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five on F R I D A Y.

Not only is it friday. . . but i guess its officially FALL! You wouldnt really know around here except for the pumpkin spice smell officially wafting through the air. I’m fully ready for cooler temps and long-sleeves. But i dont think i’ll get my wish until January (oh the perils of life in southern california).

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I’m clearly almost 30. Not only do i take delight in things like new return address stamps, but I’m officially drinking coffee and not hating it. This is a major breakthrough from my very very recent red-bull days (i seriously got addicted to the taste!). but i’m growing up and moving on with the help of our handy nespresso and its delicious cappuccinos. If only geroge clooney would serve them to me. . .



BAKED goodies. some very very delicious cookies arrived in the mail. when i say delicious i mean AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL cookies that i tried not to share with anyone. . . but the chocolatey marshmellow goodness was too good not to share. . . watch out friends. I’m getting everyone campfire cookies for their birthdays next year.



ART CLASS. lex and i started art class with a bunch of friends this week. It was a BLAST to paint with cups, explore more with playdough- and the big project at the end was gluing mosaic pieces to a tile. It was SO cute. and lex was super proud to show everyone what she did in class. Our fridge will never be the same.



TARGET before 9am is my favorite thing ever. The aisles are empty and lex and i wander around looking for trouble. Its become our favorite morning activity (well, besides dance and art class). There’s something so relaxing about a calming target experience. Especially when it allows me to wander the girls section looking for cute heart jeans without being judged (oh yes. $18 heart jeans from the girls section definitely came home with me).

Side note- i have no clue what she’s doing here? probably trying to buckle herself in (oh yes, we hit the buckle stage in full force. thank goodness for buckley-boo’s).



Im in smoothie heaven. And its all thanks to our new ninja. I went into a serious depression when our blender bit the dust this week. . . but then the ninja entered our lives and i’m no longer depressed. i actually wonder what we did without this baby. You can make a batch, or even just a single serving (which is sheer walktail perfection. lex can have a smoothie and i can have a marg- now you see why i’m SO smitten). It blends like a dream, and is a serious smoothie machine.


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  • September 27, 2013 - 5:16 am

    Sara - I think I saw Baked cookies on shark tank?! They sounded so good!!!!

    Lex is so deliberate and focused in art class!! So fun!!

    I thought Lex was passed out cold at Target. That’s how much I know about pre-9 am target trips!

  • September 27, 2013 - 6:08 am

    julie - You got cookies in the mail, went to art class, target, AND got super cute heart jeans??? Call me officially jealous!

  • September 27, 2013 - 6:18 am

    Whitney - I love that coffee mug! So cute! In Target before 9am..how amazing is that? I would never make it before 11am. Breakfast is more like a chore around here!

  • September 27, 2013 - 7:13 am

    Kaylene - haha, we’ve been in the buckle stage for a while, too. She practices on her booster seat all the time. I am quite pleased that something practical has been doubling as a favorite toy now.

    Also, we just got that exact same blender! I haven’t owned a blender in my entire adult life though I’ve been talking about getting one for years! Any favorite smoothie recipes to share?

  • September 27, 2013 - 1:00 pm

    Jenny - We have also hit the buckle stage – and she actually can do her high chair and car seat buckles! It’s a serious meltdown if I don’t let her do them.. Thankfully she can’t undo them yet! That toy is very cool – it’s defiantly on our Christmas list!

  • September 27, 2013 - 2:08 pm

    Colleen Sullivan - You’re genius! A walk with margarita in hand sounds amazing. Best activity ever I think!

    I can’t believe you are just starting to drink coffee! How do you take your’s? With cream and sugar or just black? Or only capps? So many questions!

  • September 27, 2013 - 7:19 pm

    Courtney - Oh, where to even begin?

    Campfire cookies??! You do know my birthday was yesterday, right?

    You are correct. Your fridge will never, ever be the same.

    Target in the morning is the bomb.com. Especially if your’s has an adjoining Starbuck’s. I LOVE morning target runs. We just had ours today, in fact.

    Also, kitty shoes!!

  • September 27, 2013 - 7:30 pm

    Vanessa - I want to like coffee SO bad! I’m insanely jealous of everyone and their trendy little Starbucks cups! And craft class?? Amazing! I need to find one around us for next year!

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