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We are officially on vacation and mike has deemed it a REAL vacation because he’s refusing to wear his watch (yet the man is currently on a run?). I’m deeming it a REAL vacation because I have zero plans to “do” my hair. And lex, well lex’s biggest challenge of the day is picking out a swimsuit (we brought 15).

This morning we woke up at the un-lively hour of 4am thanks to jet lag. And when we told lex it was still the middle of the night she proclaimed “mommy and daddy need coffee and I’ll probably need a margarita.”

She’s fully basking in my pregnant non-alcoholic drink glory and is thrilled we can share ALL our drinks.

Day one was a complete and total success. The wrist band color of the day was a lively pink that matched this mornings bikini perfectly, we managed to finagle a goofy meeting, and between the beach, the watersides, the lazy river, and the numerous other pools I think we shall be spending the rest of our vacation soaking wet.

Pretty sure there’s a trip to aulani in our future every year until the kids are sulky teenagers and refuse to find joy in sharing an inner-tube with their parents.

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  • Jenny - arent’ choices just the hardest thing in a toddler’s life?! Love the photo of her with daddy floating in the tube! Looks like vacation is off to a great start! OH and I love that she knows you guys need coffee! Callie does that too and calls her morning milk her coffee milk haha

  • EHayes - so much fun! have a blast!

  • B W - I am pretty sure that Lex and Charli would be best friends if we lived closer. Also a trip to there is a must for us, Mickey friends, waves, sand and tubes are our favorite things EVER. Enjoy your vacation! PS I think Lex needs to give me some work out advice, that girl has abs of steel already (as does my Charli – must be a 2 year old thing).

  • Sara - Living the dream, I tell you. Coffee and margaritas all around!!

  • julie - Still dying over the margarita comment….she is one smart cookie!

  • Chrissy - Looks like a blast!!! The water looks so beautiful and clear!

  • Colleen - Oh my goodness! Dream vacation! Loving all the beautiful pictures :) Have a blast!

  • Elizabeth - LOVE these pictures! And love that she’s already worn 2 (or 3?) different swim suits on day 1! Have SO MUCH FUN!!!

  • karra - SO.MUCH.FUN and totally envious of your vacation! Have a great time!!

  • Courtney B - She did NOT say that… ha ha! I love that girl!!
    I’m so glad you guys are enjoying the BEST vacation! Can’t wait for more of your posts on IG!

  • Ashley - Um ….. I am sooooo jealous!!! Have so much fun!

looks like we survived another week. this one (thankfully!) wasn’t filled with an epic tantrum. but i’m fairly certain its because we kept lex far too busy to even realize its been days since her last one. lately lex has been insisting on wearing her hair down. which i fully disapprove of.

1. it gets in her way. and ends up getting painted, dipped into aquarium touch tanks, and overall sticky.

2. i swear it makes her look 2 years older.

3. she believes she’s a model or something and can’t get enough of that forward facing camera.

4. ok fine. i’m jealous. because her hair is wash, brush, and go. and mine, well. . . mine totally isn’t.

this week we hit up disneyland to celebrate the fact that our passes are no longer blacked out. and because we all needed a little excursion to pass the time until school’s back in session. it was fabulous as usual even if it officially has me counting down the days (months) until we can embrace sweatshirts and my pregnant-ness won’t have to embarrass our whole party and be seen in shorts.

in other news. our resident princess met some princesses and although i didn’t think it was possible she’s even MORE obsessed with all things princess.

many thanks to snow white, ariel, and especially cinderella who proclaimed “lexi! we have the same hair! its called a princess ponytail”. . . you can only imagine how demanding my mornings are about to get.

lex was completely and totally starstruck when she met cinderella. she rounded the corner from snow white, let out an audible GASP and ran into cinderellas open arms. They’re totally besties and even held hands (a little fact lex won’t stop repeating).

after disneyland stephanie and i were brave and hit the town for girls night. ignore my hair. . . everyone else that night (thankfully) did. it’ll probably take me days to recover from all the excitement #disneylandhangover.

 today we have big big plans. ones that involve finally getting new doorknobs put on after the painters took all our old ones off. . . like 2 months ago. the anticipation of possibly just maybe peeing in private has me all weak in the knees.

happy weekending!




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  • Jess Beer - OMG, princess ponytail? You are in for it…but maybe then you can at least put her hair up? Silly girls.

  • Sara - Yep, that hair makes her look way older!! Long hair don’t care!! I love how excited she got about the princesses though!!

  • Chrissy - Lex with the princesses are too cute!!! Love her little crown!

