we had such a fun week! 

we got to visit drew’s studio for kenz’s 6 month pictures and per usual she did not disappoint. we only have a sneak peek. but so far? well, i’m LOVING what she’s tossed our way. 

i finally got into the picture! and i hope you’re all giving me a round of applause for it. my most favorite part about this picture is that kenz is the main focus. she’s not just my prop. nope, this session was about HER, and this picture is mostly about HER too. 


the session came with its own set of challenges. not from the babe (she knows when a camera comes out she’s expected to behave) but from the blonde one who wanted one thing and one thing only. to see the chickens. just after getting her hair pulled by kenz (and crying real life tears because of it) drew was trying to get her to tell kenz a secret when she whispered “i don’t like you” to her. sisterly love at its finest folks. 


but during bath time later that evening the hair pulling was forgotten and lex was all about making kk giggle. 

and now? now we’re up at the lake getting as much R&R as possible with two ladies in tow. 

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

so. time for a few of my favorites. 

these playmats are the best things EVER. and i do mean EVER. i have one of each size (and ordered one more during their warehouse sale! go now! 50% off!) and use them DAILY. they wipe clean! dry in the sunshine! fold so small that they’re the perfect thing to cart to the beach or park. . . or to just around the house. 

our waffle maker has been getting quite the workout compliments of puffles. yes. puffles. puff pastry waffles where the filling options are endless. and for dessert tonight i’m thinking a good old fashioned smores puffle.

in an effort to drink more water i upgraded to a giant swell bottle. if you haven’t gotten on the swell train its a hands down necessity. i swear i collect water bottles (mike DESPISES this about me), but since getting a swell i haven’t even glanced another bottles way. because these things legit work. they keep my water nice n cool even on the hottest of disneyland days.

 i swear we have lex in ballet and not hip-hop. . . but theres a good chance she’s been watching rap videos in her spare time.


 if you need me i’ll be chasing lex AND tucker. because lex has decided that when it comes to the lake wherever she goes tucker must follow.


happy weekend!

  • Oh my. Enjoy the weekend!! Love, love, love the sweet babes! I burst out laughing at Lex’s secret…. and between that and her recent pictures, I’m going to say that you and Nicole have been influencing her. Justttttttt kidding. 😉 Tuck is the best sport ever. Long hair don’t care.

  • Meghan

    omg that photo of lex being a rapper is the best thing ever! And as an outside observer/reader, lex whispering “I don’t like you” is amusing! Sister love is an interesting thing ;). Have a great time at the lake!

  • Meghan

    oh and yay for getting in the picture with kenz!!!!

  • Oh girllll. I can’t even with this post! “I don’t like you” totally slayed me. Kenz’s grin! How could anyone not like her?! Lol. And lex posing. Oh mah word. And yeah, someone get me a puffle stat.

  • Taza is such a fav! I really need to grab one of those mats ASAP, as we’re always out and about somewhere. And oh, Lex. Work. It. Girl… swooning over you and miss K :) lovelovelove!!!

  • All the heart eye emojis for Kenz AND you in that first picture! CANNOT wait to see more!!! Drew is so talented!
    Have SO much fun this weekend on your vacation!!! xo

  • I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures! I think Lex is whippin…she must be watching too much YouTube! (Have you SEEN the videos of kids dancing? I love it. I am the worst dancer, so I love watching people who know how to dance – especially kids!) I hope you get some relaxation this weekend…although I don’t plan on a relaxing weekend with kids for another 15 years!

  • I am just dying over that sneak peek of you and Kenz! Such a gorgeous picture, the lighting is perfect and Kenz’s little giggle face is to die for! I can’t wait to see the rest! The photo of Lex dancing LOL… and I hear you on chasing the fur child around AND the toddler… Scarlett want’s to bring our dog with us everywhere we go lately too! Hope you’re having a great weekend at the lake! XO

  • oh em gee! Love the sneak peek and YAY for you being IN the pictures. the girls and you will adore that you are in them the rest of your days. Kenz is so cute with her little fluffy hair. Sisters are the best, my oldest likes to call the youngest HER BABY and heaven forbid you try to take her away – BUT this did not start until the baby was walking. Toddlers are weird. I finally have one of those pom dresses being shipped to our house as we speak. I cannot wait to see my girl’s eyes light when she twirls:) I hope you had a fantastic break as the lake! PS those socks are super cute with the Hunter boots. Must obtain several pairs for two certain girls in my life!

  • Mayumi Shimose Poe

    I am all about that photo of you and Kenzie. Mission Melt Mayumi accomplished.

