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showered at zazou. . .

Saturday I had another bridal shower in my honor at Zazou-this amazing little restaurant in Rivera Village. It was a blast. The food was delicious (they had this chocolate bread pudding that was to DIE FOR), the guests were happy, cute, and sweet, and I got so many amazing things! Everyone was so so generous. And Mike and I couldn’t be more thankful. Seriously. . . we’re so so lucky. Kerry and Barbara hosted the shower, and they are seriously the cutest, sweetest people ever. i LOVE THEM. We played 2 games, and they were perfect. The first one was “guess how many m&m’s in the jar”. . . over 3,000 and I got to take them home! Heaven. And the second was about how to be a good housewife from the 50’s–it was so cute and entertaining. and clearly i learned a lot! i totally had the best answers-complete with taking the husband skiing in mammoth to relax and unwind and winter time (i got that one wrong? i have NO idea why). Overall the shower was a complete success and we had a blast!

*Disney ladies. . .

*sisterly lovin’. . .

*Nicole and I both wore our matching rings. . i LOVE our rings!

* the tables looked so so cute with sea shells and chocolate!

* me and the fabulous sara

* Hello lovers. . .

*my sister got me this shirt because mike is a HUGE dodgers fan. I LOVE it! its so stinkin’ cute!

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  • August 30, 2010 - 8:05 am

    Julie - Love the Dodger shirt…good job Nicole!

  • August 30, 2010 - 9:43 am

    Sara - 1… I love your dress!!!!! It looks so good on you!
    2… These people CLEARLY know you — and your obsession with M&Ms. I <3 it!
    3… That shirt is too, too cute.
    4… I love the seashells and chocolate.
    5… I get to see you in FOUR DAYS!

  • August 31, 2010 - 11:40 am

    Heather - Looking Hot Disney Ladies!!! I love the matching rings. Everything looked so beautiful.

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