  • Jess - Hahaha…what does peeting in private mean??? :) Toddlers + front cameras = obsession. Cam cannot get enough…he, like, flirts with himself. (He does this in the mirror, too!) Freaky!!

    PS Totally jealous that Lex can just let her hair go and it looks like that. Mine is a bird’s nest.

  • Courtney - Oh man. I don’t need to complicate the hair routine any more….maybe Disney isn’t a great idea lol!

  • Colleen - I am so jealous you get to go to DL so much! We’re going again in December and we’re counting down the days already. Lexi is a total supermodel, by the way. She has got the poses and looks down pat! Enjoy the weekend, and peeing in private!!

  • Courtney B - Stop!! You are babe with that bump!
    We have to to move to California! That would be so fun to have passes to Disneyland!

  • julie - So fun that lex got to meet cinderella! I bet that was the highlight of her week!!

  • karra - lex’s long hair is perfect! Rae prefers her’s down too but is constantly wiping it from her face. Happy peeing in private!!

  • Vanessa - That hair!!! She totally looks like a teenager, but a gorgeous one! ;) And yes, shorts are so overrated. More sweatshirts please!

  • Elizabeth - Oh princesses… making toddlers dreams and crushing parents dreams since… well forever. Haha!
    I’m super jealous of your Disney passes! We had passes and let them expire in April. Why? Because we had premium ones and they would cost us $1200 to renew. Sorry Disney, but I can’t afford to make a rent check payment to you. I would so get the SoCal ones but sadly I’m at work during the whole time they let you go lol.
    YAY for girls night!

  • Courtney - Disney! We are headed there at the end of this week, the one that is starting way too soon. So cute that she loves the princesses. Aria fan girls over Mickey, but I’m not sure how she’d feel about face characters. Maybe she’d flip though! That would be the cute.

  • Jenny - oh my gosh I love Alex with Cinderella! How fun! Yay for moms night out too! I love her hair down but I totally see what you mean about her looking older. And princess hair?! oh man I get it – Callie now wants princess water and princess milk!

  • Chelsea Jacobs - OH MY WORD! That picture of her in her crown is the cutest ever.

  • Ashley - OMG love her hair down!! :) And that princess pic, she is too much!

  • Kelly Mock - How precious is she!?



ya right.

we found out a hot second ago it was indeed a girl. so all you get is an inspiration board. . . at least until we get kenz’s room cleaned out enough to start ordering furniture. which if i have my way will be in like a week.

mermaid bedding/ stools/ side table/ mermaid doll/ pouf/ pillow/ rug


her room is a lot smaller than lex’s– which is pretty much a giant relief. because it means way way way less furniture needs to be ordered– instead i can get all cray-cray on accent pieces and still come in under budget.

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  • Sara - I loveeeeee these colors!!! Little miss is going to have the sweetest room, but I foresee a lot of Ariel singing going on!

  • Elizabeth - Holy cow! I was going to be SO impressed!!!! I was like “dang, that girl is on her game!”. I love her inspiration board though! The mermaids… and I love that rug!

  • julie - Love love love love.

  • Jess - This is awesome!!!! You totally speak my language…I already have pieces picked out for Baby #2…NOT PREGNANT, just planning. :) I can’t wait to watch it come to life!!!

  • Courtney P - So cute Erin!! Girls are so much fun. Hope you’re feeling good – you look great, mama!

  • chelsea jacobs - Loooove that rug!

  • Candace - LOVE Land of Nod! Can’t wait to see what you do with the new room! Our girls are sharing a room for now, but I’m itching to redecorate it in the meantime! Can I ask what you use to make your moodboards?

  • Jenny - You pick out the cutest girl room decor! Want to design Callie’s room for the new house?! :) Seriously totally adorable colors and patterns and we of course LOVE the mermaid stuff!

  • Courtney - Loving that rug and the sea feel!

lex’s room sees a lot of action these days. its our prime party & play spot. between dance parties, tea parties, and princess picnics its possibly turned into our favorite place to play. Probably because it houses all of lex’s “prized possessions” (see princess dresses). we recently re-arranged and did a little updating so this room is officially not a nursery.

lex’s “big reward” for potty training was getting her big bed. and it was probably the best decision we’ve ever made. not only is lex insanely proud of her big bed, she’s excited about it, the whole family can cuddle in it, and its cozy like woah.

Between tea parties and playing with her calico critters house having a table up in her room is a complete necessity. And it’s in pristine condition because zero art supplies are allowed in the confines of her bedroom.

