hello erin »

so hot in. . . so hot in here.

we thought it’s been a tad warm out here. . . it was NOTHING compared to what was waiting for us last weekend in claremont (i swear i saw the thermometer creep up to 107 at one point). to beat the heat we decided a swim was in order. it was lexi’s first time going IN in the pool. not just her legs, or her feet, or putting on her swim suit to snap pictures. IN THE POOL. she hated it. and then loved it. and we officially cant wait for swim lessons (or another trip to grandma and grandpas).

and YES lex loves sunglasses. hates hats. LOVES sunglasses.

fairly certain mike was trying the whole “its just one big bath tub” trick. . .

our shock proof, waterproof, chillproof camera is going to come in handy big time as this baby gets older.


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