what. a. week.

it started off raining and forced us to play inside and ended up with a full day at the happiest place on earth. throw in a little crown braid action and i think we officially accomplished it all.

when it rains (or doesnt rain) lex requests to bake. she fancies herself quite the helper. but when i turn my back on her to do something like defrost the butter she’s spreading “fairy dust!” and having a grand old time. and since i fancy myself the coolest mom ever i bit my tongue and let her have her fun.


let me present to you the crown braid. or at least my first attempt at the crown braid. i might need to hone my “finishing skills” by actually maybe reading a tutorial. thankfully two year olds cant see the back of their head. because lex also firmly believed it was a pink crown. all i did was inside out french braid her hair starting at one side. ridiculously easy. . . except maybe the finishing part?  disney-2

my mom, sister, and i have been planning on hitting the big D for WEEKS. but we kept getting rained out. so thursday we FINALLY made it to the park for a fun filled day. yes we stayed the WHOLE DAY. it was hours longer than lex and i usually last, but with the extra hands the day flew by with zero tantrums, naps, tears (except when we got to the front of the line at the buzz ride to discover it was closed!), and a whole lot of smiles.


lex even got to meet the infamous tinkerbell. we’ve been looking for tinkerbell shoes in lex’s size since halloween when we spotted the light up pom-pom goodness at the disney store. but alas, no little kid sizes to be found. which lex lamented to tinkerbell for like 10 minutes. thankfully tink is a sweet fairy and ate it right up.



and now i’m off to a cookie party at lex’s last day of school for christmas break. meaning i get her to myself for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. im excited now, but i’m sure come january i’ll be counting down the hours until i get my few hour break.

  • Ha, I love vacations, but I love when day cares opens again even more!! Hahaha! (I am NOT a good SAHM…kudos to you!!) I love pictures of Lex…her personality is amazing!!! Have a great Christmas week and Merry Christmas to you all!!! xoxo

  • Oh my gosh I can’t even get over lex’s hair!! So thick and gorgeous!!! That crown braid is on point!

    I’m so jealous that you live so close to Disney. If I ever go we must meet! xo

  • Baking and Disney all in one week… Sounds like fun to me! Tinkerbell is adorable and I’d be upset if I couldn’t find those shoes too!

  • Cute hair! I’m thinking my baby girl is finally getting old enough for Disneyland. I can’t wait to take her.

  • Wow, I am very impressed by your crown braid!! I can’t even french braid so that is something I could never do.

  • I love the crown braid!!! Wishing my little Palmer’s hair would grow long like hers so I could do it up in braids!!! I bet Disney was so magical, and is even better with children!!! I can’t wait to take Palmer there!!!

  • You are the best girl mom EVER!!! I am constantly amazed by all your skills! Your baking buddy is the cutest!

  • How does she have hair so blonde and so thick?? A’s is so wispy still that I can’t even get a pony without flyaways. Love that pic with Tink!

  • i love this! lex is seriously so stinking cute! Sydney would DIE if I tried that with her hair! But I have the one kid who has me snap a picture of it to show her before she is happy. Haha! I LOVE the picture of her fairy dust though! And Tinkerbell looks awesome with her!

  • You surely are the coolest mom in all the land because if Mason blew flour all over the kitchen, you could probably be hearing me yell NOOOOOOOO all the way at your house :) Haha. That picture is picture perfection though!
    And YAY for Disneyland. I am insanely jealous as you went earlier this week and my nieces are there right now and I am stuck at home being jealous and wishing we still had passes. Boo. Disneyland at Christmas is my FAVORITE.

  • Oh that braaaaaid! Good job, momma!! I so wish I lived close to Disneyland… I would love to take Mia all the time. So much fun having your mom and sister there!

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i love holiday blogger gift exchanges.

not only is it an awesome way to connect on a deeper level with some of my “blog friends” (and yes. i feel uber lame saying that. anyone else get really awkward when they’re trying to describe a “blog friend” to someone not in the blogesphere?). but its an awesome way to guarantee that lex gets something super awesome in the mail.

anyways. we jumped on the bandwagon with a group of awesome gals and their tots for a super cute holiday exchange. when the package arrived i squealed with joy because i happen to have a small little crush on megan & olivia from willow & co. and mastermind behind willow crowns. i can honestly say i cant have enough willow crowns headbands, bows, and crowns in my life.

