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a whole lotta bridal party love. . .

Mike and I got our wedding CD last week. . . and I’ve been so distracted I haven’t gotten to share in the massive fun-ness that is our wedding pictures (it’s the puppies fault. it’s also the puppies fault I now wake up at 5am. I’ve become VERY productive in the mornings. that’s for sure). i ADORE each and every one of our pictures. so expect to see a lot more of them (thank you to jasmine star. for being oh so talented. and amazing. and helping us remember our wedding day in the most perfect way). Now. . ONTO the pictures!

I happen to have ADORE our bridal party. They werent our bridal party for nothing. . . they were cute. made sure the day was perfect, and nick even shined mikes shoes (ahem, girls. you missed that. my shoes didnt get shined).

us girls. . we got down to business. in case you were wondering-redbull and champagne. SHEER PERFECTION. seriously, red bull and anything is sheer perfection.

ya. . that’s right. rockin’ the wayfarer’s. . .

I LOVE this picture of all the girls. . everyone looks so good!

The boys are just so darn handsome. . .

The speeches were pretty darn amazing. . and john gave me credit for making mike a better dresser. Which is TOTALLY true. We opened mikes clothing world beyond surf clothes. and i will take ALL the credit for that, thankyouverymuch!

So my sister worried me when the week before the wedding i got a text. . . “remember any super funny embarrassing stories of us?” BUUUT she pulled it out like a champ. Didn’t embarrass me, and made my mother cry! This is Nicole’s FAVORITE picture from the night.

Smulie on the other hand. . she was sweet and nice, and funny. and then she did the unthinkable. She brought up the fact that i was once BLONDE. my biggest hair mistake of my LIFE and she brings it up (its a good thing i love her so much. . . and that i can now, 8 years later laugh about the fact that i looked like a q-tip).

ummm ya. . . and this is the bridal party dance. And me, being the white girl i am–getting down, or THINKING i’m getting down.

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  • November 10, 2010 - 7:02 am

    Uncle Long Hair - Great shots Erin!! wonderful memmories of your big day!

  • November 10, 2010 - 5:36 pm

    ashley gordon - beautiful wedding my parents said they couldn’t believe what time it was when they left

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