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who doesn’t love the red & white beacon of hope?

lately ive been using our weekly (twice weekly?) trips as a complete and total sanity saver.

when the ladies don’t nap we head to target! when the ladies DO nap but then melt down when i try to take sister pictures we head to target! when the ladies are in great moods we head to target! throwing puffs & popcorn at them is a game everyone wins.


i posted this picture over on the gram and my good friend liz texted me asking for my “secrets” to target pictures. so. i wanted to walk everyone through it. because i promise you its not magic.


i love target. but i dont love having target isles in my target pictures. the girls looked adorable sharing a red cart and i love the nice white floor as a clean background.  so i snapped. and i snapped. and i snapped like 100 pictures. all from above. most of them not good. half of them blurry. but all you need is one my friends!

so i got this:


ive been LOVING using VSCO lately. and LOVING the C3 (but toned down a bit). i just bumped up the exposure and bumped up the sharpness and then i was in business. after i put the picture into whitagram the white border made the white floor look gross and grey. snapseed has an amazing brush tool that lets you brush a lighter exposure in the places you choose. so i brushed the floor to make it look better with the white sides of my frame. because everything these days is done for the gram!


so theres just a little peek into how i edit my iphone pictures.  making little tweaks makes a big difference!

but lets be honest. outside target still has WAY better light. (for this one i uses VSCO A7).

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset

i LOVE doing these photography posts. so raise your hand if you want more. . . or have any questions to throw my way! i definitely don’t have all the answers and secrets– but i love documenting these babes!

  • Ly

    More more more! I’m loving the pics and the photography posts. ALSO, there’s no such thing as over instagramming from you so keep them coming!

  • Yes, please do more. I had vsco on my phone, but got rid of it. I really only use afterlight and pictapgo, they already overwhelm me with options and adding in more makes me immobile. Love seeing how pics go from first take to posted outcome!

  • Target should really give you all the dollars with your beautiful pictures!! You take an ordinary activity and make it look like an amazing destination! I vote you keep doing these posts!

  • I am loving the VCOS app lately too! However, I never seem to have the presets that others have mentioned…. Did you just buy ALL the options? Or are there particular collections you recommend?

  • Target twice a week is my jam too…but I never capture such beautiful moments like you do! Maybe one day!

  • Ok I gotta download the VCOS app. I’ve been using the Pic Tap Go one to lighten up my pics but Ive been hearing so much about VCOS! I love these posts so keep them coming!

  • I LOVE your photos :) and I want a Target. Canadian probs.

  • Consider my hand raised! I love photography and desperately need some schooling and lessons. I would love to be better at photos and editing. What apps are you using lately? I would love some tips on better cell phone pics. Do you use any photography apps lately?

  • Love this! I have vsco and camera + and big lens and that’s all I got!!! And I don’t even know what to do with them!! I think I’m awesome when I blur the background. Yeah. Teach me more!

  • Kim B

    Hi Erin! I’ve been a reader of your blog for a long time and love it and your family! :). I have three boys and a girl who is 5 and Lex totally reminds me of her! I just had to finally comment to tell you how much this post helped me – you helped me FINALLY get the pics I’ve always longed for!!! Thanks for all of your honesty and advice! I also have spent about ten fortunes on hair products for her and have never found the perfect combo until I recently tried the noodle and boo suggested by you and surprise surprise, we found our holy grail! Please keep all of the tips, advice and products coming!!

  • Meghan

    great tips! What a cool app to be able to brush on a higher exposure just in parts! Noah is so anti sitting in the cart now in target! I miss those days!

  • I love love love your photog skills and posts! The insight + ideas are so inspirational! What do you use to edit your photos from your fancy camera?

  • Yes! I love the photography posts!

  • HAND RAISED! I want more! Tell me all the secrets! I LOVE this!
    But my main question is, where is this gorgeous Target with this gorgeous purple wall?! My Target is not nearly as pretty on the outside. We have an ugly wall colored wall or… windows into the Starbucks. Lame. My Target is doing nothing for my photography!
    Also, just out of curiosity, how long does it take you to edit a picture before you post on IG? I think that might be my problem. I like instant gratification and am too impatient to edit!

  • SOOOO great seeing you at dinner and the playdate with Lex and Kenz when we were in L.A. Why did we not take ANY pictures? Oh and LOVE and MISS Target but mostly LOVE your photography posts. Keep them coming! xx

  • Duuuuuuuh I want more!! I love these posts because I always LOVE your pictures!!
    We actually made it to Target on Friday (woo hoo) and I thought of you while I was snapping pictures… but then they all sucked so bad (not Mia, of course) and I didn’t know what to do to tweak them… so nothing got posted, ha ha!

