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friday letters.

Dear Friday. i know I’m a SAHM but i find myself always looking forward to your arrival, so thanks for being a weekly thing. Dear little brother- Your officially going to med school. I’m so proud of you that I’ll forgive the fact that you’re literally moving across the country and taking your hot girlfriend with you- don’t worry we’re already planning visits. Dear beautiful state of California- you officially have a new board licensed dentist (yes, my brother and his GF are having just about the best week ever), also thank you for the major amount of sunshine you’ve been throwing our way lately, we REALLY appreciate getting to sport our summer clothes. Dear Lex- why all the ridiculous amounts of fast walking/borderline running lately? I’m going to have to start marathon training in order to keep up with those little feet. Dear PV library- thanks for having such a kick ass story time that makes Tuesdays full of books & lunch dates. Dear 5pm- thanks for being my fav time of day because my main squeeze walks into the house- even though its usually to chaos he takes it in stride and it never fails that he has a baby, dog, and me wrapped around his legs immediately. Dear lululemon– why do you continue to make things i cant live without? there is literally 8,000 things in your store right now i NEED to own. I’m pretty sure mike cringes when he even hears the words “lululemon” and “need” in the same sentence. And finally dear weekend- you excite me because you’re always filled with uber fun things like BINGO, girls nights, wig parties, swim sessions, birthday parties, and family play dates.

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  • April 12, 2013 - 5:46 pm

    Sara - dear erin, why are you so awesome? every day, i’m so glad you decided to be my friend.


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