my weekend. . .

Consisted mostly of taking pictures. . . amazing, glorious, fabulous 5D pictures. I am in LOVE with this camera. I don’t think I have loved any object more than this camera, armed with a 50mm 1.4 lens and I am a fabulous picture taking machine (I seriously don’t think THAT highly of myself. . . but still).

* see I don’t ONLY take pictures of Mike. . . I stalked Reagan this weekend too. She probably thought the paparazzi were after her.

  • Great pictures!

  • Mom

    nice pictures, glad you are loving your new camera. I see Mike got a chance to take a picture too….

  • Very nice! I can’t believe you’ve already upgraded to the 5D, lol!!!! I love the red brick background in Mikey’s picture.

  • Heather

    I love the new camera pics. Is that a pedometer (step counter) I see? I love the background in your pic. Cute color on the windows.

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