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streppin’ out.

Something out of the ordinary happened this week. You see I hardly get sick…


I’m pretty sure my body was saving up all the non-sick times so I could be sick so long during pregnancy. 29 weeks of morning sickness has made me a master of the porcelain throne.

But back to this week. I woke up Sunday grumpy mc grumperson. My back ached, I was sporting a headache, and was just all around tired. I figured it was a fun hangover and I would shake it after a good caffeine dose.

Flash forward to that evening.

A headache I couldn’t shake. A fever I couldn’t sweat out. And a sore throat. I did what I figured my dad would prescribe- a few Advil, a nap, and some liquids (not of the cocktail variety). But I couldn’t get rid of it…

On Monday my tonsils decided to get massively massive on me I marched myself into the doctor hoping I was being silly and it was just an upper respiratory something or rather.

Instead I have the strep.

and you know what they say. moms never get sicks days. which is definitely true, i can honestly say i have never, ever, seen my mother sick. i can’t remember a time in all my childhood where she complained about not feeling well. she put on her big girl panties and powered through. which is exactly what i attempted. but you know what makes a sick moms life easier? Support. Like two moms who offer to come over and help (just their offer made me feel warm and fuzzy. But maybe that was the temperature speaking) and a husband who comes home a precious hour early from work to save my sore throat sanity. lex has been a good sport, and her idea of helping mommy not be sick anymore involves sharing things like spoons and toothbrushes. . . she is so not scared of the germy germs.

I tried to have the pups babysit her while I napped. Zero luck- those mutts are good for nuthing. Instead we survived by chillin in the bounce house , watching more tv than I’m comfortable admitting too, hitting up story-time, and taking 3 hours naps.

i swear strep sucks. this is my first merry go round with it. and i have zero clue where i picked up this nasty virus (perhaps the gym?). but i could live the rest of my life without it and never, ever miss it.

so cheers to feeling a little more human.

and because its blasphemy to post without a picture here’s a picture of lex keeping it cla-to the-ssy and pretending to be mommy dry-heaving into the potty.

glamorous people.

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  • Courtney - oh fun! Being sick as a mom is just super, the best. Yuck! Feel better. And, 29 weeks of morning sickness? Lovely. What is not fun about pregnancy?

  • Sara - You are such a rockstar… My omost memorable bout of strep landed me in the ER with 106.1 degree fever. I was in 1st or 2 or grade… My mom was terrified… so take care of you and keep that little one well!

  • chrissy - Ugh! So sorry to hear that you have strep! I can’t even imagine dealing with that and watching a kiddo. Hope you are feeling much better!

  • sara - Ugh, feel better! I haven’t had strep in a long time, but I used to get it like twice a year and it. is. miserable.

  • Jess Beer - Oh no! Feel better! I’ve never had strep (and hoping I didn’t just jinx myself), but hubs and I have both been hit by stomach viruses at the same time…too bad toddlers just don’t understand!

  • julie - Strep is the worst! Feel better soon! I had never had it before having Hudson either….and I think it’s hard for kids under 2 to get it, so hopefully lex is safe!

  • Jenny - so sorry lady! Being sick is no fun! I hope you feel better fast! And don’t worry about Lex watching TV you guys will be back to fun things in no time!!

  • karra - girl. you need some ice cream in your life.. i’m almost positive that would make your throat feel better. at least it would for me :) feel better soon, mama!

  • Sara - Oh, poor mama! I’m so sorry to hear you’re sick. Being sick with a crazy toddler at home is impossible. Not fair! I hope you’re feeling better soon! Sending positive healthy chicken noodley vibes your way.

