my fav sb resident. . .

Sunday my absolute favorite santa barbara resident (besides oprah) came out to visit. . . it’s about time she came out to meet her God-dog (yes, even dogs can have Godparents). Leslie is actually the one who found the breeder we got tucker from, so we’re eternally grateful to her. I met Leslie in college- we were in the same sorority back when there was something we called “pledging”, and I was the girls library captain (because i was so incredibly studious. and i’m happy to report we only got kicked out of the library a few times while i was in charge). We became insta-bestfriends, decided that we’d have a joint wedding, and be next door neighbors. I kinda ruined that plan and got married first–so everyone should be expecting Mike and I to renew our vows when Leslie gets married (with fire-breathers, elton john performing, and paula abdul as our maid of honor).  That got incredibly side-tracked incredibly fast. So Sunday- Leslie came to visit and we had a delicious lunch at a rib joint, got some cupcakes, and she was introduced to tucker (he has a crush on her).

  • Aww fun! So glad Leslie came and kept you company while Mike was away! Tucker keeps getting bigger. It’s a little ridiculous! 🙂

  • So cute!!!

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