love it. . . keep it!

This week I’m lovin’ and keepin’

– Amazing sparkly rehearsal dinner dresses (see above) found in Dallas that fit like a glove, sparkle, and make you yell holla!

– Iphone jersey shore apps that allow you to add snookie to any picture (see above).

– amazing weekends with amazing friends (i heart sara) who are totally hospitable, sweet, amazing, and welcoming!!

– Soreness from long nights at the gym. I’ve kicked up my work out schedule with the wedding just one month away, and its working! I feel like I’m productive at the gym again!!

– Pretzel m&m’s. Which are perhaps the best thing to happen to m&m’s EVER. They’re almost impossible to find around here. Mike rations them out to me in my “snack pack” every day. Yes, Mike packs me a bag o snacks every day. It keeps me from eating candy for every meal. And allows him to practice for when our dog goes off to doggie daycare.

  • Those stupid M&Ms are going to be the death of me. I wish Mike would pack me a snack pack too!

  • Oh my. I had forgotten how much I love that dress on you. You look so amazing.

    I heart you, too. (Yay for amazing friends to talk you down on bad days!!!!)

    And I heart Sir and his bag o snacks. That’s love. 🙂

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