sad puppy. . .

I got home last night to this face:

Someone got fixed yesterday. . . and he’s not a happy camper right now. Notice his cone? The one he’s figured out he can slip off? Ya, that’s pretty much his evil enemy right now. But I can’t blame the poor guy. I would hate to walk around with a cone on my head-preventing me from itching and sleeping comfortably and just creating misery. I can’t figure out what’s worse- the fact that he can’t exercise much the next 3 days, has to sport the cone for 4 more days, or the fact that he can’t get a bath for another 10 days. It all adds up to one sad puppy.

  • Poor Tucker! He looks so sad. The cone of shame is no fun! Wrigley decided the only way to freedom from his cone was to eat his way out of it…not good either.

  • Mom

    Poor Tucker…:(

  • I notice there’s no mention of his nails… don’t do that to Tucker… he’s already confused enough because you took his boy parts… now you’re painting his nails?

    Sad puppy… but I’m pretty sure he’s not sad about missing out on baths…

  • Kat

    Erin! Get that poor dog a soft e-collar! He’ll be much better sleeping and won’t hurt when he hits you with it! It’s worth it since they usually have to wear them a few times in their lives.

    They sell them at fancy pet stores by us. I’m sure you can find one by you.

  • Heather

    Poor guy 🙁

  • I LOVE your blog. So cute! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Oh my word. He is the cutest thing ever! He really does look sad though. Funny face!

  • michelle

    everytime i see a picture of tucker i think he can’t get any cuter… and then he does!! hope his recovery is going smoothly <3

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