lately ive been on a nesting rampage.

a legit rampage. i dont think there’s a single piece of laundry in the house or any corner left unorganized. . . but waiting isnt my strong suit. and being out-of-control of things really isnt my strong suit.

and waiting for something i cant control (coughlaborcough) is pure torture.

my adorable hospital bag is packed. this weekend i received the last little piece of “must take to hospital” goodness for my birthday (thanks mom & dad!). i wont bore you with the innards of my bag- just know its filled with adorable blankets, hats, perhaps a few headbands, and my going home outfit.


we had one awesome weekend. not only did they truck in snow to lex’s school on friday, but it happened to be my birthday saturday. which we celebrated heavily with baked goods, tank tops, and farmers markets.


i’m not sure what she loved more. cupcakes or snow.


this week in an attempt to stay busy i had my first drybar experience. i dont have pictures, because #pregnancyfatface BUT i will tell you it was heaven. having someone else wash and dry my hair? sign me up daily. i think mike audibly gasped when he walked through the door and my hair wasn’t in a messy bun.

and now, now i’m off to nurse a sick toddler back to health. AGAIN. because this flu-season takes no mercy on toddlers.  i hope she ditches the feverish pout so i can have my smiley tot back.




  • That blanket is so sweet!! Love it!! After you finish laboring, you can send that shirt to me for 1/1 deadlines. Hope Lex feels better soon!! Sign me up for daily shampoo blow outs too…

  • That is seriously so fun that her school brought in snow!!
    Your bag is SO cute! I can’t believe it’s any day now! Do you have (or want to have) an induction date?!
    Also, poor Lex! I’m fighting off a sore throat and praying Mia doesn’t catch it. As if moving week isn’t stressful enough… Had to throw in some sickness to top it off!

  • I don’t believe for one second that you have pregnancy fat face. Not even. Jim does the same thing when I take the time to curl my hair. It’s like awe! Wonder! What is your official due date? I have two friends who are currently in the week 39 countdown mode so I wonder of you’re in the same spot as them :)

  • Your going home outfit is PERFECT. I love that sweatshirt and I love the sparkle and I would totally get one except I feel like without a newborn in tow, people might judge. But for reals, I could use more sleep ;)
    Hope you had the best birthday (which it sounds like you did with that gorgeous blanket as a present and all those baked goods)!
    Thinking baby thoughts for you and hoping miss kenz makes her appearance soon!

  • Ugh, waiting for labor is the worst. And genius selection for the going home shirt. So awesome they truck in snow. I’ll send over some of ours!

  • Love that they trucked in snow! So fun! I can’t imagine how read you must be for Kenzie to arrive!

  • Your going home outfit is perfect. I seriously can’t wait for baby day!!!!! Hang in there my sweet friend!

  • Meghan

    i love how you dress Lex! That’s so cool they brought snow in! While we have more than enough snow here and would love to have your warm weather, I think every kid should experience a little snow every winter! Hopefully you go into labor soon! I delivered at 36 weeks and I can’t imagine how impatient I would have been if I carried full term… I’m not good at waiting!

  • SO close, mama!!!!!!!!!! This is quite the birthday season for you three girls, huh?!! Love your bag & can’t wait to hear the good news! XO

  • Ugh, both my kiddos are sick right now too and it’s torture. Hope you all feel better soon. And hope that baby gets OUT so we can all meet her! Hang in there, mama!

  • Happy belated! It was mine last THursday as well!! Hang in there!! AT least you’ll have a wonderfully organised house when baby gets home.

  • karra

    I think it’s appropriate to already be wearing your going home outfit ;) and count me in on cupcakes. I may have had a few spoonfuls of ice creams for breakfast.

  • Waiting. Never my fave. Sick toddlers. Also never my fave. That blanket though, and your going home outfit haha!

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Yesterday I was kindly and gently reminded that it’s been SIX days since my last post.

And since I cherish and love said friend I promised her a post.

I just didn’t guarantee it would be a fun one.


Since lex just started school this past year this is our first “flu season” as a preschooler. Which has been snotty- but not that bad. Until last week. Last week she got hit like a ton of snotty, coughy, feverish bricks with the flu. It knocked her on her ass… And then proceeded to knock me on mine.

Because life in general doesn’t suck enough at 38 weeks pregnant. For a few days I was certain (hoping!) I would cough and mackenzie would magically fall out.

No such luck.