  • Mayumi Shimose Poe - oh NO!!! Feel better soon, honey!


its a daily struggle round these parts for me to get dressed in something other than gym clothes. i have no clue why i lack the motivation to ditch the stretch in favor of more glamorous stretch. . . but i get really awkwardly proud of myself when i manage to put together a decent outfit and wear it. my friends can attest to this because i usually send them pictorial proof. . .

be very happy i don’t have your phone number.

i also happen to be wearing the top/leggings/sandals outfit at this very moment. and shall wear it all. summer. long.


i made whole wheat chocolate chip cookies four times last week. four times. that’s a lot of cookie consumption. . . and explains my issue with real clothes that don’t involve stretch pants. jeans don’t allow for proper cookie eating, thats for sure.


i consider myself a messy-bun master. its been my favorite hairstyle for years. . . that is if you can consider laziness a hairstyle. and although my hair is shortie mcshort i still manage to have epicly high bun days. because the bigger the hair the closer to God. and because some days i want oh so badly to be taller than 5’4 without resorting to strapping some heels onto my running shoes.

case. in. point.

this bun easily gives me that extra 6-7 inches.


we have serial hand washer living amongst us. she washes those ten fingers no less than 487 times a day. usually i’ll find her giving herself a temporary tattoo with markers and then begging and pleading to “wash hands mommy. magic word is please!”. i once mentioned that the magic word was “please” and now she says the entire statement whenever something strikes her fancy.

that step stool was the best $30 we’ve ever spent.

and for the record those are clean dishes chilling in the sink waiting to be dried and put away. “hey kid. put away the dishes. magic word is please!” doesn’t seem to do anything except cause chaos because everything ends up in the lower cabinets and i’d be forever searching for the rocket-ship.


i do a really epic robot impression, just ask lex. its so utterly outstanding she’s decided to turn it into her favorite dance move. which she does whenever she hears a good beat. . . like standing in line at jamba juice. “robot mommy” usually comes out as a way to give lex the giggles- but when “robot lexi” comes out to play its entertaining for everyone (especially jamba juice patrons)

 now. if you’ll excuse me, another batch of those cookies won’t bake themselves, and i have a hungry robot on my hands.


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  • EHayes - Here ya on the clothes thing, though right now I live in spitville so I blame my lack of style on the fact I change my outfit 3x a day or risk smelling of sour milk.

    And I’m the opposite of the hair, its really long and thick, I’ve been doing the messy bun (or half through pony) since HS. I’ve been told it looks like a prom do… its just because there is so much hair up there. (away from tiny yanking fingers)

  • Sara - I so need to be taught the messy bun goodness. I hear you on clothes too. Although I would be perfectly content sporting rainboots and tutus and tights?

  • chrissy - I think we need a youtube video of you and the mini doing the robot! :)

  • Megan @ HNL - YES! Love all of these confessions, especially your little dish-washer! ;) Where is the white tunic from!? xo

  • Jenny - Love the messy bun. It’s my favorite hair style too! And gym clothes, yoga pants, whatever that is soft is the best ever!

  • Jenny Collier - Cutest messy bun! Your hair has gotten longer it seems.

    I die over Lex doing the robot. She is too cute!

  • Courtney - Robot lexi!! I love it! Abigail has started saying, “I’m doin mah booty dance!” I don’t even know, dude. Anyway, I have yet to master the messy bun and/or top knot. Can’t do it. Can’t figure it out.

  • karra - I’m tempted to chop all my hair off because all I rock these days is a messy bun.. who has time to do their hair and get properly dressed in the morning with a toddler? Love lexi and her dance moves!

  • Courtney B - The top, leggings and sandals? LOVE! That top is seriously perfect.
    I’m pinning those cookies to make… today :)
    And I’m just dying for you to record a video of Lex talking and post to IG. She sounds like such a crack up!
    How lame is this? With all of my hairstyling skills, I still haven’t mastered that messy top knot on ME! I looooove the mess on top of the head but I feel like I have to have a million bobby pins to make it secure… which totally ruins the look. HELP!

  • Chloe - Where did you get that top from the top/leggings/sandals outfit? Seriously cute!

  • colleen - I have the worst time getting dressed too. But you’re the cutest and I love your outfits!!

