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eight months.


Dear Alexandria:

Well big girl, this month has a been a month of firsts- first plane ride, first tooth, first bite of pineapple, first hand-wave, and first halloween. Each new experience was faced with a giant smile as you discovered and learned.

This month we went to Maui! It meant you had your very first (FIVE hour!) plane ride, and truth-be-told it couldn’t have gone smoother. The people in our section adored you, your smiles, and your little waves and helped keep you entertained and happy the whole way. The trip was filled with lots of pool time, LOTS of pineapple (which just might be your new fav fruit), and the tooth fairy! That’s right–your first tooth poked through while on vacation. The pool was your favorite activity hands-down: the hotel had a perfect wading pool that was shallow enough for you to stomp around in your little floatie. You’d just walk around the kids pool chewing on sunglasses, and smiling at everyone! We also checked out the aquarium, went on nice long walks, and just lounged around the hotel. It was a perfect first vacation!

The tooth fairy FINALLY came to visit, and your in the process of cutting both of those bottom little teeth. We can see them coming, and feel their sharp little edges, they just need to sprout a little taller. I think we’ll all be glad to have these first two teeth in. Two (almost) down… Eighteen to go!

This month we celebrated Halloween! Unfortunately no trick-or-treating this year, but that didn’t stop us from dressing you up (on multiple occasions!), and celebrating the holiday. This Halloween you were a little shark- complete with fin, teeth, and bow! You made quite the adorable shark, and everyone adored your costume! We had you celebrate the season by finger painting a pumpkin so you could be involved in the Halloween fun. We had to make sure you could get in on all the halloween fun this year, and we’re pretty sure you loved every minute of it (except for the messy finger painting)

Your exploring and discovering has reached a new level now that you’re mastering the art of crawling. It hasn’t been without a few tears along the way…we’ve definitely had our fair share of head bumps, topples, scrapes and goose eggs. But we’re getting more and more confident each day, and a few bumps and bruises surely can’t stop your endless curiosity.

Meal time is still a blast…breakfast, lunch and dinner are mandatory daily events. Any time we sit down for a quick snack or bite to eat, you insist on eating with us…it’s adorable! And you also insist on feeding yourself…you love searching for perfect morsel of food and transporting it to your mouth. Forget the spoon…hands are much better!

Well Lex, another month, and another handful of milestones. What will next month hold? Plenty of cute winter clothes and turkey dinners, we’re sure. Love you little girl!!


Mom & Dad

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  • November 12, 2012 - 4:31 am

    Julie - Happy 8 months Lexi! And happy 8 months to mom and dad too. She is such a little doll!

  • November 25, 2012 - 5:31 pm

    Laura - Adorable little girl! Your blog caught my eye… namely because of the last name. Great idea writing the monthly letter… my little guy just turned four months. I might have to start!

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