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we usually like to celebrate half-birthdays with cake. but alas the littlest lady cant have cake (and possibly has a smidge of a dairy allergy. . . for now). so she gets to celebrate with a blog post! and shots! babies have all the fun!


so six months so far has been my most favorite age ever (i kid. every parent has to say that). but we are having a lot more fun together recently now that we’ve said later-gater to the bumbo kenz seems a little less baby and is a little more enticing to her big sister.

plus the picture possibilities are endless now.


so six months. we’ve learned quite a bit about the likes and dislikes of this cheeky gal.

L O V E S |

life. storing blueberries in her cheeks. crying when her sister cries. making dinosaur noises. waking up happy. chewing on feet. cuddles. blowing raspberries. sister-baths. swimming. the camera.

H A T E S |

napping if her sister is home. when someone sneezes. not being mobile. apples.

Safe to say she lover not a hater.


I joke that kenz is the child that could convince us to have another one. but its so true. she’s just so sweet, and good natured. and easy (for now). she’s and awesome (night) sleeper, and a mediocre napper (but never seems worse for the wear). her grumpy days consist of nothing more than fewer smiles. she loves the gym and i love that she loves the gym.and her fuzzy head is so soft its impossible not to love.  she keeps her hair accessories on (for now). so she really is the perfect (final) addition to our family.

Processed with VSCOcam with b3 preset

at her six month check-up this kid got solid marks in the height & weight department and hit 50% across the board. but she failed her shots because OH THE TEARS. but we dried them quickly and ended up with three legit naps for the day.

IMG_3568 IMG_3553 IMG_3493



happy half birthday kk! next year we celebrate with cake!

  • Your girls are SO photogenic!!! I love that Kenz loves the camera! Makes taking pictures of her sweet face so much easier :) But tell me this… why oh why does she look so old?!?! I swear she doesn’t look like a newborn anymore, she is a full blown baby now. Time slow down!!!
    Happy, happy half birthday sweet girl!

  • Anonymous

    No fricken way. You have to have more because LOOK AT THOSE GIRLS. Such bright, joyful, funny, whipsmart, likable little beauties. Sorry, but you are not excused from the baby making table.

  • Mayumi Shimose Poe

    Oh, Sorry! That Anonymous comment was me.

  • It sounds like I could learn more that’s few things from sweet KK!!! I love her silly smiles, her fuzzy head, and of course – the fact that she’s the perfect addition to your sweet family!!

  • She is just too cute and sweet for words!

  • Goodness, she is such a little love! Her sitting up is just too cute for words.

  • Ashley

    Six months, such a big girl! I just love her, and her fuzzy hair!

  • Shut the front door…six months? She’s PERFECT! Louise freaks when someone sneezes, too….poor girls. I am so glad she’s easy and sweet – there’s no better combination! I can’t wait to continue watching her grow!! ox

  • Oh Kenz!! She makes me baby hungry!!

    Good thing I’m already knocked up!

    (Random stalker comment here… we must have our babes meet when we come to California in December!)

  • My goodness! 6 months already?! The camera seriously loves your girls! Quick question: Do you still carry Kenz in the Solly Baby? Does Lex every use the Solly Dolly? I’m wanting to get one for Kaitlyn for her big sister gift bag! OK, that’s all. Happy half birthday to your sweetheart!

    xx Viv

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i cant believe july is (basically!) over. this week flew by- much like the rest of the month.

this week bath time has been our nightly savior. lex has decided to throw her naps to the wind so extra long baths have been keeping us all sane. i think i even bathed lex at nap time at least once this week. i’m really not loving the transition away from naps- but the 7pm bed-time with zero drama has been an incredible trade-off.

you know who loves her SIX pm drama-free bedtime? kk. yup that’s right. if kk goes down at 6 and we manage to get lex into bed at 7 it means we’re slowly taking back the night. just in time for bachelor in paradise to start.

and on a completely unrelated note. we recently started using tubby todd on the gals and i love this stuff. kenz is our rashy babe who battles eczema in her chubby leg crooks. but since switching to this stuff its cleared up! i promise this isnt sponsored- i’m just so excited to find a friendly product that smells amazing (and the bubbles are so bubbly!).



this summer has been hot. the weather has been cruel and we haven’t been getting the ocean breeze we need to survive. so we’ve been rocking the swim suits on a daily basis to try to combat the humidity and to try to hint to mike that we want air conditioning.

hint. its not working. he LOVES the weather. and while he has a point that its only hot enough to warrant it a few weeks out of the year– being stuck in the middle of those few weeks is miserable for the ladies and i. and while we live walking distance to the beach the walk to the sand feels more complicated than flipping an air conditioning switch.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset


something clicked recently and these two have been getting along so well. lex even went as far an introducing kenz to every single teacher and classmate at school, and when her teacher said “you’re proud of your little sister aren’t you lex?”  i realized just how long ive been struggling to hear that. lex doesnt often show it, but deep down her sister is an important part of her life. and she really, truly does love her. finally.


and with that we’re off to my parents this weekend. because they have air conditioning. and a pool.