  • Elizabeth - I love these confessions! The only reason I wear “real clothes” is because I have to go to work and I don’t think it’s acceptable to my boss if I wear sweatpants… or I totally would! BUT I do have to admit, that pretty much 99% of the time, I just throw my hair up, put on a headband and call it a day. It’s so much so that when I did my hair yesterday, my employees asked if it was a special day or if I was going on a date after work lol. In fact, it should have been and I wish I was (and wasn’t just going home), because all that time I spent on my hair calls for something important! PS LOVE your white tunic! Where did you get it??

  • sara - That messy bun is a masterpiece! And… I think you should post a video of your robot dance. Just sayin’. Also, 5’4 club *fist bump*

  • Courtney - I’m such a hair slacker, I’m always rocking the messy bun. I like it up top and big, but I have to use it sparingly because it gives me a killer headache.
    We’ll definitely have to investing in a stool soon! I think Aria would brush her teeth every time I turned around though if she could reach the brush.

birthday boating. . . oh, and a bunny.

This weekend went a lil something like this.

Friday we hit up a fire house. one of lex’s bestie’s happens to have a firefighter as a daddy. so we jumped (literally jumped up and down) at the chance to go and visit him. we had the best afternoon over there checking out the big red trucks.

Saturday I let mike and lex have a daddy bondage day while in left town in hopes of whale sightings aboard Leslie’s birthday sailing cruise. They did swoon worthy things like the farmers market, a monster of a nap, followed by some ice cream, peanuts, and dodger dogs while taking in the riveting sights and sounds of live baseball.

Rumor has it lex got a little sugar high and had a rip roaring good time during the 7th inning stretch.

Meanwhile I was sailing around sunny Santa Barbara with one of my BFF’s and all of her OTHER BFF’s who I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting before. Safe to say things weren’t awkward mostly because after you’ve spotted a few whales together you’re all bonded for life. we followed this mommy whale (we appropriately named her “ba’lene”) for over an hour- earning us the title “whale stalkers”.


After my day filled with nautical terminology and sea life sightings I hit the open road to head home. And managed to find a radio station playing all things Mariah Carey. Between that, the rice crispy treats on board, and all the nautical attire we had one awesome day.

sunday we all woke up on the grumpy side (#funhangover) to find the easter bunny had visited us sometime during the night.  he brought a basket of goodies for the kid who was terrified upon learning that the easter bunny was coming over “no lap! lexi no lap!”. . . she lightened up a bit after we assured her she wouldn’t even get a chance to see the bunny never mind be forced into any lapage. and once she spotted the basket  “no lap bunny” brought her she definitely warmed up to the idea of the easter bunny.

since lex refused to sit on the bunny’s lap we figured it was best to turn her into the bunny and then sit on her lap (ok, maybe not the last part). she was less than enthusiastic.

once we were all feeling considerably less grumpy we went to grandma and grandpas to find that the bunny had visited them too. cue adorable egg hunt that started with a bunny track sighting in their house. the kids all had an uber successful hunt, and that bunny outdid himself with all of lex’s favorite things such a temporary tattoos (fun fact- “tattoo” was one of lex’s first words. she loves herself some temp tattoos), nail polish, stickers, sunnies, and bracelets.

while there lex picked up a musical rendition of “let it go. . . let it go” and won’t stop singing it. needless to say ill have let it go stuck in my head for the rest of my live long days.


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  • Sara - That picture at the Dodger game is precious!! It’s also why daddy time can be the best time… Love the picture of the girls hunting eggs!! She is so sassy and grown up as a bunny!! I’m impressed you got a whale pic!! #bestweekendever

  • Sara - I’m so jealous you got to go whale watching! I’m adding that to my bucket list. And Lex’s little outfit while hunting eggs could seriously not be any cuter. I love that one of her first words was tattoo :)

  • julie - I guess the giant bunny is sort of scary…especially if you think he’s coming to your house! I’m glad lex didn’t have to sit on his lap and enjoyed all her Easter day fun!

