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Friday night I started a new series of books-The Hunger Games. Technically right now there’s only two books out, BUT in August it will be a trilogy. A friend recommended the books to me after we discussed our mutual love of the Twilight series–and he didnt disappoint with his ranting and raving about the books (I’m actually pretty sure he just wanted me to read them so he could talk about it with someone–and no one else likes to read tweenage novels like i do). Friday night I ordered the book-I’m a giant nerd and order books to read on my i-pod touch, this way I get to read at the gym, and at work, and it fits in my purse WAY better than a book does. Its awfully convenient, and the greatest invention EVER. I <3 you kindle for ipone/ipod. Back to the book, its about a futuristic time where 24 kids are selected to play in the ‘hunger games’ every year, and they fight to the death until there’s only one winner–OK when i describe it, it sounds gruesome, but I promise, nothing short of wonderful, fabulous, annoy your fiance because you cant put it downness. The only part of the book is the fact that the names out OUT OF CONTROL–the main characters name is Katniss. Really? Katniss? They’re making movies out of them, and Ive been promised they’re the new big thing in tweenage obsession–SO read them, love them, and then discuss with all the 14year old’s you can find.

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  • June 14, 2010 - 5:09 am

    Julie - The Hunger Games has been on my must read list for a few months now….I better start reading!

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