awkward & awesome. . .

I know you’ve missed awkward & awesome thursday’s around here. . i’m totally going to do my best to bring them back in a BIG way. Here it goes. . .


– swollen ankles and feet from a c-section. no lie. it was the grossest, most awkward thing EVER. thank goodness its back to normal, i can walk, and have kissed my giant cankles goodbye.

-i swear our pediatrician thinks i’m not feeding our child. but slow and steady wins the weight gain race.

– taking the stroller AND the dog for walks. alone. tucker and i are still trying to work out all the kinks.

– coming home from a walk last night to find the house leaking, and then frantically calling mike. . . who’s advice was to “head to higher ground”. pretty sure he pictured me holding the babe above my head wading through chest high water, and not just a clogged pipe that it took the plumber 30minutes to fix. i wonder how much longer i can blame “pregnancy hormones” for being emotional? i vote at least another year.

– being weighed at the doctor TWO weeks after giving birth. It’s just not fair. Although losing 25lbs in 2 weeks might count as an “awesome”, if only i didn’t still have a LONG way to go. i blame jellybeans and cupcakes.



– lexi saves her “open air accidents” for her daddy. it’s their “thing”.

– awake babies and tummy time. my favorite times of the day are when lexi is wide awake and working out those neck muscles. we’re getting quite strong.

– baby snuggles. sometimes a girl just needs her mom and a snuggle sesh.  i’m more than happy to oblige.

– hearing that i might get to start working out again in 4 weeks. my countdown to get back to HIP has officially begun. Let’s hope they go easy on me the first few weeks. Pretty sure i couldn’t plank for 1 minute to SAVE MY LIFE right now.

– welcoming red-bull back into my life. finally re-united with my long lost friend.

– all the visitors we’ve had. i swear our friends and family are the greatest thing since iced cupcakes. They’re keeping us sane, entertained, and our freezer well-stocked.


  • I can’t even pick a favorite awkward or awesome to comment on. I love them ALL. I vote you get the pregnancy hormones, jelly bean, and cupcake excuse for at least one year. And Mike telling you to head for higher ground? Cracks. Me. Up. Seriously love it.

  • Stephanie

    You are beyond cute. I love it all. I need another Vancura family date stat. xoxo

  • Sara

    I love every single one of these. Totally can’t pick a favorite, but I’m pretty sure Mike’s response to “head to higher ground” wins right now!!!!!

  • Heather

    Yeah for working out in 4 weeks. I think you can for sure use “pregnancy hormones” for a good 6 months. Ugg….can’t wait to get 100% healthy so I can meet the newest delta lady.

  • So happy to hear everything is going so well! Can’t wait to see pics of your little one 🙂

  • Katie

    watch that planking after a C-Section! I swear, I could do just about anything after my surgery – EXCEPT planking. For some reason, my incision STILL hurts when I go into a plank – and it’s been four months! yay for working out post-baby, it makes me feel so normal again. 🙂

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