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favorite-things round up.

There are a few things i’m loving in a cant-live-without kinda way right nowFollow my blog with Bloglovin“>.

  • Wean Green Snack Cubes. These things are adorable, free of nasty plasticy BPA toxic chemicals, and are the perfect size for all of lex’s snacks. Plus they make our fridge look super fancy-smancy stacked up neatly.
  • BKR bottle. I have a hydration problem. I never, ever drink enough water which is bad. like really bad for you. Enter my bkr glass bottle. Its the perfect size to tote-around, fits in all the cars cup-holders, comes in insanely fun colors, and i cant explain it- but its just plain enjoyable to drink out of. best water bottle ever.
  • Honest Body Oil. I suffer from dry skin. like have to constantly apply lotion dry skin. Like i look like a lizard dry skin. Until i found this body oil. I usually hate body oil, its sticky, shiny, and just plain goopy. This stuff smells divine, comes in an easy to use bottle, and is the perfect balance of everything for my skin. Mix a few dabs with my lotion and its smooth sailing all day.
  • Hulu Plus. Mike and i have decided to try ditching cable. We’re still working out some kinks (liiike sports)- but after realizing we pretty much only watch recorded TV we realized it just makes sense. Enter Hulu Plus. We’re already huge fans of Netflix (who isnt?) but hulu plus? it has current TV show seasons which means i can stay up to date on the latest happenings of all the TV shows i just cant live without.
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