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thirteen months.


AGE: 13 months

FAVORITE FOODS: avocado, black beans, turkey meatballs, blackberries, spaghetti, cheese, ketchup, bananas, cuties, strawberries, pancakes.

FAVORITE WORDS: mom, dad, kitty, meow, wa-wa (water), wow.


FAVORITE THINGS: Lex LOVES riding in her car– we’ve fully replaced the stroller with this new ride, and she’s obsessed. She can snack thanks to cup-holders, she waves at everyone we pass, and its easy to get in & out of the car to boot. What little kid doesn’t love bubbles? This bubble maker sets off a steady stream of perfect bubbles which are fun to chase and pop, we set it up outside and pop bubbles while we draw with sidewalk chalk, play in the water table, or chill in the sandbox. We recently re-discovered this fisher price sea-horse. Lex carries it around like a boom-box and dances to its soft sweet tunes. She wakes up from naps and nighttime, gives it a hug and cuddles as it lights up and sings lullabies. The Easter bunny brought us bath crayons, and they are the only bath toy lex has wanted ever since. We cant even walk into the bathroom without her asking for the blue one (oh yes, her fav color is definitely blue). Although i think i have just as much fun drawing with them at bathtime as she does! Lex’s poodle is never, ever far away from her these days. This babe has a STRONG attachment to her lovey. We got her the napping blanket instead of just a little lovey- which leads to a LOT of tripping, but she doesn’t care as long as shes got that poodle in her arms! I love sending lex to her kitchen to make us some food, she goes straight to the fridge and grabs her wooden food to whip into a meal. The “if i were a. . .” books are major favorites around here. The thick pages are easy for little fingers to turn, bright colors, and all of lex’s favorite animals mean we’re constantly reading about hippos, bunnies and zebras. She marches over to all her books, finds one and shoves it in your face until you sit and read with her over, and over, and over again. 

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Now that the weather is consistently gorgeous we LOVE being outside. We have the backyard equipped with lots of fun things and love spending our afternoons outside playing in the water table , digging in the sandbox, drawing on the ground, and playing with tucker. Lex’s obsession with tucker has only grown and she loves playing outside with him- she take him his toys, claps when we play fetch, and brings us his leash so we can go for walks. Anything involving water is a major favorite activity. Swim lessons remain her absolute favorite thing, the ocean being a close second. Even if she just SEES the ocean she points and wants to go romp around in the water, i for-see a LOT of beach days this summer.  Every weekend lex and mike go to a daddy-daughter breakfast while i relax and sleep in (ya right, while i hit the gym). They always come home smiling and full, and i honestly think she loves the one on one daddy time.

NOT SO FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Finger painting is definitely not something this babe likes. It always seems to end in tears, and is a definite not-so-happy-and-fun activity for her quite yet. We’re officially hitting the tantrum stage. So when she’s told “no” her world straight up ends. Luckily they’re still fairly tame tantrums that mostly involve pouting and a little yelling (she thinks if she asks louder she’ll get what she wants. ya, not so much), but i’m positive loads of tears arent far off.
Lex LOVES to whisper! She’ll walk around the house just whispering to all her toys and its seriously the cutest. When she gets told “no” she shakes her fingers “no, no, no” back at you. Its impossible not to laugh. We wave to everyone and everything, lex is seriously overly-friendly (especially with big-kids) and says “hi” constantly. We love to dance in this house, definitely to raffi, big block sing-song, and anything with a beat. That lil butt gets bouncing and the head starts shaking.

MOMS FAVORITE MOMENT:  Naked baby running around after bath-time in a silly, giggly state.

DADS FAVORITE MOMENT: Causing massive giggles with feet tickling.


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  • April 24, 2013 - 6:43 am

    julie - Love the photos of your pretty girl! And Hudson loved learning about all of Lexi’s favorite things!

  • April 24, 2013 - 6:45 am

    Grandma D - Beautiful Beautiful Lexi. A ray of sunshine in every day

  • April 24, 2013 - 3:11 pm

    Sara - Little Lex, you are so sweet! You are definitely the friendliest, happiest, most easy-going little to be around! You look just like your mischievous mama in that first picture!

  • April 24, 2013 - 8:21 pm

    Colleen - O shakes his finger at us too when we say no! I just loooove the way they sound when they say no, and it is so hard not to laugh and smile and squeeze them and smother them with kisses–I don’t want to encourage telling mommy “no”.

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