Yesterday I came home and told Mike that I’ve officially named our unborn children- to which he responded with an eye roll and the promise that my “baby fever” would go away soon. Yes, i have the fever- the baby fever. But its really not my fault. Babies are ad-or-able. And this cute little face isn’t really helping to make my fever go away- and this face covered with pink icing– well that’s enough to give anyone the fever!

  • Oh me. Kinley was so, so, so cute… but NO BABIES yet. You have a house to work on!

  • Mom

    ADORABLE Kinley…..cute and adorable

  • Kristin

    She is my favorite!

  • Oh baby fever is back for sure!

  • molly

    she is adorable!!!

  • we’ve named all 3 of our unborn children. not just me. US. yeah. nuff said 😉

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