summer sister lovin’. . .

My sister ditched me this past January–for 4 whole months while she traveled the world and had amazing experiences-meanwhile I couldnt text her whenever I wanted, call her in a crisis, and I was constantly extremely jealous of her wild adventures abroad. The good news, she came back and I’ve been taking advantage of her ever since. I text her constantly, I give her a hard time about everything (which is clearly what older sisters are for), and I force her to come and visit me. This friday Nicole came out to visit and we did some shopping (when she showed up she was wearing this ADORABLE pink shirt, and I wanted one too. So i forced her to tell me where she got it, and then we went out and I got one too. YAY twinzies!), and she spent the night. Then on Saturday she was dragged to my first fitting. . . It was so much fun! I got to try on my dress and get pinned and prodded and it’s going to be amazing. I want to wear my dress RIGHT NOW. But I have to wait two months–sigh. Anyways, I had such a great weekend now that summer has finally arrived- and I cant wait for many many more amazing summer weekends (but only with bandeau tops. No tan lines allowed).

* dont hate on the photo. . it was taken on my phone.

  • So cute! I want to see the dress fitting pics!

  • Heather

    Love the matching sister thing. My sister and I wore matching shirts all week of church camp. Too much fun 🙂

  • Katie Horn

    you look freaking AMAZING erin!

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