex has decided to throw her naps to the wind so extra long baths have been keeping us all sane. i think i even bathed lex at nap time at least once this week. i’m really not loving the transition away from naps- but the 7pm bed-time with zero drama has been an incredible trade-off.

you know who loves her SIX pm drama-free bedtime? kk. yup that’s right. if kk goes down at 6 and we manage to get lex into bed at 7 it means we’re slowly taking back the night. just in time for bachelor in paradise to start.

and on a completely unrelated note. we recently started using tubby todd on the gals and i love this stuff. kenz is our rashy babe who battles eczema in her chubby leg crooks. but since switching to this stuff its cleared up! i promise this isnt sponsored- i’m just so excited to find a friendly product that smells amazing (and the bubbles are so bubbly!).



this summer has been hot. the weather has been cruel and we haven’t been getting the ocean breeze we need to survive. so we’ve been rocking the swim suits on a daily basis to try to combat the humidity and to try to hint to mike that we want air conditioning.

hint. its not working. he LOVES the weather. and while he has a point that its only hot enough to warrant it a few weeks out of the year– being stuck in the middle of those few weeks is miserable for the ladies and i. and while we live walking distance to the beach the walk to the sand feels more complicated than flipping an air conditioning switch.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset


something clicked recently and these two have been getting along so well. lex even went as far an introducing kenz to every single teacher and classmate at school, and when her teacher said “you’re proud of your little sister aren’t you lex?”  i realized just how long ive been struggling to hear that. lex doesnt often show it, but deep down her sister is an important part of her life. and she really, truly does love her. finally.


and with that we’re off to my parents this weekend. because they have air conditioning. and a pool.

  • Good job Lex loving that little sister! :)

  • Oh man, we are starting to head into no nap territory and I am not a fan! I’m not sold in the earlier bedtime yet! Maybe it will be easier come fall when it gets dark much earlier. But a midday bath night help me pull through. :-)

  • You have the prettiest babies ever…. I just LOVE how happy they look!! Glad Lex is settling into being a big sister!! Everything just takes some time…. like the AC. 😉

  • i have trouble sleeping without the air conditioning on, so I would be a total pain in the ass to my husband if we didn’t have it. I basically turn the air or heat on to keep our house at 70 degrees year round ;). We had a no nap day yesterday (other than a 20 minute cat nap in the car). Well I guess that 20 minutes was too much because he was still up at 9 pm!!! I definitely missed my downtime yesterday! Have a great weekend at the pool (and AC)!

  • I don’t blame you wanting AC. I get restless trying to sleep in the heat or do anything in the heat for that matter. Especially when you are forced to stay in the house for whatever reason AC is needed. I am glad Lex and Kenz are starting to have that sisterly bond it is so cute to see! Have fun at your parents and enjoy the AC whilst it lasts haha.

  • Mayumi Shimose Poe

    “Taking back the night” = YESSSSS. We’re years away from that, but I am excited for you guys!

    It actually brought tears to my eyes to hear that Lex is loving up on her baby sister. TEARS, FOR REAL TEARS, IN A PUBLIC PLACE. Thankyouverymuch.

  • Ah, yes, air conditioning would be amazing. Like you guys, we’re fine without it most of the time, but then those 90s+ days with no wind and no AC are deadly.

  • LOVING SISTA’S. hooray!! and I am really loving Lex’s new cut. So cute on her.

  • WHOA WHOA WHOA. You don’t have AC??? Oh your poor, poor thing! Come over. We have AC and we use it. And I cringe at the thought of our electric bill but when it’s 90+ outside and god knows how much humidity, we run the AC.
    On a happier note, YAY for Lex and Kenz!!! That picture is SO cute and I’m so happy that lex is finally acknowledging that she has a sister and that she likes her! That’s huge. I can’t wait to see what fun these girls get into together!
    PS 6pm and 7pm bedtimes… jealous! Mason’s keeps getting later and later and he’s been going at 8:30pm which significantly interferes with BIP!

