i’d rather be a mermaid.

It’s really no secret that we’re in a total mermaid stage. Lex loves herself anything mermaid. its mermaid, mermaid, mermaid around here. She loves to carry around this doll. Wear these PJ’s, read this book, sit in this chair, watch this show, eat off this plate, and wear this shirt. And every-time we see the ocean we hunt for mermaids! Im also 100% sure lex thinks shes a mermaid everytime she dives into the pool. . . lets just hope she can sing like ariel one day.

  • Okay you HAVE to take that sweet little girl to Disneyland even if it’s JUST to go on the Ariel ride! She’d be in Heaven!!

  • Mermaids are too fun! Love those jams 🙂 My niece has a little mermaid microphone, BIG HIT!

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  • I don’t think there could be a sweeter obsession though. Mermaids? Can’t say I’ve ever heard of it. I second Colleen’s Disney suggestion. I don’t know much of DisneyLand, but Disney World just added that fantasy expansion and as far as I recall a whole Ariel part. Lex would probably go nuts.

  • I can’t wait to get to the mermaid stage….seems like so much fun!

  • So much cuteness! I’m pretty sure she could be obsessed with worse things, right!? That little Mermaid doll is the cutest!!!

  • I love this sweet little post! I love it when their little personalities come through and they start having favorites and loves. It’s so sweet!

  • Can we please have Lex be a mermaid for Halloween? Pretty please?

  • cute goodies! I’m sercretly hoping Sloane hits a mermaid stage 😉

  • I’m with Lex. Mermaids are all kinds of awesome…I hope she finds one in the ocean soon!

  • So much fun! Can’t wait till we have a little girl and I have a feeling we will be right there with ya!

  • So cute, this is us with Bunnies… only not quite as intense 🙂

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