rain for the boots.


It’s no secret that lex loves rainboots. They’re her favorite footwear- and we wear them almost every day- yet never ever in the rain.

Until yesterday.

This was lex’s first time in the rain since being a “big girl”. And she was utterly intrigued by the fact that she was getting wet from the sky! She kept stomping around saying “raaaaain” (in a strange low voice? We swear she has a British accent sometimes too). I officially can’t wait to get this kid into the snow later this season!










  • 1, how cute is her outfit WITH the boots!! She’s ready for Mammoth for sure!!
    2, love the picture of her and Tuck!!

  • She is just adorable in those pink boots! You guys are so lucky to have gotten some rain — keeping my fingers crossed we get some soon ’cause I can’t wait to introduce Owen to the rain!

  • Lex is such a little fashionista! She’s so cute in her puff vest!

  • ERIN. You are SO going to get me in trouble over those Hunter’s. I’m telling you.

    Puff vest? NEED. Need one in this house.

  • wahhh, Hunters are still too big for us 🙁 Hoping maybe we can put it on the Xmas list and she’ll fit by then! And I can’t wait to play in the snow this year, definitely going to be a highlight!

  • I can’t wait for Aria’s first pair of Hunter boots! I’m pretty sure it is all your fault too, and Lex’s of course. =)

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