  • Love that Lex has finally warmed up and is showing major sister loves. There really is nothing that makes me melt more then seeing the girls give unprompted hugs and kisses and the excitement they have when they see each other. And I don’t know how people deal without A/C ugh, so necessary!

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i’m just going to jump right back into blogging here. so let’s pretend i didn’t take an awkwardly long pause and just go back to being best friends.


– lex got a hair trim of over 6 inches, and she is now rocking the taylor swift hair she never knew she wanted but seems to absolutely adore. brushing/washing/styling has gotten way less dramatic and i can’t tell you the number of times i’ve heard “i just LOVE my short hair!” over the past week. my favorite part? it looks adorable wet! and she has the hair-body ive never had but always dreamed of.



– mackenzie is now sitting! by herself! for about a minute at a time! heavily supervised! because she still tips! a lot! but has perfected the slow lean followed by a tuck into a roll. so that’s cool. lex has been hogging the pictures recently, but now that the bumbo doesn’t have to take center stage expect to see a lot more of my favorite fuzzy head.

excuse our brown grass. according to the drought-ed state of CA “brown is the new green”. . . so consider us SUPER hip.


i took kenz to the mall earlier this week. just me and her, and safe to say i totally forgot how nice it can be to just have ONE stroller bound kid in tow. she couldn’t wine, couldn’t run, and just sat there smiling. i ended up wrangling a pair of non-maternity jeans to start wearing. because six months postpartum might mean i have to give up the stretchy waist. its such a battle because i’m still lugging FORTY pounds of baby weight that i cant shake. even with a personal trainer 3x a week, cardio 3x a week, and a nutritionist. pretty sure baby numero dos officially broke me. . . . and now you all know why i’m never in any pictures anymore. its embarrassing, and depressing, and i’m just hoping something clicks ASAP. but i still have at least one fan-club member. . .

although anthro’s dressing room lights do nothing for her see-through complexion.


– much to mackenzies confusion lex has officially accepted her sister into the family with all too welcoming arms. i mean its what kenz has been wishing on a star for– but that much love and attention comes with a few ahem chokes, grabs, and pokes.




but dont worry. because underneath that sweet new exterior the old lex still manages to shine through.


and that’s what we’ve been up to. not much, but a whole lot.

  • Oh those pounds will be off before you know it. And make sure to be in those pictures – you’ll regret it when you’re rocking on your front porch waving bye to those sweet babes (who will have their own babies). And I guarentee you look awesome – Have you seen the commercial of how everyone else sees you and how you see you. Dont be so harsh on yourself:) the sitting on your own thing is such an awesome accomplishment (even more awesome the second time). I love Lex’s hair. My eldest needs a hair cut but I am not thrilled about cutting off those little baby curls at the bottom of her super long blonde hair. I know they will never come back. Love to see you posting and seeing those smiles above!

  • Oh I am sure you are still a beaut! When you figure out the secret please let me know because when I have babes of my own I will be looking for all the secrets I can find! I just wanted to say i loveee your cute blog! And you have such a cute family :) I was getting lost in old posts and i kept thinking the girls look just like their dad! and then I’d see a picture of you and be like wait they look JUST like their mom! You’re gorgeous and a couple extra pounds or not, I’m sure you’re still lookin great :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  • I’m sitting here and definitely having hair envy with the cutest three-year-old ever. YAY for Kenz’s new milestone. BRING ON THE PICTURES!! (And I’m sure you look fantastic… no matter what you say.) So glad my grass isn’t the only one looking a little burned these days.

  • OMG the second baby made me so fat too! Oh well.

  • Oh man, I hear ya on baby #2 wrecking our bodies! I don’t think my hips nor ribcage will ever shrink back down. And the last 10 lbs are never going to leave. I may be in maternity jeans come winter…Grr!

  • Meghan

    lex cracks me up. Between her aggressive love and then her indifferent face! And I hear you about the baby weight… I felt like it took a while even with noah but then the work started to pay off around a year. Though now I’ve plateaued again. Regardless, don’t shy away from photos… Your girls will love looking back and seeing you in the photos too!

