a dip in the pool.

I feel like a heat wave is sweeping the entire country. People are complaining about temperatures well into the 100’s (complaining with good reason). We aren’t experiencing those scorching days– our temps are staying nicely in the high 70’s out here. but that’s no reason there shouldnt be swimming. . .

i apologize in advance for posting 1,000 pictures. but its hard not to get excited about a 3 month old in a bikini. . .


  • Carly Sapp

    Fun!!! Looks like she did pretty well 🙂 Not seeing any smiles, but no crying either. You look GREAT too by the way! Way to go!

  • Awww so cute! I’m super jealous of your 70 degree weather…and also of your adorable 3 month old! In a bikini!

  • Lex isn’t totally sure about the water yet, but Mom and Dad sure are looking like happy, well-adjusted, good looking parents!!!!

    Still love that swimsuit.

  • Heather

    Got to love the suit!!! Where were you swimming at?

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