just look at how gorgeously this was packaged. it wasn’t even lost on lex who squealed “MOM! its so pretty!!!” when she first saw it.




but like most things. its what’s on the inside that counts. To say Megan and liv brought the heat would be a gross understatement. They managed to hit on every single one of Lex’s favorite things. .  xchange-2 xchange-3

A new (festive!) bow that has been perched atop Lex’s head more times than I can count. Gem crayons (“look mom! For princesses!”), coloring books and sticker books that revolve around Lex’s favorite people (” I want to color Ariel. And belle. And aurora. And tiana. And jasmine. And rapunzel. Right now! Ok!”). And last but not least the very best part in my 2 year olds eyes. Colored pencils (or pencil crayons for all you Canadian readers). Mike has been graciously (forced into) hanging a whole lot of stuff lately. And lex fancies herself a helper-/ especially when he needs to use a pencil to mark. So imagine her surprise when a BOX of RAINBOW pencils showed up. She hasn’t put down her “rainbow” since… And so far the walls remain safe.

I cant say thank you enough to the sweet sweet sweet megan and liv for all the goodies. you girls SPOILED us to pieces!

Here are the other lovely peeps who participated in the exchange:

Laura – tiny toes, little nose
Ashley – Words About Waverly
Laureen – Chateau Deveau
Meghan F. – The Adventure Starts Here
Elizabeth – Chasin’ Mason
Megan B. – Willow Crowns
Tawnya – All of Life’s Little Adventures
Tara – A Tale of Four Maples
Sara – Running from the Law

  • This is definitely a box made just for Lex….too cute! I can’t wait to see what everyone else got!!

  • These exchanges are the best! Those crayons are SO cute! I’ve never seen them before! I’ll to put them on the list for when Mia is a little older and can squeal over them ;) Such cute stuff!

  • Lex is the cutest with those new fun perfect things!! I love her looking at the princesses!! I’m more than happy for her to share her headband with me….

  • Love those gem crayons!

  • Lex got the cutest package and my was it wrapped beautifully! I’m so happy she loved it!
    Thank you for playing Secret Santa with us!

  • Oh and ps… totally feel weird explaining “blog friends” to people. My husband calls them “virtual reality friend” LOL and I just go along with it so he understands when I talk about something! Haha.

  • Yep, she nailed it! What a great gift! Love the crayons and the pencils. I’m so impressed that Lex could be trusted with them. Mac took a blue crayon to our couch last month and now all crayons, pens, pencils and markers are banned for life.

  • I love the expression on her face – priceless. Those are awesome gifts! I hope you guys are enjoying your holiday! XO

  • karra

    lex is so fun lol I can’t wait to see her face when she opens Christmas presents!

  • Thanks so much for participating in our blogger gift exchange! Megan and Olivia did an awesome job, and I’m super jealous of her wrapping skills! Merry Christmas!

  • How fun! So cute that she loved the colored pencils so much! And the tattoos on her legs are KILLING me! So cute.

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holiday weekends are my jam. This weekend was filled with festivities, family, and the jolly big man in red.

Friday started with a torrential downpour that covered CA in a few extra inches of “wet”. Since the brunt of the storm hit us at night we got to enjoy the sprinkles minus the tornado winds during the day.


Saturday I helped shower my very soon-to-be sister in law into the family. The shower was gorgeous, her friends are sweethearts, and rumor has it there’s a photo floating around of me wearing a toilet paper mermaid style wedding dress.

That evening we walked “candy cane lane” and got to experience the wonder and excitement of millions of tiny twinkling lights, lawn ornaments, blow ups, and more than a few santas.

this is their “cold face”.


Lex happens to love the big man in red. Especially after learning they share the same taste in cookies. Looks like Santa shall be getting chocolate chip cookies this Christmas Eve.


Sunday we brunched with Santa at the golf course. We were one of the only brave parents to allow face painting PRE Santa lap sitting. It was worth it when our pink kitty sat on santas lap and just MEOWD and laughed with him. She’s seen Santa three times now and when we told her to tell him what she wants for Christmas she looked confused and answered with a big old “I already told him!”

Touché Lex. Touché.




Hope everyone had amazing weekends filled with holiday cheer.

  • Those little fringe boots!!! Oh my gosh!!! Lex is seriously the cutest! Love that she has seen Santa 3 times!