  • The weight will come off, just give it time. 9 months to put it on, and at least 12 to take it off! Everyone I know says it is so much harder to bounce back after #2, so you’re not alone! Lex’s hair is the best! So shiny and full and gorgeous! Lucky ducky!

  • Get in those pictures, girl. You’ll lose that weight in no time and I’m sure you look stunning regardless! LOVE the new hair on lex and I super lover the no bumbo. I’m working on Bre but she’s just all over the place.

  • hooray for unexpected blog breaks! i’m trying to be back too….let’s be friends. :) lex’s hair is so cute it ALMOST makes me want to cut kenley’s (i’m too scared).

  • First of all, there is no way you are not still beautiful even with some extra baby weight…so get in the picture lady! But I hear you…because I just bought jeans in a bigger size and it’s depressing. #muffintop. I haven’t even stepped on the scale because I’m too scared. Second I agree with Colleen….9 months on, 12 months to get it off. Third, the sister love is just too much for words….I told Jon we might have to have another baby just so Sadie has a sister of her own to squeeze. And fourth, loving Lex’s haircut…get that girl a modeling gig stat.

  • oh my gosh! How is she already sitting up?!? Wasn’t she just born like yesterday? Lol. And I love the hair cut! Sydney needs one bad! Lol.
    Ps- you are gorgeous! Enough said! Lol

  • Mayumi Shimose Poe

    First of all, THEIR FACES. OMGGGG. I love the juxtaposition of who is smiling and who isn’t. Totally hilarious.

    Second, are those heart-shaped swim goggles on LEX! Where do you even FIND all these wonderful things?!

  • Aww poor Kenz! The toddlers want her in the picture but can’t keep from jabbing her in the face in the process. One day, sweet girl, you just wait, you can have your revenge lol.
    And I feel ya on the blog thing… this week was awful awful and I’m soooooo behind. Thankfully Mason’s napping nicely right now so I’m on a binge reading/commenting streak :)

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so. this is it. a big long (really long) post about photography.

this is dedicated to those of you friendly sweet people who requested it. and if you didnt request it– its a beast of a post and i wont blame you at all if you hit “mark as read”.

S T Y L E |

lately i’ve been putting more time and effort into my pictures. but not only that i feel like i’ve finally hit my style groove. its taken me almost 3 years to figure out how i best love to document the babes. They’re always changing, so i’m having to change and grow too. BUT im finally learning what pictures i love most, and really figuring out my style. its probably the hardest part of learning photography– you can know the ins and out of your camera, but until you’ve really developed your style youre going to struggle.

i love the simplicity of this. . . and i LOVE me some rule of thirds! A simple background, pretty lighting, and stepping back to get all of lex in the shot is my recipe for success! 

(taken with iphone)


Our family photographer is drew b. and i love her like crazy. not only is she one of the only people i blindly trust with our family pictures but she’s also dedicated to teaching and helping moms learn how to document their babes. she has an online class (which i took! its so good!),  and she also created an Instagram account dedicated to creating a community of moms who really want to share and learn how to take better pictures. My instagram feed is now (even more!) filled with photographers i look up to and find inspiration from.

E Q U I P M E N T |

i have three cameras. my DSLR Canon 5D mark II (which always has my 35mm 1.4 lens on it), a sony NEX6 (which always has my 35mm 1.8 lens on it) and my iphone 6+.

i cant even tell you the last time i picked up my Sony. and ive been toggling between my DSLR and my phone. My DSLR is handy around the house or for set-up shots. and my phone just comes with me everywhere. so both are equally as important.

IPHONE- My phone is there for on-the-go action. its always just there. no fiddling with ISO, or f-stop. just open it, set your focus, adjust your exposure (if you have time) and go to town. I use the camera + app on my phone for all my pictures. it has the handy dandy grid and makes it incredibly easy to set the focus and exposure. I love that not everything goes directly into my camera roll and i can just save the best of the best.

