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trendy tot- honest diapers.

its no secret that dressing a babe is FUN.  I mean they look cute in just about anything and they outgrow sizes so quickly; i feel like lexi gets a whole new wardrobe every few months (which i’m not so secretly jealous of).  I felt like at first we struggled to find lexi’s “style”. The things i thought i’d dress her in turned out to never, ever get worn, and just weren’t right. But I’m happy to say that now, 11 months later we’ve discovered our style, favorite brands, and each day it’s fun picking out outfits. So i’m linking up to bring you Trendy Tot tuesdays, because i’m sure no one wants to see how i style myself every day (one word “lululemon”).


So i’m going to start at the beginning. The very beginning. With diapers. Most diapers are boring, they’re white, have random sesame street characters on them, and just aren’t pretty. We change diapers so much during the day why not make it a little more fun with super-cute ones? Enter The Honest Company. I’d love to say that we use these diapers just because they’re void of harsh chemicals found in normal diapers, are better for the environment, and they donate a TON of diapers to people in need- which are all amazing bonus’s- but letsbehonest. They’re adorable. And they happen to come in the mail. I’m a giant fan of Honest products. They’re all natural, safe, smell divine, and are packaged quite nicely. Their wipes are better than anything else on the market,  the bubble-bath smells better then anything I’ve found, and their diapers have hearts on them (or anchors, or purple leopard, or dinosaurs).

Every month a giant box of these bad-boys arrive in the mail along with enough wipes to make it though the month. And they are the perfect start to whatever i put on my “trendy tot” for the day. We even get a little crazy up in here and let lex pick out the one she wants to wear.




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  • February 26, 2013 - 8:49 am

    Colleen - Those are beautiful diapers! I would almost feel bad putting them on a baby knowing they were just going to get soiled!

  • March 3, 2013 - 9:48 pm

    Sara - These are adorable! Are they cloth are disposable?! LOVE them!!!!!

    I want to see Lex sporting a dino one!

  • May 26, 2013 - 11:43 pm

    honest diaper - I need best baby care package offering company recommendation. Be sure that the products should be natural and diapers must be disposable.

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