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seven months

Dear Alexandria-

This month you’ve been a busy little girl! Between yoga, swim lessons, mommy & me, play group, and Gymboree we have quite the line up of fun activities! Not to mention- the crawling, teething, and big girl eating.

Lets talk crawling. You are officially on-the-move and boy can you get where you want to go… and fast!  It seemed like one day you just woke and decided you wanted to move, and off you went.  Ever since you’ve been getting faster and faster on your hands and knees.  Just a few days ago you decided to follow us out of the play room.  You love exploring new parts of the house, and never miss an opportunity to chase the kitty, or race to see what trouble you can find. We just put you down and away you go!

You have two bottom teeth so so close to popping up, it’s felt like you’ve been showing teething symptoms forever- but all the fevers, runny noses, ear pulling and chewing is about to pay off! Pretty soon the tooth fairy is going to come visit. It’s a good thing you’re getting some teeth in, because your meals have gone from purées to chunks. You LOVE feeding yourself- and mommy and daddy love cleaning up the messy baby afterwords! Meals times are family time around here, and we never miss an opportunity to gather round the table and all eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together…a tradition I hope will last forever.  Spaghetti seems to be the dish-du-jour…you just cant get enough of the sweet pasta sauce and messy noodles.  You love it so much we had to go sans-clothes for spaghetti night.  Cute factor?  Through the roof.

We officially have a schedule. You wake up at 6, play until 7:30 when you promptly go down for a leisurely morning nap.  By 9:30 we’re rested and ready for a fun, activity-filled day. A quick nap from 2:30-4, some play time with dad post-work, a delicious dinner, and finally bedtime at 6pm (you LOVE your 6pm bedtime, no matter how hard we try to change it!)- then it’s down for the night where we don’t hear a peep until the morning!

You’ve got quite a busy schedule already!  Your absolute favorite afternoon activity by far is swim! You are such a fishie and get so excited when we walk into the swim center. You’re a champ at going underwater, and LOVE the tick-tock song. Both mommy and daddy get to practice swimming with you-mommy on Tuesdays, and daddy on Fridays! It’s our favorite time of the week!  Rounding out your weekly activities are mommy and me class, playdates with friends (Sydney and Fiona seem to be you BFFs), gymboree, and grandma visits.  Speaking of grandma visits, Mom and Dad took their first overnight trip and left Grandma D in charge for a night.  Granted it was only one night, and we were 15 minutes down the road at Terranea, but all went without a hitch.

We love you more than words lex.  One thing has to be mentioned…you seem to get one comment over and over: “she’s just such a happy baby!”  And it’s true…you’re are one happy baby.  We love you Lex.  It’s hard not to wish things would just slow down for a second, but you know what?  It’s pretty darn amazing watching you grow up…so keep moving and growing and being your happy self.  We’ll be here for the ride.

Mom & dad



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  • October 12, 2012 - 5:16 pm

    Sara - This totally made me cry.

    I’m a sentimental sap.

  • October 15, 2012 - 8:07 pm

    Heather - 7 month old pictures are extremely adorable. Love your monthly notes to her. Such a great way to keep record of all these memories 🙂

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