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its halloween. . . almost.

So I’d love to be “that” girl. The one who goes all out, balls deep into the holiday decorating. But alas- this is our first year in a big fancy house and I just don’t have enough “stuff” to accomplish all the little details I lust over in other peoples blog posts, homes, and pinterest boards. My current Halloween stuff just looks so so small now. And well, sparse. So don’t judge, first of all Mike and I have yet to visit the pumpkin patch (yes, he has PROMISED to take me. Hopefully they’ll be a face painter there and I can get my stomach painted to look like a pumpkin. Isn’t that every pregnant girls dream?), and second of all I’m just starting to build up my collection. So when the babe is old enough to actually KNOW what Halloween is and refuses to share their trick or treat candy I’ll have one bomb ass decorated haunted house.


See the table runner? I MADE it. Yes ladies & gents I handcrafted that gem of a table runner. Thank goodness for no-sew iron on seam-stuff (yes that’s its technical term). I even put brick a brack on the ends (to make Julie proud). Oh and the candy corn, for some reason it keeps disappearing, Mike keeps noticing how there’s less and less in the jars. Must be the cat.


See our incredibly awesome bare walls? Apparently with lathe and plaster you have to be VEEEERRRRYYY sure before hanging anything on the walls, or so mike tells me. Hence their barren-ness. Soon to be filled (hopefully!) by a giant railroad clock and old school pictures of our house.


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  • October 14, 2011 - 7:35 am

    Julie - LOVE the decorations! Your house has way more Halloween spirit than mine does. And I’m majorly impressed with the table runner! Everything looks so good!

  • October 14, 2011 - 7:13 pm

    Sara - You did an AMAZING job. I LOVE it!! I adore it!!!

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