Instead as we round the corner into “she can come any day now!” I’m praying that every round of Braxton hicks will make its way into contractions and this babe makes her debut even if we all have to wear surgical masks and we greet her as a family of eyes so germy germs arent spread.


I swear I wrote this article. This girl is my pregnancy spirit animal. And at this point I’m ready to get off the ride and get my body back. I’m just not a cute, fun, or even remotely happy pregnant girl. Instead I gain 50lbs, have been rocking cankles for longer than I care to admit, and have become a morning sickness master.

But I pride myself in not being a complainer because A. I signed up (enthusiastically!) for this ride and B. It could be worse. Things can always be worse. Just know we aren’t all sunshine, and rainbows, and unicorns over here.

Plus I’ve convinced myself that mackenzie will come early just like her sister. I’m helping homegirl along by having a date with this salad dressing. And when it doesn’t work you can find me desperately trying to stay busy for the next week and a half.

and yes. there is proof that not every round of pictures produces a clear winner. and proof that this kid has been giving me a pouty face for daaaaayz.



  • I’m totally continuing this commentary via text message… but I’m giving your homegirl a shout out for being the cutest almost-three-nager ever. And waiting for Kenz to make her debut…. one that doesn’t involve being coughed out.

  • You are a serious master non complainer. Truly, you amaze me.

  • Who is this kid?! Seriously, such a ham… and her new style? She’s like um, yeah babygap is for babies mom, I’m the trendy almost threenage sister to be!

    And I totally hear ya! I’m not a happy pregnant girl either, and def at your phase in the get out get out get out ‘tude. I can’t believe you are 38wks! Can’t wait for the announcement she arrived!

  • Oh my word, at 38 weeks pregnant you’re allowed to complain, especially with a cold/flu! I can’t wait for Mackenzie’s arrival :) These photos of Lex are adorable, as always :) xo

  • 38 weeks?! When did that happen? Holy wow you are SO close to Miss Kenz making her debut! Thinking well wishes (aka hope you get well super soon!) and baby thoughts your way!

  • karra

    It’s probably a good thing I don’t have your personal number because you’d be getting A LOT of complaining texts.. I’ve been down right BLEH the past three days. I’m so ready to meet this babe (and yours!!) I’m joining you on that salad dressing and whatever else will help ease this babe out ;)

  • YAY! A new post. I am thrilled! You just brightened a long, dark, dreary night of anthropology editing. THANK YOU! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Oh girl, I remember waking up each morning by 38 weeks so sad I didn’t go into labor yet. Hoping that salad dressing works for ya!!!! ;)

  • I have been stalking you – just waiting for that baby announcement! Aw the joys of almost three-nager syndrome – we have that going on in my house too! Flu at 38 weeks – complain away girl!

  • Meghan

    you are a better person than I am! I am definitely a complainer and did a lot during my first pregnancy! If I get pregnant again maybe that should be a goal of mine… Complain less :)

  • Alternately titled, “walking through rainbows, sunsets, and stars”… that’s stuck in my head….except I can only remember that line. And can you please just cough kenz out? Because that would be hilarious. And awesome. Feel better my friend…I know it sucks being sick AND pregnant!

  • I was hoping your absence meant something happened other than the flu…I hope you all are feeling better and Ms M makes her debut soon!! I cannot wait!!!

  • I hope you guys start feeling better soon! We’re all sick too. Since Mac is at preschool now, he’s a carrier monkey, bringing home ALL THE GERMS. I can’t wait to hear that Kenz in making her appearance!! I am so excited (although probably slightly less excited than you) about meeting her! Come on baby!

  • Your posts are ALWAYS fun!
    SO sorry about the flu! That just plain sucks! Taking care of a sick toddler is rough. But taking care of her while you have it… plus carrying around a fully baked babe?! You are super woman! I hope you’re both on the mend!
    Oh the cankles… story of my life when I was pregnant with Mia. I don’t know what I’ll do with a summer baby, at least I was able to hide mine for 3 months since Mia was born in December. I don’t think I’ll be able to get away with sweats if I’m 9 months pregnant in the heart of summer in Arizona. Gotta time the next pregnancy juuuuuuuuust right, ha!

  • Feel better! I was a miserable wretch when I was pregnant and caught a cold. The FLU at 38 WEEKS?! Hell to the NO! I feel for you lady. Get all the rest you can (even though it’s never enough!)

