sherry & nathan- engagement

It all started innocently enough- two high school churchgoers, passing by chance in the hall. A brief glance of the eyes. A flutter in the stomach. That was 12 years ago. But sometimes those first feelings are the most telling, and for Sherry and Nathan, it was just the beginning.

As Sherry and Nathan walked hand in hand through the halls of John Marshall High School during our recent engagement shoot, it was like they were back at that first meeting. Except this day you could tell these two were madly in love. Sherry, with her quiet, assured demeanor, and Nathan, with his quick wit and wide smile that can soften a room. Both in perfect balance, ready for a lifetime together. And for the photos? Um, Sherry and Nathan, you ROCKED it. Literally. It was a blast walking through the streets of Los Angeles, and I feel so honored to have been able to document your love. I can’t wait to see you guys in May!

Sherry- honestly? Could you be any fiercer? You’re STUNNING!

After a quick outfit change we headed downtown to the Disney Concert Hall. . .

Nathan’s a musician- he couldn’t get the drum set out- so we settled for this amazingly cute guitar. . .

OOOh ya– sherry can get down with her bad self (notice her holding the guitar the right way?). . .

  • Mom

    wonderful pictures…..they are such a cute couple, love the guitar and the red dress is wow….

  • Maria

    These are amazing, Erin! Love them all!

  • Kristin

    Love the 4th one from the bottom – it looks “real”

  • work that camera girl, work it!

  • Love the ones by the lockers and that great red dress!!

  • You totally rocked this engagement shoot! I love the ones by the lockers…and the ones in the road!

  • That red dress is firece! I love how versatile Sherry is with all her looks. GORGEOUS!! I love the guitar pics — too cute!

  • sohir farag


  • Martha Davidson

    Absolutely Lovely!
    Erin these are so fun, and fresh! Love love.
    Favorite is of sherry totally rocking out!

  • Carolina S. Adame

    Just fabulous!!! My favorite is the book and glasses followed by the red dress w guitar. Rawr.

  • molly

    Adorable! These came out way cute!

  • Sherry

    I love the pictures!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Leannette

    Cousin Nathan and soon to be cousin Sherry the pictures turned out beautiful!! Congratulations! Love you guys

  • […] and Nathan?  They’re the uber-sweet, too-cute-for-words couple that rocked it out for an engagement session a few months back.  Well, their wedding is this coming weekend, and I was lucky enough to be […]

  • Mercedes

    Nathaniel, these pictures are beautiful! I wish you and your bride to be all the happiness in the world. I hope your wedding this weekend is everything you both dreamed of!

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