so so sweet. . .

I have a confession. I LOVE sweets. I could have candy for every meal of the day and be completely satisfied at the end of the day; which means if i let my sweet tooth take hold I will one day weigh over 400lbs and I will melt in the rain (due to being made of sugar). . . That being said. My favorite obsession? BAKING. I can’t cook. Period. Mike constantly kicks me out of the kitchen (he’s known as the kitchen nazi in our house) if hes cooking. Don’t fret, it’s more than fair, I do the clean up. I also, do all the baking. I ADORE baking. And decorating my baking. And eating my baking. I honestly wish something would zap me every time I reached for a sweet, for I am a cupcake monster.

  • LOL… this whole post cracks me up. I LOVE baking, too… but Boyfriend doesn’t eat sweets… except for the one time he ate my ice cream… but that’s another story… but yeah, I can’t bake because he won’t eat any of it… which means I will weigh 400lbs..

    I loveeeeeeee my kitchenaid mixer. 🙂

  • Heather

    I too love sweets. Your cupcake looks so good. Save me one 🙂

  • Why can’t cupcakes be good for us?????

  • Ok, your blog stopped being in my blog roll and I was like WTF. I’m glad I decided to check your page and make sure it really didn’t stop.

    I love cupcakes. There’s a great place in Boulder that has yummy ones.

  • I’m right there with you. HATE to cook…LOVE to bake!

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