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fourteen months.

age- fourteen months

favorite foods- black beans, strawberries, smoothies, hash-browns, applesauce

favorite words- read, “rawr”, water, baby, kitty, hoot, beach

favorite things-
– Lex will FINALLY wear her  sunnies  again. Its seriously a miracle, and we never ever leave the house without a pair, they’re just SO CUTE (and functional).
– I learned about this melissa & doug sprinkler  on Colleen’s blog and i knew it was a necessity for summer! Ever since scoring this we haven’t gone a day without using it, it puts out the perfect steam of water for lex!
– Yes, lex has her own ipod touch, and its a serious lifesaver in the car, plane, and when she’s reaching and grabbing for my phone. we LOVE this phone case,  because it actually resembles an actual phone case- yet its bulky enough that little hands cant hurt whats inside. I promise to post all our fav apps soon!
sidewalk chalk is another thing we cant live without (except for the fact that tucker steals it and eats it. but i read its just like us munching on TUMS?). when we go outside we draw pictures, and love rinsing them away with the hose and starting again.
-ok. i broke down and bought lex crocs. I HAD to. The mall in PV has a fountain all the kids can play in all summer long, and she needed solid awesome water shoes. Insert our need for crocs. She was literally the only kid there the other day without them!
My Pal Violet is another car life-saver. Lex LOVES Violet as her car buddy! You program violet with the childs name, favorite color food etc, and it talks sings, and even plays lullabies.
– Whenever we go someplace for long periods of time and need to bring toys i like lex to have her own backpack to take everything out of and put everything back into. Seeing as how her “toys” mostly consist of books. we needed a cute sturdy bag to bring along. I let lex choose her own backpack and she LOVED this Aqua Dot Backpack from PBK. She has a serious love affair with blue- so it was insanely perfect.
– Lets talk sippy cups. Our hands down favorite sippy is the zoli BOT. We are obsessed with all things zoli, and this sippy is no different. Lex drinks milk out of it (FINALLY ditching the bottles), water, and everything in between. My only complaint is that the straw isnt big enough for smoothies to fit though!
– We definitely have a little girl. One who loves feeding her babies and stuffed animals bottles. Its seriously the sweetest thing to look over and see her “feeding her babies”!

favorite activities- we’re big book readers around here- lex is constantly shoving books at us yelling “READ”. we also LOVE the water, like majorly love. In any given day we’ll hit the fountain at the mall to run around in, the beach, and swim lessons- and that my friends is lex’s perfect day. When its too cold to hit the beach we go to a nearby school and frolick in the grass picking daisies. Our latest and greatest activity is storytime at the library with the big kids- its so much fun watching all the kids dance and interact with all the stories!  New this month is a love of coloring, lex wont do it for very long yet (we’re still working on lengthening her attention span)- but she LOVES coloring with blue crayons. We have to wave to each and every doggie and bird we see- no joke. we’re pretty much always waving.

not so favorite activities- hearing “no”, meals lasting longer than 10 minutes.

signature moves- dancing via feet stomping, hooting & rawring.

moms fav moment- my favorite moment this month was definitely when we went down to the beach and ran around in the water. it was the best way to spend the afternoon, and lex smiled the entire time!

dads fav moment- Before leaving for work, I asked Lex to give me a big hug.  I didn’t really expect much, but then she threw her arms around me and snuggled up.  cutest thing ever

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  • May 15, 2013 - 11:33 am

    Colleen - She is so sweet in her pink denim jacket! I understand the Crocs thing. I’m not a fan of them on adults (um, hello?!, but I COMPLETELY understand why kids need them. Splash parks, water table fun and playing with the sprinkler (glad Lex loves it too!) need to be done it water proof shoes! Happy 14 months Lex!

  • May 16, 2013 - 5:49 pm

    Emily - Tell me that is not a pink denim jacket?! Seriously, she kills me. I think she and O would have so much fun together. He also LOVES the water!! Happy 14 months, sweet little Lex!!!

  • May 18, 2013 - 8:58 am

    Sara - Mike’s story about Lex melts my heart! However, the video of her saying “RAWR” is definitely my favorite Lex moment this month!!!

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