  • The final weeks of pregnancy BLOW, there is no denying that! I hope your little lady comes SOON and I hope you all feel better too! XO.

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We woke up one day last week and all of Lex’s pants were too short. Someone’s been major spurting and I have to admit it snuck up on me. I usually have an entire wardrobe of her size at the ready. But she’s been a 2T forlikeever so I found myself with exactly one pair of perfectly fitting pants for her.

I’ve been doing a smidge of necessary shopping. This size round she’s getting less- but I’m trying harder. And shopping way smaller. Which means I’ve been discovering a whole wide world of amazing shops beyond the gap and crew.


romper 2

The summer of the romper. THIS ROMPER.

romper 4


And maybe this one too.

Lex took a three hour fever induced nap yesterday (don’t go thinking we get those on the day to day. In reality she’s on her way to ditching the nap and my sanity along with it). And after extensive research found the most perfect wardrobe staple for my kitty loving tot. And headwraps are about to enter our lives in a big BIG way.

Mike should fear the three hour nap.

  • Good finds, Momma!! Naps (and non-student days for me) are SO dangerous…at least they’re productive! :)

  • I can’t get over that you can wear sleeveless where you are right now. Must be heaven! It’s freezing where I am.

  • We are in the world of some 2T and some 3T… but she’ll have NOTHING for when it actually does warm up. Althought she still fits great in one pair of 12-18 jeggings from gap, so hopefully it’ll be another year of squeezing into the prior year’s shorts!

  • Kids clothing sizes are so weird. I’m not good at predicting what she’ll need when she needs it AT ALL

  • LOVE the romper!! Girlfriend has SO much style! Love this! And I’d love a list of your favorite girl shops – I need some fun stuff for Mim!

  • karra

    if Rae didn’t HATE getting dressed then rompers would totally be a staple at our house.. but I’d never make it through buttoning all those buttons lol.

  • Lizzie

    It’s so cute, but how does she go to the bathroom in it?

  • DYING over that romper. Lex is the cutest little model!

  • She’s perfect!!!

  • Pretty sure I need to buy your kid some clothes. I mean, why not? She’s definitely the cutest. I don’t know about the romper though – I mean, what happens when she really needs to pee? Clearly, I’m not a mom… but I’m already thinking about the problems with rompers. Which is clearly just my own jealous speaking… because I want my own.

  • That second picture?? I die. I’m dead. She is SO stinkin’ cute in that outfit and those sunglasses. Again, I die.
    I’m not sure if you are into the whole arranged marriage thing but I know a pretty cute toddler boy that likes older women (as in a couple months older toddler girls) that only lives about an hour away (give or take an hour depending upon traffic LOL) that I would like to find a nice wife for ;)

  • Oh, the romper is ADORABLE!!!! Just might have to pick that up for miss Waverly Maye for this summer … because we are FREEZING right now! SO JEALOUS! :)

    Happy weekend!

  • That D&L romper. Headwraps. Lex’s overall coolness. I mean, seriously, the girl needs an agent! ;) And I’m jealous. We have a couple of D&L items but I just can’t get my game on to finagle some more coveted pieces. Now Lex looks like a skinny minnie too, so where are you finding good bottoms? K still has 12-18m bottoms falling off her bum, and all her jeans are cropped.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

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there’s no denying we’re excited for mackenzie’s arrival. . . BUT i’m almost just as excited for lex to become a big sister. i know the transition is going to be R-O-U-G-H on her. she’s not used to sharing her life with another tiny human. so we’re trying to ease the transition as much as possible.

i feel like ive read more than a few articles about transitioning the toddler to big sibling-hood. and one of the things was the babe getting them a gift. . . because who doesnt feel super special and important after receiving a kick ass big sister present?

and i totally mean KICK ASS.


i fell in major love with this candy kirby doll (candy kirby everything!) and knew lex needed it in her life. it arrived months ago and ive been oh, so patiently waiting to give it to lex. because a blonde tulle doll embodies everything lex is.

these peg dolls are the cutest! lex’s dollhouse came with lots and lots of tiny adorable things (like a workout room with a treadmill and free weights) but the dolls it came with are downright creepy. lex would much rather play with a set of princess peg dolls (rumor has it jasmine and ariel will be fighting over the treadmill because they both “show their bellies”). and heaven knows i’ll need a nice quiet engaging activity for her these upcoming months.

lex’s bitty baby has been making quite the showing lately. but much to babies dismay she only has ONE OUTFIT (cue the horror!). so another outfit and a few more diapers bitty baby shall receive.

last but not least lex can never ever ever have enough ariel garb. so last time we were at disneyland i (secretly) nabbed her this ariel necklace to dangle from her neck.


i have no clue if a big sis gift will help. but we’re up for trying anything and everything to make sure our resident toddler doesnt get her nose TOO out of joint when her sister arrives.

