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fingerpained canvas.

We’re sprucing up the playrooms wall decor and decided we needed lex’s help to create a canvas for the wall. It was really fun (mostly for us), and i LOVE the finished product. This wasnt our first finger-painting rodeo (see lexi’s halloween pumpkin), and i was hoping we’d be spared some of the girly “my hands are dirty drama”. . . we weren’t.

All you need is a canvas, painters tape, and fingerpaint (hopefully washable and waterproof). Tape the canvas to your desired design.

Thankfully we’re getting out of the “put everything into my mouth to taste it” phase, and were able to let lex paint.

I whispered directions into her ear to make sure her masterpiece was “perfect”.

And here’s were things got dramatic.She did not like the fact that her hands were dirty. She did not want to use her beloved water-table to clean up. i’m fairly certain she just wanted her lovie and her crib.

Paints dry. mess is cleaned up. and all was right in her world (except the doodle photo-bombs every picture these days).

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  • April 25, 2013 - 7:46 am

    julie - Love that little drama queen!

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