Today is my dad’s birthday! last night we went to help him celebrate and he informed us that this year he’s the “double nickel”.  It’s been a while since i could refer to myself as any type of coinage, so I’m kinda jealous. Anyways, happy birthday to the dad who always listens when i make up rare medical conditions and text him about the “symptoms”, who always takes my side, hates it when i have short hair (or bangs), is totally resistant to change, and to the man who all my friends want to ski, bike, and ride with!



  • Happy Birthday Dr. Dis!

  • Uncle Jay

    Happy ” Double Nickel” Birthday!! Big Brother!

  • Heather

    Happy Birthday Mr. Disney!!!! It’s my dad’s birthday too. I don’t know if I ever put that together before 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Dear. Having kids like you makes it easier growing old! Love you!

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