  • Ok seriously I love that rug… I love Candy Kirby everything, especially those dolls, Scarlett would love them. Also I must get S an itty bitty baby when the time comes for us to grow our family, they look so real… she would flip!

    Lex is going to be pretty impressed with her big sis digs for sure! ;)

  • This is the BEST idea! I think it will totally do the trick in making Lex feel spoiled and super important with her new role as big sister! I will totally do this for Mia, when it’s her turn to become a big sis :)

  • The best idea for sure! Lex will feel so special getting gifts AND a new real life baby sister. :) :)

  • What a sweet big sister gift! I think she will love it! Especially that Candy Kirby doll eeek!

  • Meghan

    gifts can never hurt and these are absolutely perfect! We have a baby stroller waiting for when/if we get pregnant again and plan to buy Noah a baby doll to go in it. He’s obsessed with babies right now but I have a feeling that would pass quickly if it was ours ;)

  • Jen Moore

    A good teacher friend of mine made a Big Sister Book – from her daughter to the newest addition. She found this really helped with transition – making her daughter think of all the ways she would be an awesome big sister!

  • awww, I love these gifts! But with or without them, I just know Alex will be an amazing big sister once she gets used to it!

  • I get the logic. They show their bellies. Makes sense!

  • Love this!! Can’t wait to see Lex as a big sister!! She’s going to be great – I mean who doesn’t love presents?!

  • I think Lex is going to LOVE her gifts! She’s going to go crazy and be in heaven. I can see it now… “Kenz! Look at these AWESOME gifts I got. Let’s go play!” She’s going to be the best big sister!

  • A funny story – when we brought our second daughter home, our toddler thought we had brought her a real live baby doll. It was comical in the way she lit up and tried to snatch her out of my arms. She was and still is a wonderful big sister 90% of the time. She is not thrilled that baby sister can now move and “get all of my things!” the horror of sharing. I cannot wait to see Lex shine as a big sister. She will be awesome! Plus ya know cannot wait to see baby sister Kenz:)

  • This gift is PERFECT – she is going to love it! And I am so glad you posted this, reminds me to get my ass in gear getting Waverly one together when the time comes!!! Cannot WAIT to hear the news that sweet Kenz is here – so incredibly excited for you all!

  • Oh, you’re the cutest!!! She’s going to die – whether it will help or not is still questionable, but it won’t hurt! :) I got Cam a few things at Christmas that I decided to save, but I am fairly sure nothing will help when HE wants to cuddle on the couch and little Louise is taking up my arms. A new adventure, for sure!!! :) xo

  • Adorable stuff — I’m sure it will make the transition a little easier! I mean how could anyone be feeling down when they get to play with those princess peg dolls!?

  • This is not only adorable but genius! gah! Lex as a big sis! I just can’t stand it!

  • She is going to flip out over her big sister gift and think that kenz is the best sister ever!

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the nursery is done. the diapers are purchased. and the clothes are washed. the only thing that’s left is for this babe to make her grand debut.

mackenzie’s room is a lot smaller than lex’s. but it used to be my closet. . . so she should be happy i took one for team pink and my wardrobe now has to share a closet with mike (the horror).  it’s nice because i sometimes feel like lex’s room has a lot of stuff in it. and this made us really sit back and only get the basics.

we did a random mix of mermaids and gold and other sea-ish/land creatures.




we were always at a loss for seating in lex’s nursery. it felt like one of us was always sitting on the ground. so when we saw these stools we knew they were the perfect functional addition.


the rug is my favorite part of the room. its mike’s least favorite part. but he’s currently parading around as a “lumber-sexual” so we dont trust his judgement that much. and i’m still waiting on the garland to hang above the crib. . . you cant rush perfection.


lex’s favorite animal is the flamingo. so she’s been drooling over this print. . . meanwhile ive been drooling over kenz’s growing headband collection.


mike takes the most interest in lighting when it comes to “designing” a room. so he was put in charge of that. slam dunk on his part.