  • Hahaha, Lex…she’s too much! Daddy/daughter pictures get me every time! This is a framer, for sure! And, I love her cold face…I hope she never comes to visit Cam in the winter – she will have a true cold face!! :)

  • Glad to see Lex is a huge fan of Santa! Isn’t it so much fun to see them get so excited?

  • Love that she is so happy to see Santa, you have the best pictures of her. We are attempting later this week, hoping A gets within a 5 ft radius.

  • Could she possibly be any cuter? I love the kitty face. That is a great Santa! And those leggings! I want those for Mim!

  • You have the best pictures in this post!! Super great captures. Her cold face. I love it.

  • her cold face is way cuter than mine!! Lex is a santa champ!! Guess you all need to write a letter to make sure santa remembers! ;)

  • She is just the cutest thing!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  • Tawnya

    Clever girl ;) haha Scarlett freaked out on Santa again this year, there’s always next year… but I’m not holding my breath haha

  • Jenny

    That sounds like an awesome weekend! The Santa brunch looks so fun. I love that she loves Santa. I have high hopes for next year because Callie keeps talking about him even though she didn’t like him the day we saw him haha! Oh and her poofy vest and cute purple uggs?! Like my favorite outfit ever!!

  • Oh my gosh, Lex! She kills me! So much cuteness in that tiny body! I sure hope Mia likes Santa better next year! Well, to be fair, she hated sitting on his lap but she gets REAL excited when she sees him from afar. and she loves finding him in books! Plus she thinks she’s super funny when she sneakily says “ho ho…. ho” :) Maybe we will have some luck next year!
    Ugh, we had those tornado speed winds most of Thursday and all of Friday. It was MISERABLE! Glad you only had it at night! What a perfect holiday weekend!!

  • i can’t ever get over how cute Lex is! That’s too funny that she said that to him! We have told Sydney that some of them are helpers to help gather Intel on what kids want and then let the big guy know so that he can deliver them! Because she would look at them sometimes and be like ” ummmmm, mom…. That’s not the real Santa! Look at his beard! “

  • Love the last pic … Or really, all of them!!!!! As always!! And can lex teach Waverly how to love Santa?!

  • Your photos are all so gorgeous! Your girl is the cutest!

  • Lex did so well with Santa! I am so impressed. We got the crying face of terror each and every time and needless to say, he probably hopes Santa doesn’t bring him anything. Haha. Poor boy was terrified of the jolly old man.
    That picture of Mike and Lex is the CUTEST! She looks so happy with her daddy!

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we had an easy low key week. Filled with play dates, cupcakes, a mini-holiday ballet performance, and a few gingerbread house decorating sessions.

Monday we had a play date/dinner date at one of Lex’s besties houses. The girls constructed a frozen ice castle gingerbread house- it was very blue and very glorious. After they were done the vacuum came out and everyone was introduced to Lex’s insane vacuum terror.

ie banshee screaming when she catches sight of one never mind hearing it turn on.

Clearly we need to vacuum more at home.

I always put myself in charge of bringing dessert. It’s the only dish I can bring that comes with a guarantee not to embarrass myself.


I’m trying to soak up as much lex & me time as I possibly can before the new edition arrives. So Tuesday we had a day of shopping, a doctors appointment, and I rounded out the evening by attending book club for a book I didn’t manage to get more than 10 pages into.

Wednesday we decorated another gingerbread house. I took the cheater cheater pumpkin eater route and bought a pre-built one. Lex insisted we build outside so we wouldn’t need to vacuum after. So fear not banshee screaming was indeed avoided. And copious amounts of frosting and candy was consumed. Tis the season!!




Thursday Lex had a little in-class ballet performance for the parents. They’ve been “working” on the piece for a few weeks in class now. all you can really expect from 2 year olds is a little hip shaking and rainbow making. Although I’m fairly certain i caught lex twerking in the bathtub to “who let the dogs out” this week so maybe ballet really does prepare you for “real life”.

sweets-5 sweets-6

this weekend we’re off to see santa arrive by HELICOPTER at the golf course. i know a certain someone who’s mind is going to be BLOWN.

  • Yay for mommy & Lex time!!! These pictures continue to prove your kid is the cutest EVER!!

  • Oh my gahd, I just laughed at this entire post. Doorbells and phones ringing make Cam freak out – clearly we don’t have many visitors or friends who call!!! Haha!!! Have FUN this weekend…I can’t wait to hear about minds being blown!!

