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tucker’s first hair cut. . .

Tucker’s had his hair cut before, a “doodle tune-up” if you will, they make it so he can see, and take a little off the top, but nothing, and i mean NOTHING could have prepared our family for what happened yesterday. Tucker’s been getting into the habit of getting matted, not matter how much I brush the puppy the matts would just keep showing up and getting worse. A few weeks ago, and Tuckers ‘professional’ bath, the brushed him for over 45minutes, and just couldn’t get him de-matted- and then promptly suggested we shave him. I knew when dropping him off yesterday he was going to need to get the same buzz cut my brother has, it wasn’t until I picked him up from the groomers that I fully realized what that meant. And then I got him in the car and we cried about it together (damn hormones). Tucker is no long a fluffy puppy. He looks like a poodle. Which I guess isn’t that surprising due to that fact that he’s 3/4 poodle, but STILL. His golden beach locks are D-O-N-E. Tucker is taking a picture break for the next 4-6 weeks while we try to get some fluff back on his bare-ish body. . . and yes, I refuse to post a picture. For fear of more tears.

Here’s a look back at all that beautiful hair. . .

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  • September 13, 2011 - 8:00 am

    Sara - Cute doodle.

    The last one is my favourite.

    You need to take the imposter back.

  • September 13, 2011 - 8:04 am

    Stephanie Elizabeth - Oh Erin…it will be okay, I promise. The hair grows back so QUICK! Remember when I took Quinley in and I didn’t recognize her? Now I’ve got to take her in again! Yeah, that’s how quick. Besides, I’m sure he still looks cute.

  • September 13, 2011 - 8:18 am

    Julie - Poor Tucker! I’m sure it’s much harder on mom than it is on him! His hair will grow back quickly and he’ll be back to being the most stylish doodle ever in no time!

  • September 13, 2011 - 2:10 pm

    Gladys Jem - Chris’ parents have a doodle. She had a really short haircut once (guessing pretty much what Tucker is looking like right now) when I saw her with her new do-I screamed and said “OMG, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?” hahaha.

  • September 14, 2011 - 10:48 pm

    Heather - You reeled me in and then won’t even let show us see a picture. I want to know what Tuckers hair cut looks like 🙁

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