the first 2 weeks. . .

The past two weeks have flown by. They’ve been filled with a whole lot of recovering for this mom, and a whole lotta diapers, sleeping, feeding, doctors visits, tummy-time, first-baths, and more sleeping and feeding for lexi. i must admit we’ve been taking a ton of iphone pictures, but have been seriously lacking on the nice camera pictures, but how many pictures can  you take of a sleeping baby? i’m sure in the upcoming day’s we’ll have a lot more “awake” time, and many, many more kodak moments to capture-much like daddy’s hair-styling skills after lexi’s first bath.

  • Sara

    dear lexasaurus,
    we need to meet. if for no other reason than for me to teach your daddy what to do with little girls hair. HELLO BOW!

    love you already,

  • Heather

    LOVE the hair!!! Sounds like lots of fun 🙂

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