and here’s the closet. since there’s only one bar for hanging we decided to stock it with baskets (and get an extra long dresser) so there’s room for everything. and yes, that’s my partially packed hospital bag sitting in there. this babe can come ANNNNNYtime and i’d be more than ok.


dressergold circle mirror/ gold “M”/ la pina print/ mermaid & octopus prints

wild one banner/wooden star/kids classic book set/ unicorn doll

gliderwooden casa coral/ white mesh “M”/ beaded heart/ pouf

dipped stools/ crib/ gold dot sheet/ quilt/ bed skirt/ rug

flamingo print/ chandelier/ blackout curtains/ basket

  • Oh my word I LOVE it all! Especially the rug ;) and the lighting! So perfect!! Can’t wait to “meet” little Kenz! xo

  • The nursery is perfection! SO beautiful! Those little clothes and headbands- I cannot wait to see the little peanut. Lumber-sexual- dying- that is the best term ever! And check out the flamingo suits at Target- Lex needs them added to her suit wardrobe!

  • Love love love it. Every detail is so cute!

  • LOVE IT! THe curtains are great, love the prints and the mix of colors. And the tiny baby clothes, ugh… make my ovaries stop.

  • So pretty and fresh! I love everything about this room — especially those little tiny clothes!!

  • Dyinggggg… Everything turned out SO GOOD!!!! You are so talented mama!!

  • Meghan

    OMG I’m in love with this room! I love the mix of colors and how bright and airy it looks!

  • OH MY!! I love this room! It is perfect! Gorgeous; simple and stunning. Just the right amount of pop!! So pretty!

  • So beautiful!!! I love how clean and peaceful it looks. Baby M will be so comfortable in this presh space. Simply gorgeous, mama!

  • oh my gosh I love it! I mean seriously??? That is adorable! I want to do something like that for Sydney and she is five! I love that the room doesn’t scream BABY!

  • Dying- it’s perfect! Great job!! But what I love most (errrr or close to it) is the hospital bag. Where can I spoil myself with one of those??

  • Looks ah-mazing. I don’t have a knack for this stuff you did awesome girl!

  • karra

    SO so good Erin! I cannot wait for miss kenz to be here!! and I swoon over that rug!

  • Oh Erin, it is PERFECT!!! Just beautiful! I love every single detail, way to go mama!

  • AHHH! It’s gorgeous! Perfect!!! Y’all did an amazing job!

  • Love the nursery! Love all the decor and the paint color is beautiful as well! I can’t imagine how excited you all must be! Is Lex just dying waiting on little sister to come?

  • PERFECTION! I love every little detail, especially your hospital bag…come on, little girl!!! PS I am stealing like ALL of these ideas for our nursery. ;) Just kidding, I’ll only steal like half.

  • It’s perfect. It’s almost exactly what I want to do for ME’s room. For her room Abigail is having to get rid of her playroom/schoolroom, so like you guys, we’re really trying to keep things simple and not overdone. The less stuff the happier I am! But we’re just getting started so we’ll see ;)

  • Erin, her room is PERFECTION!!!!!! Seriously, I’m in love. You’re almost giving me baby fever but only if you will come decorate the baby’s room.
    (oh and that rug… LOVE. and that light that Mike picked… gorgeous! He has good taste!)

  • Oh, I don’t think you linked to it… where did you get your gorgeous hospital bag? I LOVE the gold dipped bottom!

  • Perfection…absolute perfection!!!! Even the closet makes me swoon! Come on Kenz–I think you’ll be perfectly happy in your new space! :)

  • Oh my gosh, that is one perfect nursery!! I LOVE it! The size of the room seems so perfect for a newborn, cozy! (it’s probably the size of Mia’s room now, ha ha!) The light fixture is beautiful! I mean seriously, EVERYTHING is beautiful! Good job, momma! Crossing my fingers she comes sooner than later (and that we get one last bump picture before her arrival, ha!)

  • Absolutely stunning nursery for a beautiful baby girl on her way! Everything is perfect! I was packed for a good month, and my little love didn’t come until AFTER my due date. But knowing how things work, Im sure if you keep those backs unpacked, your little bundle will arrive sooner than you think. Lol. Good luck, mama!

  • I am madly in love with this room. GORGEOUS!! You outdid yourself. (Also, my husband is lumbersexual these days – full beard. Not a fan.)

  • It could not be more perfect! You guys did awesome! Now have that baby so I can see her in that gorgeous room!!!

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