I love anniversaries. It gives me an excuse to dig up our wedding pictures (thank you jasmine the best photographer a girl could ask for!) drool over them again, and secretly plan a vow-renewal. I have the best memories EVER from our wedding day. . . (the past three years being married haven’t been awful either). I cant believe in three years we’ve wrangled a dog, house, and a babe. And each and every day i’m happier than the day before.

HAPPY THREE YEARS to my kick ass husband!







The thing i miss the most about our wedding day? My triceps.

  • Happy anniversary!!!! These pictures are still amazing and timeless!!! You have been busy in three years though!!

  • Happy Anniversary!!!!! You’ve had 3 amazing years!

  • Happy Anniverary!!!

  • Hi! Just found your blog! My hubs and I celebrate 3 years next month! Love your beach photos. 🙂 Following along on bloglovin’! -Andrea

  • Happy anniversary, you two lovebirds!

  • Happy Anniversary! And yes, sick tri’s girlfriend! Love the pictures, so pretty!

  • Happy Anniversary!!! Your triceps were AMAZING! What were you doing??

  • Um, can we get a tricep tutorial?! 🙂 Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  • Seriously girl, you are GORGEOUS! And um hello, those triceps are killer! Happy Anniversary!

  • Happy 3 years!! I absolutely adore that third shot. So beautiful!
    xo TJ

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