erin & jason. . .

While i was in michigan i got to meet this uber-sweet and adorable couple. They seriously put new meaning to the “sweeter than apple pie” phrase! We just walked around the neighborhood a bit and snapped a few pictures. I had a fabulous time meeting these two, they couldn’t stop smiling and laughing (which I’d like to believe is because i’m hi-lar-ious).

  • LOVE the photos of Erin and Jason! They are beyond adorable and sweet together! And you make my muddy back yard look good!

  • 1. I love fall.
    2. I love the first picture.
    3. I love her outfit with boots. Does everyone in Michigan get to wear cute boots?

  • Erin

    A thousand thank-you’s to Erin and to Julie for taking time from your girls weekend to take our pictures. It means so much to us. They turn out amazing if I do say so myself… I give Erin the credit.

  • Heather Horn

    Cute pic friend!! They look super natural and comfortable.

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