tea partay. . .

Last week the play group girls (there are a billion boys in our group, but only a handful of girlies!) had their very first tea party complete with tea, scones, sippy cups, and a craft. It was SO CUTE. All these girls love to dress up, and LOOOOOVE tea parties. I made all the girls big fancy headbands for the occasion. So chic.

2013-10-07_0007 2013-10-07_0008

And as our craft we glued gems onto little felt purses. The girls seemed to like it. . . although i’m not sure how well these little gems are going to stay on their bags!! Ignore lex’s giant bruised forehead. we had a run-in  with the balance beam at mygym (she literally RAN INTO IT. crazy kid).


2013-10-07_0010 2013-10-07_0011

Overall the tea party was a complete and total success! The girls loved it. . .and when its my turn to host we’re totally doing it outside in pretty light.

  • SOOOO cute, I def see a tea party in our playgroup’s future now 😉

  • How crafty of you! Headbands, scones & felt purses. Can I call you the DIY queen??

  • You left out the most important part… what kind of scones!?

    Love how diligent all the little girls are with their crafting… and I swear Target stole your headbands. If not, you should totally sell them to them. They are adorable!

  • OMG so adorable!! They are all sooo focused on what they are doing!! I love this activity! I’d love to steal it some day. What’s the age range of the girls at the tea party? I know Lex is almost 19mo but are the others similar age or older? Their focus just astounds me!

  • Looks like such a lovely time!! I bet the girls (and mommas!!) loved every minute.

  • These pictures are so cute! Tiny little ladies.

  • Man, wish I could be in your moms group 😉 Super fun!

  • kisinger

    Let’s start planning the next one since this one was SO fun!

  • Angela

    That was so cute and so much fun! Can’t wait for the next one!

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