surprise sunset dinners. . .

Last night Mike picked me up from the gym and said “i have a surprise for you. . . and no we’re not going to get a dog.” Instead he had packed a picnic and we went down to the beach to have a sunset picnic on the beach. It was ah-mazing. And so serene. He brought the towel, a blanket, wine, diet coke (i cant live without diet coke), and some amazing food. It was gorgeous, and romantic, and just what we needed! These days we sit down to dinner at 8pm and I’m usually distracted and trying to craft or unpack or racing to get to pilates. So this was sheer perfection! Ah, i love this boy!

Here’s the set up. . . and i look like an ogar. BUT it was cold!

The mastermind. . .

  • Mom

    Oh My…you are one lucky girl….we love Mike he is the greatest and the kindest and treats our princess in a wonderful way… you Mike, glad you are coming to join our family…..

  • Awww, what a sweetie!

  • This is like, the most amazing thing ever. I LOVE Sir! And I love your mom’s comment, too!

    It’s true — he’s wonderful and he treats you like the princess you are… and I couldn’t be happier!!!!! 🙂

  • Heather

    Supper cute. What a great husband to be. You did good Erin

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