  • Colleen - I love your top from the firetruck picture! Where is it from? Would be perfect in my “mom wardrobe?” :) Happy Easter!

  • chrissy - Glad to see Lex warmed to the idea of the Easter bunny and accepted his gifts! :) I bet whale watching was a blast!

  • Jenny Collier - How fun was your boating trip! The cutest idea that the Grandparents had bunny footprints. Glad to hear Lex got over her fear of the bunny!

  • karra - I am animal lover for life so I’m pretty jel of your whale watching.. my friend swam with whales last summer and I about died.

  • Jenny - yay whale watching! we went when I was preggo (babymoon) and it was so cool! what a fun daddy/daughter day! I love lex as a bunny :) adorable and mean parent at the same time – perfect for a holiday photo!!

  • Courtney B - What a perfect weekend! I want to go whale watching sailing someday!! Just another reason that we need to move ;)

  • Carolyn - OMG! How cool it is that you got to see the firetrucks!!!

  • Angela - LOVE the picture of Lex and Mike! The cutest ever!!! Oh, and they are playing Let It Go on the radio now, so it will forever be playing in your head.

F I V E.

this week i. . .

hit the aquarium with a certain someone who was over the moon excited. “lexi see divers. lexi wave at divers. lexi take picture with divers? divers clean tank. see sea otters. lexi blow kiss to divers.” . . . it might be because i mentioned to lexi that the divers are mermaids. my bad.  when game time came lex was terrified of the divers (mermaids) and refused to unlatch from me, never mind take a solo picture with them. but she waved with gusto, and blew em like 4,000 kisses. . . from the comfort of being latched onto my neck.

i welcomed a kindle paperwhite into my life. I’ve sporting an old school kindle (the kind with a keyboard. which is so 2012) and finally decided it was time to upgrade. i can safely say my reading experience has improved ten-fold. i can officially read myself to sleep without having to worry about really hard things like turning the light off.

read panic and attachments. and liked them a lot. . . not quite LOVE, but definitely liked a lot.

got a clean bill of health from the newest doc on the block. she got an early easter surprise from grandma & grandpa and has been wandering around checking everyones hearts, ears, and blood pressure. We’re going to have the healthiest household ever at this rate.

i named a puppy. not just any puppy but the sweet faced puppy my parents are bringing home in three short weeks. a fluffy ball of german shepherd fur.

meet dakota.

boom. you’ve been five’d.

Brought to you by the lovely ladies behind: The Good Life. A. Liz Adventures. Carolina Charm. & Hello! Happiness.

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  • julie - PUPPY!!!!! Why was I not informed of this! I’m dying. She’s the cutest. And does lex sing “time for your check up” when she’s checking you out…because I totally would…

  • Sara - Dakota is the cutest… aside from that doctor you have there!! And yes, reading yourself to sleep is the BEST!!

  • Jodi - What a cute dog Dakota is! I bet you can’t wait!

  • Sara - Yep, I still rock an old school kindle, keyboard and all. Though recently I’ve been reading via the kindle app on my iPhone, which can’t be good for the eyeballs but I got in the habit with all the late night nursing sessions I used to have. I want to squish Dakota!

  • chrissy - What an adorable puppy! So cute! I can’t wait to hear all about Lex’s Easter fun!

  • Jess Beer - Ah that Dakota is the CUTEST! I so wish we could have a puppy, but I think our cats would FLIP.

  • Courtney - He looks like a kota bear! I want a puppy to name!

