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zoo weekend.

yes. i know- its wednesay and i’m just NOW getting together a weekend re-cap. but tu-tu’s distracted me. . .

This weekend was a wild one. . . we loaded up the van and drove to santa barbara to hang out with giraffes, elephants, gorillas and leslie.

maxi (sadly the navy isnt on sale. or online?) /lex’s nautical dress.



before we left i realized lex and i were dressed exactly alike. . but i liked each of our outfits too much to change! thankfully we got only one “you match! how sweet!” comment.  As soon as we got to SB we hit the zoo while lex was fresh and really excited about all her animal noises. The Santa Barbara zoo is incredible for kids (and adults!)- its a smaller zoo so you can really get up close & personal with the animals. The elephant was so impressed by lex’s elephant noise & arm moments he wandered over to us to get a look at the baby elephant.

(someone wasnt happy when we turned away from the animals to take pictures. . . she could stare at them ALL DAY LONG).

letbehonest. one of the highlights of the weekend (and probably lex’s life so far) was getting up close & personal with the giraffe’s tongue. It’s pretty much the longest tongue ive ever encountered before– lex wanted him to come home to live with us and tucker.

Another SB highlight was getting to see leslie. We definitely dont get to see enough of each other. . . which will change when we convince mike that sister-wives is an excellent idea and she just needs to move in permanently.  Leslie also happens to have THREE dogs and she took us out for ice cream- so she’s hands down lex’s favorite person at the moment. Sunday leslie took me to her barre studio and i got to try out the Dailey Method. Pretty sure it worked muscles ive never worked before (And i’m 100% going to shamelessly brag about the fact that the teacher was uber impressed with my skillz being a first time student).  After that our weekend of eating, animal sounds, ice cream & leslie was over.

newest obsession? blowing kisses goodbye!


i got home to find some insanely sweet flowers from sara as a thank-you for being her matron of honor and throwing her a kick ass shower (which hasnt been thrown yet, but we all know it’ll be kick-ass).

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  • June 26, 2013 - 6:53 am

    Colleen Sullivan - Lexi looks so grown up in these pictures! She’s so brave letting the giraffe lick her hand–I think I would freak out! I’ve been wanting to try Bar Method forever!

  • June 26, 2013 - 8:54 am

    Sara - The zoo pictures looked SUPER fun! I love that Lex loves, loves, loves all things animal related! Your matching outfits are pretty adorable, too.

    Not going to lie – I wanted ice cream the first time I saw this picture on instagram! I think you earned it with your mad barre skillz!

    If Leslie gets to move in, I totally want to move in. I’mjustsaying.

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