  • Good job Lex loving that little sister! :)

  • Oh man, we are starting to head into no nap territory and I am not a fan! I’m not sold in the earlier bedtime yet! Maybe it will be easier come fall when it gets dark much earlier. But a midday bath night help me pull through. :-)

  • You have the prettiest babies ever…. I just LOVE how happy they look!! Glad Lex is settling into being a big sister!! Everything just takes some time…. like the AC. 😉

  • i have trouble sleeping without the air conditioning on, so I would be a total pain in the ass to my husband if we didn’t have it. I basically turn the air or heat on to keep our house at 70 degrees year round ;). We had a no nap day yesterday (other than a 20 minute cat nap in the car). Well I guess that 20 minutes was too much because he was still up at 9 pm!!! I definitely missed my downtime yesterday! Have a great weekend at the pool (and AC)!

  • I don’t blame you wanting AC. I get restless trying to sleep in the heat or do anything in the heat for that matter. Especially when you are forced to stay in the house for whatever reason AC is needed. I am glad Lex and Kenz are starting to have that sisterly bond it is so cute to see! Have fun at your parents and enjoy the AC whilst it lasts haha.

  • Mayumi Shimose Poe

    “Taking back the night” = YESSSSS. We’re years away from that, but I am excited for you guys!

    It actually brought tears to my eyes to hear that Lex is loving up on her baby sister. TEARS, FOR REAL TEARS, IN A PUBLIC PLACE. Thankyouverymuch.

  • Ah, yes, air conditioning would be amazing. Like you guys, we’re fine without it most of the time, but then those 90s+ days with no wind and no AC are deadly.

  • LOVING SISTA’S. hooray!! and I am really loving Lex’s new cut. So cute on her.

  • WHOA WHOA WHOA. You don’t have AC??? Oh your poor, poor thing! Come over. We have AC and we use it. And I cringe at the thought of our electric bill but when it’s 90+ outside and god knows how much humidity, we run the AC.
    On a happier note, YAY for Lex and Kenz!!! That picture is SO cute and I’m so happy that lex is finally acknowledging that she has a sister and that she likes her! That’s huge. I can’t wait to see what fun these girls get into together!
    PS 6pm and 7pm bedtimes… jealous! Mason’s keeps getting later and later and he’s been going at 8:30pm which significantly interferes with BIP!

  • Love that Lex has finally warmed up and is showing major sister loves. There really is nothing that makes me melt more then seeing the girls give unprompted hugs and kisses and the excitement they have when they see each other. And I don’t know how people deal without A/C ugh, so necessary!

  • no AC at night would be my downfall. When we lived in CO I think everybody thought we were nuts for using our AC. I’m like…um yeah?
    Hooray for Lex coming around to her sister! A little bit at a time is still in the right direction.

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i’m just going to jump right back into blogging here. so let’s pretend i didn’t take an awkwardly long pause and just go back to being best friends.


– lex got a hair trim of over 6 inches, and she is now rocking the taylor swift hair she never knew she wanted but seems to absolutely adore. brushing/washing/styling has gotten way less dramatic and i can’t tell you the number of times i’ve heard “i just LOVE my short hair!” over the past week. my favorite part? it looks adorable wet! and she has the hair-body ive never had but always dreamed of.



– mackenzie is now sitting! by herself! for about a minute at a time! heavily supervised! because she still tips! a lot! but has perfected the slow lean followed by a tuck into a roll. so that’s cool. lex has been hogging the pictures recently, but now that the bumbo doesn’t have to take center stage expect to see a lot more of my favorite fuzzy head.

excuse our brown grass. according to the drought-ed state of CA “brown is the new green”. . . so consider us SUPER hip.


i took kenz to the mall earlier this week. just me and her, and safe to say i totally forgot how nice it can be to just have ONE stroller bound kid in tow. she couldn’t wine, couldn’t run, and just sat there smiling. i ended up wrangling a pair of non-maternity jeans to start wearing. because six months postpartum might mean i have to give up the stretchy waist. its such a battle because i’m still lugging FORTY pounds of baby weight that i cant shake. even with a personal trainer 3x a week, cardio 3x a week, and a nutritionist. pretty sure baby numero dos officially broke me. . . . and now you all know why i’m never in any pictures anymore. its embarrassing, and depressing, and i’m just hoping something clicks ASAP. but i still have at least one fan-club member. . .

although anthro’s dressing room lights do nothing for her see-through complexion.


