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Let me start by saying i know next to nothing about make-up. Or applying make up. I swear i’m clueless and have been known to wander around the target make up isle praying for a miracle for hours. Last winter I forced a friend into telling me some of her make-up product secrets- and i havent looked back. With a little more up-front investment i’ve saved bundles from trying to buy anything and everything else. I also have the privilege of getting ready with a toddler every morning, so my routine has to be lickity split. . . (and she’s learning more than i ever wanted her to know about make-up at the ripe age of one and a half. She knows where eyeshadow,, blush, and bronzer go. And what brush to use. It’s terrifying).


beauty essent


1. Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer – this stuff is smooth, lightweight, has just a touch of color, and doesnt leave me feeling greasy yet gives me just a touch of tint.

2. bareMinerals- Faux Tan– If you get nothing else from this post GET THIS. i swear its the best $20 you will EVER spend. This little jar lasted me just about a year. And i cant get over how amazing it is. It gives me just enough color to look less pasty, white & tired- yet not enough that i look like i just got back from a 4 week hawaiian vacation.

3.NARS Blush, Super Orgasm– I thought i loved NARS orgasm blush. And then i discovered SUPER orgasm. It has a tough of glitter and is just a tad brighter. And is just plain pretty. I’m a huge blush fan- i love blush. If i had to pick one makeup item i couldnt live without- blush would totally be it.

4. Diorshow Mascara – This mascara actually SMELLS good. Who else can say that about their mascara?! The brush is amazing and doesnt leave me all clumpy and spider-leggy and looking scarily. Bottom line- i love this stuff.

5. Naked2 Palette. Urban Decay has delivered BIG TIME with their NAKED palette’s. I especially love that they come out every year just in time for christmas. . . because i feel slightly better when i receive it as a gift instead of dropping $50 on it. It has everything i need in the form of eyeshadow. . . and so much more. Total win.

6. smashbox cream eyeliner.i seriously only wear eyeliner on special occasion. . . or when im not working out that day (otherwise i just look scary by the end). But this stuff is my go-to. You put it on with a handy little brush- which makes it virtually impossible to screw up (holla!).

For lips i swear by eos . Fresh Sugar Shine . and NARS Lip Gloss

And that’s that. Now, who wants to come and do my hair for me each and every day?



  • LOVE so many of these things! I think I need to try that eyeliner asap. And my favorite urban decay mineral makeup has been discontinued, so I think I’ll be checking out bare minerals next!

  • Did you raid my bag?? My mom is/was a make up artist (aka high end product hoarder), but I’m such a tomboy. I have my go-to products and that’s it… which looks just like this list.

    LOVE LM Secret Camouflage, prob only thing I have to wear. Either a Nars blush/brozer or a BB blush (nectar), and I LOVE Buxom mascara, its the brush, but I know Diorshow is HG product for everyone else. Oh and I use Bobbie Brown eyeliner, but have used smashbox in the past… only eyeliner I use.

  • You just convinced me what I need to replace “deep throat” with… Who comes up with this stuff?!

  • Oh my I need all of these! I have been using the same brown eye shadow for years (not the same one, just the same color)! I super interested in the NARS blush!

  • I LOVE the NAKED palette too. I must try the Dior mascara, nothing like freshly dolled eyelashes!

  • yeah, getting ready with a toddler is not easy as evidenced by a picture I took yesterday of Owen with mascara on his face and on his eyelashes! Seriously, not okay! Love all of your recs. some of my favs too!

  • Mean @ HNL

    I have #2, LOVE! Also in my makeup stash is the Nars orgasm..I had no idea I could have been having a SUPER orgasm!? On my purchase list 😉


  • Show me how to put this stuff on and I’ll totally do your hair!
    I’m so SO clueless when it comes to make up. So the bareMinerals- Faux Tan… do you brush that all over your face like a foundation? Or does it go over your foundation? Help!

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