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I’m linking up with some adorable bloggers to bring you five on friday this week. Just five random things from this week. Ready-Set-Friday!

Brought to you by the lovely ladies behind: The Good Life. A. Liz Adventures. Carolina Charm. & Hello! Happiness.


ONE. This rug has brought much happiness to our house this week. When we moved into our house (before the babe) we bought a jute rug that we just adored. But time has not treated it very well at all- jute is not easy to clean. We’d find ourselves just ruining the rug and pulling up all the fibers every time we tried to clean it. Enter this sweet chevron rug that has transformed our living room- and will hopefully age a little more gracefully.

TWO.  I’m straight up drooling over this Maaji Swimsuit. I started Tone It Up a few weeks ago- and my reward for hitting my goal is 100% going to be this bikini (because i WILL feel comfortable in a bikini this summer). I’ll do a more in-depth review of Tone It Up once it’s been more than a few weeks- but so far i’m OBSESSED with it. Its 100% do-able, i never feel hungry, and i love that its a nutrition plan to do alongside workouts- because i love my HIIT workouts and need fuel for em! So far i’ve shed a few lbs, and already feel all around happier.

THREE.  i saw somewhere that SMASH on NBC got cancelled. and all i can say is HOW DARE THEY. i love and adore this show. Sometimes life just isnt fair. Anyone remember Cashmere Mafia? i loved that show too- and yup- cancelled. Ready for Love- cancelled (although i at least still get to watch it online). I’m beginning to think either i have awful taste in TV or the rest of America does.

FOUR. I am by no means a “gamer”. i have a total of two games on my iphone. But this one for some reason has its hooks into me deep. I cant stop playing, and feel on the verge of tantrums when i lose all my lives and have to wait in order to play again! Ive wasted serious hours playing this damn game.

FIVE.  want to know what i’ll be wearing all summer long? THIS DRESS from jcrew is sheer perfection (and the white happens to be a tad sheer). I own it in white & black, and its the perfect throw on, shapeless, dress up or down dress. Paired with a jean jacket (jcrew also delivers big time with their denim jacket. i never ever want to take mine off) is pretty much a summer staple in my book.  Its also on sale, and then on sale again. So run out to jcrew and snatch it up!


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  • May 31, 2013 - 1:07 pm

    Vanessa - LOVE your new rug! We have jute drama at our house too…it looks so nice but is impossible to keep clean! And that J. Crew dress is very tempting…

  • May 31, 2013 - 2:13 pm

    Colleen - I am so sad about SMASH too! I can’t believe it is being cancelled. I think the executives are out of touch because they cancelled 666 Park Avenue, which I loved too. I’m just happy they didn’t cancel Nashville because I would DIE.

    The Chevron rug is really pretty! I love the color!

  • June 5, 2013 - 11:23 am

    Kristin - I had a love hate relationship with Smash but I was a little sad to hear it as cancelled. Try watching The Mindy Project. I love it.

    Love Lex as always. She’s adorable.

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