(taken with iphone)


5D- my 5d is my prized possession. i cant even put into words how much i love it. its pretty much the camera i learned on and those setting buttons are second nature. which is probably the most important piece of advice i have for big cameras. throw that baby on manual and know those buttons. once you get the hang of ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed you don’t have to spend forever getting your settings and can just pick it up and go. which is uber important to capture those “in the moment” babe pictures.

(taken with 5d)


E D I T I N G |

so i have photoshop. with a stash of totally rad actions. but i rarely ever use them. my photoshop skills are clunky and i find it much easier to edit everything in pictapgo! (which is by the genius’s behind totally rad!), snapseed, and VSCO. Pictapgo! is probably my hands down favorite because you can do it all, edit, crop & rotate.

W O R K – F L O W |

since i do everything from my phone i have an eyefi card (and adapter!) so that even when shooting with my DSLR i can throw everything onto my phone. the ONLY thing i have to say about the eyefi/adapter combo is that its impossible to shoot in RAW using it (the adapter slows it WAY down).

so upload pictures (or download from camera+ camera roll). toss into pictapgo! edit, and save. then to get them onto social media i use pictapgo or whitagram if i dont want a square picture.

have you heard of the magic of chatbooks? theyre the most amazing things EVER. you can set up a recurring series and every 60 instagram pictures will automatically be printed and mailed to your house (for $7!). lex LOVES going through them, and mike (since he doesn’t use instagram) loves reading all the captions. We recently signed all the grandparents up– so they’ll start receiving copies of everything too!

(taken with iphone)


S U B J E C T S |

obviously i love shooting my babes. i love documenting them (a little too much) and just want to remember them how they are forever. their blue eyes and flowing (or fuzzy) locks. I seriously cant get enough of them. That being said- my husband pointed out. you have to be fully committed to getting the shot even if it means missing out on part of the “moment”. and its so true. i LOVE photographing them. I want to do the best job i can to document them, so if it means i miss a minute of fun so i can grab the camera and snap away i’m fully willing to. i’m also really open to learning more about photography and honing my skills. its a serious commitment, but i love pretty pictures. so its important to me!

i knew i wanted pictures to document the first mommy/lex sleepover. so while the sun was still out (at 7:30!) i knew if i wanted to get my shot i needed to do it before we were in bed for the night and the light was gone. i LOVE this picture. lex and that poodle are inseparable. we dont leave home without it, and she has yet to spend a night away from him. he hardly makes it into any pictures- so this seemed the perfect opportunity. (taken with 5d).


P O S I N G |

oh heck yes i love a good posed picture. but i find that with the two kids they’re getting harder and harder to get. when i tell lex to smile her face creates a giant cheese face thats cringe worthy. so, now? now i try not to pose them. I tell lex to dance, jump, make different faces, my most successful pictures of that kid are when i ask her to just twirl and jump. yes ive usually told her where to twirl or jump because i love a good backdrop and pretty lighting, but offering her suggestions instead of just telling her to smile at me has kept the attitude about taking pictures at bay.

this twirling and dancing session got super sweet after the thunder rolled in and lex sat down to talk to mackenzie about it. (taken with 5D).



and sometimes you create a picture perfect moment without knowing it and grab your phone as fast as you can before everyone erupts into “mom. i’m DONE cuddling with mackenzie”. (taken with iphone)


try different angles. shoot from above, shoot from below. shoot straight on. with lex i always kneel to her level and with kenz (she cant do much besides lay down) i always shoot from above. just try anything and everything. move and move and discover!

