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a day in the life.

Last week Colleen posted “a day in the life” post, i LOVED reading it, so i’m 100% stealing her idea and posting about a day in the Vancura household. Here we go.

6:30am- Lex is officially up. Mike hits the shower and i go and get the babe up. We definitely “help” dad get ready every morning- we all brush our teeth together, lex & dad shave together, and we hassle him until hes dressed and ready for work.

7am- head-downstairs for some breakfast. Lex and i feed the doggie while mike is in charge of getting breakfast ready for all of us (lucky guy. but he secretly loves it).

7:30am- We wave bye-bye to dad as he heads off to work leaving us to play.

7:30-8:30am- We play blocks, read books, draw on the chalkboard, and then settle in for an episode of Doc McStuffins while lex gets her morning bottle.

8:30- 10am- Lex naps while i run around like a mad-woman cleaning up, cleaning myself up, and getting ready for the day. Dont worry i always multi-task and mange to watch some trashy not-so-kid friendly TV. usually something involving realhousewives, dance moms, gypsy weddings, or ready for love.

10-10:30- the babe has awoken. we’re up getting dressed, grabbing a snack, putting our shoes on and heading out the door for gymboree (grover is lex’s new bff. he literally doesnt leave her side, and she carries him around EVERYWHERE).

11-11:45- we play, laugh & learn at gymboree. We’re lucky that other play-group mamas are in the same class as us- so all the babes love seeing each other, and play like fiends since they’ve known eachother their whole lives.

11:45-1- its back home for us where we grab some lunch (grilled cheese & strawberries), play in the playroom somemore, and i try my damndest to get lex to drink her milk from a sippy.

1-2:30- another sweet, sweet nap. More cleaning, dinner prepping, bill paying, laundry doing (i swear i am always doing laundry. This kid gets both her AND me dirty constantly).

2:30-5: We always try to do something outside in the afternoons. A few times a week we’ll hit the park with lex’s BFF fiona. . . buuut today we played in the sandbox and water-table (little watertable trick i JUST learned. Add dishsoap to it while you’re filling it up. hello bubbles AND it helps keep it clean. i throw a sponge in there for lex to play with and half the time she ends up cleaning stuff. WIN). We then took a walk to the nearby school to pick daisies and run around a bit.

5-7pm- mike gets home with tucker (who still goes to doggy day care 2x a week) and lex and i descend on the two boys. Mike whisks lex away to play while i get dinner ready (spaghetti. its a fan fav with lex, and the only meal besides black-beans she goes to town on). After dinner we play more blocks, books, and chase before we decide ice-cream totally needs to be on the agenda for the evening. So we load in the van and hit baskin & robbins, and trust me it did NOT disappoint. Clearly its not a daily activity, but definitely turning into a weekly one. Once we get home its a race to the bath to get our clean on. Lex is obsessed with that blue-bath crayon and wont let it out of her sight during bath time. We get her down right at 7- which is a late night for her (we usually only make it until 6:30 before shes begging for her bed)- but hey, ice cream was involved!

After lex is in bed, we clean up dinner, then i hit the gym, take a spin class, or hit my pilates studio for one of their addicting workouts. And i’m always asleep by 10 and ready to do it all again the next day! Before i was a stay at home mom i was uber nervous about what the heck i’d do with a baby all day, i definitely wasnt prepared for how busy i’d be, and how exhausting it can be constantly being on the go all day (yes, even with lex still taking 2 long naps). Here’s a peek at how we stay busy & sane throughout the week– mondays- my MIL comes to babysit for a few hours while i hit pilates, in the evening mike & lex take swim lessons. Tuesday- we hit up story time at the library and have a ladies lunch with lex’s BFF fiona and her mommy afterwords. Wednesday- we take music class. Thursdays- Gymboree & my mom comes to babysit so i can hit pilates. Fridays- we leave open and hit the park, run errands & paint the town red. I can honestly say i LOVE what we’ve got going on- i love being this little girls mommy and wouldnt trade it for the world.

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  • April 30, 2013 - 6:18 am

    julie - Busy mommy! I know that the days I’m home with Hudson fly by too and it’ exhausting! And what water table is that??? Does it have an umbrella? Because you know me and the sun don’t get along so well….

  • April 30, 2013 - 6:27 am

    Colleen - I love this post and I’m so glad you’re sharing! I love reading about other SAHM’s days and how they make it all work!

    Lex takes such great naps! I save RHOC for nap time too. I don’t want Owen hear all the arguing and stuff–but I love it.

    We love Gymboree too 🙂 We’ve been skipping lately because of this and that, but I really appreciate being able to make up classes.

    Your tip about the water table is BRILLIANT thank you for sharing that. I’m going to add some dish soap to our this morning!

  • April 30, 2013 - 9:48 pm

    Sara - 100% LOVE this post!!!!! I totally need to earmark it, so I can plan my life according to this, seeing as how Tom is convinced your the best mama ever!!

    I’m pretty sure he’s right!

  • May 1, 2013 - 8:33 am

    Emily - Love this post! Both you and Colleen have inspired me to do our own day in the life post. But you know what I want to know… when do you girls blog? You always have fantastic posts, with fantastic pics, and then after reading how much fun you have with your littles I am just amazed!! But seriously, Lex is one lucky girl to have such a fun and wonderful Momma!!!

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