And that’s that. Nothing overly special,yet totally functional, and totally lex.

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  • Sara - Girlfriend looks SOOO tall and grown up with her princess dresses!!!!! Love all the changes… especially the wall cover!! Swoon!!

  • Chrissy - Love her mini closet for dress up! I will need to look into something like this for Elin. Also, what is the interesting looking jar on top? Looks like some interesting blocks or beads.

  • Emily - Super cute! Looks like a little girls dream! And great idea on the big girl bed as a reward. Love that. Happy Week, friend! XO

  • Ashley - I love it, especially the princess dresses!! :)

  • julie - Love it! It’s perfectly lex!

  • Anonymous - Such a sweet room. Love that mini-closet for all her princess dresses!

  • Amanda - Love her rom! So crisp, clean, and girly!!!! Love that roll away dress up clothes rack! So fun!

  • Janel - Love this sweet room so much. Especially that little mini-closet full of princess dresses. so sweet.

  • Jenny - I love her room! it looks so comfy and yet totally ready for play! I love her big girl bed – is that a full or a queen? we are planning to get Callie a big bed when we move to the new house and have been debating sizes (twin, full, queen, etc). also that mirror & storage rack for the princess dresses is awesome! great find! thanks for sharing!

  • Elizabeth - LOVE IT!!! Especially love her princess dress closet! What a big girl!
    (Random question… do you still use a monitor now that she’s in a big girl bed? I didn’t see it mounted anywhere. Just curious. When we change Mason over, we will DEFINATELY need a monitor because that kid is a wild sleeper and I would need to make sure he was still in there! LOL)

  • karra - LOVE her room and all her dresses. Rae gets pissed when I put tutu’s on her right now lol. Do you have a monitor you’re switching to with babe #2? We have the same one you do now and love it so I don’t know whether to just buy another or get a dual monitor.

  • Courtney - What a good reward for potty training! Esp seeing as she is just so gosh darn excited about it. Love her dress up hanger nook thing. Not a nursery. Wow. Can’t believe she is so big! And definitely can’t imagine Aria in a not nursery.

  • Jess - I want to move in!! Seriously…a dress up cart? That’s amazing! I am dreading putting Cam in his a regular bed, but I secretly can’t wait for it so I can cuddle with him (without having to climb over crib walls)!! She is so freaking cute!

  • Laureen - Adorable!! Great style and set up.

  • Courtney - Man! can that be my bedroom?! I love it!!

  • melissa - I love it – so adorable! That dress holder is amazing. Blaire would freak for it.

    Is her bed by any chance the Genevieve from Pottery Barn Teen? It looks similar and I’ve had my eye on that one. But I had a question about using a bed skirt with it – if it is, can you tell me whether it’s possible to use a bedskirt? Thanks! (and if it’s not the same bed, sorry for the crazy lady comment. It’s tough to find a cute bed for a little girl in a queen size so I may have become a little nutty!)

  • hena tayeb - oh look at all those dresses.. so pretty.

  • Courtney P - This is just soooo cute!! I need you to come and do M’s room. I’m in the middle of upgrading her to a more refined, big girl room and it is challenging to say the least! Too, too many options!! And Pinterest isn’t helping haha. Beautiful room!

  • Courtney B - It’s perrrrfect!! I need major help with Mia’s room! I’m the worst at decorating. And it doesn’t help that we are renting so I can’t go all out and do exactly what I’d love to do to her walls! I’m excited for the day that we finally feel settled enough to buy a home and actually get really into decorating!

  • EHayes - Wow, her room is amazing! Ashlynn has been sleeping (with ZERO issues) all week so far on vacation so I’m pretty sure the crib will be going as soon as we get back home. I’m not sure if she’ll even accept it as a toddler bed, but we’ll need to get going on the big girl room makeover. Love the dress up storage and gallery wall.

    Also, I’m impressed with how many Courtney’s read your blog :) tehehe

Oh Friday.

Where have you been all my life?

This week we finished up summer school, which fell in conjunction with my mom taking the week off from her weekly “laundry/clean/watch the toddler” sesh, which fell in conjunction with the same week lex decided to have the worst tantrum OF HER LIFE.

Lex tantrums about one thing and one thing only. ME. She doesn’t care when she doesn’t get her way, or doesn’t get cake for breakfast, and is fairly level-headed most of the days.

Except when I want to pee by myself.

I walk from the room leaving her in the hands of her ever-capable- oh-so-loving-and-super-fun dad and it usually doesn’t fail- tear city. It’s a tantrum she always “wins” because hello- she always eventually gets me back. Lately I’ve been trying to stay away until the tears are dry- but this week it hit an all time high that definitely involved a few concerned texts from the neighbors.