  • Tiffany Kuehl - Awww. I still think it’s cute that she blew the divers kisses! And Dakota is adorable!

the easter bunny poops jelly beans?

i have really fond memories of basket hunting easter morning growing up. that sneaky bunny always hid our baskets in the darndest places like the washing machine, dirty clothes hamper, and amidst pots & pans in cupboards. My brother’s basket was always the most creatively hidden- probably because even back then the easter bunny knew he was the smart one (going off to med school, marrying a hot dentist, shaving his awful beard- all proved that funny bunny right).

flash forward to 3 years ago. our first easter in our current house where i awoke to a trail of jelly beans going down the stairs and straight to an easter basket full of candy, because even in your 20′s the easter bunny knows homegirl needs her candy fix. it helped that we had just watched HOP and i had gotten 50 shades of excited over the fact that the easter bunny just happens to poop jelly beans. i’m still trying to catch myself a jelly bean pooping bunny.

i want lex to have awesome easter memories too. super awesome ones that involve egg hunts, hidden baskets full of goodies, and the little known fact that the easter bunny poops jelly beans (where did you think they came from anyways?).

so here’s a peek at her basket.

we kept things fairly simple. with some princess sticker earrings, lip gloss, another member of the bubble guppy clan to add to her ever-growing collection, a mini version of her fav princess, and a bunny wristlet for her to stash her money in.  like every other little person on the planet there’s a little bit of frozen tucked into her basket. i was apparently one of the lucky moms who scored an anna doll like 2 months ago and tucked it away. rumor has it they’re impossible to find these days. lex has a lot of stuffed animals. a lot. but she doesn’t yet have a unicorn (problem solved).

totally excited to see her hunt, and hunt, and hunt for her basket of fun sunday morning (because i know she’s as smart as my brother).





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  • Jenny - lip gloss and earrings — I might have to grab a few more things! :) Super cute basket – love the bunny purse! :)

  • Ehayes - That Easter bunny must have been getting bored by the time he got out west, he just left ours on the doorstep and rang the bell. We were never able catch him no matter how hard we stayed glued to the window! :)

  • Courtney - Hey, nice job snatching the Anna doll. Love the bunny wristlet! I have fond memories of hunting for the dyed eggs on Easter and my basket, and leaving carrots for the bunny in the backyard and going to see if they were gone the next morning. Love holidays! So fun to share them with Aria now.

  • Sara - Does that doll have a unicorn horn?!

  • sara - I laughed for real at the way you threw your brother shaving his beard in there :) That unicorn is awesome. Great basket!

  • julie - Amazing basket! And I totally need to catch a jelly bean pooping bunny…how awesome would that be?

  • Jenny Collier - Love the sticker earrings. Such a great idea!

    I just finished up Hudson & Ella’s baskets myself. I bet Lex will flip over the Frozen doll!

  • karra - That pooping Easter bunny needs to make it’s way to Oregon because this momma still hasn’t finished her Easter backer goods.

  • chrissy - Love the basket! I’m sure she will love everything. Good job on scoring the Anna doll! All the stores near us are still out of the Frozen stuff!

  • Courtney B - LOVE her basket!! I remember getting sticker earrings when I was little and I always LOVED them! Oh the nostalgia ;)

  • Sara McCarty - Love it! We’re really looking forward to Easter this year too. Mac was too little to “get it” last year, so we really didn’t do much. We’re having a neighborhood wide egg hunt Sunday morning, so that should be fun. I can’t wait to see how he handles it.

  • Elizabeth - Her Easter basket is SO CUTE! Is that PBK? I think I might need to invest in a new Easter basket for Mason. I plan to post his soon and it is this sad little plastic basket I got at Target last year. Cute but sad and plastic. Maybe I will get lucky and they will have an after Easter sale?! :)

  • Jess T - Sadie has the same basket! I see they brought it back this year, but switched around how the colors/ruffles are layered….ours is way better ;-) I love all the goodies in there too! I came thisclose to ordering Sadie the unicorn but exercised surprising self restraint and passed it up! I already had a Mizy Me doll for her, so hopefully she’ll love that!
    I miss reading your posts faithfully….things have been nothing short of completely insane over here for the past few weeks. Good news is that tomorrow is my last day of full-time employment (can I get a holy sh!t and a woo-hoo, all at once?!) and I’ll have lots more time for fun stuff like reading blogs I love and actually sleeping!
    I hope you guys have the best Easter! I’ll be thinking of you when we watch Hop for the 8,000th time!