Sheldon came into Stacy and Tracy’s lives about a year ago-they spotted a skinny, mangy, little pup who looked like he needed a home. So while everyone else was adopting puppies, they adopted Sheldon. He’s a cute, spunky, little Pomeranian with a napoleon complex. And hes so so loving! Sheldon loves giving kisses and its so very obvious he loves Stacy! Stacy and her sister have given Sheldon such a loving happy home, he’s plumped up quite nicely, and his fur is SOOOO soft (i couldnt stop petting him!).  Sunday armed with dog treats and toys Stacy came over and we did a little doggie photo shoot in the backyard. Here are some of my favorites:

* this is possibly my favorite shot for the day. . . .

  • Hilarious! You got some great shots though… My parents’ dog is camera shy… Clearly Sheldon is not!

  • Anonymous

    I love love it!!!!!!! Completely in love with the pic of Sheldon on the chair.
    Of course the last pic is also one of my favorites..

  • Stacy

    Oopps… The last was me.

  • Mom

    Cute Sheldon…:)

  • Anonymous

    He’s so cute!!! Great pics. He looks so so soft.

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