(taken with 5d)



L I G H T I N G |

i think lighting is the most important thing to master when it comes to pictures. so often amazing pictures are ruined by weird shadows or squinty eyes. so set yourself up for success. if its not working- find shade, find a natural reflector to bounce off your subject (white walls! concrete ground!). and if you’re doing a more styled shoot- make sure you do it at the right time of day.

i was trying to get pictures for kenz’s monthly updates. and it just WAS NOT working. no matter what i tried her eyes didn’t pop and her face had seriously awkward shadows. so we moved rooms- reset, i stripped her down (she thought it was hilarious) and i ended up with my favorite kenz pictures to date. dont just keep going down a picture path that you know isnt working. switch it up- make the magic happen!

(taken with 5d)


i knew i wanted fouth of july flag pictures. so we waited for sunset and i took lex out to a field. we ran around with the flag played, twirled, and just watched the sunset. and they came out perfect.

(taken with 5d)


sometimes moody lighting totally works. it was a rainy day and lex woke up from her nap and sat on the front steps watching the rain. the back light framed her perfectly and her hair was a mess of humidity and wet tangles. but holy cow it was gorgeous.

(taken with 5d).


U N D E R W A T E R |

underwater pictures are totally the rage right now. i wish lex was a little less timid the water so we could get some real mermaid shots, but she warmed up just enough just in time for some seriously fun pool photos. for underwater pictures i know there are a few awesome cameras and cases. since i have the iphone 6+ my case options are limited to lifeproof. but guess what? i LOVE IT. i wish i could keep it on my phone at all times, but it gets in the way of actual phone calls (which are rare. but still!). just make sure to 1. do a back up of your phone before taking it swimming and 2. make sure its perfectly in place and that the charging door and headphone jack screw are perfectly in place. i usually dunk it a little at first just to make sure no water is getting it. and if i’m good to go i roll with it!




if you made it all the way through this you deserve a gold medal. i hope i helped at least someone out there with something! and if anyone has any follow up questions let me know. i LOVE helping (as much as i can!).

And just know this. Not every single picture is good. Not every picture deserves to be posted. The babes don’t always look like their adorable selves (everyone can be caught making some awkward faces). so what you see is a very culled version of everyday life. It make take 100 shots to get one perfect picture. But getting that one perfect picture is totally worth it. 

  • Allllllll beautiful pictures!!! You do such an amazing job with your babes!!! Love that you shared all this!!!

  • Ah! Thanks for sharing all this! Definitely going to put some of it to use!

  • oh love this and I adore @momtog. I have learned some helpful hints. Let’s hope it helps make my pictures better and better. Yours are amazing and your girls precious!

  • First off, thanks for the post and all the wonderful tips! I really need to get better at using my iPhone…well my DSLR too, but the iPhone seems like something everyone should know how to use. I’m also going to check out that online class! But mostly I loved this post for so many relatable feelings. You are the 1st person that has only talked about missing a few moments to get the shot! That is something I used to feel guilty about, but not anymore. Photography is quickly becoming a little hobby for me. I love pictures and photographing my family, so it should be fine for me to do something I enjoy all while spending time with my kids. Just a great post all around! :-)

  • Your pictures are ALWAYS on point, Erin. With perfect little subjects too 😉 I’m way too excited about ordering the eyefi! The DSLR just sits on the counter now for easy access and I love it! Now if only I could get Rae to sit still long enough for sister pictures.. she’s been all. over. the. place lately!

  • So glad you wrote this! You’re the queen of beautiful photos and I’ve been waiting for years to know your secrets!

  • SUCH a good post, missy-miss. Even if some of it is above my head and skills level, I loved peeking through your eyes and glimpsing how you arrive at your gorgeous visions. :)

  • Oh, Mark II, how I long for you…maybe some day. :-) You’re excellent at what you do!

  • best post ever!!! Thank you so much for the tips. Your photos really at some of the very best. I totally appreciate how you mention missing out on some of the moments so you can be dedicated to getting the perfect shot! So encouraging to other mamas! Thanks for the post & sharing your beautiful pictures!

  • I’m totally asking for the eyefi card for my birthday! Annnd I need to add a few new photo apps to my iPhone. Your pictures are always so fabulous!

