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our 9-12 month essentials.

Every few months we find there are certain things we cant live without. Plain and simple. At first it was pacifiers and swaddle blankets, its now morphed into walkers and sippy cups. Here are the things we’re loving right now:

1. Bloom Zen– We got this stroller once lexi had enough head-control to be forward facing. We desperately needed an all-terrain stroller with a small fold, and fancy design. I fell in love with the zen. It folds into a ridiculously small bundle,  doesn’t weigh much, looks like a space-ship, and has the biggest sun-shade ive ever seen.  Now that lexi’s getting older her bed-time is getting later (a whopping 6:30 on a late night), and we love going for walks after dinner. Enter- the stroller with a HEADLIGHT (solar powered to boot). This thing drives like a dream, and folds up tight. What’s not to love?

2. JJ Cole Essentials Blanket- The first farmers market we went to with the play group i was the ONLY mom without one of these bad-boys. They have to be hands-down the blanket every single mom needs to own. They fold up tight, are waterproof, easy to wash, and are 100% perfect for anything sand or grass related. We easily use this multiple times a week, and i’m so glad i got the memo that i needed to own one!

3. Fisher Price Stroll-Along Walker– Lexi is just starting to show a teeny bit of interest in walking. Enter this awesome walker/stroller. She LOVES pushing her baby around the play room in this thing. Its super sturdy, the wheels dont turn too quickly, and its adorable watching her walk her baby around with a big smile on her face. Definitely a favorite in this house.

4. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn SmartPhone– Lexi loves phones. I cant even describe in full detail her love of phones. She is always on the phone, or remote, or holding her shoe up to her ear. Enter her smart phone. Make no mistake- mom’s phone is always better in lex’s eyes- but when she cant get her hands on it this is the next best thing. She talks on it in the car, grocery shopping, laying on all her toys. Its not super loud, and the songs havent managed to annoy me yet. Definite win in my book!

5. Camelback Kids Bottle– This sippy is our hand down favorite. It doesnt leak, the straw folds into the bottle, lex can lug it around without it breaking, and its her favorite sippy to drink from when we’re playing or on-the-go. Heck its also the only sippy she’ll drink milk from now that we’re transitioning away from bottles.

6. Tiny Diner– This placemat has saved my floor. Lexi’s high chair pushes right into the table (which we love, we eat all our meals as a family), and much to Tucker’s dismay after we started using thing next to nothing ends up on the floor or her lap. It also rolls up making it perfect for eating out or in.

7. Zoli Snack Dispenser– This snack dispenser is in my eyes the cutest and best on the market. You can buy lids and carry around the individual compartments, or carry around the whole stack. Its just the right size for a serving of blueberries, chicken, or pasta, and its perfect for snacks and meals on the go. We also have the sumo-stack which is the snack dispenser on steroids- and we LOVE that too!

8. Zoli Stick Baby Gum Massagers– Lexi has the slowest growing teeth around. I swear she’ll be teething until she 10, and we’ll still be using these sticks. They look like toothbrushes, but have hard plastic ends that lexi cant get enough of. When she feels a tooth coming in, she’s never without one of these in her hand! rumor has it putting them in the freezer creates extra comfort.

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  • February 18, 2013 - 6:46 am

    julie - OMG. I need 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8! That blanket sounds perfect and the gum massagers would totally come in handy right now!

  • February 18, 2013 - 5:56 pm

    Sara - I swear. Your other stroller bit me and you found another one that looks complicated. I loveeeeeeeeeee it though!

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