love it, keep it. . . red-bull

I’m addicted to red-bull. I know there’s enough caffeine in it to kill a small horse (or as much as a cup of starbucks coffee)–but i CRAVE a sugar-free red bull every morning. . . The taste is refreshing, totally wakes me up, and I can’t quite explain it, but i think i’m having a love affair with red-bull. My morning just doesn’t feel right without it. It has quickly become a staple of my everyday routine, and there is LOTS of pouting if we run out (ask mike, he’s officially an awesome red-bull stocker). My father will tell me until he’s blue in the face that its bad for you (but for the record DAD- so is going skiing in mammoth and going down climax. Must i remind you of your broken ribs and black eye?). . . So my love it, keep it this week is dedicated to none other than red-bull. . . my secret lover.

* yes. DONT JUDGE. i’m still pimping out my Gladys Jem portraits. but i love them. . .

  • I’m pretty sure it’s not a secret anymore. I’m just saying.

  • Love the picture…hate the redbull!


  • A girl needs something to get through hours of editing…red bull does the trick.

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