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sara’s wedding weekend!

This weekend was Sara & Tom’s wedding weekend! So we packed up and shipped out to Dallas (with my mother in tow as our babysitter!). The wedding was totally gorgeous and i’m sad to say i didnt take any pictures at it!I maybe managed to sneak ONE picture with the bride- but it was super awkward and i was the only one looking at the camera- so we’ll go ahead and wait for the professional pictures for that one. Just trust me when i tell you sara looked gorgeous!!


We survived both plane rides without much complaint from lex. She was a champ and it helped that both flights weren’t full so she wrangled her own seat.

Once we checked into our hotel we were greeted by the most amazing out of town guest bags, complete with homemade salsa and goodies customized to prove just how well sara knows us (she loaded me up with SF red-bull, so i was in great spirits all weekend long). BUT the highlight was that sara made lex a toddler blanket!! its gold chevron with sassy gold trim, and both lex and i are OBSESSED with it!

If you follow me on instagram (@helloerinv) you know that lex’s kitty coco takes a little bit of a beating. She joins lex for bath time & ocean swims constantly. . . so this weekend we let coco relax by the pool (for about 5 minutes until she got pulled swimming too).

We also had some poolside tea parties.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit i got ZERO pictures of mike and i looking dapper together at the rehearsal dinner. Seriously such a shame. . . Sara got me this amazing necklace as my bridesmaid gift. And as soon as lex got her eyes on it she tried to put it on saying “mine?”. I’m officially in trouble.

I failed to get any pictures of mike and looking dapper at the wedding either! But i did snag a few with some redlands people. . . One of the other bridesmaids elizabeth, and an old cheer friend meghan.

Elizabeth and i deemed ourselves the “fun patrol” and seriously danced the night away while our husbands (both named mike) decided that dancing was “so 3 years ago” and chatted on the sidelines. And yes, we’re totally riding our fake ponies gangham style.

Overall it was an AMAZING weekend, the wedding was a blast, and tom and sara are now off enjoying their honeymoon while we’re back at home enjoying our non 110 degree dallas heat!

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  • September 9, 2013 - 7:10 am

    Sara - These are AMAZING and you guys totally rocked it!! Thank you for everything!

  • September 9, 2013 - 8:41 am

    julie - No pictures????? ERIN! Regardless, you look beautiful. And Lex is rocking that necklace.

  • October 7, 2013 - 1:18 pm

    Elizabeth - I’m a new reader and SUCH A SMALL WORLD! I know your friend Elizabeth! We worked for a couple years together at Barnes and Noble in Irvine before she moved to Hawaii and got married. Small world!

    Great pics! And love the blog! 🙂

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