  • I’m so amazed you can snap such great photos with the iPhone – I’m going to download that app you suggest:). I read the whole thing! Gold medal reader.

  • I love it! It’s also so good to hear people’s workflow and process with choosing what photos to take, how to edit, etc. I love your philosophy behind taking photos of the kids. I feel like people are critical about that minute of playing lost to take the well-framed dslr photos, but if it’s important to you, it’s worth it! And that’s often the same people that have 25,000 photos of their kid doing the same thing on their iPhone :)

  • Ok, first of all, you’re my hero for this post! Seriously, it helps so much!!! Now if I only knew what a 35mm 1.8 lens meant, I’d be good to go! But in all seriousness, I probably won’t be getting a big girl camera anytime soon so it’s probably ok. But your iPhone tips are SO helpful!!! I’ve been using a beautiful mess to edit my pictures to make them square for IG but I just downloaded the Whitagram app and will try that too. I always take pictures with my regular camera (so easy to swipe and click!) but I need to try camera+. I tried snap seed the other day (help!) and used PicTapGo yesterday (it was pretty easy!) but I could definitely use tips on those and how to use the filters and everything they have to offer. Seriously though, your photos are always so gorgeous, I feel like I can never get anything that good because 98% of the time, I’m snapping away in my house (which is dark! boo!) or just trying to get Mason to smile long enough to get him in any sort of photo. Seth makes fun of me when I try to pose a picture (which happens rarely, I’m not very patient lol) but I think that’s what I might have to do to get such gorgeous pics. I notice a lot of people take pictures in front of their garages, and sadly we don’t have one, so I just need to figure out where to take better pictures and try that. THANK YOU for these tips!

  • Thanks for sharing! I love love your photography and all your posts. I haven’t touched my DSLR in months, but now that I finally have an iphone 6 I feel like at least my iphone pics are a step up from my grainy iphone4.

  • Meghan

    Thank you so much for posting this! I think I majorly need to work on “my style”! I love how I know these photos are yours (even if your beautiful girls weren’t in the photo). While I love my iPhone 6 camera I still find its not as crisp since noah is usually moving!

  • Thanks for taking the time to put this together!! I am obsessed with your gorgeous pictures (in a non creepy way, promise!) and they are always so gorgeous! I love learning about this stuff even though my pictures are far from good, ha ha! Someday I’ll figure it out!

  • THANKS GIRL! This is so helpful! Your pictures are all amazing and I’m always looking to improve my Mom-tog skills!

  • hey! Lots of good info here. Your pictures are always inspiring. I DO have some follow ups that have to do with the phone. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a 6 yet? How do you set exposure? And what do you mean that you don’t have to save everything to the camera roll automatically? Ever since photo stream happened (which I do love), I feel like I have 4 copies of every photo even when I delete them! Also- on pictapgo, all I see is filters and cropping. Can you use other tools? I bought it over the weekend and am not finding anything but filters. Thanks again. Your suggestion on replacing the 50mm with 35mm was gold!

  • Love that you posted this. So much great information. Wish I could be so disciplined and finally figure out all the manual modes on my DSLR. Again, that overhead pool shot of Lex is incredible. Truly Canvas and blown-up huge in the living room worthy!

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catch up that is.

i’m behind on blogging. i’m behind on blog-reading. i’m just plain behind.

the sweet little ladies of mine have been keeping me on my toes. and we’ve been involved in having some serious fun over here.

i mean i havent even done a fourth of july re-cap yet.


basically it was a blast! we went to a birthday party in the morning and then had a birthday party at our house in the evening. the AM party was for a sweet little guys first birthday and the one we hosted was for good old america. we had bacon wrapped hot dogs (perfectly wrapped and grilled by yours truly. . aka mike), and campfire cones, and watched fireworks perched on the cliff overlooking the ocean at my in-laws. it was pure magic. all the babes behaved (and stayed up way too late), and the fireworks were seriously spectacular.

happy birthday america!


since then (because that was over a week ago!). we’ve been under water.

its officially summer now that the fog has lifted and the sunshine is aplenty. we spend most days in our courtyard jumping and splashing in our backyard pool. which has been a-ok with lex.


until her recent re-obsession with the big pool.