  • Thie is so sweet! Don’t you just love the holidays??? Our weekend is packed through Monday! But it’s all exciting things, so I’m looking forward to it.
    The banshee thing is seriously too funny though!

  • I neverrrrrrr volunteer to bring dessert because mine rarely turns out. Rarely. Ugh… I have such a love/hate relationship with baking (as in- I love to eat baked goods but HATE the actual baking part)
    Her ballet pictures slay me! That tutu is the cutest!
    Have the BEST weekend!

  • A girl after my own heart. They never put me in charge of anything but dessert either (nor do I volunteer for anything but dessert) because, well, I can’t cook. But I can bake! And those cupcakes look quite delicious if I do say so myself.
    Also, she is possibly the cutest ballerina ever! Can’t wait to hear all about your Santa experience!

  • Oh my gosh I laughed out loud at the “twerking in the bathtub” hahaha!!

    Scarlett is also terrified of the vacuum… like freaks out if it’s even sitting in the middle of the room (not even turned on) haha!

  • karra

    those cupcakes! how do you not eat them all? I could live off cookies and cupcakes, pregnant or not :)

  • Love the gingerbread house! Pre-built is the only way to go!

  • You guys never fail to crack me up and oh my gosh the cuteness in this one post! Off the charts! Have a fabulous weekend.

  • I cannot wait to do these kinds of things with my daughter when she’s a little older (she just turned one)!

  • Everything about this post had me laughing. The banshee screaming, the designated dessert person (me too), and the who let the dogs out twerking…I die!!!! Can I come steal lex for a couple weeks when that babe is born??

  • Can I please have all of lex’s headbands and bows? Seriously she is the CUTEST!

  • Jenny

    A frozen gingerbread house that sounds awesome!! Callie freaks out to the vacum too but yet always says she wants to help – crazy toddlers! Those cupcakes look amazing and love her tutu and dance class photos!

  • haha! Twerking in the tub! I love it!!! I love her little tutu! Shes adorable in it! And that top knot and bow! I melt!!!

  • Lex is your total mini-me in these smiley photos. I’m dying over the ballet recital pics and her twerking in the tub. :) She looks like she is in the most fun age!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

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I adore the holidays. Its fun, its festive, its a time for spending time with family & friends, and giving and being all around selfless.

but sometimes selfless is just plain exhausting.

So I’ve teamed up with two of the all-time cutest pregnant ladies Ashley and Jess for a giveaway for YOU. Because sometimes a girl needs a little “me” time during all the “giving” time.



We are so excited to be giving one lucky reader a Starbucks mug that gets you a free coffee every single day in January , a yummy Candle from Urban Outfitters, this gorgeous (sold out) Buffalo Check Blanket Scarf from Heart and Home and a gift card to Amazon so you can pick your favorite book to cuddle up with at home this winter.


Baby It


 enter now! be fair! drawing ends tuesday at midnight!
  • So excited to do this with you sweet mamas!!!!!!!!!!! XO

  • starbucks everyday in JAN? OMG, I NEED this… is this magical mug for sale in stores? I need my husband to put it in my stocking. Best giveaway ever!

  • You girls are basically THE BEST with this giveaway! (ps tried to follow you on GFC (if I’m not already?) and it just takes me back to your page and I don’t see the link to join??)

  • Yes, you definitely should take your own advice and take care of yourself… xoxo

  • Oh that blanket scarf!! And a starbucks mug that gets you free starbucks? I can’t think of anything more I would need to keep warm this winter… and of course your FREEZING Canadian neighbor deserves to win this contest ;)

  • Katie

    That candle would be perfect while watching holiday movies and sipping on Starbs!

  • Fabulous giveaway!! I’ve been eyeing so many blanket scarves but haven’t pulled the trigger on any yet so maybe Santa will be good to me and give me this one, haha!

  • karra

    that cup! I’ve never heard of it before, but I’m pretty sure I need it…. you know to stay cozy and caffeinated before this babe comes :)

  • Jenny

    Oh what a fun giveaway! To keep warm? How about a nice cup of hot cocca and by the fire?! Ya’ll are the best with this fun giveaway!

  • I love slipper socks. Especially the cute Christmas ones they have at Target.

  • Definitely a warm drink!

  • Great Giveaway!!! I hope I win! That blanket scarf is my jam!

  • You ladies ARE the cutest preggers ever! Makes me almost want to be pregnant again! Maybe when K is closer to Lex and Waverly’s age! That scarf is amazing though!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

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