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gettin’ in the halloween spirit. . .

First and foremost- I dont have a Halloween costume this year, nor do I have ANY idea what to be. Suggestions, or someone coming to my house and physically dressing me in a costume would be mucho appreciated.

Yesterday I officially got into the Halloween spirit! First I bought candy for cute little trick or treaters–we have no idea if we’ll actually get any kids, but we’re ready if they come knocking (if not I have a TON of candy to consume-which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). And then the ever fabulous Stephanie and Christy threw a little Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party. It was fabulous! We had dinner, vino, pumpkin pie, candy, and carved (or painted) pumpkins! Yes, I officially painted my pumpkin! I stole the idea from Julie because I saw her personalized pumpkin and I had to get in on the cuteness of it.  All the other girls took on the challenge of actually carving their pumpkins, and they turned out so so good. I don’t think I’m talented enough with a knife and pumpkin tools to do what these ladies did–take a look:

This is Lauren’s “winking” pumpkin. . . he’s winking at all the boys!

Suzanne did a “fatty batty” pumpkin. . .

Here we have Christy’s big eyed pumpkin. . . and the AMAZING owl one (seriously, it was a level 2 difficulty. and she NAILED it!).

Look how cute Stephanie’s smiley pumpkin came out!

and here’s my pumpkin. . . who’s cute in his own way. Just not light up with an amazing little face way.

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  • October 26, 2010 - 9:48 am

    Sara - Wow, super cute. I can’t hang with you girls. AT ALL. Cannot hang.


  • October 26, 2010 - 10:07 am

    Mom - Wow, you all did such a great job. Love the batty pumpkin and of course the one with the V on it…..

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