friends, family, and vegas. .

This weekend we headed to Vegas to meet our good friends Julie & Jon, Mo & Ali. Mo and Jon have their 30th birthdays, so out they flew from Michigan to celebrate while Mike and I joined them (because we miss them). We celebrated by seeing shows, eating delicious dinners, sipping drinks poolside, and wandering the casino’s looking for the “deal or no deal” slot machines. . . Overall it was perhaps one of my favorite Vegas weekends!

we convinced my dad to fly us out there- and with the help of my mom they ended up staying the weekend in a swanky suite at the mirage (she’s a baller at these casinos- on the video poker). And why is my arm up there at the super weird angle? Ya, apparently my whole ” i’m cool and just standing here, next to this plane” act isnt fooling anyone.

The birthday boys!! (and mike). . .

Annnd the girls. . .

  • I love it! I’m so glad you and Mike were able to join us! The pictures look great! Can you e-mail me some????? Heart you!

  • Awww… how fun! I’m totally jealous. You had me at “sippin’ drinks poolside”… 🙂

    And WHAT!? Everytime you post something about your mom, I learn something new. She’s too cool for words, lol…

  • Heather

    Cute pics!!! Looks fun 🙂

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