– much to mackenzies confusion lex has officially accepted her sister into the family with all too welcoming arms. i mean its what kenz has been wishing on a star for– but that much love and attention comes with a few ahem chokes, grabs, and pokes.




but dont worry. because underneath that sweet new exterior the old lex still manages to shine through.


and that’s what we’ve been up to. not much, but a whole lot.

  • Oh those pounds will be off before you know it. And make sure to be in those pictures – you’ll regret it when you’re rocking on your front porch waving bye to those sweet babes (who will have their own babies). And I guarentee you look awesome – Have you seen the commercial of how everyone else sees you and how you see you. Dont be so harsh on yourself:) the sitting on your own thing is such an awesome accomplishment (even more awesome the second time). I love Lex’s hair. My eldest needs a hair cut but I am not thrilled about cutting off those little baby curls at the bottom of her super long blonde hair. I know they will never come back. Love to see you posting and seeing those smiles above!

  • Oh I am sure you are still a beaut! When you figure out the secret please let me know because when I have babes of my own I will be looking for all the secrets I can find! I just wanted to say i loveee your cute blog! And you have such a cute family :) I was getting lost in old posts and i kept thinking the girls look just like their dad! and then I’d see a picture of you and be like wait they look JUST like their mom! You’re gorgeous and a couple extra pounds or not, I’m sure you’re still lookin great :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  • I’m sitting here and definitely having hair envy with the cutest three-year-old ever. YAY for Kenz’s new milestone. BRING ON THE PICTURES!! (And I’m sure you look fantastic… no matter what you say.) So glad my grass isn’t the only one looking a little burned these days.

  • OMG the second baby made me so fat too! Oh well.

  • Oh man, I hear ya on baby #2 wrecking our bodies! I don’t think my hips nor ribcage will ever shrink back down. And the last 10 lbs are never going to leave. I may be in maternity jeans come winter…Grr!

  • Meghan

    lex cracks me up. Between her aggressive love and then her indifferent face! And I hear you about the baby weight… I felt like it took a while even with noah but then the work started to pay off around a year. Though now I’ve plateaued again. Regardless, don’t shy away from photos… Your girls will love looking back and seeing you in the photos too!

  • The weight will come off, just give it time. 9 months to put it on, and at least 12 to take it off! Everyone I know says it is so much harder to bounce back after #2, so you’re not alone! Lex’s hair is the best! So shiny and full and gorgeous! Lucky ducky!

  • Get in those pictures, girl. You’ll lose that weight in no time and I’m sure you look stunning regardless! LOVE the new hair on lex and I super lover the no bumbo. I’m working on Bre but she’s just all over the place.

  • hooray for unexpected blog breaks! i’m trying to be back too….let’s be friends. :) lex’s hair is so cute it ALMOST makes me want to cut kenley’s (i’m too scared).

  • First of all, there is no way you are not still beautiful even with some extra baby weight…so get in the picture lady! But I hear you…because I just bought jeans in a bigger size and it’s depressing. #muffintop. I haven’t even stepped on the scale because I’m too scared. Second I agree with Colleen….9 months on, 12 months to get it off. Third, the sister love is just too much for words….I told Jon we might have to have another baby just so Sadie has a sister of her own to squeeze. And fourth, loving Lex’s haircut…get that girl a modeling gig stat.

  • oh my gosh! How is she already sitting up?!? Wasn’t she just born like yesterday? Lol. And I love the hair cut! Sydney needs one bad! Lol.
    Ps- you are gorgeous! Enough said! Lol

  • Mayumi Shimose Poe

    First of all, THEIR FACES. OMGGGG. I love the juxtaposition of who is smiling and who isn’t. Totally hilarious.

    Second, are those heart-shaped swim goggles on LEX! Where do you even FIND all these wonderful things?!

  • Aww poor Kenz! The toddlers want her in the picture but can’t keep from jabbing her in the face in the process. One day, sweet girl, you just wait, you can have your revenge lol.
    And I feel ya on the blog thing… this week was awful awful and I’m soooooo behind. Thankfully Mason’s napping nicely right now so I’m on a binge reading/commenting streak :)

  • Lex’s hair is adorable! Love it!

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