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hello easter.

This Easter was hands down a ton of FUN (ya, that’s right with a capitol F-U-N). Lex is officially at the age where she can participate in things like opening her Easter basket, egg hunts, and maxi dresses- and this holiday happened to bring all three. First up was lex’s easter basket. She LOVED discovering that the Easter bunny came and brought her all sorts of bunny related goodies (we’re in a bunny phase right now. something about those long ears really does it for her). And we’ve read her new book “if i was a bunny” about 8 million times in the past 3 days (i’m not even exaggerating).

Next up was lex’s very first Easter egg hunt! She participated in it with her cousin Katherine, and they got eggs filled with jewelry, stamps, stickers, and paper butterflies. The Easter bunny even left his tracks at grandma & grandpas house telling them where to start the hunt.

after the egg hunt we all had a delicious brunch followed by naps all around. And i have one more picture for good measure- it serves as a reminder that we’re totally not ready to have another babe quite yet. . . (mike with one of our TWO nephews!).



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