IMG_2844 we’ve been battling a pool fear for over a year now. we finally got lex back into swim lessons a few months ago. and after a few tears she’s finally excited about going. her teacher has been taking things slowly and we were beginning to think our pool days were officially OVER. until friday. when this kid decided that pools really are the bees-knees. she had a blast and we ended up spending the weekend poolside.

k doesnt last long in the water so she was forced into chilling pool-side instead.


not only have we been in the pool water, but the ladies discovered sister baths. lex loves them and begs for them daily. and k loves them until her sister tries to wash her hair and isnt the most gentle with the rinsing part. and yes, that bumbo floats. but it usually needs a bath more than the girls do (it really gets around).


lex cheated on her sister last night with this guy.


and fear not. they dried off and went to bed together too.


so. if im a little behind lately. blame the ladies. and the crystal-blue pool water.


and now i’m off to attempt to get these two ladies on the same nap schedule. because waking the wee one 2x a day for school drop off and pick up just aint working any more.


  • That pool. Those babes! and HOORAY for summer fun!!

    Sister baths and sister naps make our world go round also. Bre hasn’t been napping as long as she normally does which kind of stinks, but at least some days it’s in sync with Rae.

  • Pretty sure that this is EXACTLY what summer is supposed to look like… textbook definition! ANDDDDDDD I want a campfire cone. I hope I’m invited to the next event where that is served… otherwise, I need to take these to the desert. Or to Half Moon Bay. Or wherever I can find a firepit….

  • i have been so behind on blogging and reading stuff too! summer just takes over and all my time is spent outdoors, which I am totally ok with!

    we have been living in our little pool out back too. perfect way to keep the kiddo and the bump cooled down!!!

    AND, i am LOVING your underwater photos of lex! she looks like a little mermaid, for sure!

  • Meghan

    They are two great reasons to behind on blogs ;). I love that she took a bath and slept with her unicorn!

  • Yep, I’m behind too :) It’s ok, having fun with family and friends is more important than how often you update the blog! I did love this post though and all of the crystal clear pool photos. PS I freaking love your bathtub

  • That’s so awesome that Lex loves big pools again. :) The photo of her underwater is so cool!

    I remember taking baths with my cousins (we were around the same ages and my sister is 13 years older than me) and we had so much fun!!

    Good luck with getting your little ladies on the same nap schedule!

  • Looks like summer is treating you guys so well! Love the underwater photo! And our bathtub looks pretty much identical, bumbo and all. Did you know you can suction that thing to the bottom of the tub? It took me a while to figure that out, but it helps so much.

  • You guys sound like you are having significantly more fun than we are over here! Well, me. I spend my days at work and Mason spends his days playing, so needless to say, he’s having a great summer too lol. I’m dying over your baby pool pictures! I wish we had even a square foot of grass so I could set one up and let the splash-a-holic go to town where it didn’t involve me and my bathroom getting a bath as well.
    Even if they tag team naps, it seems like you guys are having a great summer! (oh and those hot dogs sound amazIng as well as those cones!)

  • I love this! Sydney had a fear of pools for two years! Lol. She now finally loves pools again and w e have been able to enjoy some fun in them this year because of it!

  • Shut up!! That unicorn is a floaty?! Even better!! That is the best thing ever, ha ha!
    Watching fireworks over the ocean sounds incredible! I’m coming to your place for the 4th next year 😉

  • Ashley

    Just soooo much fun! Love that lex is back in the pool! And let me know how the nap schedule goes … I feel like that will be our issue too!!

  • So awesome that she’s back in on the fun of a pool. But the bath with the unicorn is my fave! haha

  • What underwater camera do you use? Honestly, I would love a post about camera equipment if you think it’d fit in! I would love to know what you shoot with and how you carry your equipment around, especially to the beach!