“Everything ok over there? You need us at all? We can be there ASAP”.

Nope. Just my two year old dressed as Cinderella screaming because I wanted to pee in private. No, no she doesn’t care when I leave the house– but heaven forbid I answer natures call.

She’s definitely saving the drama for her mama.

In other news. We finally hopped on the keurig bandwagon. Basically red bull and pregnancy don’t mix… But frappucinos do! But judgy baristas asking if they should “go ahead and make it decaf” don’t. So we’re heading the homemade route- because no toddler mom should have to face the day sans caffeine.

It’s mikes birthday today! Last year we had a beer themed 30th that ended in a few too many rounds of beer pong. So this year I’m taking my gentleman out to a fancy dinner followed by seeing the latest teen flick (if you haven’t read the quartet yet- DO IT). He’s a lucky fellow…especially since his birthday cake was decorated by cinderella, and only one layer was demolished a tad by me.

 lex calls him “mike”  so its only fitting for his cake to say it too. . .shes been waltzing around for days saying “happy birthday mike!!!”.

Now. Raise your hand if you want cake for breakfast.


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  • Sara - Oh my!!! All that over pee?! Good thing you have caffeine!!! I WANT CAKE FOR BREAKFAST! Happy birthday Sir!!

  • julie - Raising my hand! There are just too many bits of goodness in this post. First of all, I don’t think I’ve been able to pee by myself in like 2 years unless I’m not at home. Oh the luxury. And can lex teach hudson her level-headed ways please? And the cinderella cake decorator has my dying. She is the BEST. p.s. happy birthday mike!

  • Vanessa - “Happy Birthday, Mike!”–haha, love it!!!! And don’t worry, I totally thought our new neighbors were going to come over and check on us the other day…not because I went to the bathroom alone, but because I turned on a light that apparently Arden wanted to turn on herself. YIKES! So I’m kind of jealous that yours is only pee related ;)

  • Meg O. - Those two year old tantrums are NO JOKE. Especially when you’re 39 weeks pregnant and have to carry them kicking and screaming out of Chick-fil-A. Not that I’ve done that or anything…. And lol at “happy birthday Mike!”

  • Jess - Haha, your posts always crack me up! We went to have Mexican for dinner the other night, and it’s only natural that I downed three beers immediately then had to pee. Apparently, Cam screamed the entire time I was gone, and I only learned this after I stumbled back through all the tables that listened to his three minute tantrum to the glare in Chad’s eyes that only meant that one thing…hahaha! I guess we should feel special that we can make them cry. ;)

    Happy Friday! And, Happy Birthday, Mike!!

  • Laura - Ohh nothing worse than a person passing judgement on a preggo! I had a friend tell me I shouldn’t drink ice tea. Yeah – I quickly shut her down and said we will be having none of that!

  • Carolyn - OMG! That cake and that little princess are both adorable! :) And I hear ya on the potty breaks. Weston always wants to come with me too. If I don’t bring him, he sits outside the door and bangs on it. HAHAHA

  • karra - i’m on my way over for a slice of cake! and tantrums.. Rae’s been getting all sorts of upset over not being able to wash her hands anytime she hears the faucet turn on. oy!

  • Colleen - Ooooh two year olds! I’m so glad we have this little blogging community of fellow moms of 2 year olds because it is so nice hearing about other people’s tantrum stories! Glad you guys got a Keurig — it is a life changing appliance!

  • kelley - This is HILARIOUS only because I can totally relate. These tantrums are NO JOKE. We’ve had a few that have been so loud the neighbors must be thinking, “Those crazy Americans!” :) Cake for breakfast? Um, yes please!

  • Courtney - *raises both hands* I LOVED Mike’s party last year. I still have plans to steal it for Jim’s 30th. Also, I’d have to go wayne brady on the judgey baristas. You’re allowed caffeine. Those crazies.

  • Courtney B - Raising. My. Hand. (both of them, actually)
    Happy Birthday to your hubs!!

  • Elizabeth - I’m sorry, wait. You can make FRAPPUCHINOS in a keurig??? Teach me your ways!!!! I have one and DID NOT know this. Life changing.
    PS Happy Birthday Mike!

  • Courtney - My fave is the 3 with a single candle for the one!

  • Emily - Cutest little Cinderella ever! Hilarious that she calls him, “Mike!” And you are so incredibly right, NO toddler Mom should have to go without caffeine!!!!!! #ever