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traveling with a babe. the gear.

In a few short weeks we’re embarking on a trip to Dallas. Which involves an airplane ride- so i got to thinking about everything we’ll need for our trip. This isn’t our first rodeo traveling with lex on a plane- we’re by no means experts- but we’ve definitely found what works for us (and lex).

I think the gear is the easiest thing to get down. Here’s how we do it. . .

1. Baby Bjorn Travel Crib. We check lex’s travel crib. And i wouldn’t dream of traveling without this sucker. This is lex’s second bed- she knows it- the sheets smell like home- we know its clean- and she 100% knows its her’s. We debated ordering it when she was little because of the $300 price tag- but it has been worth every single penny! She has zero problems going down it in (she actually reaches for it and WANTS to sleep in it!), we use it whenever or wherever we travel- to grandmas for the weekend, or bigger trips that involve hotel rooms. Its lightweight, much easier than a pack n play to put together (and takes up less space!). If the bathroom’s big enough at the hotel we’re staying at- we put her down in there and carry her (in the crib) out into the room when we’re ready to go to bed too.

2. Lex’s poodle (x2). Lex’s lovie is this sweet poodle nap blanket. It calms her down in an instant, she wont dare sleep without it, its big enough to cover her with in case its chilly, and at the end of the day its constantly attached to her. We have three of these poodles in rotation (just in case. plus they get dirty SO quick). And make sure they all come along when traveling. One comes on board the plane- the other ones get stashed in the luggage for when we reach our destination.

3. ziplock freezer bags. We pack lex’s individual outfits in these guys (complete with accessories & hair bows)- so its easy to just grab one and go- they’re 100% dad proof- and even lex can help pick out what she wears for the day. This way i know exactly how many outfits are packed, and everything stays together neatly. Once an outfit is used i throw it in a large wet bag so its easy to tell what’s still clean, and makes unpacking a breeze.

4. bloom baby zen stroller. we gate check the stroller, so we can use it through the airport. I find that i always have a few heavy bags to carry- and adding another 19lb weight to that never sounds appealing. This one is our all-terrain stroller AND our travel stroller. It folds up easily, in one-piece, and super small. Can recline if lex needs a stroller nap (which never ever happens anymore), and is durable enough to withstand being tossed around a bit. Bonus- it has a headlight!

5. brica car seat travel tote. lex still falls into the “under two” category so we havent gotten her a seat yet. She still lap rides (but we always hope & pray no one takes the third seat in our row so she can have her own space)- but even if she didnt we’d still check her car seat. I’m 99.9% sure she’d never ever sit in it on an airplane even if she did have her own seat, and if she refused. . what would we do with it then? So the car seat always gets checked- we LOVE this car seat bag. It can be wheeled, or carried like a back-pack so its easy to carry that AND luggage. Its huge too- so we stash lex’s diapers & wipes for the entire trip in there so they dont take up precious luggage space.

So. that’s how we plan on traveling. I know every babe is totally different, we just have it dialed in for OUR babe. Tomorrow i’ll post about how we plan on keeping her entertained during our flight!!



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  • August 20, 2013 - 5:23 am

    Anonymous - The zip-lock bags are brilliant, I need to do that next trip although, Owen never has quite as many accessories that need to be packed but still a great idea. We have that same car seat travel tote, definitely a lifesaver. I need to check out the travel crib, I hate the pack n play, such a lug to tote around!

  • August 20, 2013 - 5:24 am

    Emily - Umm.. sorry didn’t mean to post as Anonymous! Happy Tuesday!

  • August 20, 2013 - 7:10 am

    Sara - Your organization when traveling with the babe is inspiring. And genius!!

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