  • Story of my life. Being behind that is. Love that Lex is a-okay with the pool now. And that unicorn is hilariously amazing!

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pretty sure i could sit here and sing this kids praises all the live long day.

but thats not how i roll.

so instead i’ll try to shake things up and keep it real.


where do i start with this child? she pure go-with-the-flow awesome. but alas we give her exactly zero choice because you see, she’s dragged this way and that all around town on every single one of big sisters activities. but heres the thing. she doesn’t mind. so for that i’m forever grateful.

we have perfected rolling this month (by “we” i mean her. because i perfected rolling a long time ago). but it hasn’t come with a few pitfalls.

long gone are the days of putting the babe down and her staying in one spot. so i’m becoming more useless around the house because the babe can officially get herself into trouble in the hot second it takes me to switch the laundry. the pack n play just might make its debut soon.


we had k sleeping soundly through the night for a few weeks. it was glorious and we were all sunshine, rainbows, and rested. until a few things happened. first came the rolling- i’d hear little bitty complaints over the monitor and click it on to see a big smiling face staring at me. which is not adorable at 3am.

and then came the diapers.

It never fails that once a night we are up to change that child. i mean i cant blame her, id hate to sit in that stink. but its just plain inconvenient, and a schedule i’m not sure we can change.


we’re still going strong on solids. although homegirl is one picky eater. she looks concerned that shes not eating what we are, and yet doesn’t really seem to love anything besides peaches. everything else she just barely tolerates (except carrots. carrots were sheer drama and fake choking). but she loves herself a bottle filled with german formula.



now. lets talk looks. this child has eyes i could get lost in. and i’m pretty sure ive never ever EVER said that before. but they are the deepest purest blue ever. and i bet (if they stay) they’re going to serve her very well later in life. jury’s still out on hair color. its blonde-ish hint of strawberry-ish but the softest patch of fuzz ever. k’s features are finally starting to turn a little more feminine and a little less “old man newborn”. but safe to say i’ll keep throwing headbands on her just so everyone can be 100% sure she’s a lady.



and that’s that. i cant believe this kid is already FIVE months old.

  • I’m with you on her eyes… and the five month thing. Kenz, we need you to slow down and stay a baby… at least until I can come visit you!! Try and let your mom get a little more sleep though – I know you mean well, but let’s be real – no one loves 3am. 😉

  • She is too beautiful!! That face!! Those blue eyes are going to talk her way out of a lot of trouble! :)

  • Those baby blues.. I MELT. Rolling over has disturbed our slumber, too.. hooray for hitting milestones! Happy five months sweet thing!

  • Ashley

    Precious babe!!!! Can’t believe she is five months!

  • Erin, she is GORGEOUS!!! And I can’t believe she is 5 months old already. She sounds like the best baby (minus the 3am wake up calls to say hi mom) and its so awesome she just goes with the flow. I seriously wish you lived 5 minutes away instead of 23868126782 minutes in traffic because I want to come over and squeeze that girl and give her kisses! (is that weird? sorry! lol). She is beautiful!

  • She’s getting so pretty Erin!

  • She really does have gorgeous eyes!! What a beauty!

  • Seriously, her eyes are incredible and I LOVE her fuzzy hair. Such a doll… and how is she 5 months already?!!!!

  • This post had me laughing out loud multiple times. You’re the best. She’s the best. The end.

  • Meghan

    Before I even got to that part, I was thinking man her eyes are AMAZING! She will definitely be using them to her advantage as she gets older… Watch out!

  • FIVE months?! Too fast!! She really does seem like a dream baby! I hope baby boy is a-okay with going a million miles and hour with us, because I really don’t want life to stop just because we have 2 kids instead of 1!
    She is such a beauty! As always, I wish we lived close and could get together and have the girls play!

  • Jane

    So cute! Love the headbands..they’re a keeper!

  • Kenz in that bikini is my favorite! How can it be that she is already 5 months old. These kids sure do grow up fast!

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