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I still remember meeting Julie our freshman year of college, we were introduced by a mutual friend and piled into the back of a car to head off to see a dance show. We immediately bonded over the long road trip with it lack of radio stations up and over the grapevine (i kid you not, i think we listened to the little mermaid cassette tape). Now, 10 years later we’re closer than ever. She up n moved to Michigan on me, snagged herself an amazing husband, and together they’re carving out the perfect life. I couldn’t be happier for her, and I’m so so thankful we make the time to chat everyday, and that visits are a yearly necessity. This year was no different- so we drug Jon out to a railroad track and snapped some updated family pictures.

while driving home, jon spotted this nursery with its christmas lights already up. So we immediately pulled over for some extra Christmas love.

  • Kaleena

    CUTE as always 🙂
    Excellent pics Erin!

  • Great pics — I’m so jealous of Julie’s AMAZING hair. And she looks ridiculously adorable!! I see Wriggles finally gave you a smile, too.

  • LOVE the photos and LOVE you!

  • Heather Horn

    Great pictures Erin!!!!! Love love love the outfit Julie.

  • julie is so awesome! love her hair and her outfits she has such great style

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