five on F R I D A Y.

As a kid i always felt like the day after Halloween should’ve been a holiday. As an adult i’ve found that i haven’t changed my mind one single bit. SO. I declare this day- “post halloween i refuse to get out of my jammies or do anything besides watch lifetime movies and eat candy day”. Who’s with me?

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TOUCH TANKS. We hit up the aquarium a lot… It’s one of our all time favorite places when we have a free day, and yet up til this point lex has refused to participate in the touch tank. I can’t blame her because sticking my hand in shark infested waters probably wasn’t high on my priority list when I was her age either. But this week we couldn’t get her away from this thing. Which definitely resulted in wet sleeves- but hey- she got to touch sharks!



DATE NIGHTS IN. Tuesday mike and I had a “date night”. Meaning I ditched the gym, we sat on the couch, rented monsters university, and drank cocktails. With a fire crackling in the fireplace and my coziest pj’s it was officially the best night ever.


3 MASTERCHEF JUNIOR. Has anyone else seen and become obsessed with this show? These 9-12 year olds make me look just plain stupid in the kitchen, they also had me hooked on this show from the very first episode i saw. I want to know how to get myself a masterchef junior in my house (seriously one of the kids cooks dinner like 5x a week. SIGN ME UP).



BABES IN COSTUMES. Lex and i hosted the play-groups halloween party this week. And everyone looked SO GOOD. i mean ridiculously amazingly good, and they all kept their costumes on (headpieces and all). We all had a TON of fun- and the playroom was put to REALLY REALLY REALLY good use. These babes have known each other their whole lives- and they’re the cutest, sweetest, and bestest together. .



THIS MUG has oh, so, perfectly summed up my life’s motto. If i didn’t officially have to set some kind of example for lex and breakfast habits i can 100% guarantee that it’s exactly what i’d eat for breakfast– and what i’ll have for breakfast as soon as she’s old enough to go to school every day.


  • I need those slippers and that mug in my life! Happy Friday!

  • Jenny

    I love date night in! that mug is like my life story! I love baked goods! I also remember when my sister and I were a bit older my mom justifying letting us eat leftover birthday cake for breakfast because there were eggs in cake! haha!

  • I love date-night-in! I could technically say that we have it every night, but in reality, as soon as my butt hits the couch, I am useless (and not a very good date). I am thinking that we might have to start a weekly date night – do you do that? Even if it’s just staying in a drinking cocktails, it’s so nice to have that time together!!

    Happy Friday!

  • Date night in sounds PERFECT! Did you like Monsters University?
    Wish we lived close!! You know I would have invited myself (and Mia) to your play group! SO FUN!

  • Love the whole list! Awesome Lex got brave with the tank, jealous of the cozy night in, and the kiddos are too cute!

  • What a lovely and cozy date night in! Wasn’t Monster’s U cute? We loved it. Your playgroup kids are adorable! We never managed to get ours together for Halloween — total mommy fail!

  • So proud of Lex being such a big girl and enjoying the touch tank!!! Love all the babies in their costumes!!

  • Angela

    I am watching Masterchef Junior right now! Just happened to stumble across it and I am very envious of their skills!

  • I love that you picked Monsters U for your date night. Amen. Also makes me want a fireplace.

    Aww I love all the babes in costumes!

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