amore in rome. . .

I LOVE Rome. It’s my favorite place on earth. I love the sights, i love the people, i love the feeling i get when i step onto the busy streets, i love the trevi fountain. . . and i loved being there with mike. We got off the train from Venice and my madness began-poor mike got dragged around the city. I took him to get gelato, we searched the entire city for potato pizza, we went to hard rock cafe (i needed meat. . . a big burger did the trick), we stayed at the River Palace, we walked, and we walked. And at the end of the day–we were just happy.

The Spanish Steps. . . my mother told me to stay away from Chanel–so i did, but j’adore Dior!

I wore my Roman sandals so I’d fit in. . .

I DIED of excitement every time we stepped foot in the piazza with the trevi fountain. . .

A quaint alleyway, a husband, and the Vatican. . .

It was a gorgeous day at the Colosseum. . . the crowds were sparse because USC wasn’t playing that day.

What do you do when it rains in Rome? You buy an umbrella!

  • Ohmygod. I love everything about this post. EVERYTHING. I’m obsessed with the Trevi Fountain, too.

  • Love the picture of you in the white sweater…so pretty! And yay for Rome! Love love love.

  • Heather

    You pics are fabulous. You will have to teach me somethings. I love Mike with the umbrella. So much fun. YEAH Honeymoon!!!!!!

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