happy halloween!

Halloween just isn’t halloween without some good old fashioned pumpkin carving. Since we’re not dressing up this year (except tucker, i still maintain he’d make an amazing unicorn), we figured we at least had to get into the holiday spirit with some pumpkin carving! A few weeks ago we hit the pumpkin patch, and what better pumpkins to use for our carving adventure?!


reagan deemed herself the inspector. . .

here’s mikes handi-work. His name is “Jacques”, and i think hes adorable!

workin’ hard. . .

and here are our finished products! Happy Halloween!!!!

  • Wow, I’m impressed! You’re pumpkins are perfect! Love them!

  • Good job! I’m impressed. I do NOT have these mad skills. Especially the cat. That’s amazing.

  • Heather Horn

    Looks like fun. The cat carved into the pumpkin is sssssooo cute 🙂

  • you guys are SO fun! we didn’t even buy a pumpkin this year. so sad!!

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